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Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM Conference on Hypertext

Fullname:Hypertext'01: Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia
Location:Aarhus, Denmark
Dates:2001-Aug-14 to 2001-Aug-18
Standard No:ISBN 1-59113-420-7; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: HYPER01
  1. Keynotes
  2. Panel
  3. Posters and Demos
  4. 1a -- Links and Navigation
  5. 1b -- Supporting Writing
  6. 2a -- Rhetoric and Hypertext
  7. 2b -- Hypertext Systems
  8. 3a -- Tools for Organization
  9. 3b -- Short Papers: Our Collective Experience
  10. 4a -- Adaptive Hypertext
  11. 4b -- Linearity, Nonlinearity
  12. 5b -- Persistence and Change
  13. 7a -- Capturing Meaning
  14. 7b -- Metrics
  15. Technical Briefings


Information architecture: a new discipline for organizing hypertext BIBAFull-Text 1-2
  Paul Kahn
Most Linkless BIBAFull-Text 3-4
  Wendy Hall


The semantic web: who needs it? BIBAFull-Text 5
  Wendy Hall

Posters and Demos

BIBFull-Text 6

1a -- Links and Navigation

Fluid annotations in an open world BIBAFull-Text 9-18
  Polle T. Zellweger; Niels Olof Bouvin; Henning Jehoj; Jock D. Mackinlay
The look of the link -- concepts for the user interface of extended hyperlinks BIBAFull-Text 19-28
  Harald Weinreich; Hartmut Obendorf; Winfried Lamersdorf
Trailist -- focusing on document activity for assisting navigation BIBAFull-Text 29-30
  Sigi Reich; Erich Gams
Y-notes: unobtrusive devices for hypermedia annotation BIBAFull-Text 31-32
  Saturnino Luz

1b -- Supporting Writing

Prototype mobility tools for visually impaired surfers BIBAFull-Text 33-34
  Simon Harper; Carole Goble; Robert Stevens
Awt (Associative writing tool): supporting writing process with a ZigZag based writing tool -- work in progress BIBAFull-Text 35-36
  Kimmo Wideroos
Building narrative structures using context based linking BIBAFull-Text 37-38
  Mark J. Weal; David E. Millard; Danius T. Michaelides; David C. De Roure
Intentional structures of documents BIBAFull-Text 39-40
  Tazi Said; Fabrice Evrard
Card shark and thespis: exotic tools for hypertext narrative BIBAFull-Text 41-50
  Mark Bernstein

2a -- Rhetoric and Hypertext

And And: conjunctive hypertext and the structure acteme juncture BIBAFull-Text 51-60
  Jim Rosenberg
Hypertext structure as the event of connection BIBAFull-Text 61-68
  Adrian Miles
Choice vs. interaction: the case of online Caroline BIBAFull-Text 69-70
  William Cole
Out of nothing: in-depth hyperfication study BIBAFull-Text 71-72
  Inna Kouper

2b -- Hypertext Systems

Organizing shared enterprise workspaces using component-based cooperative hypermedia BIBAFull-Text 73-82
  Jessica Rubart; Jorg M. Haake; Daniel A. Tietze; Weigang Wang
Multiple open services: a new approach to service provision in open hypermedia systems BIBAFull-Text 83-92
  Uffe Kock Wiil; David L. Hicks; Peter J. Nurnberg
Its about time: link streams as continuous metadata BIBAFull-Text 93-102
  Kevin R. Page; Don Cruickshank; David De Roure

3a -- Tools for Organization

Creating a Web community chart for navigating related communities BIBAFull-Text 103-112
  Masashi Toyoda; Masaru Kitsuregawa
The visual knowledge builder: a second generation spatial hypertext BIBAFull-Text 113-122
  Frank M., III Shipman; Haowei Hsieh; Preetam Maloor; J. Michael Moore
Facilitated hypertext for collective sensemaking: 15 years on from gIBIS BIBAFull-Text 123-124
  Jeff Conklin; Albert Selvin; Simon Buckingham Shum; Maarten Sierhuis
Interaction design for Web-based, within-page collection making and management BIBAFull-Text 125
  M. C. Schraefel; Yuxiang Zhu

3b -- Short Papers: Our Collective Experience

Experiences with Web squirrel: my life on the information farm BIBAFull-Text 127-128
  Rosemary Michelle Simpson
Hypermedia by coincidence BIBAFull-Text 129-130
  Mark K. Thompson; David C. De Roure
PageRate: counting Web users' votes BIBAFull-Text 131-132
  Jianhan Zhu; Jun Hong; John G. Hughes
Small-world linkage and co-linkage BIBAFull-Text 133-134
  Lennart Bjorneborn
Hypertext and comics: towards an aesthetics of hypertext BIBAFull-Text 135-137
  Licia Calvi
Is EOS the dawn of hypertext literature in Korea? BIBAFull-Text 139-140
  Hyunju Ryu

4a -- Adaptive Hypertext

Design issues for general-purpose adaptive hypermedia systems BIBAFull-Text 141-150
  Hongjing Wu; Erik de Kort; Paul De Bra
Linking in context BIBAFull-Text 151-160
  Samhaa R. El-Beltagy; Wendy Hall; David De Roure; Leslie Carr
Extending eductional metadata schemas to describe adaptive learning resources BIBAFull-Text 161-162
  Owen Conlan; Cord Hockemeyer; Paul Lefrere; Vincent Wade; Dietrich Albert
Personally tailored teaching in WHURLE using conditional transclusion BIBAFull-Text 163-164
  Adam Moore; Timothy J. Brailsford; Craig D. Stewart

4b -- Linearity, Nonlinearity

Cognitive coherence relations and hypertext: from cinematic patterns to scholarly discourse BIBAFull-Text 165-174
  Clara Mancini; Simon Shum Buckingham
Hypertext and the scholarly archive: intertexts, paratexts and metatexts at work BIBAFull-Text 175-184
  Rune Dalgaard
Linearity and multicursality in World Wide Web documentaries BIBAFull-Text 185-194
  Anders Fagerjord

5b -- Persistence and Change

Design spaces for link and structure versioning BIBAFull-Text 195-204
  E. James, Jr. Whitehead
Perception of content, structure, and presentation changes in Web-based hypertext BIBAFull-Text 205-214
  Luis Francisco-Revilla; Frank M., III Shipman; Richard Furuta; Unmil Karadkar; Avital Arora
An approach to persistence of Web resources BIBAFull-Text 215-216
  Joachim Feise

7a -- Capturing Meaning

Hypertext and knowledge management BIBAFull-Text 217-226
  Francisco J. Ricardo
Open hypermedia as a navigational interface to ontological information spaces BIBAFull-Text 227-236
  Mark J. Weal; Gareth V. Hughes; David E. Millard; Luc Moreau
Hypertext in the semantic web BIBAFull-Text 237
  Timothy Miles-Board; Simon Kampa; Leslie Carr; Wendy Hall
Web sites and semantics BIBAFull-Text 239-240
  Thierry Despeyroux; Brigitte Trousse

7b -- Metrics

Website link structure evaluation and improvement based on user visiting patterns BIBAFull-Text 241-242
  Baoyao Zhou; Jinlin Chen; Jin Shi; Hongjiang Zhang; Qiufeng Wu
A hypertext metric based on huffman coding BIBAFull-Text 243-244
  Chris Coulston; Theresa M. Vitolo
A review of the benefits of using hypermedia manuals BIBAFull-Text 245-246
  Richard Crowder; Y. M. Sim; Gary Wills; Richard Greenough
Improvement of Web retrieval by the use of contextual information of pages BIBAFull-Text 247-248
  Fernando Aguiar; Michel Beigbeder
Towards the prediction of development effort for hypermedia applications BIBAFull-Text 249-258
  Emilia Mendes; Steve Counsell; Nile Mosley

Technical Briefings

WebDAV and DeltaV: collaborative authoring, versioning, and configuration management for the Web BIBAFull-Text 259-260
  E. James, Jr. Whitehead
ZigZag (Tech briefing) BIBFull-Text 261-262
  Theodor Holm Nelson