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New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia 5

Editors:Douglas Tudhope
Publisher:Taylor & Francis
Standard No:ISSN 1361-4568 (print); ISSN 1740-7842 (online)
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  1. HYPERMM 1999 Volume 5

HYPERMM 1999 Volume 5

Editorial BIB 1-8
  David Lowe; Kaj Grønbæk
Towards a hypertext design methodology for end-users BIBA 9-27
  B. Kemp; K. Buckner
A design method for effective information delivery in multimedia BIBA 29-58
  A. Sutcliffe
Integrating patterns into the hypermedia development process BIBA 59-80
  G. Rossi; D. Schwabe; F. Lyardet
Assessing the quality of academic websites: A case study BIBA 81-103
  L. Olsina; D. Godoy; G. Lafuente; G. Rossi
Applying measurement principles to improve hypertext authoring BIBA 105-132
  M. Mendes; W. Hall; R. Harrison
Utilisation of process modelling in improving the hypermedia design process BIBA 133-150
  D. Lowe; R. Webby
Issues of data scalability in open hypermedia systems BIBA 151-177
  K. Anderson
A component-based open hypermedia approach to integrating structure services BIBA 179-205
  P. Nurnburg; K. Grønbæk; D. Buka-Lassen; C. Pedersen; O. Reinert
Addressing interoperability in open hypermedia: The design of the open hypermedia protocol BIBA 207-248
  S. Reich; U. Wiil; P. Nurnburg; H. Davis; K. Grønbæk; K. Anderson; D. Millard; J. Haake