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Proceedings of the Human Factors Society 34th Annual Meeting 1990-10-08

Fullname:Proceedings of the Human Factors Society 34th Annual Meeting
Note:Countdown to the 21st Century
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:1990-Oct-08 to 1990-Oct-12
Standard No:ISSN 0163-5182; TA 166 H794; hcibib: HFS90-1
Links:Online Proceedings
  1. HFS 1990-10-08 Volume 1
    1. Aerospace Systems: Displays and Controls
    2. Aerospace Systems: Panel
    3. Aerospace Systems: Situational Awareness
    4. Aerospace Systems: Decision Aids and Performance
    5. Aerospace Systems: Workload I
    6. Aerospace Systems: Panel
    7. Aerospace Systems: Displays, Maps, and Color Coding
    8. Aerospace Systems: Workload II
    9. Aerospace Systems: Human Factors of Teleoperation in Space
    10. Aging: Aging and Everyday Activities
    11. Aging: Age-Related Slowing of Performance
    12. Aging: Aging Potpourri
    13. Communications: The Design of Communication Systems I: The Use of Voice
    14. Communications: The Design of Communication Systems II: Keypads and Icons
    15. Communications: Panel
    16. Communications: The Design of Communication Systems III: Teaching and Training
    17. Computer Systems: Modeling
    18. Computer Systems: Panel
    19. Computer Systems: Interface Design Issues
    20. Computer Systems: Prototyping/Usability
    21. Computer Systems: Panel
    22. Computer Systems: Knowledge Acquisition/Expert Systems
    23. Computer Systems: Quantifying Interface Design
    24. Computer Systems: Analyzing, Designing, Developing, and Evaluating Adaptive Systems
    25. Computer Systems: Interfacing with the User
    26. Computer Systems: Input Devices
    27. Computer Systems: Panel
    28. Computer Systems: Human-Computer Interaction
    29. Computer Systems: Head Movement, Gestures, and Speech Input
    30. Computer Systems: Information Presentation
    31. Consumer Products: Design Methods and Guidelines
    32. Consumer Products: Basic Design: Controls and Displays
    33. Consumer Products: Human Factors in Consumer Products
    34. Consumer Products: Panel
    35. Consumer Products: Symbols
    36. Consumer Products: Warnings!
    37. Educators' Professional: Panel
    38. Educators' Professional: Methods and Evaluation of Human Factors Instruction
    39. Environmental Design: Environmental Design Interventions
    40. Environmental Design: Invited Address
    41. Environmental Design: Noise, Doors, Spaces, and Floors
    42. Forensics Professional: Warnings and Automobile Safety
    43. General Sessions: Panel
    44. General Sessions: Potpourri
    45. General Sessions: Panel
    46. General Sessions: Human Factors in Automotive and Transportation Applications
    47. General Sessions: Methods and Techniques Potpourri
    48. General Sessions: Panel
    49. General Sessions: Potpourri II
    50. Industrial Ergonomics: Lower Back Biomechanics
    51. Industrial Ergonomics: Manual Material Handling I
    52. Industrial Ergonomics: Case Studies in Ergonomics
    53. Industrial Ergonomics: Industrial Ergonomics Potpourri
    54. Industrial Ergonomics: Workstation Design
    55. Industrial Ergonomics: Manual Material Handling II
    56. Industrial Ergonomics: Human Force Exertion
    57. Industrial Ergonomics: CTS and Hand-Wrist Biomechanics

HFS 1990-10-08 Volume 1

Aerospace Systems: Displays and Controls

Eye and Head Response as Indicators of Attention Cue Effectiveness BIBA 1-5
  Gloria L. Calhoun; William P. Janson
Evaluation of a Directional Audio Display Synthesizer BIBA 6-10
  German Valencia; Jeffrey R. Agnew
Icons vs. Alphanumerics in Pilot-Vehicle Interfaces BIBA 11-15
  Monica J. Camacho; Bruce A. Steiner; Barry L. Berson
The Relative Effectiveness of Three Visual Depth Cues in a Dynamic Air Situation Display BIBA 16-20
  Kim M. Mazur; John M. Reising

Aerospace Systems: Panel

Situational Awareness in the Advanced Commercial Aircraft Cockpit BIB- 21-25
  Nadine B. Sarter; David D. Woods; Rolf J. Braune; Everett Palmer; William H. Rogers; Christopher D. Wickens; Kelly Harwood; Anthony Andre; Anthony Aretz; Earl L. Wiener; Elmar Boje

Aerospace Systems: Situational Awareness

Cognitive Quality and Situational Awareness with Advanced Aircraft Attitude Displays BIB- 26-30
  R. M. Taylor; S. J. Selcon
An Evaluation of the Augie Arrow HUD Symbology as an Aid to Recovery from Unusual Attitudes BIB- 31-35
  John E. Deaton; Michael Barnes; Jonathan Kern; Douglas Wright
The Use of 3-D Stereo Display of Tactical Information BIBA 36-40
  Bruce A. Steiner; Diane A. Dotson
Predictive Utility of an Objective Measure of Situation Awareness BIB- 41-45
  Mica R. Endsley

Aerospace Systems: Decision Aids and Performance

Decision Support in the Cockpit: Probably a Good Thing? BIB- 46-50
  Stephen J. Selcon
When is a Naval Outer Air Battle Like a Nuclear Power Plant? BIB- 51-55
  William F. Stubler
Targeting Decisions Using Multiple Imaging Sensors: Operator Performance and Calibration BIB- 56-60
  Scott A. Weisgerber; Marion P. Kibbe
The Effects of Scene Complexity on Judgements of Aimpoint During Final Approach BIB- 61-65
  Woodrow Barfield; Craig Rosenberg

Aerospace Systems: Workload I

TASKILLAN II: Pilot Strategies for Workload Management BIB- 66-70
  Leon D. Segal; Christopher D. Wickens
Planning and Scheduling in Flight Workload Management BIB- 71-75
  Mireille Raby; Christopher D. Wickens
Mental Models, Mental Workload, and Instrument Scanning in Flight BIB- 76-80
  Donald E. Hameluck
An Initial Test of a Normative Figure of Merit for the Quality of Overall Task Performance BIB- 81-85
  Moira LeMay; J. Raymond, Jr. Comstock

Aerospace Systems: Panel

Pilot-Vehicle Interface -- Advanced Concepts BIB 86-88
  Carol Lynn Judge; John Hammer; Robert M. Yadrick; Andrew A. Hollenbeck; Guy E. Clayton; Victor Riley; Everett Palmer; T. S. Abbott; Ronald L. Small

Aerospace Systems: Displays, Maps, and Color Coding

Map Display Design BIBA 89-93
  Anthony J. Aretz
Airborne Early Warning and Color-Coding BIBA 94-98
  G. L. Ricard
Color Coding and Size Enhancements of Switch Symbol Critical Features BIBA 99-103
  Kristen K. Barthelemy; Kim M. Mazur; John M. Reising

Aerospace Systems: Workload II

A Secondary Analysis Comparing Subjective Workload Assessments with U.S. Army Aircrew Training Manual Ratings of Pilot Performance BIB- 104-108
  John E., II Stewart; Ronald J. Lofaro
Classification of Flight Segment Using Pilot and WSO Physiological Data BIB- 109-111
  Glenn F. Wilson; Frank Fisher
A Validation of SWAT as a Measure of Workload Induced by Changes in Operator Capacity BIB- 112-115
  Jonathan M. Hankey; Thomas A. Dingus

Aerospace Systems: Human Factors of Teleoperation in Space

Human Factors of Teleoperation in Space BIB 116-120
  Thomas J. Smith; Mark A. Stuart
Hand Controller Commonality Evaluation Process BIB- 121-125
  Mark A. Stuart; Dean G. Jensen; John M. Bierschwale; Robert P. Wilmington; Susan C. Adam; Manuel F. Diaz
Flight Telerobotic Servicer: Teleoperations in Microgravity BIB 126
  Spencer C. Thomason; John P. Yorchak
Fitts' Task by Teleoperator: Movement Time, Velocity, and Acceleration BIB- 127-131
  John V. Draper; Stephen Handel; Christopher C. Hood

Aging: Aging and Everyday Activities

Influence of Age on the Ability to Hear Telephone Ringers of Different Spectral Content BIBA 132-136
  J. P. Berkowitz; S. P. Casali
Small Rotary Controls: Limitations for People with Arthritis BIB- 137-140
  Stephen Metz; Brian Isle; Sandra Denno; Wang Li
Perception of Safety Hazards across the Adult Life Span BIB- 141-145
  David B. D. Smith; James R. Watzke
Computer Communication among Older Adults BIBA 146-148
  Sara J. Czaja; M. Cherie Clark; Ruth A. Weber; Daniel Nachbar

Aging: Age-Related Slowing of Performance

Causes and Correlates of Age-Related Cognitive Slowing: Effects of Task Loading and CNS Arousal BIB- 149-153
  Michael T. Cann
Age-Related Slowing, S-R Compatibility, and Stages of Information Processing BIB- 154-157
  Virginia Diggles-Buckles; Max Vercruyssen
Age and the Elderly Internal Clock: Further Evidence for a Fundamentally Slowed CNS BIB- 158-162
  Michael T. Cann; Max Vercruyssen; P. A. Hancock
Longitudinal Analysis of Age-Related Slowing: BLSA Reaction Time Data BIB- 163-167
  James L. Fozard; Max Vercruyssen; Sara L. Reynolds; P. A. Hancock

Aging: Aging Potpourri

Older Adults Sometimes Benefit from Environmental Support: Evidence from Reading Distorted Text BIB- 168-172
  Raymond J. Shaw
Identifying the Learning Capabilities of Older Adults: Associative and Priority Learning BIB- 173-177
  Wendy A. Rogers; Arthur D. Fisk; Leonard M. Giambra; Edwin H. Rosenberg
Predictors of Alternative Scheduling: Age, Level, & Tenure BIB- 178-181
  Thomas M. Franz
Age Differences in the Adjustment to Shiftwork BIB- 182-185
  Christopher M. Keran; James C. Duchon

Communications: The Design of Communication Systems I: The Use of Voice

Effects of Speech Intelligibility among Bradley Fighting Vehicle Crew Members: SIMNET Performance and Subjective Workload BIBA 186-188
  Leslie A. Whitaker; Leslie Peters; Georges Garinther
The Effects of Familiarization on the Comprehension of Synthetic Speech in Telephone Communication BIBA 189-193
  Donna J. Lauretta; Robert D. Rodman; Jonathan F. Antin
User Acceptance and Preference for Advanced Voice Services Feature and Dialogue Styles BIBA 194-197
  Gerhard Deffner; Karl Melder
Improving the Design of Telephone-Based Information Systems BIBA 198-202
  Michele M. Martin; Beverly H. Williges; Robert C. Williges

Communications: The Design of Communication Systems II: Keypads and Icons

Towards Usable Icon Sets: A Case Study from Telecommunications Engineering BIBA 203-207
  Aita Salasoo
How Do You Enter "D'Anzi-Quist" Using a Telephone Keypad? BIBA 208-211
  Monica A. Marics
Alphabetic Input on a Telephone Keypad BIBA 212-216
  Mark C. Detweiler; Robert M., Jr. Schumacher; Nicholas L., Jr. Gattuso
Evaluating the Icon-Based Interface for Words Strategy, An Augmentative Communication System BIBA 217-221
  Daryle Jean Gardner-Bonneau

Communications: Panel

Prototyping: Lessons Learned, The Good and The Not So Good BIB 222-223
  Joanne M. Walsh; Andrew D. Cohen; Dwight P. Miller; David R. Schwartz; James Wilson

Communications: The Design of Communication Systems III: Teaching and Training

The Selection of Alphanumeric Code Sequences BIBA 224-228
  Stanley C. Preczewski; Donald L. Fisher
User Interaction with Maintenance Information: A Performance Analysis of Hypertext versus Hard Copy Formats BIBA 229-233
  Bruce C. Nelson; Thomas J. Smith
The Effectiveness of Traditional versus Computer-Based Training Techniques BIBA 234-238
  Pamela A. Savage; David G. Kemp; David R. Millen; Linda A. Roberts
Human Factors in the Design of Emergency Communications Systems BIBA 239-243
  John R. Rice

Computer Systems: Modeling

Effects of Mental Models of a Computer-Aided Instruction System on the Acquisition of Cognitive Skills BIBA 244-248
  Shang H. Hsu; John C. Chen
Understanding Handwriting Recognition from the User's Perspective BIBA 249-253
  Catherine G. Wolf
A Cognitive Modeling Technique for Complex Decision Strategies BIBA 254-258
  Janine A. Purcell
Designing a Help System Using a GOMS Model: A Preliminary Method Execution Analysis BIBA 259-263
  Jay Elkerton; Steven J. Goldstein; Susan L. Palmiter

Computer Systems: Panel

The Uses of Prototyping in User Interface Design and Evaluation BIBA 264-266
  Robert A. Virzi; Dick Penn; Thomas S. Tullis; Sharon L. Greene

Computer Systems: Interface Design Issues

A Comparison of Four Input Devices for the Macintosh Interface BIBA 267-271
  Sung H. Han; Gerard C. Jorna; Richard H. Miller; Kay C. Tan
Design Issues for Graphical UNIX User Interfaces BIBA 272-276
  Stephanie M. Doane; Peter G. Polson; Walter Kintsch
How the Look Affects the Feel: Visual Design and the Creation of an Information Kiosk BIBA 277-281
  Gitta B. Salomon
Screen Design for Boolean Operators BIBA 282-286
  Peter R. Nolan

Computer Systems: Prototyping/Usability

Evaluative Methods for Rapid Prototypes BIBA 287-290
  Richard D. Herring
Streamlining the Design Process: Running Fewer Subjects BIBA 291-294
  Robert A. Virzi
Usability Testing: Identifying Functional Requirements for Data Logging Software BIBA 295-299
  Brian H. Philips; Joseph S. Dumas
Evolutionary Design of a Customer Activated Terminal: A Case Study BIBA 300-304
  Richard L. Henneman; Michael Inderrieden; Andy Anderson; Brett Taylor

Computer Systems: Panel

Rapid Prototyping on Graphics Workstations: User's Perspective of Tools BIB 305-307
  Harold H. Miller-Jacobs; Lori C. Marchak; Daniel J. Kurys; Susan E. Campbell; Ronald G. Couture; Marian J. Murphy

Computer Systems: Knowledge Acquisition/Expert Systems

Human Factors Data: Knowledge Sources for Intelligent Design Associates BIBA 308-311
  Deborah Mitta; Newton C. Ellis; Dick B. Simmons
Case-Based Reasoning: Taming the Similarity Heuristic BIBA 312-315
  Leslie A. Whitaker; Richard H. Stottler; Andrea Henke; James A. King
A Human Factors Evaluation: The Explosive Ordnance Disposal/Automated Information Retrieval and Expert System (EOD/AIRES) BIBA 316-319
  Adam E. Krass; Robert F. Miller; Jock O. Grynovicki
Knowledge Acquisition Techniques: A Case Study in the Development of a Knowledge-Based System for Document Retrieval BIBA 320-324
  Steven J. Shute; Philip J. Smith

Computer Systems: Quantifying Interface Design

Interface Design Considered as Failure Analysis BIBA 325-328
  Thomas T. Hewett
Derivation and Validation of a Quantitative Method for the Analysis of Consistency for Interface Design BIBA 329-333
  Toshiaki Tanaka; Ray E. Eberts; Gavriel Salvendy

Computer Systems: Analyzing, Designing, Developing, and Evaluating Adaptive Systems

Analyzing, Designing, Developing, and Evaluating Adaptive Systems BIB 334-335
  James A. Carter
The Dimensions and Degrees of Adaptation: A Synergistic Analysis BIBA 336-340
  James A. Carter
Juggling Concern for Completeness and Consistency with Concerns for Flexibility and Adaptability Using MOST BIBA 341-345
  James A. Carter
Using the Context of Interactions to Adapt to Users BIBA 346-350
  Michael F. Schweighardt

Computer Systems: Interfacing with the User

User Characteristics: Are Personality Types and Psychometric Factors Good Predictors? BIBA 351-355
  Raymond A. Carpenter; Ram R. Bishu; Michael W. Riley
Menuing and Scrolling as Alternative Information Access Techniques BIBA 356-359
  Sarah J. Swierenga
Time Estimation of Computer "Wait" Message Displays BIBA 360-364
  Joachim Meyer; David Shinar; David Leiser

Computer Systems: Input Devices

Analysis of the Tony! Variable Geometry VDT Keyboard BIBA 365-369
  David A. Thompson; Janis Thomas; James Cone; Antonio Daponte; Robert Markison
Effect of Touch Screen Target Location on User Accuracy BIBA 370-374
  Michael Leahy; Deborah Hix
Target Size, Location, Sampling Point and Instructional Set: More Effects on Touch Panel Operation BIBA 375-379
  Dennis B. Beringer
The Effects of Structural and Overlay Design Parameters of Membrane Switches on the Force Exerted by Users BIBA 380-384
  Paula M. Sind

Computer Systems: Panel

Real-Time GOMS: Comparative Modeling of a User-Nintendo Interaction BIB 385-386
  Wayne D. Gray; Michael E. Atwood; Judith S. Olson; Bonnie E. John; Jay Elkerton

Computer Systems: Human-Computer Interaction

Human-Computer Interface Quality: Part 1 -- Process or Product? BIBA 387-391
  Robert C. Schwalm
The Role of Human Factors Guidelines in Designing Usable Systems: A Case Study of Operating Room Equipment BIBA 392-395
  Scott S. Potter; Richard I. Cook; David D. Woods; John S. McDonald
Navigating Through Large Display Networks in Dynamic Control Applications BIBA 396-399
  David D. Woods; Emilie M. Roth; William F. Stubler; Randall J. Mumaw
The Video Analysis Method: An Integrated Approach to Usability Assessment BIBA 400-404
  Michael J. Prasse

Computer Systems: Head Movement, Gestures, and Speech Input

Target Acquisition Performance Using a Head Mounted Cursor Control Device and a Stylus with Digitizing Tablet BIBA 405-409
  Gabriel Spitz
Gesture Set Economics for Text and Spreadsheet Editors BIBA 410-414
  Louis A. Blatt; Alan Schell
Performing Speech Recognition Research with HyperCard BIBA 415-418
  Chip Shepherd
Comparing Touchscreen to Speech Input in the Control of a Simple Batch Process BIBA 419-423
  Mary Ann Valk

Computer Systems: Information Presentation

The Impact of Icons & Visual Effects on Learning Computer Databases BIBA 424-428
  David H. Merwin; Brian P. Dyre; Darryl G. Humphrey; John Grimes; John F. Larish
The Natural History of Introducing New Information Technology into a High-Risk Environment BIBA 429-433
  Richard I. Cook; David D. Woods; Michael B. Howie
When It Doesn't Add Up: The Effect of Combining Command-Name Guidelines BIBA 434-438
  Kathryn F. Steinbach; Elizabeth Zoltan-Ford
Transfer Across Computer Command Menus BIBA 439-443
  John B. Smelcer; Neff Walker

Consumer Products: Design Methods and Guidelines

Integrating Human Factors/Ergonomics in Facilitating the Design/Analysis of Consumer Products: A Computerized Knowledge-Base System BIBA 444-447
  Eileen Diaz; Shihab Asfour; Tarek Khalil; Elsayed Abdel-Moty
Designing Consumer Product Displays for the Disabled BIBA 448-451
  John T. Ward
Impact of Age-Related Play and Injury Patterns on Human Factors Criteria for Playground Equipment Safety BIB- 452-456
  Donna Ratte; Melanie Morrison; Neil Lerner; Marie Bellegarde

Consumer Products: Basic Design: Controls and Displays

Strength of Component Principles Determining Direction-of-Turn Stereotypes for Horizontally Moving Displays BIB- 457-461
  Errol R. Hoffmann
Strength of Component Principles for Direction-of-Turn Stereotypes of Three-Dimensional Display/Control Arrangements BIB- 462-466
  Errol R. Hoffmann
Knurls on Push and Turn Lids BIB- 467-469
  Laura Cranmer; Stephan Konz

Consumer Products: Human Factors in Consumer Products

Design Evaluations of Radial Arm Saws BIB- 470-472
  Kamran Abedini
PRISMA: An Integrated Slide Management and Projection System: HF and ID Collaboration in Design BIB- 473-476
  Leon D. Segal; Jonathan Bar-Or
A Comparative Evaluation of the Electronic Keyboard Synthesizer User Interface BIBA 477-481
  John W. Ruffner; Gary W. Coker
Controlling and Monitoring Induced Unconsciousness: Ergonomics and Design in Anesthesia BIB- 482-485
  Sydney Hudspith

Consumer Products: Panel

Consumer Products and Cumulative Trauma Disorders BIBA 486-488
  Alan S. Frank; Colin Drury; Vern Putz Anderson; David J. Cochran; Stephan Konz; Stover H. Snook

Consumer Products: Symbols

Development of Camera Symbols for Consumers BIBA 489-493
  Brian Crist; David N. Aurelio
Consumer Evaluation of Camera Symbols BIBA 494-498
  David N. Aurelio; Brian Crist
Display Characteristics and Errors at a Complex Data Entry Task BIBA 499-502
  Timothy E. Kuntz; William P. Amoroso; C. Michael Lewis

Consumer Products: Warnings!

Judgments of Hazard, Risk, and Danger: Do They Differ? BIBA 503-507
  Stephen L. Young; John W. Brelsford; Michael S. Wogalter
The Effect of Hazard and System Information on Estimated Risk BIBA 508-512
  Jana L. Moore
Effects of Warning Explicitness on Consumer Product Purchase Intentions BIBA 513-517
  Kent P. Vaubel

Educators' Professional: Panel

Student Participation in HFS: Benefits to Students, Benefits to the Society BIB 518-519
  Elizabeth H. Nutter; Sharolyn Converse; Rodger Koppa; R. Craig Montero; Mark S. Sanders; Paula M. Sind
Critical Issues and Developments in Graduate Training and Continuing Education in Human Factors BIBA 520-521
  Randall M. Chambers; Hal W. Hendrick; Jefferson M. Koonce; John A. Modrick; Aaron W. Schopper; John W. Senders

Educators' Professional: Methods and Evaluation of Human Factors Instruction

Human Factors and Engineering Design High School Summer Workshop BIBA 522-524
  Rick Gill; Thomas Dingus
Teaching Human Factors Design Skills: Science or Engineering Doesn't Do the Trick BIBA 525-528
  Thomas A. Dingus
How Much Time Do Educators Actually Spend Teaching? (The Measurement of Faculty Productivity) BIBA 529-533
  Caroline M. Serger; Andris Freivalds
A New Program for the Remote Training of Human Factors Professionals BIBA 534-536
  Thomas A. Dingus; Sallie E. Gordon; Richard T. Gill

Environmental Design: Environmental Design Interventions

Improving Thermal Comfort in Offices: The Impact of Underfloor Task Ventilation BIB- 537-541
  Alan Hedge; Abigail T. Michael; Sharon L. Parmelee
An Examination of Flexible Group Work Space in the Open Office BIB- 542-546
  Linda Zimmer; Paul Cornell
Workstation Prototypes: A Human Engineering Approach BIBA 547-551
  Thomas J. Frey; Jerry Stults
The Application of Environmental Design Principles and Human Factors Guidelines to the Design of Training and Instructional Facilities: Room Size and Viewing Considerations BIB- 552-556
  G. F. McVey

Environmental Design: Invited Address

Designing Habitats to Support Long-Duration Isolation and Confinement BIB- 557-561
  Jack Stuster

Environmental Design: Noise, Doors, Spaces, and Floors

Effects of Fetal Exposition to Aircraft Noise on the Birthweight of Children BIB- 562-566
  A. Coblentz; A. Martel; G. Ignazi
Use of a Visual Cue to Reduce Errors in Exiting a Crash-Bar Type Door BIB- 567-569
  Daniel F. Wallace; Deatra Huffman
"Offensible Space" -- Law and Order Obstruction through Environmental Design BIB- 570-574
  Randall Atlas
Floor Mats BIB- 575-579
  Malgorzata Rys; Stephan Konz

Forensics Professional: Warnings and Automobile Safety

Injury Severity and Likelihood in Warnings BIBA 580-583
  Michael S. Wogalter; Todd Barlow
Tire-Rim Mismatch Explosions: Human Factors Analyses of Case Studies Data BIB- 584-588
  Kenneth R. Laughery; David L. Mayer; Kent P. Vaubel
Consumer Perception of Light Truck Safety BIB- 589-590
  Cindy LaRue; H. Harvey Cohen
Perceptual Factors in Rear-End Crashes BIB- 591-594
  Rudolf G. Mortimer

General Sessions: Panel

Human Factors Engineering Standards, Guidelines, Regulations, and Practices for Medical Products and Devices BIB 595
  Christopher C. Heasly; Susan K. Meadows; Dennis I. Serig; Alan S. Berson; Gerald Chaikin
The Human Factors of Strategic Behavior BIB 596-597
  Neville Moray; Sandra G. Hart; P. A. Hancock; Arthur F. Kramer; David L. Strayer; Christopher D. Wickens; Leon Segal; Mireille Raby; Mohamed Dessouky; Penelope M. Sanderson; Jeffrey M. James

General Sessions: Potpourri

Comparison of the Effects of Two Antihistamines on Cognitive Performance, Mood, and Perceived Performance BIB- 598-602
  Valerie J. Berg Rice
The Design of a Graphics-Based Traffic Information System Based on User Requirements BIBA 603-606
  Bruce G. Gray; Woodrow Barfield; Mark Haselkorn; Jan Spyridakis; Loveday Conquest
Coordination of Kinematic Events During Simple Arm Movements BIB- 607-610
  Jeffrey C. Woldstad

General Sessions: Panel

Cognitive Engineering: Directions for Future Research BIBA 611-612
  Ram R. Bishu; Raymond A. Carpenter; Donald Fisher; Sallie E. Gordon; William B. Rouse

General Sessions: Human Factors in Automotive and Transportation Applications

Toward a Methodology for Evaluating Instrument-Panel Controls BIB- 613-617
  H. Lenora Hardee; Charles M. Johnston; James W. Kuiper; William E. Thomas
Operability of Car Audio Controls BIB- 618-622
  Yoshimasa Osumi; Yasuhiro Inuzuka; Hideichi Ito
In-Car Road Information: Comparisons of Auditory and Visual Presentations BIBA 623-627
  G. Labiale
Wheelchair Lifts in Public Transportations BIB- 628-631
  James W. Breaux; Jen-Gwo Chen

General Sessions: Methods and Techniques Potpourri

Table-Top Development, Simulation, and Evaluation Environment for Battlefield Information System Concepts BIBA 632-635
  R. Jay Ritchie; Helen Stein; Joseph N. Coco
The U.S. Army's New Air Defense Command and Control System: The Human Factors Design Process BIBA 636-639
  Mark W. Smith; Eric M. Grose
Low Cost, Real Time Simulation Based on Microcomputers BIB- 640-644
  R. Wade Allen; Jeffrey R. Hogue; Anthony C. Stein; Bimal L. Aponso; Theodore J. Rosenthal
Adapting SMART Methodology for Use with Subjective Rating Data BIB- 645-648
  William H. Acton; John F. Courtright

General Sessions: Panel

Panel Discussion of "HRA -- Where Shouldst Thou Turn?": A Controversial View BIB- 649-650
  Donald L. Schurman; Barry H. Kantowitz; David D. Woods; James Reason; Thomas G. Ryan; Anthony J. Spurgin

General Sessions: Potpourri II

Human Factors and Human Error BIBA 651-654
  Thomas B. Malone
Comparing Geometric Object and Conventional Displays in Patient Monitoring BIBA 655-659
  Lee G. Deneault
Activity and Cooperation in a Multi-Person Teleoperator Cockpit BIBA 660-663
  Christopher C. Hood; John V. Draper; Stephen Handel
The Evolutionary Role of Humans in the Human-Robot System BIBA 664-668
  Thomas M. Granda; Mark Kirkpatrick; Tracye D. Julien; Larry A. Peterson

Industrial Ergonomics: Lower Back Biomechanics

Regression Modeling of Spinal Forces During Constrained Lifting Postures BIB- 669-673
  Christopher A. Hamrick; Sean Gallagher; Arnold C. Love
The Effects of Chair-Type and Workstation Configuration on Work Performance BIB- 674-678
  Christopher W. Rogers; Robert E. Thomas
Comparison of Spinal Profiles While Standing, Supine, Prone, and Seated in Four Chair Types: A Pilot Study BIB- 679-683
  Wayne P. Adams; Terry L. Stentz; Brian L. Stonecipher; M. Susan Hallbeck
Assessment of Postural Discomfort BIB- 684-687
  Rosemary Bonney; Gerald Weisman; Larry D. Haugh; Jeffrey Finkelstein

Industrial Ergonomics: Manual Material Handling I

Quantification of Back Motion During Manual Material Handling Tasks BIB- 688-691
  Sue Ferguson
Evaluation of Handle Positions Using Force/Endurance Relationship of an Isometric Holding Task BIB- 692-696
  Ram R. Bishu; Ro Hae Myung; Joseph M. Deeb
Endurance in Restricted Postures BIB- 697-701
  K. Lee; F. Aghazadeh; A. Waikar; M. Allen
Biomechanical Modeling of Asymmetric Lifting Tasks in Constrained Lifting Postures BIB- 702-706
  Sean Gallagher; Christopher A. Hamrick; Arnold C. Love

Industrial Ergonomics: Case Studies in Ergonomics

Ergonomic Improvement in Games Manufacturing: A Case Study BIB- 707-709
  Robert E. Cook; Andrew J. Marcotte
An Anthropometric Evaluation of the TH-57 Jetranger Helicopter BIB- 710-714
  Robert C. Chapleski; Edward D. Adrian
Ergonomic Evaluation of a Cabinet Manufacturing Facility BIB- 715-719
  David E. Nestor; Thomas G. Bobick; Timothy J. Pizatella
Human Factors Participation in the Return to Work Process BIB- 720-723
  F. Renae Bowers-Carnahan

Industrial Ergonomics: Industrial Ergonomics Potpourri

Static Force Exertion in Standardized, Functional and Free Postures BIB- 724-728
  Brechtje J. Daams
Noise in Open-Plan Computer Rooms BIBA 729-733
  Anil Mital; James D. McGlothlin; Hamid F. Faard
Performance Analysis of Acute Exposure to Hand-Arm Vibration among Underground Drillers BIB- 734-737
  Stephen D. Hudock

Industrial Ergonomics: Workstation Design

Effects of Keying Method, Image Preview and Work/Rest Schedule on Posture of the Remote Bar Coding Operators BIBA 738-742
  Waldemar Karwowski; Soraya Noland; Ray Eberts; Gavriel Salvendy
The Acceptability of Control Locations and Related Features in Agricultural Tractor Cabs BIB- 743-747
  Steven M. Casey; James L. Kiso
The Development of Ergonomic Guidelines for Railroad Hand Switch Operation BIB- 748-751
  George B. Page; Paul B. McMahan; R. Todd Brown; Carter J. Kerk
Human Factors: Added Value to Retail Customers BIB- 752-756
  Thomas J. Sluchak

Industrial Ergonomics: Manual Material Handling II

The Development of Preparatory Response Strategies in Anticipation of Sudden Loading of the Torso BIB- 757-761
  Steven A. Lavender
Symmetric and Asymmetric Stoop-Lifting Strength BIB- 762-766
  Shrawan Kumar
The Effect of Rigid Container Shape on Maximum Acceptable Weight of Lift BIB- 767-770
  Lee T. Ostrom; James L. Smith; M. M. Ayoub

Industrial Ergonomics: Human Force Exertion

The Role of Arm and Body Posture in Force Exertion BIB- 771-775
  Christine M. Haslegrave
Human Force Exertion: The Influence of the Direction of the Effort BIB- 776-780
  P. Y. Hennion; A. Coblentz; R. Mollard
Dynamic Muscle Modeling via Spectral Electromyography BIB- 781-785
  Sudhakar L. Rajulu
A Model Describing the Time Course of Isometric Muscle Fatigue BIB- 786-790
  Joseph M. Deeb; Colin G. Drury

Industrial Ergonomics: CTS and Hand-Wrist Biomechanics

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Design of Optimal Rate-Rest Profiles BIB- 791-794
  Donald L. Fisher; Robert O. Andres; David Airth; Steven Smith
Isokinetic Wrist Strength of Females with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome BIB- 795-799
  Jeffrey E. Fernandez; Mary G. Klein; Valerie Learned; Robert J. Marley
Hand-Handle Orientation and Maximum Force BIB- 800-804
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A Dynamic Biomechanical Model of the Wrist Joint BIB- 805-809
  Richard W. Schoenmarklin; William S. Marras