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Hypermedia 6

Publisher:Taylor Graham
Standard No:ISSN 0955-8543
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  1. HYPERM 1994 Volume 6 Issue 1
  2. HYPERM 1994 Volume 6 Issue 2
  3. HYPERM 1994 Volume 6 Issue 3

HYPERM 1994 Volume 6 Issue 1

Security for next generation hypertext systems BIBA 1-18
  Dieter Merkl; Gunther Pernul
Age-related differences in the use of hypertext: Experiment and design guidelines BIBA 19-34
  L. M. Leventhal; B. M. Teasley; K. Instone; J. Farhat
Navigating the educational space with hypercourseware BIBA 35-60
  Kent L. Norman

HYPERM 1994 Volume 6 Issue 2

Hypermedia use by the disadvantaged: Assessing a health information program BIBA 67-86
  Michael D. Slater; Donald E. Zimmerman; Martha L. Tipton; Holly Halvorson; Thomas Kean; Jordan D. Rost
A comparative study of computer-based document manipulation techniques BIBA 87-100
  Richard Picking
The impact of learning style on problem-solving performance in a hypertext environment BIBA 101-110
  Vatcharaporn Esichaikul; Robert D. Smith; Gregory R. Madey
SIHEN: A hypertext system for creating encyclopedias BIBA 111-123
  I. Aedo; T. Ayllon; M. Landoni; F. Panetsos
Authoring and searching in dynamically growing hypertext databases BIBA 124-148
  Paulo C. Masiero; M. Cristina F. de Oliveira; Fernao S. R. Germano; Gladys Pierri

HYPERM 1994 Volume 6 Issue 3

Hypermedia support for software development: A retrospective assessment BIBA 149-173
  Tina Roth; Peter Aiken; Scarlette Hobbs
Virtual architecture based on a binary relational model: A museum hypermedia application BIBA 174-192
  Douglas Tudhope; Paul Beynon-Davies; Carl Taylor; Chris Jones
A user-configurable hypermedia-based interface via the functional model of the link BIBA 193-208
  Janet Verbyla; Helen Ashman