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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 39th Annual Meeting 1995-10-09

  1. HFS 1995-10-09 Volume 1
    3. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Aviation Displays [Lecture]
    4. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Aviation Safety [Lecture]
    5. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: [Lecture]
    6. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Tools for Human Performance Enhancement in Aviation Maintenance [Symposium]
    7. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Automation and Workload [Lecture]
    9. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: The Benefits of Auditory Spatial Information in Visual Processing [Symposium]
    10. AGING: Age-Related Differences in Cognitive Functioning [Lecture]
    11. AGING: Evaluating Products for Usability by Older Consumers [Lecture]
    12. AGING: Driving and Retirement Activities [Lecture]
    13. COMMUNICATIONS: Designing for Dialing: Voice, Screens, and Phones [Lecture]
    15. COMMUNICATIONS: Look, Listen, and Touch Interfaces for Communicating [Lecture]
    16. COMMUNICATIONS: Human Factors Issues and the Internet II [Symposium]
    18. COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Expertise in Computer Systems [Lecture]
    19. COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Individual Differences and Strategies When Using Computers [Lecture]
    20. COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Real-World Issues for Computer Systems [Lecture]
    21. COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Human Factors Issues and the Internet I [Symposium]
    22. COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Human-Computer Interaction [Lecture]
    23. CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Design Guidelines and Measurement Tools in Product Design [Lecture]
    24. CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Children: Design Perspectives for a Small World [Lecture]
    25. CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Culture, Perception, and People in Product Design [Lecture]
    26. CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Product Information: Risk, Culture, and Warnings [Lecture]
    27. CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Ergonomic Design of Input Devices [Lecture]
    29. EDUCATORS' PROFESSIONAL: Tools and Techniques for Teaching Human Factors and Ergonomics [Lecture]
    31. ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN: Office Workstation Design: Micro to Macro [Lecture]
    33. FORENSICS PROFESSIONAL: Forensics Research in Consumer Preferences [Lecture]
    35. GENERAL SESSIONS: Debate
    37. GENERAL SESSIONS: Process Investigation, Fault and Error Diagnosis [Lecture]
    39. GENERAL SESSIONS: Potpourri [Lecture]
    40. GENERAL SESSIONS: Ecological Interface, Design, and Analysis Issues [Lecture]
    42. GENERAL SESSIONS: Cognitive Task Analysis: What Is It? Why Do It? [Symposium]
    43. GENERAL SESSIONS: Alternative Format
    45. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Hand and Wrist Analysis [Lecture]
    46. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Seated Workstations [Lecture]
    47. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Upper Extremity [Lecture]
    48. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Lifting Biomechanics [Lecture]
    49. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Keyboard Development and Analysis [Lecture]
    50. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Lifting and Carrying [Lecture]
    51. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Ergonomic Implementation [Lecture]
    53. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Psychophysics [Lecture]
    54. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Lifting and the NIOSH Guideline [Lecture]

HFS 1995-10-09 Volume 1


Human Factors: Designing for the Future BIB --
  William W. Banks
Human Factors Methods BIB --
  Alphonse Chapanis; John B. Shafer
Questionnaire Design and Use: A Primer for Practitioners BIB --
  William F. Moroney; Joyce A. Cameron
The Design and Development of Product Warning Systems BIB --
  Gerald M. Goldhaber; Gary M. Richetto
Driver Nighttime Visual Detection of Diffuse or Retroreflective Objects within the Context of Traffic Safety BIB --
  Helmut T. Zwahlen
Exposing and Imposing Cognitive Structure: Applications to Human Factors BIB --
  Nancy J. Cooke; Douglas J. Gillan
Using Computer Simulation in Human Factors -- Theory, Technology, and Sample Applications BIB --
  K. Ronald, Jr. Laughery; Catherine E. Drury
Designing Usable Interactive Voice Response Systems BIB --
  M. Elliott Familant; Robert M. Schumacher
Cost-Effective Trends in Usability Evaluations BIB --
  Arlene F. Aucella
A Primer on the Design of Experiments with Human Subjects BIB --
  Richard W. Pew
Lighting and Vision as Ergonomic Issues in the Workplace BIB --
  Jeffrey R. Anshel; Terry E. McShane
Graphic Design for Advanced User Interfaces BIB --
  Aaron Marcus
Prevention of Cumulative Trauma Disorders: Fundamental and Current Ergonomic Issues BIB --
  Karl H. E. Kroemer
Cognitive Task Analysis BIB --
  Gary A. Klein; George L. Kaempf
Preparing for BCPE Certification BIB --
  Paula Sind-Prunier
Integrated Cognitive/Behavioral Task Analysis in Real-Time Domains BIB --
  Wayne W. Zachary; Joan M. Ryder
Using the Internet as an Information Resource BIB --
  William H. Cushman


HFES: Historical Trends, Current Status, and Future Challenges BIB --
  F. Thomas Eggemeier

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Aviation Displays [Lecture]

A Comparison of Two Head-Up Display Formats Used to Fly Curved Instrument Approaches BIBA 1-5
  John M. Reising; Kristen K. Liggett; Thomas J. Solz; David C. Hartsock
Three-Dimensional Displays for Terrain and Weather Awareness in the National Airspace System BIBA 6-10
  Bradley Boyer; Margaret Campbell; Patricia May; David Merwin; Christopher D. Wickens
Navigation Display Integration in the General Aviation Environment: Performance using the Horizontal Situation Indicator BIBA 11-15
  Dennis B. Beringer; Howard C., Jr. Harris
Micro Saint Modeling of Visual Displays and Controls Consoles BIBA 16-19
  Sandra M. Eisenhut; Robert J. Beaton

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Aviation Safety [Lecture]

Releasing the Hook on the Copilot's Catch 22 BIBA 20-24
  Robert O. Besco
General Aviation Airplane Accidents Involving Spatial Disorientation BIBA 25-29
  Rudolf G. Mortimer
A 10-Year Overview of USAF F-16 Mishap Attributes in the USAF from 1980-89 BIBA 30-34
  Dwight A. Holland; James E. Freeman
The Effects of Positive Acceleration on Cognitive Performance: Big G -- Little Know BIBA 35-39
  Mark W. Scerbo


Evaluation of Computer-Based Progress Indicators in the Missile Launch Control Center BIBA 40-44
  Terence S. Andre; A. Reza Pouraghabagher
A Lighting and Visibility Evaluation of the Shuttle/Mir Docking Target BIBA 45-49
  Carlos E. Sampaio; Andrea H. Berman; Terence F. Fleming; Lynn A. Backemeyer
The Role of Visual Attention in Head-Up Displays: Design Implications for Varying Symbology Intensity BIBA 50-54
  Patricia A. May; Christopher D. Wickens
Vertical Auditory Localization for Spatial Orientation BIBA 55-59
  Mica R. Endsley; S. Armida Rosiles

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Tools for Human Performance Enhancement in Aviation Maintenance [Symposium]

Tools for Human Performance Enhancement in Aviation Maintenance BIBA 60
  William B. Johnson; Meghashyam Gopinath
Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance and Inspection: Research Responding to Safety Demands of Industry BIBA 61-65
  William T. Shepherd; William B. Johnson
Providing Useful Human Factors Guidance to Aviation Maintenance Practitioners BIBA 66-70
  Michael E. Maddox
The Electronic Human Factors Guide for Aviation Maintenance BIBA 71-74
  Julie A. Jones; T. Kiki Widjaja
Electronic Ergonomic Audit System for Maintenance and Inspection BIBA 75-78
  Gopinath Meghashyam

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Automation and Workload [Lecture]

"From Tool to Agent": The Evolution of (Cockpit) Automation and Its Impact on Human-Machine Coordination BIBA 79-83
  Nadine B. Sarter; David D. Woods
Human Factors Issues in Night Airborne Mine Countermeasures Operations BIBA 84-88
  John W. Ruffner; Richard E. Tullos; Richard C. Muldoon
Hardware and Human Factors Issues for Military Automatic Brightness Controls BIBA 89-93
  Jennie J. Gallimore; James R. McCracken; Janet M. Gerace
Prediction of Pilot Subjective Workload Ratings BIBA 94-97
  Anthony J. Aretz; Scott F. Shacklett; Phil L. Acquaro; Derek Miller


Free Flight: Human Factors Implications BIBA 98-102
  Daniel J. Garland; John A. Wise; David W. Abbott; V. David Hopkin; Russell A. Benel; Philip J. Smith

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: The Benefits of Auditory Spatial Information in Visual Processing [Symposium]

The Benefits of Auditory Spatial Information in Visual Processing BIBA 103
  Thomas Z. Strybel
Aurally Aided Detection and Identification of Visual Targets BIBA 104-108
  David R. Perrott; John Cisneros; Richard L. McKinley; William R. D'Angelo
Auditory Spatial Cueing in Visual Search Tasks: Effects of Amplitude, Contrast, and Duration BIBA 109-113
  Thomas Z. Strybel; Jan M. Boucher; Greg E. Fujawa; Craig S. Volp
Head-Up Auditory Display Research at NASA Ames Research Center BIBA 114-118
  Durand R. Begault
An Initial Study of the Effects of Three-Dimensional Auditory Cueing on Visual Target Detection BIBA 119-123
  Richard L. McKinley; William R. D'Angelo; Michael W. Haas; David R. Perrot; W. Todd Nelson; Lawrence J. Hettinger; Bart J. Brickman

AGING: Age-Related Differences in Cognitive Functioning [Lecture]

Age, Expertise, Structural Similarity, and Time-Sharing Efficiency BIBA 124-128
  Pamela S. Tsang; Tonya L. Shaner
Age Differences in Perception of Workload for a Computer Task BIBA 129-133
  Sara J. Czaja; Joseph Sharit; Sankaran N. Nair
Visual Search and the Older Adult: Not All is Lost BIBA 134-138
  Darryl G. Humphrey; Arthur F. Kramer; Donnelle R. Schneider
Effects of Aging on Working Memory and Workload BIBA 139-142
  Starr Lynn Fox; F. T. Eggemeier; David W. Biers

AGING: Evaluating Products for Usability by Older Consumers [Lecture]

Enhancing Label Readability for Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals by Elderly Consumers BIBA 143-147
  Michael S. Wogalter; David A. Dietrich
Accessible Remote Controls for Older Adults with Mildly Impaired Vision BIBA 148-152
  Juli J. Lin; Robert C. Williges; Douglas B. Beaudet
Training New Technology: Automatic Teller Machines and Older Adults BIBA 153-157
  Brian A. Jamieson; Elizabeth F. Cabrera; Sherry E. Mead; Gabriel K. Rousseau
Design of a Touch Screen Microwave Oven for Older Consumers BIBA 158-162
  Beth A. Loring

AGING: Driving and Retirement Activities [Lecture]

Distribution of Discretionary Time by Retired People BIBA 163-166
  John A. Modrick; Susan Meyers; Robert Papke
Dual-Task Assessment of Age Differences in Mental Workload with Implications for Driving BIBA 167-171
  Carryl L. Baldwin; Frank Schieber
The Relationship of Age and Cognitive Characteristics of Drivers to Performance of Driving Tasks on an Interactive Driving Simulator BIBA 172-176
  Jose H. Guerrier; P. Manivannan; Anna Pacheco; Frances L. Wilkie
Effects of Collision Warnings on Braking Response Time of Older and Younger Drivers BIB --
  Gayna Williams

COMMUNICATIONS: Designing for Dialing: Voice, Screens, and Phones [Lecture]

Design Locally, Validate Globally BIBA 177-181
  Erich Elkins; John E. Quinn
Designing Features for Display-Based Systems BIBA 182-186
  Pamela A. Savage; David R. Millen; Jeanne P. Bayerl
Iterative Design of a Voice Name Dialing Service BIBA 187-191
  Roger B. Garberg


Customers with Disabilities: The Ultimate Usability Challenge BIBA 192-193
  Jim Tobias; Marilyn Benoit; Ellen Francik; Susan Palmer

COMMUNICATIONS: Look, Listen, and Touch Interfaces for Communicating [Lecture]

The Minimal Remote: A Standard Input Device for Consumer Interactive TV BIBA 194-197
  Joel S. Angiolillo
On the Reproduction of Motion Parallax in Videocommunications BIBA 198-202
  Martin Bocker; Detlef Runde; Lothar Muhlbach
Automatic Speech Recognition Applications: A Study of Methods for Defining Command Vocabularies BIBA 203-207
  Roger B. Garberg
Do Human Factors Color Recommendations Have Any Practical Value? BIBA 208-212
  M. Elliott Familant; Mark C. Detweiler

COMMUNICATIONS: Human Factors Issues and the Internet II [Symposium]

Human Factors Issues and the Internet II BIBA 213-217
  Cathleen Wharton; Ray Eberts; Joel Angiolillo; Fred Brigham; Beth Givens; Lila Laux; David Neal; Michelle Owens
Electronic Commerce: Design of the AT&T Internet Toll-Free 800 Directory BIB --
  David Neal
Networked Learning Communities: US West's Multimedia Show and Tell Project BIB --
  Cathleen Wharton
Special User Populations BIB --
  Lila F. Laux
Internet Ethics: Privacy, Fair Information Practices, and the Internet BIB --
  Beth Givens


The Human Factors Involved in Designing an Online Reference System BIBA 218-222
  Robert M. Schumacher; Robert W. Root; Douglas R. Wieringa; Gavin S. Lew

COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Expertise in Computer Systems [Lecture]

Concurrent and Retrospective Verbal Protocols in Usability Testing: Is There Value Added in Collecting Both? BIBA 223-227
  Colleen Page; Mansour Rahimi
Expert Reviews: How Many Experts is Enough? BIBA 228-232
  Joseph Dumas; James Sorce; Robert Virzi
Using the Critiquing Approach to Cope with Brittle Expert Systems BIBA 233-237
  Stephanie Guerlain
Graphic Data Model Perception BIBA 238-242
  M. E. Crosby; J. C. Nordbotten

COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Individual Differences and Strategies When Using Computers [Lecture]

Cognitive Ability and Computing Experience Influence Interpretation of Computer Metaphors BIBA 243-247
  Douglas J. Gillan; Bruce S. Fogas; Suzanne Aberasturi; Shannon Richards
The Role of Individual Differences in Determining Interaction Strategies and Performance on Computer Based Tasks BIBA 248-252
  Jennifer A. Bohan; Rafael Marshall; Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; Astrid Schmidt-Nielsen
Extending the User Action Notation for Research in Individual Differences BIBA 253-257
  Derek Brock; Deborah Hix; Lynn, Jr. Dievendorf; J. Gregory Trafton
The Effects of Task and Multifunction Display Characteristics on Pilot Viewport Allocation Strategy BIBA 258-262
  Karen S. Seidler; Christopher D. Wickens

COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Real-World Issues for Computer Systems [Lecture]

Cost-Justifying Usability Engineering: A Real-World Example BIBA 263-267
  Michael E. Cope; Kevin C. Uliano
Lessons Learned in the Development of Mobile Electronic Performance Support Systems BIBA 268-272
  Charles F. Layton; Michael J. Christodoulou; Joseph T. Jackson; Jonathan L. Turner
A Comparison of Five User Interface Devices Designed for Point-of-Sale in the Retail Industry BIBA 273-277
  Karen S. Wilson; Michael Inderrieden; Steven Liu
Issues in the Design of Personal Office Support Systems BIBA 278-281
  Peter J. Thomas; Stephen R. Jones; David Y. Lees; John F. Meech

COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Human Factors Issues and the Internet I [Symposium]

Human Factors Issues and the Internet I BIB --
  Cathleen S. Wharton; Ray E. Eberts
Overview of the Internet: Users and Providers BIB --
  Michelle Owens
Video and Graphics: When is Less Media More Message? BIB --
  Joel S. Angiolillo
Human Factors Design Information via the Internet: Graphical Symbols and Icons BIB --
  Fred Brigham
Neural Net Agents for Intelligent Searching BIB --
  Ray E. Eberts

COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Human-Computer Interaction [Lecture]

Factors Affecting Remote Positioning Performance BIBA 282-286
  Shang H. Hsu; Chien C. Huang
Contextual Linking: Supporting Weak Models of Navigation in Information Exploration BIB --
  Sarah Zuberec; Mark H. Chignell
A Comparison of Graphical User Interface Widgets for Various Tasks BIBA 287-291
  Todd J. Johnsgard; Stanley R. Page; Robert D. Wilson; Ronald J. Zeno
Perceived Workload between the Keybowl and the QWERTY Keyboard BIBA 292-296
  Peter McAlindon; Gene C. Lee

CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Design Guidelines and Measurement Tools in Product Design [Lecture]

Measurement and Analysis of Pressure Distribution on the Bed BIBA 297-300
  Se Jin Park; Min Cheol Whang; Chang Bum Kim
Adding and Subtracting Percentiles -- How Bad Can It Be? BIBA 301-305
  John G. Kreifeldt; Keoun Nah
Single-Line Display Menu BIBA 306-310
  Sung H. Han; Jiyoung Kwahk

CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Children: Design Perspectives for a Small World [Lecture]

An Evaluation of the Fun Factor for the Microsoft EasyBall Mouse BIBA 311-315
  Edie Adams; Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders
Knowledge of Compatibility Rules among Children 2 to 13 Years of Age BIBA 316-320
  L. P. A. Steenbekkers
Adult Notions of Adults' and Children's Perceptions of Consumer Product Risk BIBA 321-325
  Amy J. Hammond

CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Culture, Perception, and People in Product Design [Lecture]

Living Room Culture -- An Anthropological Study of Television Usage Behaviors BIBA 326-330
  Robert J. Logan; Sheila Augaitis; Robert H. Miller; Keith Wehmeyer
Participatory Design Shapes Future of Telephone Handsets BIBA 331-335
  William R., Jr. Dolan; Michael E. Wiklund; Robert J. Logan; Sheila Augaitis
Perceived Differences in Running and Walking Shoes BIBA 336-340
  Ravindra S. Goonetilleke; Michael T. Cann
ColorTool: An Information Tool for Cross-Cultural Design BIBA 341-345
  Surya Vanka; David Klein

CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Product Information: Risk, Culture, and Warnings [Lecture]

Adding Consequence Information to Product Instructions: Changes in Hazard Perceptions BIBA 346-350
  Curt C. Braun; Stephanie A. Glusker; Ronda S. Holt; N. Clayton Silver
Hazard Level Perceptions of Current and Proposed Warning Sign and Label Panels BIBA 351-355
  Michael J. Kalsher; Michael S. Wogalter; Blair M. Brewster; Marilyn E. Spunar
Decision Making Processes in Risky and Nonrisky Consumer Product Selection BIBA 356-360
  Cassie B. Barlow; Amy J. Hammond

CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Ergonomic Design of Input Devices [Lecture]

User Preferences between Keyboards While Performing "Real" Work: A Comparison of "Alternative" and Standard Keyboards BIBA 361-365
  Donald L. Morelli; Peter W. Johnson; Cheryl R. Reddell; Patricia Lau
Wrist Postures While Typing on a Standard and Split Keyboard BIBA 366-368
  M. Honan; E. Serina; R. Tal; D. Rempel
Design Criteria of an Ergonomic Mouse Computer Input Device BIBA 369-373
  Richard Pekelney; Robin Chu
Manipulation of Pushbuttons and Round Rotary Controls BIBA 374-378
  H. Kanis; L. W. van Hees


Preparing for the Human Factors/Ergonomics Job Market BIBA 379-383
  Ronald G. Shapiro; Megan L. Brown; Maxwell Fogleman; Joseph H. Goldberg; Richard E. Granda; Joseph P., II Hale; Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders

EDUCATORS' PROFESSIONAL: Tools and Techniques for Teaching Human Factors and Ergonomics [Lecture]

An Undergraduate Human Factors Workbook BIBA 384-388
  Jacqueline Reynolds Mozrall; Jasper E. Shealy
Introducing Human-Centered Design Early in the Engineering Curriculum BIBA 389-393
  Joel S. Greenstein
Performing the System Design Process: An Intelligent Way to Learn BIBA 394-398
  Russell J. Sojourner; Wesley A. Olson; Gary L. Serfoss
Using Simulations in Teaching Human Factors: Bridging the Gap between the Academic World and the World of Work BIBA 399-403
  William F. Moroney; Joyce A. Cameron


Undergraduate Human Factors Education: Could it be Utilized and Marketed Better? BIBA 404-408
  Nancy J. Stone; Mark W. Smolensky; William F. Moroney; Daryle Jean Gardner-Bonneau; Earl S. Stein

ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN: Office Workstation Design: Micro to Macro [Lecture]

An Estimation of Lumbar Height and Depth for the Design of Seating BIBA 409-411
  William R. Dowell
Analysis and Design Recommendations for Workstations: A Case Study in an Insurance Company BIBA 412-416
  William J. Cohen; Craig A. James; Alvaro D. Taveira; Ben-Tzion Karsh; Julie Scholz; Michael J. Smith
Enhancing User Control of VDT Work Environments: Training as the Vehicle BIBA 417-421
  Michelle M. Robertson; Marie Robinson
Effects of Office Layout and Sit-Stand Adjustable Furniture: A Field Study BIBA 422-426
  Rajendra D. Paul


Concepts for Designing a Building BIBA 427-429
  Daniel McCrobie; Marie Robinson; Michael J. O'Neill; Stephen C. Boelter; Alan Hedge; Simonetta A. Rodriguez

FORENSICS PROFESSIONAL: Forensics Research in Consumer Preferences [Lecture]

On Making Legal Documents Understandable: Objective and Subjective Measures BIBA 430-434
  Julie E. Howe; Michael S. Wogalter
Allocation of Responsibility for Product Safety BIBA 435-439
  Kenneth R., Sr. Laughery; David R. Lovvoll; Michael S. Wogalter
Signal Words: Perceived Carefulness by the Developmentally Disabled BIBA 440-444
  N. Clayton Silver; Kenneth Tubilleja; Rozana Ferrante


Professional Conduct for Ergonomic Experts in Forensics -- II BIBA 445-447
  Leighton L. Smith; Thomas A. Dingus; Hal W. Hendrick; Waldemar Karwowski; Dieter W. Jahns; Richard J. Hornick


"Smart Automation Enhances Safety": A Motion for Debate BIBA 448-449
  Harold P. Van Cott; Earl Weiner; Christopher Wickens; Harold Blackman; Thomas Sheridan


Future Directions in Cognitive Engineering and Naturalistic Decision Making BIBA 450-453
  Mica R. Endsley; Gary Klein; David D. Woods; Philip J. Smith; Stephen J. Selcon

GENERAL SESSIONS: Process Investigation, Fault and Error Diagnosis [Lecture]

Patterns of Errors Shown by Experienced Navy Combat Information Center Teams BIBA 454-458
  Susan G. Hutchins; Daniel P. Westra
Diagnosis of Multiple Faults in Systems: Effects of Fault Difficulty, Expectancy, and Prior Exposure BIBA 459-463
  Penelope M. Sanderson; Dal Vernon C. Reising; Marc J. Augustiniak
Mapping the Domain of Electronic Repair Shops: A Field Study in Fault Diagnosis BIBA 464-468
  Dal Vernon C. Reising; Penelope M. Sanderson
Decision Making in Dynamic Environments: Fixation Errors and Their Causes BIBA 469-473
  Y. Xiao; C. F. Mackenzie


Naturalistic Decision Making: A Domain-Integrated Overview BIB 474-477
  Kathleen L. Mosier; Judith Orasanu; David M. Gaba; Emilie M. Roth; George N. Brander

GENERAL SESSIONS: Potpourri [Lecture]

Human Factors -- The Early Years BIBA 478-480
  David Meister
Designing User Models in a Virtual CAVE Environment BIBA 481-485
  Alenka Brown-VanHoozer; Randy Hudson; Nihar Gokhale
Usability and Learning in Educational Virtual Realities BIBA 486-490
  Marilyn C. Salzman; Chris Dede; R. Bowen Loftin
Human Performance Analysis of Industrial Radiography Radiation Exposure Events BIBA 491-495
  Wendy J. Reece; Susan G. Hill

GENERAL SESSIONS: Ecological Interface, Design, and Analysis Issues [Lecture]

Ecological Interface Design and Fault Management Performance: Long-Term Effects BIBA 496-500
  Klaus Christoffersen; Christopher N. Hunter; Kim J. Vicente
Ecological Design for a Network Scheduling Interface BIBA 501-505
  Carl Edlund; Sam Hume; Michael Lewis
Emergency (911) Dispatcher Decision Making: Ecological Display Development BIBA 506-510
  R. Jay Shively
MacSHAPA: Software Support for Exploratory Sequential Data Analysis BIBA 511-515
  Penelope M. Sanderson


State of the Art and Current Activities in Human Modelling Technology BIBA 516-518
  Narinder Nayar; Norm Badler; Robert Carrier; Don Chaffin; Yili Liu; Jerry Duncan; Cynthia Nelson; Louise Obergefell; Barry Smith; John Roebuck

GENERAL SESSIONS: Cognitive Task Analysis: What Is It? Why Do It? [Symposium]

Cognitive Task Analysis: What Is It? Why Do It? BIBA 519
  Kim J. Vicente; Emilie M. Roth; Gary A. Klein; Sallie E. Gordon
Using Cognitive Task Analysis to Define Human Interface Requirements for First-of-a-Kind Systems BIBA 520-524
  Emilie M. Roth; Randall J. Mumaw
Cognitive Task Analysis Using Complementary Elicitation Methods BIBA 525-529
  Sallie E. Gordon
The Value Added by Cognitive Task Analysis BIBA 530-533
  Gary Klein
Task Analysis, Cognitive Task Analysis, Cognitive Work Analysis: What's the Difference? BIBA 534-537
  Kim J. Vicente

GENERAL SESSIONS: Alternative Format

President's Forum: Using the Real World as a Metaphor in User Interface Design BIB --
  Deborah A. Boehm-Davis


Human Factors in Agile Manufacturing BIBA 538-542
  Chris Forsythe; Waldemar Karwowski; Marietta Baba; Eric N. Wiebe; Saadi Lahlou; M. Rodema Ashby

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Hand and Wrist Analysis [Lecture]

The Effects of Gender, Wrist, and Forearm Position on Maximum Isometric Power Grasp Force, Wrist Force, and Their Interactions BIBA 543-547
  Kerith K. Zellers; M. Susan Hallbeck
A Mechanical Model of Hand Force in Power Hand Tool Operation BIBA 548-552
  Robert G. Radwin; Seoungyeon Oh; Frank J. Fronzcak
Analysis of Hand Tool Grips BIBA 553-557
  Myung Hwan Yun; Andris Freivalds
Practical Application of a Biaxial Goniometer to the Wrist Joint BIBA 558-562
  Bryan Buchholz; Helen Wellman

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Seated Workstations [Lecture]

Effect of Sit-Stand Schedule on Spinal Shrinkage in VDT Operators BIBAK 563-567
  Rajendra D. Paul; Martin G. Helander
Foot Swelling in VDT Operators with Sitting and Sit-Stand Workstations BIBA 568-572
  Rajendra D. Paul
An Ergonomic Approach to Modifying Microscope Design for Increased Comfort: A Case Study BIBA 573-577
  Tamara M. James
Office Ergonomics Training Effectiveness BIBA 578-581
  Gary Niekerk

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Upper Extremity [Lecture]

The Effects of Latex Examination Gloves on Hand Function: A Pilot Study BIBA 582-585
  Benny J. Moore; Sudheer R. Solipuram; Michael W. Riley
Ergonomic Glove: Design and Evaluation BIBA 586-590
  A. Muralidhar; R. R. Bishu; M. S. Hallbeck
Reporting of Cumulative Trauma Disorders of the Upper Extremities May be Leveling Off in the United States BIBA 591-594
  George Erich Brogmus
Quantitative Biomechanical Analysis of Wrist Motion in Bone-Trimming Jobs in the Red-Meat Packing Industry BIBA 595-599
  John F. Monroe; Richard W. Marklin

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Lifting Biomechanics [Lecture]

A Biomechanical Assessment of Axial Twisting Exertions BIBA 600-604
  Kevin P. Granata; William S. Marras
The Effect of a Commercially Available Support Belt on Torso Posture, Lift Strength, and Spinal Compression BIBA 605-609
  Brian Randall Sherman; Jeffrey C. Woldstad
Selective Activation of the External Obliques during Twisting BIBA 610-614
  Dan Kelaher; Gary Mirka; Ann Baker; Angela Harrison; Joe Davis
Predicted Muscular Activity for Varying Inputs to Optimization-Based Biomechanical Trunk Models BIBA 615-619
  Mark L. McMulkin

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Keyboard Development and Analysis [Lecture]

Activity of Index Finger Muscles during Typing BIBA 620-624
  Carolyn M. Sommerich; William S. Marras; Mohamad Parnianpour
Wrist Posture during Computer Mouse Usage BIBA 625-629
  Elizabeth A. Damann; Karl H. E. Kroemer
Healthy Keyboarding: Effects of Wrist Rests, Keyboard Trays, and a Preset Tiltdown System on Wrist Posture, Seated Posture, and Musculoskeletal Discomfort BIBA 630-634
  Alan Hedge; Daniel McCrobie; Bruce Land; Singe Morimoto; Simonetta Rodriguez
A Comparative Analysis of Typing Errors between the Keybowl and the QWERTY Keyboard BIBA 635-639
  Peter McAlindon; Kay Stanney; N. Clayton Silver

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Lifting and Carrying [Lecture]

Maximum Acceptable Load for Lifting and Carrying in Two-Person Teams BIBA 640-644
  Marilyn A. Sharp; Valerie J. Rice; Bradley C. Nindl; Robert P. Mello
Prediction of Two-Person Team Lifting Capacity BIBA 645-649
  Valerie J. Rice; Marilyn A. Sharp; Bradley C. Nindl; Randall K. Bills
The Effects of Lifting Frequency on the Dynamics of Lifting BIBA 650-654
  Gary A. Mirka; Daniel P. Kelaher
Stability Limits in Extreme Postures: Effects of Load Positioning and Foot Placement BIBA 655-659
  M. A. Holbein; D. B. Chaffin

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Ergonomic Implementation [Lecture]

Ergonomics Applied to Product and Process Design Achieves Immediate, Measurable Cost Savings BIBA 660-663
  Andrew J. Marcotte; Sheri Marvin; Troy Lagemann
Ergonomic Evaluation of the General Purpose Workstation on a Space Mission BIBA 664-668
  Mihriban Whitmore; Frances E. Mount
The Design and Installation of an Ergonomic Workstation for a Packing Operation: A Case Study BIBA 669-672
  Kelly Eckbreth McVey
Estimating the Anthropometry of International Populations Using the Scaling Ratio Method BIBA 673-677
  Marc Resnick


The Philosophy of Ergonomics Standards BIBA 678
  Brian Peacock; Gary Orr; Don Chaffin; Tom Leamon; Rob Radwin

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Psychophysics [Lecture]

The Generalizability of Psychophysical Ratings in Predicting the Perception of Lifting Difficulty BIBA 679-683
  Marc L. Resnick
A Biomechanical-Psychophysical Model of the Lifting Task BIBA 684-688
  Lisa J. Garrison; Jen-Gwo Chen
Generation of Isocomfort Working Area Based on Psychophysical Evaluation BIBA 689-693
  Eui S. Jung; Sungjoon Park; Sung H. Han
Psychophysical Measures at Exertion: Are They Muscle-Group Dependent? BIBA 694-698
  Anpin "Max" Chin; Ram R. Bishu; Susan Hallbeck

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Lifting and the NIOSH Guideline [Lecture]

Simulation of the 1991 Revised NIOSH Manual Lifting Equation BIBA 699-703
  Waldemar Karwowski; Paul Gaddie
Comparison of the Prediction Models for the L5/S1 Compressive Forces under Varying Asymmetric Lifting Conditions BIBA 704-708
  Min K. Chung; Dohyung Kee; Sang H. Kim
A Biomechanical Investigation of the Asymmetric Multiplier in the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation BIBA 709-713
  Maury A. Nussbaum; Don B. Chaffin; George B. Page
Assessment of Validity of Applying the Revised NIOSH Weight Limit of Lifts to Korean Young, Male Population: Psychophysical Approach BIBA 714-717
  Kwan S. Lee; Hee S. Park