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Proceedings of the 20th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia

Fullname:Hypertext'09: Proceedings of the 20th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia
Editors:Ciro Cattuto; Giancarlo Ruffo; Filippo Menczer
Location:Torino, Italy
Dates:2009-Jun-29 to 2009-Jul-01
Standard No:ISBN: 1-60558-486-X, 978-1-60558-486-7; ACM Order Number: 614091; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: HYPER09
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  1. Keynote 1
  2. Keynote 2
  3. Hypertext structure and usage
  4. Spatial information organization
  5. Information access
  6. Link analysis
  7. Applications
  8. Content analysis
  9. Tracking and exploiting user behavior
  10. Social search
  11. Networks properties
  12. Recommendation and clustering
  13. Weblogs
  14. Perspective and point Of view
  15. Demonstrations
  16. Posters
  17. Workshops

Keynote 1

The social hyperlink BIBAKFull-Text 1-2
  Lada A. Adamic

Keynote 2

Relating content through web usage BIBAKFull-Text 3-4
  Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Hypertext structure and usage

On hypertext narrative BIBAKFull-Text 5-14
  Mark Bernstein
Bringing your dead links back to life: a comprehensive approach and lessons learned BIBAKFull-Text 15-24
  Atsuyuki Morishima; Akiyoshi Nakamizo; Toshinari Iida; Shigeo Sugimoto; Hiroyuki Kitagawa
The dynamics of personal territories on the web BIBAKFull-Text 25-34
  Thomas Beauvisage

Spatial information organization

HyperSea: towards a spatial hypertext environment for web 2.0 content BIBAKFull-Text 35-44
  Georgios D. P. Styliaras; Sotiris P. Christodoulou
Comparing spatial hypertext collections BIBAKFull-Text 45-50
  J. Nathan Matias; David P. Williams
Towards a constructivist approach to learning from hypertext BIBAKFull-Text 51-56
  Iyad AlAgha; Liz Burd
Supporting daily scrum meetings with change structure BIBAKFull-Text 57-62
  Jessica Rubart; Frank Freykamp

Information access

Comparing the performance of us college football teams in the web and on the field BIBAKFull-Text 63-72
  Martin Klein; Olena Hunsicker; Michael L. Nelson
Improving recommender systems with adaptive conversational strategies BIBAKFull-Text 73-82
  Tariq Mahmood; Francesco Ricci
HMNews: an integrated system for searching and browsing hypermedia news content BIBAKFull-Text 83-88
  Maurizio Montagnuolo; Marco Ferri; Alberto Messina

Link analysis

The scalable hyperlink store BIBAKFull-Text 89-98
  Marc Najork
Scholarly research process: investigating the effects of link type and directionality BIBAKFull-Text 99-108
  Mark Leslie Alford; Emilia Mendes
Relating web pages to enable information-gathering tasks BIBAKFull-Text 109-118
  Amitabha Bagchi; Garima Lahoti


Dynamic hypertext generation for reusing open corpus content BIBAKFull-Text 119-128
  Ben Steichen; Séamus Lawless; Alexander O'Connor; Vincent Wade
2LIPGarden: 3D hypermedia for everyone BIBAKFull-Text 129-134
  Jacek Jankowski; Izabela Irzynska; Bill McDaniel; Stefan Decker
Using a thematic model to enrich photo montages BIBAKFull-Text 135-140
  Charlie Hargood; David E. Millard; Mark J. Weal
Collaborative time-based case work BIBAKFull-Text 141-146
  Morten Bohøj; Niels Olof Bouvin

Content analysis

From XML inclusions to XML transclusions BIBAKFull-Text 147-156
  Angelo Di Iorio; John Lumley
Interpreting the layout of web pages BIBAKFull-Text 157-166
  Luis Francisco-Revilla; Jeff Crow
Extracting semantic annotations from legal texts BIBAKFull-Text 167-172
  Leonardo Lesmo; Alessandro Mazzei; Daniele P. Radicioni

Tracking and exploiting user behavior

What's in a session: tracking individual behavior on the web BIBAKFull-Text 173-182
  Mark Meiss; John Duncan; Bruno Gonçalves; José J. Ramasco; Filippo Menczer
Individual and social behavior in tagging systems BIBAKFull-Text 183-192
  Elizeu Santos-Neto; David Condon; Nazareno Andrade; Adriana Iamnitchi; Matei Ripeanu
Games with a purpose for social networking platforms BIBAKFull-Text 193-198
  Walter Rafelsberger; Arno Scharl

Social search

Social search and discovery using a unified approach BIBAKFull-Text 199-208
  Einat Amitay; David Carmel; Nadav Har'El; Shila Ofek-Koifman; Aya Soffer; Sivan Yogev; Nadav Golbandi
Context-based ranking in folksonomies BIBAKFull-Text 209-218
  Fabian Abel; Matteo Baldoni; Cristina Baroglio; Nicola Henze; Daniel Krause; Viviana Patti
RichVSM: enRiched vector space models for folksonomies BIBAKFull-Text 219-228
  Rabeeh Abbasi; Steffen Staab

Networks properties

Hyperincident connected components of tagging networks BIBAKFull-Text 229-238
  Nicolas Neubauer; Klaus Obermayer
Statistical properties of inter-arrival times distribution in social tagging systems BIBAKFull-Text 239-244
  Andrea Capocci; Andrea Baldassarri; Vito D. P. Servedio; Vittorio Loreto
Modularities for bipartite networks BIBAKFull-Text 245-250
  Tsuyoshi Murata

Recommendation and clustering

Contextualising tags in collaborative tagging systems BIBAKFull-Text 251-260
  Ching-man Au Yeung; Nicholas Gibbins; Nigel Shadbolt
Social recommender systems for web 2.0 folksonomies BIBAKFull-Text 261-270
  Stefan Siersdorfer; Sergej Sizov
Cross-tagging for personalized open social networking BIBAKFull-Text 271-278
  Avaré Stewart; Ernesto Diaz-Aviles; Wolfgang Nejdl; Leandro Balby Marinho; Alexandros Nanopoulos; Lars Schmidt-Thieme


Jorn barger, the newspage network and the emergence of the weblog community BIBAKFull-Text 279-288
  Rudolf Ammann
Weblog as a personal thinking space BIBAKFull-Text 289-298
  Lilia Efimova
Comparing Chinese and German blogs BIBAKFull-Text 299-308
  Thomas Mandl

Perspective and point Of view

Designing hypertext tools to facilitate authoring multiple points-of-view stories BIBAKFull-Text 309-316
  Alex Mitchell; Kevin McGee
Social network analysis in virtual environments BIBAKFull-Text 317-322
  Devan Rosen; Margaret Corbit


Managing publications and bookmarks with BibSonomy BIBAKFull-Text 323-324
  Dominik Benz; Folke Eisterlehner; Andreas Hotho; Robert Jäschke; Beate Krause; Gerd Stumme
Tag vision: social knowledge for collaborative search BIBAKFull-Text 325-326
  Lara Marcellin; Roberto Politi
Incentives for social annotation BIBAKFull-Text 327-328
  Heather Roinestad; John Burgoon; Benjamin Markines; Filippo Menczer
Vcast on facebook: bridging social and similarity networks BIBAKFull-Text 329-330
  Francesca Carmagnola; Andrea Loffredo; Giorgio Berardi
ArsMeteo: artworks and tags floating over the planet art BIBAKFull-Text 331-332
  Edoardo Acotto; Matteo Baldoni; Cristina Baroglio; Viviana Patti; Flavio Portis; Giorgio Vaccarino
Sixearch.org 2.0 peer application for collaborative web search BIBAKFull-Text 333-334
  Namrata Lele; Le-Shin Wu; Ruj Akavipat; Filippo Menczer
To://: towards an open namespace for web resources BIBAKFull-Text 335-336
  Pedro Garcia Lopez; Marc Espelt


A 3D hypermedia with biomedical stereoscopic images: from creation to exploration in virtual reality BIBAKFull-Text 337-338
  Mohammed Haouach; Gilles Venturini; Christiane Guinot
The 2LIP model and its implementations BIBAKFull-Text 339-340
  Jacek Jankowski; Stefan Decker
MediaJourney: capturing and sharing digital media from real-world and virtual journeys BIBAKFull-Text 341-342
  Kaspar Rosengreen Nielsen; Rasmus Gude; Marianne Graves Petersen; Kaj Grønbæk
A user study of mobile web services and applications from the 2008 Beijing Olympics BIBAKFull-Text 343-344
  Alvin Chin; Jyri P. Salomaa
Personalized web browsing experience BIBAKFull-Text 345-346
  Barbara Rita Barricelli; Marco Padula; Paolo Luigi Scala
A scalable, collaborative similarity measure for social annotation systems BIBAKFull-Text 347-348
  Benjamin Markines; Filippo Menczer
Modeling and predicting group activity over time in online social media BIBAKFull-Text 349-350
  Munmun De Choudhury
Retrieving broken web links using an approach based on contextual information BIBAKFull-Text 351-352
  Juan Martinez-Romo; Lourdes Araujo
A cost-benefit evaluation method for web-based information systems BIBAKFull-Text 353-354
  Cecile L. Paris; Nathalie F. Colineau; Ross G. Wilkinson
Automatically annotating textual resources with human intentions BIBAKFull-Text 355-356
  Markus Strohmaier; Mark Kroell; Christian Koerner
When printed hypertexts go digital: information extraction from the parsing of indices BIBAKFull-Text 357-358
  Matteo Romanello; Monica Berti; Alison Babeu; Gregory Crane
The role of tag suggestions in folksonomies BIBAKFull-Text 359-360
  Dirk Bollen; Harry Halpin
Four measures for the dynamics of coalitions in social networks BIBAKFull-Text 361-362
  Guido Boella; Leendert van der Torre; Serena Villata
The redocumentation process of computer mediated activity traces: a general framework BIBAKFull-Text 363-364
  Leila Yahiaoui; Yannick Prié; Zizette Boufaida
WebNC: efficient sharing of web applications BIBAKFull-Text 365-366
  Laurent Denoue; John Adcock; Scott Carter; Gene Golovchinsky
Semiotic design and analysis of hypermedia BIBAKFull-Text 367-368
  Elio Toppano; Vito Roberto
How are web characteristics evolving? BIBAKFull-Text 369-370
  João Miranda; Daniel Gomes
User model on a key BIBAKFull-Text 371-372
  Tsvi Kuflik; Katerina Poteriaykina
Named entities for hot topics ranking and ontology navigation aid BIBAKFull-Text 373-374
  Mírian Bruckschen; Renata Vieira; Sandro Rigo
iDYNamicTV: a social adaptive television experience BIBAKFull-Text 375-376
  Francesca Carmagnola; Federica Cena; Luca Console; Pierluigi Grillo; Fabiana Vernero; Rossana Simeoni; Monica Perrero
Use noisy link analysis to improve web search BIBAKFull-Text 377-378
  Yitong Wang; Jingbo Chu
Introducing online reading BIBAKFull-Text 379-380
  Fernanda Bonacho
ZEXE.NET, a case study of video-moblog BIBAKFull-Text 381-382
  Tatiana Mazali
Hypermedia as media BIBAKFull-Text 383-384
  Everardo Reyes-García


Web 3.0: merging semantic web with social web BIBKFull-Text 385-386
  Federica Cena; Rosta Farzan; Pasquale Lops
Dynamic and adaptive hypertext: generic frameworks, approaches and techniques BIBKFull-Text 387-388
  Paul De Bra; Mykola Pechenizkiy
New forms of Xanalogical storage and function BIBKFull-Text 389-390
  Fabio Vitali; Angelo Di Iorio; James Blustein
Tagging dynamics in online communities BIBKFull-Text 391-392
  Vittorio Loreto; Andrea Capocci