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ACM Hypertext'87 Proceedings 1987-11-13

Fullname:Proceedings of ACM Hypertext'87 Conference
Editors:Stephen Weiss; Mayer Schwartz
Location:Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Dates:1987-Nov-13 to 1987-Nov-15
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-340-x; ACM Order Number 608892; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: HYPER87
  1. Foreword
  2. Systems I
  3. Applications in the Humanities and Medicine
  4. Experiences and Writing
  5. Translating Text into Hypertext
  6. Invited Panel on Systems
  7. Argumentation
  8. Systems II
  9. Issues
  10. Software


All for One and One for All BIB v-vii
  Theodor H. Nelson

Systems I

KMS: A Distributed Hypermedia System for Managing Knowledge in Organizations BIBA 1-20
  Robert Akscyn; Donald McCracken; Elise Yoder
HAM: A General-Purpose Hypertext Abstract Machine BIBA 21-32
  Brad Campbell; Joseph M. Goodman
Turning Ideas into Products: The Guide System BIBA 33-40
  P. J. Brown

Applications in the Humanities and Medicine

Hypertext and Creative Writing BIBA 41-50
  Jay David Bolter; Michael Joyce
From the Old to the New: Integrating Hypertext into Traditional Scholarship BIBA 51-55
  Gregory Crane
Searching for Information in a Hypertext Medical Handbook BIBA 57-66
  Mark Edwin Frisse
Hypertext and Pluralism: From Lineal to Non-Lineal Thinking BIBA 67-88
  William O. Beeman; Kenneth T. Anderson; Gail Bader; James Larkin; Anne P. McClard; Patrick McQuillan; Mark Shields

Experiences and Writing

Hypertext Habitats: Experiences of Writers in NoteCards BIBA 89-108
  Randall H. Trigg; Peggy M. Irish
Comprehending Non-Linear Text: The Role of Discourse Cues and Reading Strategies BIBA 109-120
  Davida Charney
The Notes Program: A Hypertext Application for Writing from Source Texts BIBA 121-141
  Christine Neuwirth; David Kaufer; Rick Chimera; Terilyn Gillespie

Translating Text into Hypertext

Hypertext and the New Oxford English Dictionary BIBA 143-153
  Darrell R. Raymond; Frank Wm. Tompa
Content Oriented Relations between Text Units - A Structural Model for Hypertexts BIBA 155-174
  Rainer Hammwohner; Ulrich Thiel
SuperBook: An Automatic Tool for Information Exploration - Hypertext? BIBA 175-188
  Joel R. Remde; Louis M. Gomez; Thomas K. Landauer

Invited Panel on Systems

User Interface Design for the Hyperties Electronic Encyclopedia BIB 189-194
  Ben Shneiderman
A Hypertext Writing Environment and its Cognitive Basis BIBA 195-214
  John B. Smith; Stephen F. Weiss; Gordon J. Ferguson


Constraint-Based Hypertext for Argumentation BIBA 215-245
  Paul Smolensky; Brigham Bell; Barbara Fox; Roger King; Clayton Lewis
gIBIS: A Hypertext Tool for Team Design Deliberation BIBA 247-251
  Jeff Conklin; Michael L. Begeman
Exploring Representation Problems Using Hypertext BIBA 253-268
  Catherine C. Marshall

Systems II

Thoth-II: Hypertext with Explicit Semantics BIBA 269-289
  George H. Collier
The Architecture of Static Hypertexts BIBA 291-306
  Tim Oren
Document Examiner: Delivery Interface for Hypertext Documents BIBA 307-323
  Janet H. Walker


The Hype in Hypertext: A Critique BIBA 325-330
  Jef Raskin
Relationally Encoded Links and the Rhetoric of Hypertext BIB 331-343
  George P. Landow
Reflections on NoteCards: Seven Issues for the Next Generation of Hypermedia Systems BIBA 345-365
  Frank G. Halasz
Developing and Distributing Hypertext Tools: Legal Inputs and Parameters BIBA 367-374
  Henry W., III Jones


Abstraction Mechanisms in Hypertext BIBA 375-395
  Pankaj K. Garg
Manipulating Source Code in DynamicDesign BIBA 397-408
  James Bigelow; Victor Riley
On Designing Intelligent Hypertext Systems for Information Management in Software Engineering BIBA 409-432
  Pankaj K. Garg; Walt Scacchi