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Proceedings of the Eighth ACM Conference on Hypertext -- Posters and Demonstrations

Fullname:Hypertext'97: -- Posters and Demonstrations
Editors:Mark Bernstein; Leslie Carr; Kasper Østerbye
Location:Southampton, UK
Dates:1997-Apr-06 to 1997-Apr-11
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-866-5; ACM Order Number 614970; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: HYPER97; hcibib: HYPER97X
Papers:40; 42
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  1. Posters
  2. Demonstrations


A Categorisation of External Applications for the Integration in Cooperative Systems and Hypermedia Systems BIBA
  Ajit Bapat
A User-Centred Hypermedia Generator BIBA
  Robert S. Bishop
Supporting Time-Depended Transmission of Hypermedia BIBA
  C. Bouras; V. Kapoulas; P. Spirakis; A. Tatakis
HyperGeo: A Hypermedia-Based Geographical Information System BIBA
  Patrice Boursier
The WAG (Web-at-a-Glance) Architecture BIBA
  T. Catarci; G. Santucci; S. K. Chang
Applying Hypermedia-Techniques in Narrative Tutorial Multimedia Training Packages BIBA
  Ann Dobbeni; Theo Lenaerts; Jan Daniels
Quality Criteria and Metrics in Hypertext Evaluation BIBA
  Francisco V. Cipolla Ficarra
Authoring Using a Terminology Service BIBA
  Carole Goble; Jacki O'Neill; Joe Bullock
Semi-Automatic Generation of Cross-Reference Links in a Hypertext Book: A Case Study BIBA
  Luc Goffinet
The Pausanian Notation: A Method for Representing the Structure of a Hyperdocument BIBA
  Nickolaos Gouraros
Team: Telescheduling Enhanced by Authentication and Management Functions BIBA
  R. Grassmann; C. Becker; T. Engel; C. Meinel
Transposing the 'Large Glass' Into Hypermedia BIBA
  Dew Harrison
Semantic Spaces: A New Access Paradigm to Hypermedia Systems BIBA
  Michael Klemme
Hyperfiction Interfaces BIBA
  Raine Koskimaa
The Missing Link: The Application of Metrics to Hypermedia Authoring BIBA
  Maria Emilia Xavier Mendes; Wendy Hall; Rachel Harrison
Electronic Tools for Dismantling His Master's House BIBA
  Wendy Morgan
The Generation and Management of Metadata in Support of the Automatic Hypertext Linking of Multimedia Objects BIBA
  William W. Noah
Systematic Use of Flexible Process Model to Build Hypermedia Artefacts BIBA
  Luis Antonio Olsina
Constraint-Based Hypertext Authoring and Evaluation BIBA
  Ath. Papadopoulos; M. Vaitis; M. Tzagarakis; K. Papoutsis
Automatic Web Interfaces and Hypertext Browsing for Object-Relational Databases BIBA
  Mark Papiani; Alistair N. Dunlop; Anthony J. G. Hey
On Demand Publishing in the Humanities BIBA
  Sarah Porter
The Collaborative Hypermedia Educational Framework for Computer-Based Education BIBA
  Ajaz Rana; Michael Bieber; Nancy Coppola
NT4.1online, A Parametric Catalogue of Italian Earthquakes on the Web BIBA
  G. Rubbia Rinaldi; M. Padula; M. Stucchi; A. Zerga
A Hypermedial Virtual Partner as Learning Mate BIBA
  Teresa Roselli; Antonietta Di Donfrancesco; Armando Lombardi; Stefania Loverro
Tailoring Web Pages to Users' Needs BIBA
  O. Signore; R. Bartoli; G. Fresta
Converting TeX Into a PDF-Generating Tool BIBA
  Han The Thanh
Is 'Lost in Hyperspace' Lost in Controversy? BIBA
  Harold Thimbleby; Matthew Jones; Yin Leng Theng
Document Structure, Individual Differences and the Learning Process BIBA
  S. Wilkinson; A. Crerar; N. Falchikov


The Ocean of the Streams of Story: A Compilation of Virtual Reality Hypertext Projects BIBA
  Dan Ancona
Stomp: Courseware for Teaching Introductory Physics BIBA
  Richard Bacon; J. L. Hunt
Using a Link Service for Citation Linking BIBA
  Les Carr
Databases for Hypermedia Systems BIBA
  Erik Duval; Koen Hendrikx; Henk Olivie
DHM/WWW -- Integrating Devise Hypermedia and the Web BIBA
  Kaj Grønbæk; Niels Olof Bouvin; Lennert Sloth
The Web Tour: An Implementation of a Guided Tour of WWW Pages BIBA
  Ray Jones
Content Based Navigation in Multimedia Systems BIBA
  P. H. Lewis; H. C. Davis; M. R. Dobie; W. Hall; J. Kuan; S. T. Perry
Hypertext Functionality in Software Design Systems BIBA
  Harri Oinas-Kukkonen; Janne Kaipala
The Net Generation of Earthquake Data: Nt4.1online, the Parametric Catalogue of Damaging Earthquakes in the Italian Area BIBA
  Giuliana Rubbia Rinaldi; Marco Padula; Massimiliano Stucchi; Angela Zerga
Navigation in Large Hypertext Documents BIBA
  Petr Sojka
Converting TeX Into a PDF-Generating Tool BIBA
  Han The Thanh
Supporting User-Defined Activity Spaces BIBA
  Weigang Wang; Joerg Haake
Spatial Hypertext and Multiscale Fiction-Pad++, PadDraw, Gray Matters BIBA
  Noah Wardrip-Fruin; Jonathan Meyer
Educational Hypertext: Design and Evaluation BIBA
  S. Wilkinson; A. Crerar; N. Falchikov