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Hypermedia 1

Editors:Patricia Baird
Publisher:Taylor Graham
Standard No:ISSN 0955-8543
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  1. HYPERM 1989 Volume 1 Issue 1
  2. HYPERM 1989 Volume 1 Issue 2
  3. HYPERM 1989 Volume 1 Issue 3

HYPERM 1989 Volume 1 Issue 1


Introduction BIB 1-2
  Patricia Baird
Hyperwelcome BIB 3-5
  Theodor Holm Nelson
Hypermedia as an Interpretive Act BIBA 6-19
  Virginia M. Doland
Structuring Knowledge Bases for Designers of Learning Materials BIBA 20-33
  Elizabeth B. Duncan
Evaluating the Usability of the Glasgow Online Hypertext BIBA 34-63
  Lynda Hardman


"Interactive Multimedia," edited by Sueann Ambron and Kristina Hooper BIB 64-66
  Jacquetta Megarry
"Text, ConText and HyperText: Writing With and For the Computer," edited by Edward Barrett BIB 66-68
  David Riddle
"Hands-On HyperCard," by Mimi Jones and Dave Myers BIB 69-71
  Mark Percival
"Neuromancer," by William Gibson BIB 71-73
  Noreen Mac Morrow


Hypertext Bibliography BIB 74-91
  Jakob Nielsen

HYPERM 1989 Volume 1 Issue 2


Collaborative Writing of Text and Hypertext BIBA 93-110
  Roy Rada; Barbara Keith; Marc Burgoine; Steven George; David Reid
Linking Together Books: Experiments in Adapting Published Material into Intermedia Documents BIB 111-145
  Paul Kahn
Interface Alternatives for Hypertexts BIBA 146-166
  Patricia Wright
Problems in Hyperland? A Human Factors Perspective BIBA 167-178
  Cliff McKnight; Andrew Dillon; John Richardson
A Spectrum of Automatic Hypertext Constructions BIBA 179-195
  Richard Furuta; Catherine Plaisant; Ben Shneiderman


"Hypertext: Theory into Practice," edited by R. McAleese BIB 196-198
  Barry McIntyre
"The Brady Guide to CD-ROM," by Laura Buddine and Elizabeth Young BIB 198-199
  Rob Ransom
"Mastering HyperTalk," by Keith Weiskamp and Namir Shammas BIB 199-201
  Pieter Burghart
"Literary Machines," by Theodor Holm Nelson BIB 201-204
  Lizzie Davenport

HYPERM 1989 Volume 1 Issue 3


A Manifesto for Hypermedia Usability Research BIBA 205-234
  John A. Waterworth; Mark H. Chignell
A Common Notation for Knowledge Representation, Cognitive Models, Learning and Hypertext BIBA 235-254
  P. R. Churcher
A Similarity-Based Hypertext Browser for Reading the Unix Network News BIBA 255-265
  Michael H. Anderson; Jakob Nielsen; Henrik Rasmussen


"Hypertext Hands-On!," by Ben Shneiderman and Greg Kearsley BIB 266-269
  Anne Marie McGrath
"Hypertext'89. Proceedings of the Second ACM Hypertext Conference" BIB 269-271
  Douglas Badenoch
"The Waite Group's Hypertalk Bible," by Mitchell Waite, Stephen Prata and Ted Jones BIB 272-273
  Alasdair C. Scott-Goddard
"Human Factors in Computing Systems. Proceedings of CHI'89, Austin, Texas," edited by K. Bice and C. Lewis BIB 273-274
  Forbes Gibb