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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 38th Annual Meeting 1994-10-24

  1. HFS 1994-10-24 Volume 2
    1. MEDICAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION: User-Centered Design in Medicine/Productivity and Ergonomics in Rehabilitation [Lecture]
    4. ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT: Community Ergonomics: A Theoretical Model for Rebuilding the Inner City [Symposium]
    5. ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT: Potpourri: A Diversity of ODAM Interests [Lecture]
    6. ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT: Macroergonomic Concepts and Tools [Lecture]
    7. PERSONALITY AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN HUMAN PERFORMANCE: Personality and Individual Differences in Human Performance [Lecture]
    8. SAFETY: Safety Potpourri [Lecture]
    9. SAFETY: Product Label Design and Consumer Behavior [Lecture]
    10. SAFETY: Panel
    11. SAFETY: Arnold M. Small Lecture in Safety [Symposium]
    12. SAFETY: Visual Information Processing and Driver Performance [Lecture]
    13. SAFETY: Human Factors Issues in the Maritime Industry [Symposium]
    14. SAFETY: Safety Potpourri II [Lecture]
    15. SAFETY: Perception and Understanding of Highway Signs [Lecture]
    16. SAFETY: Decision Making in Technical Environments [Symposium]
    17. SPECIAL SESSIONS: Alternative Format
    18. SPECIAL SESSIONS: Demonstrations
    19. SPECIAL SESSIONS: Posters
    20. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Development Activity at the System Level [Lecture]
    21. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Steps in the System Development Process [Lecture]
    22. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Tools in the System Development Process [Lecture]
    24. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Developing Human Factors Guidelines for Intelligent Vehicle/Highway Systems: Third Progress Report [Symposium]
    26. TEST AND EVALUATION: Test and Evaluation Methodology [Lecture]
    27. TEST AND EVALUATION: Test and Evaluation of Product Design [Lecture]
    28. TEST AND EVALUATION: Test and Evaluation Involving Higher-Order Functions [Lecture]
    29. TEST AND EVALUATION: Test and Evaluation of Performance-Shaping Functions [Lecture]
    30. TRAINING: Panel
    31. TRAINING: Training on the Technological Frontier [Lecture]
    32. TRAINING: Insights into Learning and Interaction [Lecture]
    33. TRAINING: Investigating the Unique Contribution of Feedback in Teams: Implications For Training [Symposium]
    34. TRAINING: Computers in the Training of Complex Tasks [Symposium]
    35. TRAINING: Data-Based Training Studies [Lecture]
    36. VISUAL PERFORMANCE: Visual Search Performance [Lecture]
    37. VISUAL PERFORMANCE: Matching Visual Displays to Information-Processing Capabilities [Lecture]
    38. VISUAL PERFORMANCE: Stereoscopic Display [Lecture]
    40. VISUAL PERFORMANCE: Vigilance, Memory, and Mental Workload [Lecture]
    41. VISUAL PERFORMANCE: Interpreting Graphic Displays [Lecture]

HFS 1994-10-24 Volume 2

MEDICAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION: User-Centered Design in Medicine/Productivity and Ergonomics in Rehabilitation [Lecture]

Improving Ultrasound Systems by User-Centered Design BIBA 705-709
  Arlene F. Aucella; Thomas Kirkham; Susan Barnhart; Lawrence Murphy; Kris LaConte
Users as Designers: How People Cope with Poor HCI Design in Computer-Based Medical Devices BIBA 710-714
  Jodi Heintz Obradovich; David D. Woods
Integrating Ergonomics into the Rehabilitation Process: A Multidisciplinary Approach for Successful Return-to-Work BIBA 715-718
  Elizabeth A. Mayne; Julie M. Sawyer
An Investigation of the Relationship of Disability and Productivity of Visually Impaired Worker BIB --
  Jacob Jen-Gwo Chen; Lawrence J. H. Schulze; Min-Der Ko; Aziz U. Huq


Risks, Incidents, and Errors in Medicine BIB --
  Marilyn Sue Bogner; Dennis I. Serig; Denise C. R. Benel; Colin F. MacKenzie; Steven K. Howard


The IEA and Ergonomics Internationally BIBA 719-723
  Hal W. Hendrick; Andrew Imada; Waldemar Karwowski; Ogden, Jr. Brown; Ian Noy

ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT: Community Ergonomics: A Theoretical Model for Rebuilding the Inner City [Symposium]

Community Ergonomics: A Theoretical Model for Rebuilding the Inner City BIBA 724-728
  Michael J. Smith; Pascale Carayon; John Smith; William Cohen; Jerry Upton
Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities BIB --
  A Albert Gore (Invited)
Crusade to Emancipate American Inner Cities BIB --
  Reggie White
Community Ergonomics: An Emerging Theory and Engineering Practice BIBA 729-733
  John H. Smith; Michael J. Smith
Community Ergonomics: Past Approaches and Future Prospects Toward America's Urban Crisis BIBA 734-738
  William J. Cohen; John H. Smith
Community Ergonomics: Data Collection Methods and Analysis of Human Characteristics BIBA 739-743
  Leah Newman; Pascale Carayon
Community Ergonomics: A Conceptual Model and a Pilot Test in Knoxville, Tennessee BIB --
  Jerry Upton; Lauren Tullock; Michael J. Smith
Future Directions in Community Redevelopment BIB --
  A Henry Cisneros (Invited)

ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT: Potpourri: A Diversity of ODAM Interests [Lecture]

Response Surface Analysis of Effects of Situation Constraints on Communications Media Choice in Organizations BIBA 744-748
  Barrett S. Caldwell; Shiaw-Tsyr Uang
Long-Term Evaluation of a Compressed, Rapidly Rotating Work Schedule BIBA 749-753
  Michael J. Paley; Leslie Beth Herbert; Donald I. Tepas
Self-Management of Rest Breaks by VDT Users BIBA 754-758
  Robert A. Henning; Anna M. Ortega; Eric A. Callaghan; George V. Kissel
Developing a Better Design Process: Redesigning the Organization to Produce More Ergonomic Designs BIBA 759-763
  Christopher A. Dockery; Thomas Neuman

ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT: Macroergonomic Concepts and Tools [Lecture]

High-Involvement Ergonomics: A New Approach to Participation BIBA 764-768
  Ogden, Jr. Brown
Quantitative Approaches to Team Communication and Performance: A Harmony of Systems Analysis Tools BIBA 769-773
  Barrett S. Caldwell
Macroergonomics in the Context of Vendor-Customer Technology Transfer BIBA 774-778
  Wayne Fisher
Reengineering a Large Technology-Based Organization BIBA 779-783
  Heidi Ann Hahn; Richard P. Bastian; Pamela R. French

PERSONALITY AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN HUMAN PERFORMANCE: Personality and Individual Differences in Human Performance [Lecture]

Human Factors Issues for Resolving Adverse Effects of Human Work Underload and Workload Transitions in Advanced Transportation Systems BIBA 784-788
  Thomas G. Ryan
Designing an Intelligent Tutoring System Interface to Account for Personality Differences BIBA 789-792
  Pauline K. Cushman
Technology, Teacher Style, and Classroom BIBA 793-795
  Anita Ambardar
Is Motion Sickness Hereditary? BIBA 796-800
  Thomas M. Yanus; Frederick V. Malmstrom

SAFETY: Safety Potpourri [Lecture]

Intelligibility of Synthesized Voice Messages in Commercial Truck Cab Noise for Normal-Hearing and Hearing-Impaired Listeners BIBA 801-805
  H. Boyd Morrison; John G. Casali
Analysis of Accident Data and Fatal Risk for Occupational Use of Extension Ladders BIBA 806-810
  Christine T. Wood; Roger L. McCarthy; Jeya Padmanaban; Roman R. Beyer
The Time Delay to Start Evacuating upon Hearing a Fire Alarm BIBA 811-815
  Guylene Proulx
Ergonomic Analysis of Extension Ladders BIBA 816-820
  Roman R. Beyer; Roger L. McCarthy; Christine T. Wood

SAFETY: Product Label Design and Consumer Behavior [Lecture]

Type Form Variables: Differences in Perceived Readability and Perceived Hazardousness BIBA 821-825
  N. Clayton Silver; Paul B. Kline; Curt C. Braun
Behavioral Compliance with Warnings: Effects of Stress and Placement BIBA 826-830
  Amy Barlow Magurno; Michael S. Wogalter
The Interaction of Signal Word and Color on Warning Labels: Differences in Perceived Hazard BIBA 831-835
  Curt C. Braun; Lori Sansing; N. Clayton Silver
Enhancing Comprehension and Retention of Safety-Related Pictorials BIBA 836-840
  John W. Brelsford; Michael S. Wogalter; James A. Scoggins


The Proposed OSHA Standard Related to Ergonomics BIBA 841
  David J. Cochran; Barbara A. Silverstein; Deborah Berkowitz; Gregory A. Worrell; Thomas J. Albin; William S. Marras; Thomas J. Armstrong; Todd R. Brown

SAFETY: Arnold M. Small Lecture in Safety [Symposium]

Arnold M. Small Lecture in Safety BIB --
  Jerry R. Duncan; R. Todd Brown
Design of Jobs for Control of Cumulative Trauma Disorders of the Upper Limbs BIB --
  Thomas J. Armstrong

SAFETY: Visual Information Processing and Driver Performance [Lecture]

Age and Driver Time Requirements at Intersections BIBA 842-846
  Neil Lerner
Scaling of Relative Velocity between Vehicles BIBA 847-851
  Errol R. Hoffmann; Rudolf G. Mortimer
Novice and Experienced Drivers' Looking Behavior and Primary Task Control while Doing a Secondary Task BIBA 852-856
  Tapio Nieminen; Heikki Summala
Driver- and Situation-Specific Effects on Assistance Systems for Speed and Distance Control BIBA 857-861
  Gunther Nirschl; Ralf Eck

SAFETY: Human Factors Issues in the Maritime Industry [Symposium]

Human Factors Issues in the Maritime Industry BIBA 862
  Susan G. Hill; Anita M. Rothblum
Gathering and Recording Human-Related Causal Data in Marine and Other Accident Investigations BIBA 863-867
  Susan G. Hill; James C. Byers; Anita M. Rothblum; Richard L. Booth
Mariner Performance Using Automated Navigation Systems BIBA 868-872
  Robin A. Akerstrom-Hoffman; Myriam Witkin Smith
An Evaluation of a Coast Guard "Live-Aboard" Concept: Can Crews Adapt to a Restricted Living and Operational Environment? BIBA 873-877
  Antonio B. Carvalhais; Donald I. Tepas; Michael J. Paley
Identifying Clumsy Automation at the Macro Level: Development of a Tool to Estimate Ship Staffing Requirements BIBA 878-882
  John D. Lee; Jennifer Morgan

SAFETY: Safety Potpourri II [Lecture]

Cognitive Strategies and Their Transformations as a Factor of Control Systems Safety in Emergencies BIBA 883-887
  Valery F. Venda; R. Duane Shelton; A. A. Spikov; Cory Jessau; S. A. Chachko
Components of Perceived Risk: A Reconciliation of Previous Findings BIBA 888-892
  Stephen L. Young; Kenneth R. Laughery
Escape Worthiness of Vehicles with Passive Belt Restraint Systems BIBA 893-897
  Edmundo Rodarte; Jerry L. Purswell; Robert Schlegel; Richard F. Krenek
Oh! Say, Can You Hear that Train Coming to the Crossing? BIBA 898-902
  Rudolf G. Mortimer

SAFETY: Perception and Understanding of Highway Signs [Lecture]

Simulator Evaluation of Road Signs and Signals BIBA 903-906
  R. Wade Allen; Zareh Parseghian; Theodore J. Rosenthal
Determining Legibility Distance for Highway Signs: Is the Within-Subjects Variability Being Overlooked? BIBA 907-911
  Frances A. Greene; Rodger J. Koppa; Ronald D. Zellner; Jerome J. Congleton
Using the "Blur Tolerance" Technique to Predict and Optimize the Legibility Distance of Symbol Highway Signs BIBA 912-915
  Frank Schieber
The Effect of Related and Unrelated Memory Loads on the Prerecognition Visual Processing of Traffic Signs BIBA 916-919
  Lloyd L. Avant; Alice A. Thieman; Michael W. O'Boyle

SAFETY: Decision Making in Technical Environments [Symposium]

Decision Making in Technical Environments BIBA 920-921
  Barry Strauch
The Organizational Context for Decision Making in High-Hazard Industries BIBA 922-925
  John S. Carroll
Quick Decisions in Two Diverse Settings BIBA 926-930
  Joseph P. Balkey
Developing Effective Flight Crew Decision Makers BIBA 931-934
  Elizabeth A. Lyall
Temporal Factors in Aviation Decision Making BIBA 935-939
  Judith Orasanu; Barry Strauch

SPECIAL SESSIONS: Alternative Format

Games for Explaining Human Factors: Come and Participate BIB --
  Ronald G. Shapiro; Megan L. Brown; Jody L. S. Wilson; Royce M. White; Mark J. Sugg; Roxann Adams

SPECIAL SESSIONS: Demonstrations

A Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool (CBAT) for the Management of User Interface Design and Evaluation Tasks BIBA 940
  Charles Bowen
Demonstration of Power: Performance and Objective Workload Evaluation Research BIBA 941
  Mark D. Rodgers; Carol A. Manning; Charles S. Kerr
Test Planning, Analysis and Evaluation System (Test PAES): A Process and Tool to Evaluate Cockpit Design during Flight Test BIBA 942
  Scott L. Smith; Bradley Purvis; Stu Turner
Cog-C: A Tool for Estimating Cognitive Complexity and the Need for Cognitive Task Analysis BIBA 943
  Michael J. DeVries; Sallie E. Gordon
Workload Assessment Monitor (WAM) BIBA 944
  Glenn F. Wilson
An Improved Version of the Multi-Attribute Task Battery (MATB) and Data Reduction Program (MATPROC) BIBA 945
  Scott H. Mills; Kirby Gilliland
Distributed and Dangerous Training Challenges BIBA 946
  Franklin L. Moses
Introducing ACT (Activity Catalog Tool): A Software Instrument for Task and Behavioral Analyses BIB --
  Anthony D. Andre; Leon D. Segal
RadView: A Preliminary Approach to Visualizing Occupational Radiation BIBA 947
  Douglas G. Hoecker; Timothy M. Lloyd; Harry Plantinga
Computer-Aided Systems Human Engineering: Performance Visualization System (CASHE:PVS) An Interactive, Hypermedia Design Tool BIBA 948
  Donald L. Monk
TravTek Driver Interface and Camera Car Data Collection Capabilities BIBA 949
  Rebecca N. Fleischman; Thomas A. Dingus


Integrating Human Factors and Occupational Medicine: A Comprehensive Ergonomic Program BIBA 950
  Laurie Wolf
How Do People Answer Questions about the Inner Workings of Machines after Studying Illustrated Texts? BIBA 950
  William B. Baggett; Arthur C. Graesser
Providing Team Feedback for Existing Training Events BIBA 951
  Maureen L. Bergondy; Jennifer E. Fowlkes
Training versus Intuition: A Study of the Effects of Training on the Use of Ergonomic Chairs BIBA 951
  Sharon Broome; Lesia L. Crumpton
Are Stereoscopic Displays Beneficial in Virtual Environments? BIBA 952
  Jennifer A. Ehrlich; Michael J. Singer
The Use of Instructional Systems Design and Performance Analysis to Design and Evaluate Office Ergonomics Training BIBA 952
  Richard W. Goggins; Michelle M. Robertson
Training Implications of Differential Elaboration in Learning to Troubleshoot Devices BIBA 953
  Christopher R. Hale
The Effects of Physical Distribution of Team Members on Team Cohesiveness and Performance BIBA 953
  Carolyn M. Inzana; Ruth P. Willis; Steven J. Kass
The Relationship among Eye Movements, Head Movements, and Manual Responses in a Simulated Air Traffic Control Task BIBA 954
  Donna J. Boyer; John A. Stern
The Effects of Delayed Sensory Feedback on Object Recognition Performance: Uncoupling Perception and Action BIBA 954
  Bart J. Brickman; John M. Flach
Fitts' Law and the "Force" of Newton: A Match Made in Physics BIBA 955
  Mark A. Guisinger; John M. Flach; Amy B. Robison
The Role of Action in Perception BIBA 955
  A. B. Robison; R. J. B. Hutton; J. M. Flach
Distortions in Memory for Line Graphs BIBA 956
  H. Scott Kinslow; Andrea M. Lonon; C. Melody Carswell
Design Characteristics for Foveal and Peripheral Tasks in Multi-Task Visual Displays BIBA 956
  Virginia A. Lang; Michael Keith; Andrew Kavie
Modeling Vibrotactile Sensation: Using Factors Commonly Associated with CTS BIBA 957
  Lesia L. Crumpton; Jerome J. Congleton
OSHA Ergonomic Regulations: Expected Costs and Anticipated Actions by Industry BIBA 957
  Joseph R. Davis
The Effect of Hand Posture on Force Exertions during Sewing Task BIBA 958
  Adrienne Drohomirecky; Kentaro Kotani
An Electromyographic Study of Maximum Torques and Upper Extremity Muscle Activity in Simulated Screwdriver Tasks BIBA 958
  Daniel J. Habes; Katharyn A. Grant
Vision Screeners: A Comparative Evaluation for Display Screen Users BIBA 959
  T. Horberry; A. Gale
The Role of the Keyboard Design in Performance, Musculoskeletal Discomfort, and Fatigue BIBA 959
  Christopher S. Pan; Naomi G. Swanson; Traci L. Galinsky; Libby L. Steward
A Case Study of Factors Influencing the Rejection of Scissor Lifts for Box Palletizing BIBA 960
  Carol Stuart-Buttle
Jigs and Fixtures: Design Review Guidelines for the Ergonomics Engineer BIBA 960
  Maryanne Townes
Optimal Grip Force Work/Rest Patterns Developed from a Model to Predict Localized Muscle Fatigue during Maximal and Submaximal Work BIBA 961
  David D. Wood; Donald L. Fisher; Robert O. Andres
Preliminary FAA Human Factors Design Standard for Airway Facilities (HFDS-AF) BIBA 961
  Joseph A. Birt
The Effects of Speech Intelligibility in a Simulated Industrial Process Control Task BIBA 962
  David G. Payne; Darrin M. Conant
Understanding the Visual Impact of VDT Viewing BIBA 962
  Cosmo Salibello; Jon Torrey
The "Purple Haze" of Nonsignificant Results BIBA 963
  Rebecca W. Miller; Keith M. Rettig; Mark W. Scerbo
Visual-Task Performance Can Benefit from Secondary-Task Demands BIBA 963
  David A. Washburn; R. Thompson Putney
Task Re-Categorization for Reducing the Attentional Demands in the Cockpit BIBA 964
  Daniel P. McDonald; Richard D. Gilson
Designing a Better Weapon System with a Human-in-the-Loop Simulator BIBA 964
  Laura Schmid; JoAnna Weyer
A Preliminary Study of Aircraft Accidents and Incidents Attributed to Complacency BIB --
  Jennifer J. Vardaman; Stephen J. H. Veronneau; Bruce C. Wilcox
Development of a Form Fill-In Package: A First Step Towards a Paperless Environment for Graduate Program Administration BIBA 965
  Sameer Bhagwat; Tushar Phondge; Anand Gramopadhye; Joel Greenstein
The Effect of Static and Dynamic Whole-Hand Gestures on the Perception of Grasped-Size in a Virtual Environment BIBA 965
  J. K. Caird; P. A. Hancock
Correlates of Route Traversal Performance in a Virtual Environment BIBA 966
  John P. Gildea; John H. Bailey
Difficulties in Detecting a Missing Target BIBA 966
  William Elliot Inman
Incorporating Task Complexity into Hierarchical Menu Design BIBA 967
  Julie A. Jacko; Gavriel Salvendy
Effects of Discrepant Information on Decision Making BIBA 967
  Tonya M. Beers; Gregory M. Corso
Reversal of the Cry-Wolf Effect: An Investigation of Two Methods to Increase Alarm Response Rates BIBA 968
  James P. Bliss; Mariea D. Washington; Bryan S. Fuller
An Investigation of Work-Schedule Factors in Mainline Human-Factors-Caused Train Accidents BIB --
  R. Todd Brown; Douglas Scheffler
A Fuzzy Model of Vehicular Guidance BIBA 968
  Robert C. Hale; Nong Ye
Color Coding of Aircraft Emergency Exit Lighting: Stereotypes among Subjects from Four Language Groups BIBA 969
  Florian G. Jentsch
Promoting Safety Behaviors through Stories, Simulations, and Reflection BIBA 969
  Kevin C. Moore; Henry P. Cole; Robert H. McKnight; Larry R. Piercy
Nighttime Curvature Perception of Drivers as a Function of the Number of Curve Delineation Devices BIBA 970
  Helmut T. Zwahlen
Designing a Graphical User Interface for Business Telephone Users BIBA 970
  Pamela A. Savage
Effects of Telecommunication Media on Interpersonal Self-Disclosure and Deceptive Behaviors BIBA 971
  A. Rodney Wellens; Eva Szeli; Marci Gittes
Tactile Path Information in User Interface Navigation BIBA 971
  D. V. Keyson
The Effect of Type of Instruction and Help Systems on Learning the Macintosh Operating System BIBA 972
  John K. Muller; Mark A. Wise; Jennifer L. Dyck
On-Line Methods and Procedures in a Client/Server Environment: A Success Story BIBA 972
  Kenneth R. Ohnemus; Diana F. Mallin
Perception of Alert Messages for Computer Displays BIBA 973
  Dick Steinberg; Ruth C. B. Goulet; Kacheshwar Pathak
Sauk Prairie Memorial Hospital: POE -- Way-Finding Evaluation, Design, and Implementation BIBA 973
  Stephen C. Boelter
Comprehension and Compliance to Elevator Service Signs BIBA 974
  John W. Brelsford; Michael S. Wogalter; Paul B. Begley; Lori F. Scancorelli; Jay H. Williams; Stephanie A. Terry
A Measure of Subjective Perceptions of Stress: A Validation and Reliability Study BIBA 974
  Leslie Beth Herbert; Michael J. Paley; Kristen M. Haggis; Donald I. Tepas
Work Design, Smoking Behavior, and the Productivity and Well-Being of VDT Operators: The Results of a Field Study BIBA 975
  George V. Kissel; Robert A. Henning
Software Use and Disuse: From Shelfware to Improved Software Utilization BIBA 975
  Laura Silver; Irwin Marin
Taking a Byte Out of Crime BIBA 976
  Cathrine E. Snyder; Victoria K. Turley; Michele Terranova; Monty Grubb
Individual Differences in Graph Appreciation: Are Preference and Performance Related? BIBA 976
  Andrea M. Lonon; H. Scott Kinslow; C. Melody Carswell
Individual Differences in Pilots' Perception of Simulated Night Vision Goggle Scene Imagery and Superimposed Flight Symbology BIBA 977
  D. Michael McAnulty; David B. Hamilton; Dennis K. Leedom
The Relationship of Psychomotor Skill to Perceived Proficiency on a Self-Reported Biographical Inventory BIBA 977
  T. Nontasak; D. R., Jr. Street
Development and Evaluation of Automobile Symbols: The Focus Group Approach BIBA 978
  Scott A. Macbeth; William F. Moroney
Effect of Task Difficulty on Fault Diagnosis Strategy BIBA 978
  Anpin Chin; Ram R. Bishu
Decision-Making Performance and Decision Aid Usage under Controllable and Uncontrollable Stress BIBA 979
  Robert D. Peters; Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; Joanne B. Fertig
Human Factor Criteria and Metrics Applied to Bioverification Technologies BIB --
  Christine L. Rainey; Sheila K. Humphreys; Len Natkin
Increasing the Correct Connection of Automobile Battery Jumper Cables with an Enhanced Warning BIBA 979
  Michael S. Wogalter; Michael J. Kalsher; Barbara L. Glover; Amy B. Magurno; Jake T. Fisher; Daniel L. Dunham
Postural Stability and its Relation to Simulator Sickness BIBA 980
  Eugenia M. Kolasinski; Sherrie A. Jones; Robert S. Kennedy; Richard D. Gilson
Object Recognition, Size Estimation, and Distance Estimation in Real-World and Virtual Environments BIBA 980
  Donald R. Lampton; James P. Bliss; Bruce W. Knerr
An Assessment of Training Methods for Complex Mechanical Assembly Skills BIBA 981
  Peter J. Linnerooth; Phillip N. Goernert; Daniel Houlihan; Wayne C. Harris; Samuel J. Dollar; Renden S. Bruner
Computer-Based Interactive Courseware: A Medium for Team Training? BIBA 981
  Randall L. Oser
Shared Mental Models for Team Performance: An Anatomy BIBA 982
  J. Thomas Roth
Identification of Standardized Tasks for the Assessment of Operator Workload BIBA 982
  N. Clayton Silver; Curt C. Braun; Robert S. Kennedy
Development of "Presence" Measures for Virtual Environments BIBA 983
  Michael J. Singer; Bob G. Witmer; John H. Bailey
Improving Questions on Questionnaires BIBA 983
  Sailaja Balijepalli; Arthur C. Graesser; Shane Swamer
Construction and Validation of a Musculoskeletal Risk Questionnaire BIBA 984
  Libby Cole; Roger Rosa
A Mobile Reconfigurable Crewstation -- MRCS BIBA 984
  R. J. Edwards; D. F. Streets
Differences in Inference Generation between Young and Older Adults BIBA 985
  Eugenie L. Bertus; Arthur C. Graesser
Age Differences in Memory and Metamemory in a Lateral Orientation Task BIBA 985
  Regina C. Colonia-Willner; Anderson D. Smith
Comparison of Older and Younger Driver Responses to Emergency Driving Events BIBA 986
  Esther Kloeppel; Robert D. Peters; Christina James; Jean E. Fox; Elizabeth Alicandri
Postural Disequilibrium Following Adaptation to Virtual Environments: Concern for Post Simulator Activity BIBA 986
  Kevin S. Berbaum; Robert S. Kennedy; Curt C. Braun
Human-Systems Integration Standards Development Facility: Human Factoring NASA's Human Factors Document BIBA 987
  Cletis R. Booher; Jacquie Minton
TAV-8B Flight Test Results for the Demonstration of an Airborne 3D Audio Cuer BIBA 987
  Marion P. Kibbe; Daniel J. Francis
Automation and Accountability in a Low-Fidelity Flight Task BIBA 988
  Susan T. Heers; Christopher A. Marchioro; Kathleen L. Mosier; Linda J. Skitka
Visual-Motion Cueing in Altitude and Yaw Control BIBA 988
  Walter W. Johnson; Jeffery A. Schroeder
Using Discrete Event and Air Traffic Control Simulations in Teaching Human Factors in System Development: Part 1 -- Syllabus BIBA 989
  W. F. Moroney; J. A. Cameron
Using Discrete Event and Air Traffic Control Simulations in Teaching Human Factors in System Development: Part 2 -- The Student's Experience BIBA 989
  J. A. Cameron; K. D. Packingham; M. J. McCloskey; J. J. Jordan; S. Krsacok; T. M. Brothers; W. J. Rankin; W. M. Sorgenfrei
The Relationship between Interest and Learning in an Introductory Human Factors Course BIBA 990
  Marc Resnick
Challenges of Operationally Testing a Test and Evaluation Tool BIBA 990
  Valerie Gawron; Scott Smith; Thomas Joseph; Aric Turner; Brad Purvis
Adrenergic Stress and Performance on a Command and Control Task BIBA 991
  Karl F. Van Orden; Sandra L. Benoit; Glenn A. Osga
Reliability of the Nerve Conduction Monitor in Repeated Measures of Median and Ulnar Nerve Latencies BIBA 991
  I. Washington; M. Shih; S. Burastero; P. Tittiranonda
A New Technique for Early User Evaluation of Entertainment Product Interfaces BIBA 992
  J. H. D. M. Westerink; P. J. Rankin; G. M. M. Majoor; P. S. Moore

SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Development Activity at the System Level [Lecture]

The Russian Approach to Task Analysis and Ergonomics Design BIBA 993-997
  Gregory Bedny; David Meister
Beyond the Bounds of the Human Factors Tool Kit: Computer-Human Interface Design in a Complex System BIBA 998-1002
  Douglas L. Miller; G. Jonathan Wolfman; R. Timothy Mullins; Colin Crehan
What We Do with Human Factors Data and Theory: A Flight Deck Design Philosophy for the High-Speed Civil Transport Aircraft BIBA 1003-1007
  K. Michael Dresel; David D. T. Pepitone
Evaluation of Complex Human-Machine Systems Using HFE Guidelines BIBA 1008-1012
  John M. O'Hara

SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Steps in the System Development Process [Lecture]

Operator Role Definition: An Initial Step in the Human Factors Engineering Design of the Advanced Neutron Source (ANS) BIBA 1013-1017
  H. E. Knee; P. F. Spelt; M. M. Houser; W. E. Hill
Network Analysis as a Technique to Guide the Task Analysis of ATIS/CVO BIBA 1018-1022
  John D. Lee; Mireille Raby
Estimating Cognitive Complexity and the Need for Cognitive Task Analysis BIBA 1023-1027
  Michael J. DeVries; Sallie E. Gordon
An Integrative Bargaining Paradigm for Investigating Multidisciplinary Design Trade-Offs BIBA 1028-1032
  Clifford E. Brown; Jonathan A. Selvaraj; Brian S. Zaff; Michael D. McNeese; Randall D. Whitaker

SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Tools in the System Development Process [Lecture]

Using a Distributed Interactive Simulation Environment to Investigate Machine Interface and Training Requirements BIBA 1033-1037
  Beverly J. Winsch; Nancy K. Atwood; Kathleen A. Quinkert
Automated Data Analysis BIBA 1038-1042
  Edward M. Connelly
Usability Tools and Ease of Use: Technological Misfits? BIBA 1043-1047
  Timothy J. Pavlick; Denise Benel; Richard Horst; Susan Eaton; Steven Gregory
Operator-Centered Control of a Semi-Autonomous Industrial Telerobot BIBA 1048-1051
  Philip F. Spelt; Sammy L. Jones


Human Factors Certification of Systems BIBA 1052-1056
  John A. Wise; V. David Hopkin; Paul Stager; Kelly Harwood

SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Developing Human Factors Guidelines for Intelligent Vehicle/Highway Systems: Third Progress Report [Symposium]

Developing Human Factors Guidelines for Intelligent Vehicle/Highway Systems: Third Progress Report BIB --
  Barry H. Kantowitz; Thomas J. Triggs
Predicting Driver Behavior Using Advanced Traveler Information Systems BIBA 1057-1061
  William A. Wheeler; John D. Lee; Mireille Raby; Rhonda A. Kinghorn; Alvah C., Jr. Bittner; Marvin C. McCallum
Driver Acceptance of Unreliable Route Guidance Information BIBA 1062-1066
  Richard J. Hanowski; Susan C. Kantowitz; Barry H. Kantowitz
Identification of Desired System Features in an Advanced Traveler Information System BIBA 1067-1071
  Rhonda A. Kinghorn; Alvah C., Jr. Bittner; Barry H. Kantowitz
The Effects of Sensory Modality and Information Priority on In-Vehicle Signing and Information Systems BIBA 1072-1076
  Michael A. Mollenhauer; Jaesik Lee; Ken Cho; Melissa C. Hulse; Thomas A. Dingus


T&E: Where are We Now and Where are We Going? BIBA 1077-1079
  David Meister; Thomas P. Enderwick; Alvah C., Jr. Bittner; James C. Geddie; William F. Moroney; Frederick A. Muckler

TEST AND EVALUATION: Test and Evaluation Methodology [Lecture]

The Critical Incident Technique: Forty Years Later BIBA 1080-1084
  Lawrence G. Shattuck; David D. Woods
Test and Evaluation in a Field Environment: Lessons Learned from a Successful Program of Research BIB --
  Michelle R. Sams; Richard E. Christ
Strategy-to-Task: Human Factors Operational Test and Evaluation at the Task-Level BIBA 1085-1089
  Terence S. Andre; Samuel G. Charlton
Understanding Perceived Image Quality: New Applications for Verbal Protocol Methodology BIBA 1090-1093
  Gerhard P. Deffner; Mashiho Yuasa

TEST AND EVALUATION: Test and Evaluation of Product Design [Lecture]

Quantitative Evaluation of Four Computer Keyboards: Wrist Posture and Typing Performance BIBA 1094-1098
  C. Chen; S. Burastero; P. Tittiranonda; K. Hollerbach; M. Shih; R. Denhoy
An Experimental Field Test of Automotive Headway Maintenance/Collision Warning Visual Displays BIBA 1099-1103
  Daniel V. McGehee; Thomas A. Dingus; Avraham D. Horowitz
Signal Word and Color Specifications for Product Warnings: An Isoperformance Application BIBA 1104-1108
  Curt C. Braun; Lori Sansing; Robert S. Kennedy; N. Clayton Silver
Evaluation of Half-Mask Gas Collection for Metabolic Measurement in the Workplace BIBA 1109-1112
  Richard S. Farley; Phillip A. Bishop; Paul Ray

TEST AND EVALUATION: Test and Evaluation Involving Higher-Order Functions [Lecture]

Information Categorization for BMD Command and Control BIBA 1113-1117
  Beverly G. Knapp; Bruce G. Coury; Annette R. Ensing; Scott L. Godfrey
Driver Performance Results from the TravTek IVHS Camera Car Evaluation Study BIBA 1118-1122
  Thomas A. Dingus; Melissa C. Hulse; Daniel V. McGehee; Raj Manakkal; Rebecca N. Fleischman
Test and Evaluation of Knowledge Transfer between Task Domains BIBA 1123-1127
  Nong Ye; Donald J. Brinkman
Ecological Validity in Laboratory Based Usability Evaluations BIBA 1128-1130
  Patrick W. Jordan; D. Bruce Thomas

TEST AND EVALUATION: Test and Evaluation of Performance-Shaping Functions [Lecture]

Software Usability Testing: Do User Self-Consciousness and the Laboratory Environment Make Any Difference? BIBA 1131-1134
  Richard T. Barker; David W. Biers
Modeling Operational Criteria for Evaluating Speech Communication BIBA 1135-1139
  Leslie A. Whitaker; Leslie J. Peters
Behavioral Control Characteristics of Performance under Feedback Delay BIBA 1140-1144
  Christopher M. Keran; Thomas J. Smith; Eric J. Koehler; Peter K. Mathison
Workload Context Effect: An Elusive Phenomenon BIBA 1145-1149
  Douglas S. Fischer; William F. Moroney; David W. Biers


Improved Training Methods: Research to Applications BIBA 1150-1153
  Franklin L. Moses; Ed Salas; Janis A. Cannon-Bowers; Ray S. Perez; E. M. Roth; R. J. Mumaw; Angelo Mirabella; Marvin S. Cohen; Gary Klein

TRAINING: Training on the Technological Frontier [Lecture]

Side Effects and Aftereffects of Immersion in Virtual Environments BIBA 1154-1157
  Donald R. Lampton; Eugenia M. Kolasinski; Bruce W. Knerr; James P. Bliss; John H. Bailey; Bob G. Witmer
Learning and Transfer of Spatial Knowledge in a Virtual Environment BIBA 1158-1162
  John H. Bailey; Bob G. Witmer
Fidelity and Interactivity in Navigational Training: A Comparison of Three Methods BIBA 1163-1167
  Henry P. Williams; Christopher D. Wickens; Scott Hutchinson
Training with Images: Real and Representational BIBA 1168-1172
  Sandra S. Bailey

TRAINING: Insights into Learning and Interaction [Lecture]

Training to Reduce the Disruptive Effects of Interruptions BIBA 1173-1177
  Stephen M. Hess; Mark C. Detweiler
Training Perceptual-Rule Based Skills BIBA 1178-1182
  Neff Walker; Arthur D. Fisk; Donita Phipps; Alex Kirlik
Perceptual Learning Modules in Flight Training BIBA 1183-1187
  Philip J. Kellman; Mary K. Kaiser
Learning Complex Visual Stimuli: Effects of Spaced Presentation and Rehearsal on Aircraft Recognition BIBA 1188-1192
  Stephen W. Jarrard; Michael S. Wogalter

TRAINING: Investigating the Unique Contribution of Feedback in Teams: Implications For Training [Symposium]

Investigating the Unique Contribution of Feedback in Teams: Implications For Training BIBA 1193-1194
  Renei J. Stout
Feedback and Team Training: Exploring the Issues BIBA 1195-1199
  Elizabeth L. Blickensderfer; Janis A. Cannon-Bowers; Eduardo Salas
Toward Optimizing the Impact of Developmental Feedback in Team Training Simulations BIBA 1200-1203
  Kimberly A. Smith
Trade-Offs in a Team Tracking Task as a Function of Performance Feedback BIBA 1204-1208
  Florian G. Jentsch; Guillermo Navarro; Clint A. Bowers
Team Skill Acquisition: Team and Individual Performance Effects of Feedback BIBA 1209-1213
  Jeanne L. Weaver; Julie M. Urban; Nalini Maniam; Clint A. Bowers

TRAINING: Computers in the Training of Complex Tasks [Symposium]

Computers in the Training of Complex Tasks BIBA 1214
  Barry P. Goettl; Kevin B. Kline; J. Wesley Regian
Massed versus Distributed Practice in Complex Skill Acquisition BIBA 1215-1219
  Wayne L. Shebilske; Kip Corrington; Jeffrey A. Jordan
Contextual Interference Effects on Acquisition and Transfer of a Complex Motor Task BIBA 1220-1224
  Barry P. Goettl
The Type and Timing of Feedback within an Intelligent Console-Operations Tutor BIBA 1225-1228
  John D. Farquhar; J. Wesley Regian
The Effects of Training on Cognitive Capacity Demands for Synthetic Speech BIBA 1229-1233
  Catherine Connolly Gomez; Wayle Shebilske; J. Wesley Regian

TRAINING: Data-Based Training Studies [Lecture]

The Effects of Workload and Uncertainty on Team Development BIBA 1234-1237
  Julie M. Urban; Clint A. Bowers; Ben B., Jr. Morgan; Nalini Maniam
Using the Backward Transfer Paradigm to Validate the AH-64 Simulator Training Research Advanced Testbed for Aviation BIBA 1238-1241
  John E., II Stewart
Evaluating a Maintenance Crew Resource Management Training Program: Effects on Attitudes, Behaviors, and Performance BIBA 1242-1246
  Michelle M. Robertson; James C. Taylor; John W. Stelly; Robert Wagner
Development of a Real-Time Simulation with Intelligent Tutoring Capabilities BIBA 1247-1251
  Sallie E. Gordon; Bettina A. Babbitt; Herbert H. Bell; H. Barbara Sorensen

VISUAL PERFORMANCE: Visual Search Performance [Lecture]

The Effects of Back Angle on Target Detection BIBA 1252-1255
  R. J. Edwards; D. F. Streets; G. Bond
Effects of Symbol Type, Selection Tool, and Information Density on Tactical Display Visual Search Performance BIBA 1256-1260
  William A. Nugent
Visual Lobe and Visual Search Performance BIBA 1261-1265
  Anand K. Gramopadhye; Rakesh Sreenivasan
The Influence of Stimulus Dimensions and Training on Visual Search Performance BIBA 1266-1270
  Mary P. Czerwinski; Evan M. Feldman; Edward Cutrell

VISUAL PERFORMANCE: Matching Visual Displays to Information-Processing Capabilities [Lecture]

Effects of Perceptual Augmentation of Visual Displays: Dissociation of Performance and Situational Awareness BIBA 1271-1274
  R. Jay Shively; Allen D. Goodman
The Basis for the Perception and Control of Altitude: Splay & Depression Angle Components of Optical Flow BIBA 1275-1279
  Sheila A. Garness; John M. Flach; Terry Stanard; Rik Warren
Operator Performance in Pattern Matching as a Function of Reference Material Structure BIBA 1280-1284
  Marion P. Kibbe; Jan Stiff
Operator Reliance on Automated Support for Target Recognition BIBA 1285-1289
  Jean MacMillan; Eileen B. Entin; Daniel Serfaty

VISUAL PERFORMANCE: Stereoscopic Display [Lecture]

A Human Factors Simulation Tool for Stereoscopic Displays BIBA 1290-1294
  William F. Reinhart; Charles J. C. Lloyd
Visualization of CAD Objects Using a Stereoscopic Display BIBA 1295-1299
  Michael E. Brown; Jennie J. Gallimore
Distance Perception of Stereoscopically Presented Virtual Objects Optically Superimposed on Physical Objects by a Head-Mounted See-Through Display BIBA 1300-1304
  Stephen R. Ellis; Urs J. Bucher
Relevant Cues for the Visual Perception of Depth: Is Where You See It Where It Is? BIBA 1305-1309
  R. Troy Surdick; Elizabeth T. Davis; Robert A. King; Gregory M. Corso; Alexander Shapiro; Larry Hodges; Kelly Elliot


Integrating Human and Machine Vision: Lessons from Automated Target Recognition Systems BIBA 1310-1311
  Jean MacMillan; Curtis Becker; Marion Kibbe; Barbara O'Kane

VISUAL PERFORMANCE: Vigilance, Memory, and Mental Workload [Lecture]

Vigilance: How to Do It and Who Should Do It BIBA 1312-1316
  David A. Sawin; Mark W. Scerbo
Dynamic Memory: Keeping Track of Continually Changing Information BIBA 1317-1321
  Michael Venturino; Nathan J. Romano; Sheryl L. Miller; Megan Murphy; Tara M. Coffey
EEG and Subjective Measures of Private Pilot Workload BIBA 1322-1325
  Glenn F. Wilson; Thomas Hankins
Physiological and Subjective Workload Changes during a Simulated Air Traffic Control Task BIB --
  Jeffrey B. Brookins; Glenn R. Wilson

VISUAL PERFORMANCE: Interpreting Graphic Displays [Lecture]

Evaluation of Alternative Methods of Representing Three-Dimensional Objects on Computer Displays BIBA 1326-1330
  Eric N. Wiebe
A Comparison of Sequential and Spatial Displays in a Complex Monitoring Task BIBA 1331-1335
  Christopher M. Konrad; Arthur F. Kramer; Stephen E. Watson
The Effects of Display Layout on Monitoring and Updating System States BIBA 1336-1340
  Stephen M. Hess; Mark C. Detweiler; R. Darin Ellis
Animated Mimic Displays BIBA 1341
  Kevin B. Bennett