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Proceedings of the Human Factors Society 31st Annual Meeting 1987-10-19

  1. Modeling, Evaluating, and Enhancing Organizational Design and Management Systems
  2. Transportation Safety
  3. The Use of Physiological Measures in Aviation-Related Research
  4. Space
  5. Human Performance and Information Processing II
  6. Workload and Performance
  7. Age Research on Skill Acquisition, Assessment, and Change and Applications to Design
  8. Panel
  9. Ergonomic Design
  10. Hands and Gloves
  11. Mining, Safety, Sleep Deprivation, and Stressors
  12. Delivery of Army Training via Computer Conferencing: An Empirical Evaluation of a Rising Technology -- Report of Year One
  13. Communications III
  14. Database Access and Format
  15. Approaches to Consumer Product Design
  16. Vision and Inspection
  17. Ergonomics, Organizational Management, and Technology Transfer
  18. Panel
  19. Automatic Processing, Visual Search, and Mental Workload
  20. Displays II
  21. Random Access II
  22. Environmental Design
  23. Warnings: Where Are We Now -- Where We Should Go from Here
  24. Potpourri
  25. Dealing with Technology and Automation: Interaction of Machine and Organizational Systems
  26. Development of Test Methods
  27. Visual and Auditory Detection Performance
  28. Controls
  29. Display Formatting and Information Retrieval
  30. Panel
  31. Safety of Products and Processes
  32. Training Requirements
  33. Vision, Color Vision, and CRTs
  34. Simulators/Training
  35. Tools and Techniques for Interface Design
  36. Work Physiology and Human Performance
  37. Managing the Human Side of Organizational Design and Management
  38. Training Evaluation and Research
  39. Design and Evaluation
  40. Systems Development Medley

Modeling, Evaluating, and Enhancing Organizational Design and Management Systems

Introducing and Promoting Human Factors in the Real World: A Case Study BIBA 732-735
  Linda Rich
Environmental, Psychological and Organizational Correlates of Employee Health in Offices: A Proposed Model BIBA 736-740
  Alan Hedge; Sheena Wilson; P. Sherwood Burge; Alastair S. Robertson; Jon Harris-Bass
Function Modeling Applied to Human Factors Engineering Productivity Improvement BIBA 741-745
  Gary Kress; Richard P. Kaplan
Human Factors in Education: Strategic Planning for the Future BIBA 746-750
  Daniel M. Jesse; Donald J. Monatgue

Transportation Safety

The Tracometer as an Intoxication Warning Device BIBA 751-755
  Y. Ian Noy
The Optimism Bias and Traffic Safety BIBA 756-759
  David M. DeJoy
All-Terrain Vehicles: A Human Factors and Safety Analysis BIBA 760-761
  Tarald O. Kvalseth
Stopping Performance in Familiar and Unfamiliar Vehicles BIBA 762-765
  Thomas A. Ranney; Nathaniel H. Pulling
Driving Performance as a Function of Time on the Road BIBA 766-769
  Thomas A. Ranney; Valerie J. Gawron

The Use of Physiological Measures in Aviation-Related Research

Physiological Correlates of Behavioral Performance on the Mathematical Processing Subtest of the CTS Battery BIBA 770-773
  Robert L. Yolton; Glenn Wilson; Iris Davis; Kathy McCloskey
Evaluating a Spatial Task: Behavioral, Subjective, and Physiological Correlates BIBA 774-778
  Kathy McCloskey
Physiological Data Used to Measure Pilot Workload in Actual Flight and Simulator Conditions BIBA 779-783
  Glenn F. Wilson; Brad Purvis; June Skelly; Penny Fullenkamp; Iris Davis
Heart Rate Averages as Workload/Fatigue Indicators During OT&E BIBA 784-785
  Stephen M. Rokicki


Handgrip Strength with the Bare Hand and in the NASA Spacesuit Glove BIBA 786-790
  J. Richard Roesch
Telerobotic Control of a Dextrous Manipulator using Master and Six-DOF Hand Controllers for Space Assembly and Servicing Tasks BIBA 791-795
  John M. O'Hara
Use of Infrared Telemetry as Part of a Nonintrusive Inflight Data Collection System to Collect Human Factors Data BIBA 796-799
  Angelo J. Micocci
Crew-Induced Load Measurement for Space Operations BIBA 800-802
  Ruthan Lewis
Habitability in Long-Term Space Missions BIBA 803-805
  Frances E. Mount
Human-Telerobot Interactions: Information, Control, and Mental Models BIBA 806-810
  Randy L. Smith; Douglas J. Gillan

Human Performance and Information Processing II

Evaluation of Algorithms for Combining Independent Data Sets in a Human Performance Expert System BIBA 811-814
  Valerie J. Gawron; David J. Travale; Colin Drury; Sara Czaja
Integrated Operator-Plant Process Modeling and Decision Support for Allocation of Function BIBA 815-819
  Jack C. Schryver; Helmut E. Knee
Perceptual and Motor Determinants of Efficient Data Entry BIBA 820-824
  David Raij; Daniel Gopher; Ruth Kimchi
Effects of Cooling and Flavoring Drinking Water on Psychological Performance in a Hot Environment BIBA 825-829
  Richard F. Johnson; Shelley R. Strowman
An Integrated Investigation into the Relative Effects of Alcohol on Various Human Behavioral Processes BIBA 830-833
  Heidi Ann Hahn; Dennis L. Price

Workload and Performance

Measuring Pilot Workload in a Motion Base Simulator: III. Synchronous Secondary Task BIBA 834-837
  Barry H. Kantowitz; Michael R. Bortolussi; Sandra G. Hart
The Effect of Experience on Subjective Ratings for Aircraft and Simulator Workload During IFR Flight BIBA 838-841
  Carl J. Mallery
A Componential Analysis of Pilot Decision-Making BIBA 842-846
  B. Barnett; A. Stokes; C. D. Wickens; T. Davis; R. Rosenblum; F. Hyman
The Effect of Processing Code, Response Modality and Task Difficulty on Dual Task Performance and Subjective Workload in a Manual System BIBA 847-851
  Yili Liu; Christopher D. Wickens

Age Research on Skill Acquisition, Assessment, and Change and Applications to Design

Repeated Measures Battery for the Aged BIBA 852-856
  Richard H. Shannon
Cognitive Skill Acquisition: A Developmental Approach BIBA 857-861
  Betty Jo Casey; Wendy A. Rogers; Arthur D. Fisk
A Norm-Independent Technique for Assessing Physical Ability of the Severely Disabled BIBA 862-865
  Deanna J. Clay
Computers and the Elderly: A Review of the Literature and Directions for Future Research BIBA 866-870
  Cynthia L. Tobias


Human Factors Society Human-Computer Interaction Standards Committee Draft Proposal Version 1.2 BIBA 871-873
  Andrew M. Cohill; Patricia Billingsley; Evelyn Williams; Walter Gilmore; James Williams

Ergonomic Design

Comparing Worker Perceptions to Engineering Measurements of VDT Workstations and Environmental Conditions BIBA 874-878
  Pascale Carayon; Michael J. Smith; Kathleen Miezio
Task, Seat Adjustability, and Postural Change BIBA 879-883
  Marvin J. Dainoff; Leonard Mark; Robert Moritz; David Vogele
A Post-Occupancy Evaluation of an Award Winner BIBA 884-888
  John K. Schmidt; Kragg P. Kysor; William Campanella
Computer-Aided Learning Support for Environmental Design Students BIBA 889-893
  Stephen Brown

Hands and Gloves

The Effects of Gloves on Maximum Holding Time BIBA 894-897
  David J. Cochran; Ram R. Bishu; Michael W. Riley
A Method for Measuring the Effect of Grip Surface on Torque Production during Hand/Arm Rotation BIBA 898-900
  Ruthan Lewis
Glove Effect on Strength: An Investigation of Glove Attributes BIBA 901-905
  Ram R. Bishu; Sanjay Batra; David J. Cochran; Michael W. Riley
Gender and Handedness in Grip Strength -- A Double Whammy for Females BIBA 906-910
  Glenn D. Miller; Andris Freivalds
Evaluation of Conventional, Serial, and Chord Keyboard Options for Mail Encoding BIBA 911-915
  Rose Mae M. Richardson; Ronald U. Telson; Christopher G. Koch; Susan T. Chrysler
Scenario Analyses of Finger Injuries in Industrial Accidents BIBA 916-919
  Dean G. Jensen

Mining, Safety, Sleep Deprivation, and Stressors

Demographics Profile and Safety Aspects Pertaining to the Mining Population BIBA 920
  Shail J. Butani
Preliminary Recommendations for Handling and Lifting Materials in Underground Low-Coal Mines BIBA 921-925
  Sean Gallagher; Thomas G. Bobick; Richard L. Unger
Research to Determine the Frequency and Cause of Injury Accidents in Underground Mining BIBA 926-930
  Brian E. Shaw; Mark S. Sanders
Behavioral Effects of Multiple SCBA Stressors: Safety Research for Recommending Federal Standards BIBA 931-935
  Max Vercruyssen; Nina Turner; Tina Mihaly; James Hodgson; Elie Kamon

Delivery of Army Training via Computer Conferencing: An Empirical Evaluation of a Rising Technology -- Report of Year One

Delivery of Army Training via Computer Conferencing: An Empirical Evaluation of a Rising Technology -- Report of Year One BIBA 936
  Robert E. Richards
Computer Conferencing: Lessons Learned and Further Research BIBA 937-940
  Ruth H. Phelps; Robert E. Richards
Computer Conferencing -- Can It Help the Army Train? BIBA 941-945
  Robert E. Richards; Ruth H. Phelps
Analysis of Quantitative Data Derived from Computer Conferencing BIBA 946-950
  Heidi Ann Hahn
Online Process Observation BIBA 951-955
  Bruce Kaplan

Communications III

Voice Recognition Technology Potential for a Complex Map Query System BIBA 956-960
  Daryle Jean Gardner-Bonneau; John Robert Bonneau; Bengt Martin Ahlstrom
Context, Repetition and Synthesized Speech Intelligibility BIBA 961-965
  Monica A. Merva; Beverly H. Williges
The Role of Temporal Parameters in Recall of Synthetic Speech BIBA 966-968
  Thomas J. Ayres
The User-Computer Interface in a Telecommunications Engineering System: Impacts of Automation BIBA 969-972
  Lisa L. Thrush; Greta L. Myers; Luther D. McMillen

Database Access and Format

User-Computer Interface Requirements for Remote Access Data Bases BIBA 973-977
  Elizabeth A. Roop; David R. Eike; Christopher C. Heasly
Learning Hierarchical Menu Systems: A Comparative Investigation of Analogical and Pictorial Formats BIBA 978-982
  Jayson M. Webb; Arthur F. Kramer
The Effects of Different Data Base Formats on Information Retrieval BIBA 983-987
  Deborah Boehm-Davis; Robert Holt; Matthew Koll; Gloria Yastrop; Robert Peters

Approaches to Consumer Product Design

Applying Human Factors in Anesthesia Monitoring BIBA 988-992
  Sydney Hudspith
Pull-Tear Strength Capabilities in Adults BIBA 993-996
  Sheik N. Imrhan
If Controls in the Catalogs Just Won't Do, then Top-Down Design is Right for You BIBA 997-999
  William K. Wenger
RAPID -- Software for Prototyping User Interfaces BIBA 1000-1004
  Stephen Metz; Rose Mae Richardson; Mohammed Nasiruddin

Vision and Inspection

Computer Work Stations: Preferred Posture and Line of Sight BIBA 1005-1008
  K. H. E. Kroemer
Visual Inspection for Multiple Flaws: Effects of Long-Term Inspector Experience BIBA 1009-1013
  Michael L. Matthews
The Effects of Magnification and Allowed Viewing Time on the Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards BIBA 1014-1018
  Joseph H. Goldberg; John Micalizzi; Sean A. O'Rourke

Ergonomics, Organizational Management, and Technology Transfer

Cultural Perspectives in Participatory Ergonomics BIBA 1019-1022
  Andrew S. Imada; Michelle M. Robertson
Managerial and Personnel Considerations of Ergonomics of Technology Transfer to Newly Industrializing Countries BIBA 1023-1027
  Michaela Mansfeld
The Power of Systems Science: The Synthesis of Information from Individual Disciplines: Starting with Ergonomics, Organizational Design, and Management BIBA 1028-1029
  Glen R. Gallaway
Dependance of Technology Transfer on Organizational Issues: Awareness is the First Step to Understanding BIBA 1030-1034
  Glen R. Gallaway
A Proposed Model to Facilitate the Ergonomic Implementation of VDT-Based Data Entry Jobs in Industrially Developing Countries BIBA 1035-1039
  Steve M. Rosenberg


MANPRINT Perspectives: R&D/Production and Government/Industry BIBA 1040-1041
  Joseph I. Peters; William O. Blackwood; Michael L. Fineberg; Mark Johnson; William Ehly; Bernard M. Carona; George S. Council; Lawrence D., Jr. Howell
The Case of the Missing Human Factors Data BIBA 1042-1043
  Leighton L. Smith; William W. Banks; Alphonse Chapanis; Colin Drury; Hal W. Hendrick; Jack I. Laveson; David Meister; Harold P. Van Cott

Automatic Processing, Visual Search, and Mental Workload

The Interaction of Bottom-Up and Top-Down Consistency in the Development of Skills BIBA 1044-1048
  Natalie A. Oransky; Paula R. Skedsvold; Arthur D. Fisk
Perceptual Learning: Theory and Practice BIBA 1049-1053
  Donald L. Fisher; Christopher Young
Automatic Processing through the Back Door BIBA 1054-1056
  John M. Flach; Paul M. Grunzke
Absolute Magnitude Estimation and Relative Judgement Approaches to Subjective Workload Assessment BIBA 1057-1061
  Michael A. Vidulich; Pamela S. Tsang
A Confirmatory Factor Analytic Investigation of Time Sharing Performance and Cognitive Abilities BIBA 1062-1066
  Jeffrey B. Brookings

Displays II

Advanced Head-Up Display (HUD) Symbology: Aiding Unusual Attitude Recovery BIBA 1067-1071
  John P. Zenyuh; John M. Reising; James E. McClain; Diana J. Barbato; David C. Hartsock
Pictorial Format Displays for Two-Seat Fighter-Attack Aircraft BIBA 1072-1076
  Robin L. Martin; Thomas C. Way
An Assessment of Display Formats for Crew Alerting and Guidance BIBA 1077-1081
  Linda LaLumiere-Grubbs; Barry L. Berson; George P., Jr. Boucek; Charles Anderson; Leland G. Summers; Samuel Metalis

Random Access II

User Interface Prototyping: A Review of PC-Based Tools and their Features BIBA 1082-1086
  Robert C. Schwalm; Mark E. Thomas; Robert J. White; R. Don Williams
A Desktop Expert System as a Human Factors Work Aid BIBA 1087-1090
  Craig S. Hartley; John R. Rice
The Effective Use of Color for Text on the IBM 5153 Color Display BIBA 1091-1095
  Mary J. Lalomia; Alan J. Happ
Fit for Humans: A New Look for the Finite Intersection Test BIBA 1096-1100
  Timothy P. Barry; John Reising; John Zenyuh

Environmental Design

Dry Environments: The Influence of Low Humidity on Comfort and Health BIBA 1101-1104
  Joseph E. Laviana; Frederick H. Rohles; Linda I. Hoffberg
Occupant Perception of the Work Environment BIBA 1105-1108
  Frederick H., Jr. Rohles; James E., Jr. Woods; Philip E. Morey
An Evaluation of Some VDT Lighting Variables BIBA 1109-1112
  Stephan Konz; Corwin Bennett
Illumination Levels in Offices with Visual Display Units BIBA 1113-1115
  Robert Yearout; Stephan Konz

Warnings: Where Are We Now -- Where We Should Go from Here

Warning Effectiveness: What Do We Need to Know? BIBA 1116-1120
  Jerry L. Purswell; Richard F. Krenek; Alan Dorris


A Field Evaluation of Office Chairs BIBA 1121-1122
  George J. Burri; Sara J. Czaja; Colin G. Drury; Martin G. Helander
Evaluation Metrics and a Tool for Control Panel Design BIBA 1123-1127
  Susan L. Palmiter; Jay Elkerton
Dorsiflexion of the Human Ankle as it Relates to Ski Boot Design in Downhill Skiing BIBA 1128-1132
  Jasper E. Shealy; David A. Miller
Human Factors Evaluation of Gas Turbine Expert System BIBA 1133-1137
  Christopher G. Koch
Successful Implementation of an Injury Prevention Program BIBA 1138-1140
  Albert J. Macek
Human-Machine Function Allocation in Manufacturing and Assembly Operations BIBA 1141-1143
  Steven L. Johnson; O. Felix Offodile

Dealing with Technology and Automation: Interaction of Machine and Organizational Systems

A Methodology for System Redesign: Automating an Outdated Purchasing System BIBA 1144-1146
  Linda Carlson; Ann Hammer; Amy Mathis; James Pawlowski; Robert Schwaim; Robert White
The Role of the Human Factors Designer in an Integrated Computer System BIBA 1147-1150
  Greta L. Myers; Lisa L. Thrush; Joseph J. Limanowski
An Evaluation of Office Automation BIBA 1151-1155
  William F. Stubler; Bret A. Charipper; Lewis F. Hanes
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development: A Macroergonomics Perspective BIBA 1156-1160
  Michelle M. Robertson; Ann Majchrzak
The Effects of an Automated Maintenance Management System on Organizational Communication BIBA 1161-1165
  Marjorie B. Bauman; Donna Churchill-Teran; Harold P. Van Cott

Development of Test Methods

Human Centered Design and Analysis Model for Chemical Defense Shelters BIBA 1166-1169
  Stephen B. Hottman; Michael E. Post
Incorporating Human Engineering into a SDI Simulation BIBA 1170-1173
  K. M. Zechmeister; R. L. Evans
Comparing Three-Dimensional Representations of Data to Scatterplots BIBA 1174-1178
  Cary Robb Jensen; Loy A. Anderson
Microcomputer Human Operator Simulator (HOS-IV) BIBA 1179-1183
  Regina M. Harris; Helene P. Iavecchia; Lorna V. Ross; Steven C. Shaffer

Visual and Auditory Detection Performance

A Detection Theory Method for the Analysis of Visual and Auditory Displays BIBA 1184-1188
  Robert D. Sorkin; Donald E. Robinson; Bruce G. Berg
Further Investigation of Contrast Sensitivity and Visual Acuity in Pilot Detection of Aircraft BIBA 1189-1193
  Melvin R. O'Neal; Robert E., II Miller
Contrast Sensitivity as a Predictor of Complex Target Detection BIBA 1194-1197
  David Shinar; Ehud Gilead
Signal Detection Performance as a Function of Fourier Description of Symbols BIBA 1198-1201
  William P. Marshak; John C. Osarczuk
Estimating Positions and Speeds of Objects on the CRT After the Screen Goes Blank BIBA 1202-1205
  Frederick V. Malmstrom; William A. Perez; Christopher P. Brezovic


Fine Motor Control with CBR Protective Gloves BIBA 1206-1210
  Demetrios Karis
Resources, Confusions, and Compatibility in Dual Axis Tracking: Displays, Controls, and Dynamics BIBA 1211-1215
  Martin L. Fracker; Christopher D. Wickens
Cognitive Processes during Instrument Landing BIBA 1216-1220
  Thomas J. Higgins; Mark H. Chignell

Display Formatting and Information Retrieval

Application of Tullis' Visual Search Model to Highlighted and Non-Highlighted Tabular Displays BIBA 1221-1225
  Pratapray (Paul) Thacker; T. S. Tullis; A. J. G. Babu
A Contrast of Guideline Recommendations and Tullis's Prediction Model for Computer Displays: Should Text be Left-Justified? BIBA 1226-1228
  Gail A. Fontenelle
An Axiomatic Model of Information Presentation BIBAHTML 1229-1233
  Gary Perlman


Achievement of Organizational Effectiveness: Success Cases and Challenges for the Future of Human Factors BIBA 1234-1235
  Mark S. Hoffman; Robert F. Bachert; Earl A. Alluisi; Susan M. Dray; Glen R. Gallaway; Susanne M. Gatchell; Hal W. Hendrick

Safety of Products and Processes

Consumer Behavior Considerations in Product Design BIBA 1236-1240
  Joseph P. Ryan
Safety and Seat Constraints for a Turreted Weapon System BIBA 1241-1242
  Jerome J. Congleton; Dennis Bingham; Doug Gondella
Process Control: Safety Issues and Answers in Sweden and Norway BIBA 1243-1245
  Daryle Jean Gardner-Bonneau
Speech Discrimination in Noise: The Influence of Hearing Protection BIBA 1246-1250
  John G. Casali; Matthew J. Horylev

Training Requirements

Key Army Decision Maker Concerns about Training Performance Measurement and Assessment BIBA 1251-1255
  Dee H. Andrews; Betty Mohs
Determining Training Requirements for Mechanical Maintenance Personnel BIBA 1256-1260
  Carol A. Freligh
Training Development for Complex Cognitive Tasks BIBA 1261-1265
  Joan M. Ryder; Richard E. Redding; Peter F. Beckschi

Vision, Color Vision, and CRTs

Effects of Common Fluorescent Illumination on the Farnsworth-Munsell 100-Hue Test BIBA 1266-1270
  Christopher S. Calhoun
The Influence of Color on Visual Search and Subjective Discomfort using CRT Displays BIBA 1271-1275
  Michael L. Matthews; Karin Mertins
An Evaluation of Methods for Producing Specific Colors on CRTs BIBA 1276-1280
  David L. Post; Christopher S. Calhoun
Towards a New Approach to Vision: Applications to Robots and Humans BIBA 1281-1285
  John G. Kreifeldt; Ming C. Chuang


The Effects of Simulator Delays on the Acquisition of Flight Control Skills: Control of Heading and Altitude BIBA 1286-1290
  Gary E. Riccio; Jeffrey D. Cress; William V. Johnson
Flight Simulation Training using Standard and Non-Standard Tasks BIBA 1291-1295
  Kimberly A. Reardon; Celia G. Oliver; Rik Waren
On-Board Electronic Warfare Simulator (OBEWS): Designing the Ground Support Subsystem (GSS) Man Machine Interface BIBA 1296-1300
  Gregory M. Wilford
Quantifying Some Information Processing Requirements of the Pilot's Instrument Crosscheck BIBA 1301-1305
  Joseph L. Bunecke

Tools and Techniques for Interface Design

Five Macintosh Tools for Human Factors Engineering BIBA 1306-1310
  Craig S. Hartley; John R. Rice
CRT Typeface Design and Evaluation BIBA 1311-1314
  Walter Bender; Ruth Ann Crespo; Peter J. Kennedy; Richard Oakley
MENUDA: A Knowledge-Based Menu Design Expert System BIBA 1315-1319
  Kuocheng A. Parng; Vernon S. Ellingstad
Display Formatting: An Expert System Application BIBA 1320
  Jean R. Gehlen; David Schwartz

Work Physiology and Human Performance

Effect of Music on Performance in Human-Computer Interface BIBA 1321-1325
  Fariborz Tayyari; James L. Smith
Physiological Stresses Associated with Manual Handling of Containers of Varied Sizes and Weights: A Case Study BIBA 1326-1330
  Ashraf M. Genaidy; Jorge R. Duyos; Shihab S. Asfour
Lifting Physical Work Capacity as a Function of Frequency BIBA 1331-1335
  Jeffrey E. Fernandez; Robert J. Marley; Nancy B. Stubbs
Work Rhythm and Breathing Rhythm in a Repetitive Perceptual-Motor Task: The Effects of Synchronization on Performance BIBA 1336-1340
  Robert A. Henning
The Globe Thermometer Response under Varying Thermal Components BIBA 1341-1344
  C. H. Lee; J. D. Ramsey

Managing the Human Side of Organizational Design and Management

Team Performance of a Dynamic Resource Allocation Task: Comparison of Shared versus Isolated Work Setting BIBA 1345-1349
  Denise L. Wilson; Michael D. McNeese; Clifford E. Brown
Performance and QWL in a Data Entry Task BIBA 1350-1354
  Paul Cornell
Influence of Status on Group Interaction Processes: Electronic Mail versus Face-to-Face Discussions BIBA 1355-1359
  Jayanti Balasubramaniam
Distributed Situation Assessment under Varying Environmental Conditions BIBA 1360-1364
  Clifford K. Wong; John Lyman

Training Evaluation and Research

Part-Task vs. Whole-Task Training on a Supervisory Control Task BIBA 1365-1369
  Vernol Battiste
Evaluation of Total Contract Training (TCT) Systems BIBA 1370-1372
  Jerry M. Childs; Bruce A. Smith
Computer Related Training: A Case Study Comparison between Government and Industry BIBA 1373-1377
  Albert Adams
An Investigation of the Relationship between a Basic Attributes Test Battery and Learning to Fly a VTOL Simulator BIBA 1378-1382
  Darlene A. Couchman

Design and Evaluation

Cockpit Automation Concept Development for the NUH-60 (STAR) Aircraft BIBA 1383-1387
  Daniel D. Riley; Paul G. Stringer
The Application of Human Factors to the Development of Expert Systems for Advanced Cockpits BIBA 1388-1392
  Mica R. Endsley
The Computer-Aided Man-Model: A Safety Valve in High Technology BIBA 1393-1397
  Jan Snell
Three-Dimensional Auditory Cue Simulation for Crew Station Design/Evaluation BIBA 1398-1402
  Gloria L. Calhoun; German Valencia; Thomas A., III Furness
Evaluation of ASW Tactical Symbology BIBA 1403-1407
  Clay K. Hovey; Barry L. Berson

Systems Development Medley

Practical Workload Assessment in the Development Process BIBA 1408-1410
  John B. Shafer
An Approach for Specifying and Managing Submarine Combat System Operator Interface Requirements BIBA 1411-1415
  Erica Kirchner-Dean
Human Factors Simulation to Support Software Design BIBA 1416-1420
  Kevin R. Gutekunst; Richard J. Cruise
Development of a System Engineer Workstation BIBA 1421-1424
  Charles J., Jr. Theisen; Anthony Salvador; William J. Hoffman
Use of Structured Development Techniques to Specify the User-System Interface BIBA 1425-1428
  Robert M. Waters