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New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia 4

Editors:Douglas Tudhope
Publisher:Taylor & Francis
Standard No:ISSN 1361-4568 (print); ISSN 1740-7842 (online)
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  1. HYPERMM 1998 Volume 4

HYPERMM 1998 Volume 4

Editorial BIB 1-10
  Peter Brusilovsky; Maria Milosavljevic; Douglas Tudhope; Daniel Cunliffe
Conversation in the museum: experiments in dynamic hypermedia with the intelligent labelling explorer BIBA 11-32
  Jon Oberlander; Mick O'Donnell; Chris Mellish; Alistair Knott
Hypernavigation in the physical space: adapting presentations to the user and to the situational context (Technical Note) BIBA 33-46
  Elena Not; Daniela Petrelli; Marcello Sarini; Olivieri Stock; Carlo Strapparava; Massimo Zancanaro
Con-textual navigation support BIBA 47-66
  Sabine Geldof
The dynamic generation of hypertext presentations of medical guidelines BIBA 67-88
  Berardina De Carolis; Fiorella de Rosis; Chiara Andreoli; Vincenzo Cavallo; M. Luisa De Cicco
Toward an adaptive WWW: a case study in customised hypermedia BIBA 89-114
  Kathryn F. Gates; Pamela B. Lawhead; Dawn E. Wilkins
AHA! An open Adaptive Hypermedia Architecture BIBA 115-140
  Paul De Bra; Licia Calvi
ACE - Adaptive Courseware Environment BIBA 141-162
  Marcus Specht; Reinhard Oppermann
Adaptable and adaptive information provision for all users, including disabled and elderly people BIBA 163-188
  Josef Fink; Alfred Kobsa; Andreas Nill
A system to restructure hypertext networks into valid user models BIBA 189-214
  Johan Bollen; Francis Heylighen
On the subject of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), including copyright - a help and a hindrance to cultural heritage? BIBA 215-244
  Jeremy Rees
Aquarelle to Z39.50: the A to Z of access to cultural heritage information (Technical Note) BIB 245-254
  David Dawson
SCRAN and its users (Technical Note) BIBA 255-260
  Ian O. Morrison