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Proceedings of ACM Hypertext'91 -- Posters 1991-12-15

Fullname:ACM Hypertext'91 Conference -- Posters
Editors:Gary Perlman
Location:San Antonio, Texas
Dates:1991-Dec-15 to 1991-Dec-18
Standard No:hcibib: HYPER91Z
IKON: Developing a Prototype Static Third-Order Hypermedia System BIBA 1
  Hans C. Arents; Walter F. L. Bogaerts
RelType: Relaxed Typing for Intelligent Hypermedia Representations BIBA 2
  Dilip K. Barman
An Architecture for Wide Area Hypertext BIBAHTML 3
  Tim Berners-Lee
Integrating Existing Documents with Hypertext in NASA's Shuttle Mission Control Center Environment BIBA 4
  Debra S. Bettis
Focused and Relativistic Hypertext Usability Assessment: Finding the Sweet Spots in Hypertext Design Space BIBA 5
  Mark H. Chignell; J. Felix Valdez; Rhona Charron
Open Multimedia Telecommunication Needs Hypertext Techniques BIBA 6
  Ralf Cordes; Hauke Peyn; Thomas Toepperwien; Thomas Weidenfeller
Content Map Design and Knowledge Structures with Hypertext and Traditional Text BIBA 7
  Diana Dee-Lucas; Jill H. Larkin
A Hypertext Interface to Relational Databases BIBA 8
  Martin Durr; Stefan M. Lang
Extension of Hypertext to a Conceptual World: Concept Browser for a Personal Information Base BIBA 9
  Hiromichi Fujisawa; Hidefumi Kondo
Joining Ideas BIBA 10
  Geri Gay; Deborah Trumbull; Joan Mazur
Dynamically Created Guided Tours in Hypertext for Learning BIBA 11
  Catherine Guinan; Alan F. Smeaton
Applying Cognitive Apprenticeship to the Design of a Hypermedia Learning Environment: The Lab Design Project BIBA 12
  Peter C. Honebein
A Measure of Hypertext Linearity BIBA 13
  Mark A. Horney
WITH -- A Project on Computer Supported Hypertext Construction BIB 14
  R. Kuhlen; R. Hammwohner
Hucklefine Defined BIBA 15
  Mike Mosher
Modeling Distributed Hyperdocuments with Markov Chains BIBA 16
  Charles Nicholas; A. Brooke Stephens; Yelena Yesha; Keith Humenik
Using a Hypertext-Based Index to Access Hardcopy Documentation BIBA 17
  Duane Ressler
The Hyperbase Developer's Toolkit (HDT) BIBA 18
  John Robertson; Kai Foong
Learning to Read a Hypertext: A Cognitive Approach BIBA 19
  Jean-Francois Rouet
Hypermedia as a Training Tool for Echocardiogaphy: An Empirical Evaluation BIBA 20
  Marc M. Sebrechts; Kathryn Permenter
Finnegan's HyperWake -- The Clicky Way to Waking BIB 21
  Andrea Ventura
Versioning Issues in Hypermedia Publishing Environments BIBA 22
  Anja Weber