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Proceedings of the Seventh ACM Conference on Hypertext

Fullname:Hypertext'96: Proceedings of the Seventh ACM Conference on Hypertext
Location:Washington, DC
Dates:1996-Mar-16 to 1996-Mar-20
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-778-2; ACM Order Number 614960; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: HYPER96
  1. Spatial Hypertexts
  2. Autonomous Hypertext Systems and Link Discovery
  3. Hypertext Rhetoric and Criticism
  4. Models of Hypermedia Design and Evaluation
  5. Open Hypermedia
  6. Navigation in the World-Wide Web
  7. Systems and Infrastructure
  8. Versioning
  9. Extending the World-Wide Web
  10. Perspectives
  11. Panel
  12. Perspectives
  13. Panel
  14. Perspectives

Spatial Hypertexts

HyperCafe: Narrative and Aesthetic Properties of Hypervideo BIBAKPDF 1-10
  Nitin "Nick" Sawhney; David Balcom; Ian Smith
Content-Oriented Integration in Hypermedia Systems BIBAKPDF 11-21
  Kyoji Hirata; Yoshinori Hara; Hajime Takano; Shigehito Kawasaki
The Structure of Hypertext Activity BIBAKPDF 22-30
  Jim Rosenberg

Autonomous Hypertext Systems and Link Discovery

Practical Methods for Automatically Generating Typed Links BIBAKPDF 31-41
  Chip Cleary; Ray Bareiss
Automatic Hypertext Link Typing BIBAKPDF 42-52
  James Allan
Automatic Text Decomposition Using Text Segments and Text Themes BIBAKPDF 53-65
  Gerard Salton; Amit Singhal; Chris Buckley; Mandar Mitra

Hypertext Rhetoric and Criticism

Ut Pictura Hyperpoesis: Spatial Form, Visuality, and the Digital Word BIBAKPDF 66-73
  John Tolva
Hypertextual Dynamics in a Life Set for Two BIBAKPDF 74-83
  Robert Kendall
Hypertext with Consequences: Recovering a Politics of Hypertext BIBAKPDF 85-92
  Diane Greco

Models of Hypermedia Design and Evaluation

Information Reuse in Hypermedia Applications BIBAKPDF 93-104
  Franca Garzotto; Luca Mainetti; Paolo Paolini
Evaluating HyTime: An Examination and Implementation Experience BIBAKPDF 105-115
  John F. Buford
Systematic Hypermedia Application Design with OOHDM BIBAKPDF 116-128
  Daniel Schwabe; Gustavo Rossi; Simone D. J. Barbosa

Open Hypermedia

The Flag Taxonomy of Open Hypermedia Systems BIBAKPDF 129-139
  Kasper Østerbye; Uffe Kock Wiil
The HyperDisco Approach to Open Hypermedia Systems BIBAKPDF 140-148
  Uffe Kock Wiil; John J. Leggett
Toward a Dexter-Based Model for Open Hypermedia: Unifying Embedded References and Link Objects BIBAKPDF 149-160
  Kaj Grønbæk; Randall H. Trigg

Navigation in the World-Wide Web

A Study of Navigational Support Provided by Two World Wide Web Browsing Applications BIBAKPDF 161-169
  Steve Jones; Andy Cockburn
Browsing the WWW by Interacting with a Textural Virtual Environment -- A Framework for Experimenting with Navigational Metaphors BIBAKPDF 170-179
  Andreas Dieberger
HyPursuit: A Hierarchical Network Search Engine that Exploits Content-Link Hypertext Clustering BIBAKPDF 180-193
  Ron Weiss; Bienvenido Velez; Mark A. Sheldon; Chanathip Nanprempre; Peter Szilagyi; Andrzej Duda; David K. Gifford

Systems and Infrastructure

Hypermedia Operating Systems: A New Paradigm for Computing BIBAKPDF 194-202
  Peter J. Nurnberg; John J. Leggett; Erich R. Schneider; John L. Schnase
HyperStorM: An Extensible Object-Oriented Hypermedia Engine BIBAKPDF 203-214
  Ajit Bapat; Jurgen Wasch; Karl Aberer; Jorg M. Haake
Media-Based Navigation with Generic Links BIBAKPDF 215-223
  Paul H. Lewis; Hugh C. Davis; Steve R. Griffiths; Wendy Hall; Rob J. Wilkins


VerSE: Towards Hypertext Versioning Styles BIBAKPDF 224-234
  Anja Haake; David Hicks

Extending the World-Wide Web

Logic Programming with the World-Wide Web BIBAKPDF 235-245
  Seng Wai Loke; Andrew Davison
Experiences in Developing Collaborative Application Using the World Wide Web "Shell" BIBAKPDF 246-255
  Andreas Girgensohn; Alison Lee; Kevin Schlueter


Case Study: A Hypermedia System as Change Agent BIBAPDF 256
  Miriam Grace; Ward Webber; Kaj Grønbæk; Robert J. Glushko


Visual Metaphor and the Problem of Complexity in the Design of Web Sites: Techniques for Generating, Recognizing and Visualizing Structure BIBAPDF 257
  Michael Joyce; Robert Kolker; Stuart Moulthrop; Ben Shneiderman; John Merritt Unsworth
The Process of Discovery: Hypertext and Scholarship BIBAPDF 258
  Mark Bernstein; George P. Landow; Elli Mylonas; John B. Smith
Things Change: Deal with it! Versioning, Cooperative Editing and Hypertext BIBAPDF 259
  Wojciech Cellary; David Durand; Anja Haake; David Hicks; Fabio Vitali; James Whitehead


Evaluation BIBAPDF 260
  Gary Marchionini


Future (Hyper)Spaces BIBAPDF 261
  Kathryn Cramer; Sam Epstein; Cathy Marshall; Tom Meyer; Mark Pesce


World-Wide Web Authoring and Collaboration BIBAPDF 262
  Norbert Streitz; Steven J. DeRose