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Proceedings of the Tenth ACM Conference on Hypertext

Fullname:Hypertext'99: Proceedings of the Tenth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia
Location:Darmstadt Germany
Dates:1999-Feb-21 to 1999-Feb-25
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-064-3; ACM Order Number 614990; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: HYPER99
Semiautomatic Generation of Glossary Links: A Practical Solution BIBPDF 3-12
  Hermann Kaindl; Stefan Kramer; Papa Samba Niang Diallo
Finding Context Paths for Web Pages BIBPDF 13-22
  Yoshiaki Mizuuchi; Keishi Tajima
Dynamic Hyperlink Generation for Navigation in Relational Databases BIBPDF 23-24
  Karl M. Goschka; Jurgen Falb
Aspects of Text Semantics in Hypertext BIBPDF 25-26
  Alexander Mehler
Data Scalability in Open Hypermedia Systems BIBPDF 27-36
  Kenneth M. Anderson
Team-and-Role-Based Organizational Context and Access Control for Cooperative Hypermedia Environments BIBPDF 37-46
  Weigang Wang
The Callimachus Approach to Distributed Hypermedia BIBPDF 47-48
  Manolis Tzagarakis; Michalis Vaitis; Athanasios Papadopoulos; Dimitris Christodoulakis
CAOS: A Collaborative and Open Spatial Structure Service Component with Incremental Spatial Parsing BIBPDF 49-50
  Olav Reinert; Dirk Bucka-Lassen; Claus Aagaard Pedersen; Peter J. Nurnberg
Trailblazing the Literature of Hypertext: Author Co-Citation Analysis (1989-1998) BIBPDF 51-60
  Chaomei Chen; Les Carr
Visualizing and Assessing Navigation in Hypertext BIBPDF 61-70
  John E. McEneaney
Hypertext-Like Structures through a SOM Network BIBPDF 71-72
  R. Rizzo; M. Allegra; G. Fulantelli
A Computational Hypermedia for the Sergisai Project BIBPDF 73-74
  Paola Carrara; David Musella; Gaetano Zonno
Control Choices and Network Effects in Hypertext Systems BIBPDF 75-82
  E. James Whitehead
What was the Question? Reconciling Open Hypermedia and World Wide Web Research BIBPDF 83-90
  Peter J. Nurnberg; Helen Ashman
Unifying Strategies for Web Augmentation BIBPDF 91-100
  Niels Olof Bouvin
"Lector in Rebus": The Role of the Reader and the Characteristics of Hyperreading BIBPDF 101-109
  Licia Calvi
Piecing Together and Tearing Apart: Finding the Story in Afternoon BIBPDF 111-117
  Jill Walker
Towards the Recognitiion of the Shell as a Integral Part of the Digital Text BIBPDF 119-120
  Anja Rau
Beyond Location: Hypertext Workspaces and Non-Linear Views BIBPDF 121-130
  Frank M. Shipman; Catherine C. Marshall; Mark LeMere
Navigation Scheme for Interactive Movies with Linear Narrative BIBPDF 131-132
  Guy Vardi
No Longer Lost in WWW-Based Hyperspaces BIBPDF 133-134
  Reinhard Kreutz; Brigitte Euler; Klaus Spitzer
Structure Analysis for Hypertext with Conditional Linkage BIBPDF 135-136
  Jean-Hugues Rety
Visualization of Relationships BIBPDF 137-138
  Vijay Kumar; Richard Furuta
Improving Hypermedia Development: A Reference Model-Based Process Assessment Method BIBPDF 139-146
  David B. Lowe; Andrew J. Bucknell; Richard G. Webby
AHAM: A Dexter-Based Reference Model for Adaptive Hypermedia BIBPDF 147-156
  Paul De Bra; Geert-Jan Houben; Hongjing Wu
Abstract Tasks: A Tool for the Inspection of Web Sites and Off-Line Hypermedia BIBPDF 157-163
  F. Garzotto; M. Matera; P. Paolini
Hypermedia Potentials for Analysis Support Tools BIBPDF 165-166
  Douglas S. Lange
Individual Tables of Contents in Web-Based Learning Systems BIBPDF 167-168
  Cornelia Seeberg; Achim Steinacker; Klaus Reichenberger; Stephan Fischer; Ralf Steinmetz
Audiovisual-Based Hypermedia Authoring: Using Structured Representations for Efficient Access to AV Documents BIBPDF 169-178
  Gwendal Auffret; Jean Carrive; Olivier Chevet; Thomas Dechilly; Remi Ronfard; Bruno Bachimont
Mix'n'Match: Exchangeable Modules of Hypermedia Style BIBPDF 179-188
  Lloyd Rutledge; Lynda Hardman; Jacco van Ossenbruggen; Dick C. A. Bulterman
Do You Have the Time? Composition and Linking in Time-Based Hypermedia BIBPDF 189-196
  Lynda Hardman; Jacco van Ossenbruggen; K. Sjoerd Mullender; Lloyd Rutledge; Dick C. A. Bulterman
Writers and Designers: Crossing the Chasm BIBPDF 197-198
  David B. Lowe; Deena Larsen; Mark Bernstein; Wendy Hall; Paolo Paolini; Cathy Marshall; Susana Pajares Tosca; Lawrence J. Clark
Adaptive Hypermedia: Purpose, Methods, and Techniques BIBPDF 199-200
  Paul De Bra; Peter Brusilovsky; John Eklund; Wendy Hall; Alfred Kobsa
Interoperability between Hypermedia Systems: The Standardisation Work of the OHSWG BIBPDF 201-202
  H. C. Davis; D. E. Millard; S. Reich; N. Bouvin; K. Grønbæk; P. J. Nurnberg; L. Sloth; U. K. Wiil; K. Anderson
The Application of a Hypermedia Research System in Industry BIBPDF 203-204
  Ian Heath; Wendy Hall; Richard Crowder; Gary Wills
Electronic Tools for Dismantling the Master's House: Poststructuralist Feminist Research and Hypertext Poetics BIBPDF 207-216
  Wendy Morgan
The Lyrical Quality of Links BIBPDF 217-218
  Susana Pajares Tosca