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HIMI 2007: Human Interface and the Management of Information, Symposium on Human Interface, Part II: Interacting in Information Environments

Fullname:HIMI 2007: Human Interface and the Management of Information, Symposium on Human Interface, Part II: Interacting in Information Environments
Note:Volume 9 of HCI International 2007
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy
Location:Beijing, China
Dates:2007-Jul-22 to 2007-Jul-27
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4558
Standard No:ISBN: 978-3-540-73353-9 (print), 978-3-540-73354-6 (online); hcibib: HIMI07-2
Links:Online Proceedings | Publisher Book Page
  1. HIMI 2007-07-22 Volume 2
    1. Part I: Communication and Collaboration
    2. Part II: Knowledge, Learning and Education
    3. Part III: Mobile Interaction
    4. Part IV: Interacting with the World Wide Web and Electronic Services
    5. Part V: Business Management and Industrial Applications
    6. Part VI: Environment, Transportation and Safety

HIMI 2007-07-22 Volume 2

Part I: Communication and Collaboration

The Karst Collaborative Workspace for Analyzing and Annotating Scientific Datasets BIBAFull-Text 3-12
  Linn Marks Collins; Diana E. Northup; Mark L. B. Martinez; Johannes Van Reenen; M. Alex Baker; Christy R. Crowley; James E. Powell; Brian Freels-Stendel; Susan K. Heckethorn; Jong Chun Park
Using Social Metadata in Email Triage: Lessons from the Field BIBAKFull-Text 13-22
  Danyel Fisher; A. J. Bernheim Brush; Bernie Hogan; Marc A. Smith; Andy Jacobs
Fond Memory Management System by Using Information About Communities BIBAKFull-Text 23-29
  Katsuya Hashimoto; Yoshio Nakatani
Spatial Electronic Mnemonics: A Virtual Memory Interface BIBAKFull-Text 30-37
  Yasushi Ikei; Hirofumi Ota; Takuro Kayahara
An Assistant Tool for Concealing Personal Information in Text BIBAFull-Text 38-46
  Tomoya Iwakura; Seishi Okamoto
Effect of Providing a Web-Based Collaboration Medium for Remote Customer Troubleshooting Tasks BIBAKFull-Text 47-53
  Chulwoo Kim; Pilsung Choe; Mark R. Lehto; Jan P. Allebach
Natural Language Based Heavy Personal Assistant Architecture for Information Retrieval and Presentation BIBAKFull-Text 54-63
  Algirdas Laukaitis; Olegas Vasilecas; Vilnius Gediminas
"Seeing Is Not Believing But Interpreting", Inducing Trust Through Institutional Symbolism: A Conceptual Framework for Online Trust Building in a Web Mediated Information Environment BIBAKFull-Text 64-73
  Emma Nuraihan Mior Ibrahim; Nor Laila Md. Noor; Shafie Mehad
Exchanging Graphical Emails Among Elderly People and Kindergarten Children BIBAFull-Text 74-83
  Megumi Mitsumoto; Sanae H. Wake
Shadow Arts-Communication: System Supporting Communicability for Encounter Among Remote Groups BIBAFull-Text 84-94
  Yoshiyuki Miwa; Shiroh Itai; Shoichi Hasegawa; Daichi Sakurai
Visual Feedback to Reduce the Negative Effects of Message Transfer Delay on Voice Chatting BIBAKFull-Text 95-101
  Kazuyoshi Murata; Megumi Nakamura; Yu Shibuya; Itaru Kuramoto; Yoshihiro Tsujino
Friendly Process of Human-Computer Interaction -- A Prototype System in Nostalgic World BIBAKFull-Text 102-109
  Seiko Myojin; Mie Nakatani; Hirokazu Kato; Shogo Nishida
Communication Environment for Sharing Fond Memories BIBAKFull-Text 110-117
  Mie Nakatani; Seiko Myojin; Masumi Shimizu; Hirokazu Kato; Shogo Nishida
Experimental Comparison of Multimodal Meeting Browsers BIBAFull-Text 118-127
  Wilfried Post; Erwin Elling; Anita H. M. Cremers; Wessel Kraaij
How Participation at Different Hierarchical Levels Can Have an Impact on the Design and Implementation of Health Information Systems at the Grass Root Level -- A Case Study from India BIBAKFull-Text 128-136
  Zubeeda Banu Quraishy
Media Sharing and Collaboration Within Mobile Community: Self Expression and Socialization BIBAKFull-Text 137-146
  Youngho Rhee; Kiran Pal Sagoo; Jayoun Lee; Juyoun Lee; Doekwon Kim; Youngwan Seo
Adaptive Information Providing System for R&D Meeting Environments BIBAKFull-Text 147-155
  Sang Keun Rhee; Jihye Lee; Myon-Woong Park
Disseminating and Sharing Information Through Time-Aware Public Displays BIBAKFull-Text 156-165
  Marcela D. Rodríguez; Ángel G. Andrade; Maria Luisa González; Alberto L. Morán
A Tactile Emotional Interface for Instant Messenger Chat BIBAKFull-Text 166-175
  Heesook Shin; Junyoung Lee; Junseok Park; Youngjae Kim; Hyunjoo Oh; Taehwa Lee
A Theoretical Framework of Co-purposing in Systems Design BIBAKFull-Text 176-184
  Modestos Stavrakis; Nikos Viorres; Panayiotis Koutsabasis; John Darzentas
Toward Adaptive Interaction -- The Effect of Ambient Sounds in an Ultra-Realistic Communication System BIBAKFull-Text 185-194
  Noriko Suzuki; Ichiro Umata; Tatsuya Kitamura; Hiroshi Ando; Naomi Inoue
Evaluation of the Participant-Support Method for Information Acquisition in the "Multiplex Risk Communicator" BIBAKFull-Text 195-203
  Hiroshi Yajima; Tomohiro Watanabe; Ryôichi Sasaki
Resolving Assumptions in Art-Technology Collaboration as a Means of Extending Shared Understanding BIBAKFull-Text 204-211
  Yun Zhang; Alastair Weakley; Ernest A. Edmonds
A Communicative Behaviour Analysis of Art-Technology Collaboration BIBAKFull-Text 212-221
  Yun Zhang; Linda Candy
The Vision of Ubiquitous Media Services: How Close Are We? BIBAKFull-Text 222-232
  Maria Åkesson; Carina Ihlström Eriksson

Part II: Knowledge, Learning and Education

A Framework for Text Processing and Supporting Access to Collections of Digitized Historical Newspapers BIBAFull-Text 235-244
  Robert B. Allen; Andrea Japzon; Palakorn Achananuparp; Ki Jung Lee
A New Method for Teachers and Students to Record Daily Progress in a Class BIBAKFull-Text 245-251
  Akinobu Ando; Kazunari Morimoto
Evaluation Method of e-Learning Materials by alpha-Wave and beta-Wave of EEG BIBAFull-Text 252-259
  Michiko Anse; Tsutomu Tabe
Webcasting Made Interactive: Persistent Chat for Text Dialogue During and About Learning Events BIBAKFull-Text 260-268
  Ronald Baecker; David Fono; Lillian Blume; Christopher Collins; Delia Couto
Webcasting Made Interactive: Integrating Real-Time Videoconferencing in Distributed Learning Spaces BIBAKFull-Text 269-278
  Ronald Baecker; Jeremy P. Birnholtz; Rhys Causey; Simone Laughton; Kelly Rankin; Clarissa Mak; Alison Weir; Peter Wolf
A Quantitative Approach for the Design of Academic Curricula BIBAFull-Text 279-288
  Carlos Castro; Broderick Crawford; Eric Monfroy
Privacy and the Public Educator BIBAKFull-Text 289-298
  Melissa Dark; Clewin McPherson
HCI for m-Learning in Image Processing by Handhelds BIBAKFull-Text 299-308
  Danco Davcev; Marjan Arsic; Dalibor Ilievski; Andrea Kulakov
OntoGen: Semi-automatic Ontology Editor BIBAKFull-Text 309-318
  Blaz Fortuna; Marko Grobelnik; Dunja Mladenic
User Interface for Knowledge Sharing Using Knowledge Gardening Metaphor BIBAKFull-Text 319-327
  Afdallyna Fathiyah Harun; Nor Laila Md. Noor
A Study of an Effective Rehearsal Method in e-Learning BIBAKFull-Text 328-336
  Toshiaki Horinouchi; Shinsuke Wakita; Michiko Anse; Tsutomu Tabe
Function Interfaces Assessment of Online Game Websites in Great China Area Using Content Analysis BIBAFull-Text 337-346
  Chi-I Hsu; Chaochang Chiu; Chich Hua Su; Ping-Ju Wu; Yuan Jie Yang
Impact of Interactive Learning on Knowledge Retention BIBAKFull-Text 347-355
  Mohamed Ibrahim; Osama Al-Shara
Design and Development of Computer-Based Discussion Support Tool for Science and Technology Communication Exercise BIBAKFull-Text 356-363
  Kyoko Ito; Eriko Mizuno; Shogo Nishida
Context Aware Human Computer Interaction for Ubiquitous Learning BIBAFull-Text 364-373
  Chulho Jeong; Eunseok Lee
Involving Users in OPAC Interface Design: Perspective from a UK Study BIBAFull-Text 374-383
  Elahe Kani-Zabihi; Gheorghita Ghinea
The Effectiveness of Educational Technology: A Preliminary Study of Learners from Small and Large Power Distance Cultures BIBAKFull-Text 384-393
  Elizabeth Koh; John Lim
Human-Mediated Visual Ontology Alignment BIBAKFull-Text 394-403
  Monika Lanzenberger; Jennifer Sampson
Towards Guidelines on Educational Podcasting Quality: Problems Arising from a Real World Experience BIBAKFull-Text 404-412
  Marco Lazzari; Alberto Betella
Context Modeling and Inference System for Heterogeneous Context Aware Service BIBAKFull-Text 413-422
  Seungkeun Lee
Skill Transfer from Expert to Novice -- Instruction Manuals Made by Means of Groupware BIBAFull-Text 423-429
  Chung-Yong Liu; Yasufumi Kume
Development of a Skill Acquisition Support System Using Expert's Eye Movement BIBAKFull-Text 430-439
  Takashi Nagamatsu; Yohei Kaieda; Junzo Kamahara; Hiroyuki Shimada
MOCET: A MObile Collaborative Examination Tool BIBAKFull-Text 440-449
  Sergio F. Ochoa; H. Andrés Neyem; Gabriel Bravo; Emilio G. Ormeño
Requirement Analysis of the Portal Site Serving Distributed Climate Data for e-Science BIBAKFull-Text 450-456
  Taezoon Park; Lan Zhao
Efficient Creation of Multi Media eLearning Modules BIBAKFull-Text 457-465
  Hans-Martin Pohl; Patrycja Tulinska; Jan-Torsten Milde
Simulation-Based Automated Intelligent Tutoring BIBAKFull-Text 466-474
  Barbara Sorensen; Sowmya Ramachandran
Virtual Pop-Up Book Based on Augmented Reality BIBAKFull-Text 475-484
  Nobuko Taketa; Kenichi Hayashi; Hirokazu Kato; Shogo Nishida
A Mobile Environment for Chinese Language Learning BIBAKFull-Text 485-489
  Chang-Chih Tseng; Chun-Hung Lu; Wen-Lian Hsu
Game Player Modeling Using D-FSMs BIBAFull-Text 490-499
  Tae Bok Yoon; Dong Moon Kim; Kyo Hyeon Park; Jee-Hyong Lee; Kwan-Ho You

Part III: Mobile Interaction

Readability of Character Size for Car Navigation Systems BIBAKFull-Text 503-509
  Kazuhiro Fujikake; Satoshi Hasegawa; Masako Omori; Hiroki Takada; Masaru Miyao
Readability of Characters on Liquid Crystal Displays in Mobile Phones BIBAFull-Text 510-517
  Satoshi Hasegawa; Masako Omori; Kazuhiro Fujikake; Masaru Miyao
Study on Public User Interface BIBAKFull-Text 518-525
  Atsushi Hiyama; Kotaro Hashimoto; Tomohiro Tanikawa; Michitaka Hirose
A Navigation System Using Ultrasonic Directional Speaker with Rotating Base BIBAKFull-Text 526-535
  Kentaro Ishii; Yukiko Yamamoto; Michita Imai; Kazuhiro Nakadai
Mobile Social Networking Based on Mobile Internet and Ubiquitous Web Services BIBAFull-Text 536-545
  Yung Bok Kim
Ubiquitous Hands: Context-Aware Wearable Gloves with a RF Interaction Model BIBAFull-Text 546-554
  Jong Gon Kim; Byung Geun Kim; Seongil Lee
Power Saving Medium Access for Beacon-Enabled IEEE 802.15.4 LR-WPANs BIBAFull-Text 555-562
  Joongheon Kim; Wonjun Lee
Dynamic Cell Phone UI Generation for Mobile Agents BIBAKFull-Text 563-571
  Gu Su Kim; Hyun-jin Cho; Young Ik Eom
TCP NJ+ for Wireless HCI BIBAKFull-Text 572-581
  Jungrae Kim; Jahwan Koo; Hyunseung Choo
Use of Chinese Short Messages BIBAKFull-Text 582-591
  Dafei Ma; Fumiko Ichikawa; Ying Liu; Li Jiang
Multilingual Disaster Information for Mobile Phones in Japan BIBAFull-Text 592-599
  Masaru Miyao; Kumi Sato; Satoshi Hasegawa; Kazuhiro Fujikake; Shozo Tanaka; Kohei Okamoto
Visibility Evaluation of Characters on Liquid Crystal Displays in Mobile Phones, and Visual Function BIBAKFull-Text 600-607
  Masako Omori; Satoshi Hasegawa; Kazuhiro Fujikake; Masaru Miyao
Integrated Multi-view Compensation for Real Sense Video Interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 608-617
  Jongbin Park; Byeungwoo Jeon
Analysis of Naturalistic Driving Behavior While Approaching an Intersection and Implications for Route Guidance Presentation BIBAKFull-Text 618-627
  Toshihisa Sato; Motoyuki Akamatsu
Operation-Action Mapping in 3D Information Space on Portable Information Terminal BIBAKFull-Text 628-634
  Yu Shibuya; Hiromitsu Togeyama; Itaru Kuramoto; Yoshihiro Tsujino
Energy Efficient Route Discovery for Mobile HCI in Ad-Hoc Networks BIBAKFull-Text 635-644
  Kwonseung Shin; KwangJin Park; Min Young Chung; Hyunseung Choo
Interaction Design and Implementation for Multimodal Mobile Semantic Web Interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 645-654
  Daniel Sonntag
Society of Mobile Interactions BIBAKFull-Text 655-663
  Hiroshi Tamura; Motoyuki Akamatsu
Towards an Optimal Information Architecture Model for Mobile Multimedia Devices BIBAKFull-Text 664-673
  Timo-Pekka Viljamaa; Tuomas Vaittinen; Akseli Anttila
Mach: A Content Generating Engine for Adaptive Multimedia Applications in the Mobile Environment BIBAKFull-Text 674-681
  Chian Wang

Part IV: Interacting with the World Wide Web and Electronic Services

e-Sports Live: e-Sports Relay Broadcasting on Demand BIBAFull-Text 685-693
  Woonhyuk Baek; Anjin Park; Jongin Kim; Keechul Jung
Privacy Requirements in Identity Management Solutions BIBAKFull-Text 694-702
  Abhilasha Bhargav-Spantzel; Anna Cinzia Squicciarini; Matthew Young; Elisa Bertino
Collaboration Between People for Sustainability in the ICT Society BIBAFull-Text 703-712
  Gunilla Bradley
The Impact of Verbal Stimuli in Motivating Consumer Response at the Point of Purchase Situation Online BIBAKFull-Text 713-719
  Asle Fagerstrøm
Measuring the Screen Complexity of Web Pages BIBAKFull-Text 720-729
  Fong-Ling Fu; Shao-Yuan Chiu; Chiu Hung Su
Reconciling Privacy Policies and Regulations: Ontological Semantics Perspective BIBAKFull-Text 730-739
  Olga Krachina; Victor Raskin; Katrina E. Triezenberg
Evaluating Measurement Models for Web Purchasing Intention BIBAFull-Text 740-748
  Bing-Yi Lin; Ping-Ju Wu; Chi-I Hsu
Web Application for Data Analysis by Means of Evidential Dominance BIBAKFull-Text 749-758
  Zaw Aung Htwe Maung; Yasufumi Kume
Usability of Electronic Medical Record System: An Application in Its Infancy with a Crying Need BIBAKFull-Text 759-765
  Hal Miller-Jacobs; John B. Smelcer
Usability of User Agents for Privacy-Preference Specification BIBAKFull-Text 766-776
  Robert W. Proctor; Kim-Phuong L. Vu; M. Athar Ali
Achieving Usability Within E-Government Web Sites Illustrated by a Case Study Evaluation BIBAKFull-Text 777-784
  Basil Soufi; Martin Maguire
A Conceptual Design for Children's WebOPAC Interface: Graphic Design Issues BIBAKFull-Text 785-791
  Tengku Siti Meriam Tengku Wook; Siti Salwah Salim
Examining User Privacy Practices While Shopping Online: What Are Users Looking for? BIBAKFull-Text 792-801
  Kim-Phuong L. Vu; Fredrick P. Garcia; Deborah Nelson; John Sulaitis; Beth Creekmur; Vanessa Chambers; Robert W. Proctor
How Users Read and Comprehend Privacy Policies BIBAKFull-Text 802-811
  Kim-Phuong L. Vu; Vanessa Chambers; Fredrick P. Garcia; Beth Creekmur; John Sulaitis; Deborah Nelson; Russell Pierce; Robert W. Proctor
Using Long Term Memory for Bookmark Management BIBAKFull-Text 812-820
  Ming-Jen Wang; Kuen-Meau Chen; Tee Koon Hau

Part V: Business Management and Industrial Applications

Business Integration Using the Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning Model (IPBL) BIBAKFull-Text 823-833
  Osama K. Alshara; Mohamed Ibrahim
Business Insights Workbench -- An Interactive Insights Discovery Solution BIBAKFull-Text 834-843
  Amit Behal; Ying Chen; Cheryl A. Kieliszewski; Ana Lelescu; Bin He; Jie Cui; Jeffrey T. Kreulen; James Rhodes; W. Scott Spangler
A Decision Making Model for the Taiwanese Shipping Logistics Company in China to Select the Container Distribution Center Location BIBAFull-Text 844-854
  Chien-Chang Chou
A Study of Production / Transaction-Related Model Using Control Theory BIBAFull-Text 855-862
  Daisuke Doyo; Katsuhiro Sakamoto; Katsuya Aoki
Understanding a Sense of Place in Collaborative Environments BIBAKFull-Text 863-872
  Simon Foley
Development of an Affective Interface for Promoting Employees' Work Motivation in a Routine Work BIBAFull-Text 873-882
  Hidenori Fujino; Hirotake Ishii; Hiroshi Shimoda
Ecological Interface to Enhance User Performance in Adjusting Computer-Controlled Multihead Weigher BIBAKFull-Text 883-892
  Yukio Horiguchi; Ryoji Asakura; Tetsuo Sawaragi; Yutaka Tamai; Kazufumi Naito; Nobuki Hashiguchi; Hiroe Konishi
Case-Based Snow Clearance Directive Support System for Novice Directors BIBAKFull-Text 893-902
  Yoshinori Ikeda; Yoshio Nakatani
The Relationship Between Working Conditions and Musculoskeletal/Ergonomic Disorders in a Manufacturing Facility BIBAKFull-Text 903-909
  Dennis R. Jones
A Method for Generating Plans for Retail Store Improvements Using Text Mining and Conjoint Analysis BIBAKFull-Text 910-917
  Takumi Kaneko; Yuichiro Nakamura; Michiko Anse; Tsutomu Tabe; Yumiko Taguchi
Coping with Information Input Overload: User Interface Concepts for Industrial Process Control BIBAFull-Text 918-928
  Tobias Komischke; Luis E. Herrera
Impact of E-Commerce Environment on Selection of Sales Methods Considering Delivery Lead Time of Goods BIBAKFull-Text 929-938
  Etsuko Kusukawa; Shinji Masui; Ikuo Arizono
Development of an Illumination Control Method to Improve Office Productivity BIBAFull-Text 939-947
  Fumiaki Obayashi; Misa Kawauchi; Masaaki Terano; Kazuhiro Tomita; Yoko Hattori; Hiroshi Shimoda; Hirotake Ishii; Hidekazu Yoshikawa
The Inspiring Store: Decision Support System for Shopping Based on Individual Interests BIBAFull-Text 948-954
  Akihiro Ogino; Sae-ueng Somkiat; Toshikazu Kato
A More Comprehensive Approach to Enhancing Business Process Efficiency BIBAKFull-Text 955-964
  Seung-Hyun Rhee; Nam Wook Cho; Hyerim Bae
Development of Productivity Evaluation Method to Improve Office Environment BIBAFull-Text 965-972
  Hiroshi Shimoda; Kyoko Ito; Yoko Hattori; Hirotake Ishii; Hidekazu Yoshikawa; Fumiaki Obayashi; Masaaki Terano
Information on the Causal Relationship Between Store kaizen and Store Features That Attract Customers by Covariance Structural Analysis BIBAKFull-Text 973-982
  Yumiko Taguchi; Yasushi Akiyama; Tsutomu Tabe
Methodology for Constructing a Prototype Site for Finding Employment SPI Measures Using Mobile Phones BIBAKFull-Text 983-993
  Shinsuke Wakita; Michiko Anse; Tsutomu Tabe
Production Information Management Interface for Operators in Production Process BIBAKFull-Text 994-1003
  Tomonori Yuasa; Yoshihisa Aizu
A Workflow Based Management System for Virtual Teams in Production Networks BIBAFull-Text 1004-1009
  Bernhard Zimolong; Bjoern Krämer

Part VI: Environment, Transportation and Safety

Driver Support System: Spatial Cognitive Ability and Its Application to Human Navigation BIBAKFull-Text 1013-1019
  Kanako Ichikawa; Yoshio Nakatani
A Development of Supporting Systems for Disaster Victims in the Initial Stage of Serious Earthquakes BIBAKFull-Text 1020-1028
  Tamae Imafuku; Sakae Yamamoto
Web Services as a Solution for Maritime Port Information Interoperability BIBAKFull-Text 1029-1038
  Pedro T. Isaías; Fernanda Maria Duarte Macedo
Walk Navigation System Using Photographs for People with Dementia BIBAKFull-Text 1039-1049
  Hiroki Kaminoyama; Takashi Matsuo; Fumio Hattori; Kenji Susami; Noriaki Kuwahara; Shinji Abe
Rapid and Precise Mobile Data Processing for Fire Brigades and Rescue Services (SAFeR/GÜTER/SHARE) BIBAFull-Text 1050-1059
  Rainer Koch; Rüdiger Harnasch; Bo-Sik Lee; Jens Pottebaum
Health Risk Estimation of Dichlorobenzene Exposure Workers by Using Computer Models BIBAKFull-Text 1060-1066
  Pei-Shan Liu; Ren-Ming Yang; Yin-Mei Chiung; Chung-Yong Liu
Economic Assessment of Industrial Accidents Caused by Abnormal Behaviors BIBAKFull-Text 1067-1071
  Hunszu Liu
A Real-Time GPU-Based Wall Detection Algorithm for Mapping and Navigation in Indoor Environments BIBAFull-Text 1072-1077
  Hadi Moradi; Eun Kwon; Dae Neung Sohn; JungHyun Han
Development of Cooperative Building Controller for Energy Saving and Comfortable Environment BIBAKFull-Text 1078-1087
  Yoshifumi Murakami; Masaaki Terano; Fumiaki Obayashi; Mutuo Honma
Human-Centered Development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems BIBAKFull-Text 1088-1097
  Günther Nirschl
Disposition of Information Entities and Adequate Level of Information Presentation in an In-Car Augmented Reality Navigation System BIBAKFull-Text 1098-1108
  Kyung S. Park; Il Haeng Cho; Gi Beom Hong; Tek-Jin Nam; Jin-Yung Park; Seong Ik Cho; In-Hak Joo
Validation of Critical Parameters for Predictive Evaluation of Notification System in Avionics Interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 1109-1118
  Miguel A. Sánchez-Puebla; Ignacio Aedo; Paloma Díaz
Development of an Augmented Vision Video Panorama Human-Machine Interface for Remote Airport Tower Operation BIBAKFull-Text 1119-1128
  Markus Schmidt; Michael Rudolph; Bernd Werther; Christoph Möhlenbrink; Norbert Fürstenau
TDARS, a Fusion Based AR System for Machine Readable Travel Documents BIBAKFull-Text 1129-1138
  Yu Wu; Ling Xue; Chao Li; Zhang Xiong
AR-Navi: An In-Vehicle Navigation System Using Video-Based Augmented Reality Technology BIBAKFull-Text 1139-1147
  Yoshihisa Yamaguchi; Takashi Nakagawa; Kengo Akaho; Mitsushi Honda; Hirokazu Kato; Shogo Nishida
A Study on Analysis Support System of Energy and Environmental System for Sustainable Development Based on MFM and GIS BIBAKFull-Text 1148-1157
  Qi Zhang; Hidekazu Yoshikawa; Hirotake Ishii; Hiroshi Shimoda