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Hypermedia 5

Editors:Patricia Baird
Publisher:Taylor Graham
Standard No:ISSN 0955-8543
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  1. HYPERM 1993 Volume 5 Issue 1
  2. HYPERM 1993 Volume 5 Issue 2
  3. HYPERM 1993 Volume 5 Issue 3
  4. HYPER 1993 Volume 5 Issue 3

HYPERM 1993 Volume 5 Issue 1


Broadbutton Node Linking -- A Practical Evaluation BIBA 1-22
  Duncan Langford
Effectiveness of Information Retrieval Systems Used in a Hypertext Environment BIBA 23-46
  Jacques Savoy
The Amsterdam Hypermedia Model: Extending Hypertext to Support Real Multimedia BIBA 47-69
  Lynda Hardman; Dick C. A. Bulterman; Guido Van Rossum


"Multimedia Interface Design," edited by M. Blattner and R. Dannenberg BIB 71-73
  Roy Rada
"Hypertext: The Convergence of Contemporary Critical Theory and Technology," by George P. Landow BIB 74-77
  Thomas M. Duffy
"Sociomedia: Multimedia, Hypermedia and the Social Construction of Knowledge," edited by Edward Barrett BIB 77-79
  Ruben Leon
"Multimedia Encyclopedia of Mammalian Biology," edited by Elizabeth Clarke BIB 80-81
  Roy Rada; Alima Adams

HYPERM 1993 Volume 5 Issue 2


Supporting Hypermedia Services in the User Interface BIBA 85-101
  Charles J. Kacmar
Open and Reconfigurable Hypermedia Systems: A Filter-Based Model BIBA 103-118
  Gary Hill; Rob Wilkins; Wendy Hall
Developing a Hypertext Geographic Information System for the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Authority BIBA 119-143
  Lesley A. Gardner; Ray J. Paul


"Designing Environments for Constructive Learning," edited by Thomas M. Duffy, Joost Lowyck and David H. Jonassen BIB 144-149
  R. Scott Grabinger
"Multimedia for Learning: Development, Application and Evaluation," by Diane M. Gayeski BIB 150-155
  Curtis Jay Bonk
"Interactive Multimedia Instruction," by Richard A. Schwier and Earl R. Misanchuk BIB 155-158
  Elizabeth Boling
"Multimedia Interface Design in Education," edited by A. Edwards and S. Holland BIB 158-160
  Andrew Dillon

Conference Report

ED-MEDIA'93 BIB 161-162
  Ivan Tomek

HYPERM 1993 Volume 5 Issue 3


Hypermuse: A Prototype Hypermedia Front-End for Museum Information Systems BIBA 165-186
  Alan Poulter; Goff Sargent; Anne Faxy
Navigation Without Links and Nodes Without Contents: Intensional Navigation in a Third-Order Hypermedia System BIBA 187-204
  Hans C. Arents; Walter F. L. Bogaerts
PEDRO -- The Spanish Tutor. A Hypertext-Based Intelligent Tutoring System for Foreign Language Learning BIBA 205-230
  Marios C. Angelides; Geraldine Gibson


"The Challenge of Multimedia: The Emergence of a Significant New Medium for Communication in the 1990s," by Patrick Gibbins BIB 231-232
  Helen Ashman

HYPER 1993 Volume 5 Issue 3


"The Active Library on Corrosion CD-ROM," by W. F. Bogaerts and K. S. Agema BIB 232-234
  Forbes Gibb
"Hypertext: A Psychological Perspective," edited by C. McKnight, A. Dillon and J. Richardson BIB 235-238
  Brian Mooney