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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 53rd Annual Meeting 2009-10-19

Fullname:Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 53rd Annual Meeting
Location:San Antonio, Texas
Dates:2009-Oct-19 to 2009-Oct-23
Standard No:ISBN: 0-945289-36-7, 978-0-945289-36-4; hcibib: HFES09; TA 166 H794
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  1. HFES 2009-10-19 Volume 53
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    15. INTERNET
    18. POSTERS
    20. SAFETY
    26. TRAINING

HFES 2009-10-19 Volume 53


Effects of Automation Types on Air Traffic Controller Situation Awareness and Performance BIBAFull-Text 1-5
  Arathi Sethumadhavan
Measurement of Temporal Awareness in Air Traffic Control BIBAFull-Text 6-10
  Esa M. Rantanen
Visual Controller Aids to Support Late Merging Operations for Fuel Efficient and Noise Reduced Approach Procedures BIBAFull-Text 11-15
  Hendrik Oberheid; Bernhard Weber; Michael Rudolph
Do Velocity Vectors Support Multiple Object Tracking? BIBAFull-Text 16-20
  Krista Oinonen; Lauri Oksama; Esa Rantanen; Jukka Hyona
Data and Knowledge as Predictors of Perceptions of Display Clutter, Subjective Workload and Pilot Performance BIBAFull-Text 21-25
  Amy L. Alexander; Emily M. Stelzer; Sang-Hwan Kim; David B. Kaber; Lawrence J., III Prinzel
Helicopter Pilot Use of a See-Through, Head-Mounted Display With Pathway Guidance for Visually Guided Flight: Observations of Navigation Behavior and Obstacle Avoidance BIBAFull-Text 26-30
  Dennis B. Beringer; Terri Luke; Allison Quate; Elizabeth Walters
A Peripherally-Located Virtual Instrument Landing Display Affords More Precise Control of Approach Path During Simulated Landings than Traditional Instrument Landing Displays BIBAFull-Text 31-35
  Nathan K. Bulkley; Brian P. Dyre; Roger Lew; Kristin Caufield
Assessing the Effects of Conformal Terrain Features in Advanced Head-Up Displays on Pilot Performance BIBAFull-Text 36-40
  Sang-Hwan Kim; David B. Kaber
Modeling Operator Responses to Alerts BIBAFull-Text 41-45
  Steven J. Landry; Hyo-sang Yoo
Eye Tracking Analysis of the Effects of Experience and Training on Pilots' Ability to Identify Adverse Weather Conditions BIBAFull-Text 46-50
  Michael W. Sawyer; Scott A. Shappell
The Effects of Geographic Familiarity and Map Complexity on Mental Rotation BIBAFull-Text 51-55
  Kelene Fercho; Doug Peterson
Designing Memory Aids to Facilitate Intentions to Deviate from Routine in an Air Traffic Control Simulation BIBAFull-Text 56-60
  Shayne Loft; Rebekah E. Smith; Adella Bhaskara
Why are those Lights Flashing? Direct-to-Pilot Warnings for Preventing Runway Incursions BIBAFull-Text 61-65
  Kevin M. Long; Kathleen A. McGarry
Adaptive Boundary Aids in Complex Air Combat Scenarios BIBAFull-Text 66-70
  Sean L. Guarino; Karen Harper; Emilie Roth; Dahai Liu; Dennis Vincenzi
Display type effects in military operational tasks using UAV video images BIBAFull-Text 71-75
  Yaniv Minkov; Tal Oron-Gilad
Proposed Techniques for Extending Ecological Interface Design to Tactile Displays: Using Tactile Cues to Enhance UAV Interface Design BIBAFull-Text 76-80
  G. Robert Arrabito; Geoffrey Ho; Heidi Au; Jocelyn M. Keillor; Mark Rutley; Annie Lambert; Ming Hou
Systematic Tele-operation with Augmented Reality Path Planned Navigation Cues in Cluttered Environments BIBAFull-Text 81-85
  Keshav Chintamani; Alex Cao; R. Darin Ellis; Chin-An Tan; Abhilash K. Pandya
Predicting Pilot Performance in Off-Nominal Conditions: a Meta-Analysis and Model Validation BIBAFull-Text 86-90
  Christopher D. Wickens; Becky L. Hooey; Brian F. Gore; Angelia Sebok; Corey Koenecke; Ellen Salud
False alerts in the ATC conflict alert system: is there a cry wolf effect? BIBAFull-Text 91-95
  Christopher D. Wickens; Shaun Hutchins; Stephen Rice; David Keller; Jamie Hughes
Human Factors Issues in the Design of Super-Dense Operations Airspace BIBAFull-Text 96-100
  Philip J. Smith; Amy L. Spencer; Mark Evans; Anthony D. Andre; Jimmy Krozel
Towards Information Coordination and Reduced Team Size in Space Flight Mission Operations BIBAFull-Text 101-105
  Jeffrey D. Onken; Barrett S. Caldwell
The Use of Concept Maps to Support Human-System Integration Requirements: Highlighting the Human Touch Points BIBAFull-Text 106-110
  Ronald Small; Christopher Plott; Patricia L. McDermott


The Role of Human Factors in Older Worker Retention: What do we know and what will we need to know? BIBAFull-Text 111-115
  Carrie Bruce; Sheree Gibson; Jon Sanford; Diana Schwerha; Diane Spokus; Harry S. Whiting; Anne McLaughlin; Randa L. Shehab
Cognition and Illness Experience are Associated with Illness Knowledge Among Older Adults with Hypertension BIBAFull-Text 116-120
  Jessie Chin; Laura D'Andrea; Dan Morrow; Elizabeth A. L. Stine-Morrow; Thembi Conner-Garcia; James Graumlich; Michael Murray
Hearing Levels Affect Higher Order Cognitive Performance BIBAFull-Text 121-125
  Carryl L. Baldwin
Older Adults and Internet Health Information Seeking BIBAFull-Text 126-130
  Sara J. Czaja; Joseph Sharit; Sankaran N. Nair; Chin Chin Lee
Emotion Recognition of Virtual Agents Facial Expressions: The Effects of Age and Emotion Intensity BIBAFull-Text 131-135
  Jenay M. Beer; Arthur D. Fisk; Wendy A. Rogers
More than a Servant: Self-Reported Willingness of Younger and Older Adults to having a Robot perform Interactive and Critical Tasks in the Home BIBAFull-Text 136-140
  Neta Ezer; Arthur D. Fisk; Wendy A. Rogers


A Comparison of Performance and Psychophysiological Classification of Complex Task Performance BIBAFull-Text 141-145
  Glenn F. Wilson; Justin Estepp; Iris Davis
Towards a Modular Cognitive State Gauge: Assessing Spatial Ability Utilization with Multiple Physiological Measures BIBAFull-Text 146-150
  Lee W. Sciarini; Cali Fidopiastis; Denise Nicholson
Use of Functional Near Infrared Imaging to Investigate Neural Correlates of Expertise in Military Target Identification BIBAFull-Text 151-154
  Joseph R. Keebler; Lee W. Sciarini; Cali Fidopiastis; Florian Jentsch; Denise Nicholson
Sustaining Vigilance by Activating a Secondary Task When Inattention is Detected BIBAFull-Text 155-159
  Mark St John; Matthew R. Risser
The Effects of the Adaptability and Reliability of Automation on Performance, Stress and Workload BIBAFull-Text 160-164
  Grant S. Taylor; James L. Szalma


Human-Robot Interaction: Issues in the Design of Interfaces for Work in Distant Environments BIBAFull-Text 165-166
  Douglas J. Gillan
Map and Ground View Integration in UGV Systems: A Structured Observational Analysis BIBAFull-Text 167-171
  Roger A. Chadwick; Joseph C. Vargas
Situation Awareness and Team Communication in Robot Control BIBAFull-Text 172-176
  Jennifer M. Riley; Laura D. Strater; Fleet Davis; Sean Strater; Laurie Faulkner
The Tradeoff of Frame Rate and Resolution in a Route Clearing Task: Implications for Human-Robot Interaction BIBAFull-Text 177-181
  Patricia L. McDermott; Alia Fisher
An Investigation of the Tactile Communications Channel for Robotic Control BIBAFull-Text 182-186
  Shaun Hutchins; Keryl Ann Cosenzo; Patricia L. McDermott; Theo-dric Feng; Michael Barnes; Marc Gacy
Comparing, Merging, and Adapting Methods of Cognitive Task Analysis BIBAFull-Text 187-191
  Robert R. Hoffman; Julie A. Adams; Ann Bisantz; Birsen Donmez; David B. Kaber; Emilie Roth
Design and Validation of a Synthetic Task Environment to Study Dynamic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Re-Planning BIBAFull-Text 192-196
  Maia B. Cook; Harvey S. Smallman; Frank C. Lacson; Daniel I. Manes
Effect of Level of Automation on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Routing Task BIBAFull-Text 197-201
  Gloria L. Calhoun; Mark H. Draper; Heath A. Ruff
Techniques for Effective Collaborative Automation For Air Mission Replanning BIBAFull-Text 202-206
  Ronald Scott; Emilie Roth; Robert Truxler; John Ostwald; Jeffrey Wampler
Evaluating Emergency Department Information Technology Using a Simulation-based Approach BIBAFull-Text 207-211
  Priyadarshini R. Pennathur; Dapeng Cao; Zheng Sui; Ann M. Bisantz; Li Lin; Rollin J. Fairbanks; Theresa K. Guarrera; Jennifer L. Brown; Shawna J. Perry; Robert L. Wears
Human Reliance on an Automated Combat ID System: Effects of Display Format BIBAFull-Text 212-216
  Heather F. Neyedli; Justin G. Hollands; Greg A. Jamieson
Rasmussen's S-R-K 30 Years Later: Is Human Factors Best in 3's? BIBAFull-Text 217-221
  David Woods
Evaluating the Creation and Interpretation of Causal Influence Models BIBAFull-Text 222-226
  Dapeng Cao; Theresa K. Guarrera; Michael Jenkins; Priyadarshini R. Pennathur; Ann M. Bisantz; Richard Stone; Michael Farry; Jonathan Pfautz; Emilie Roth
Conscious versus Unconscious Processing in Dynamic Decision Making Tasks BIBAFull-Text 227-231
  C. Dominik Guss; Jarrett Evans; Devon Murray; Harald Schaub
Expert Judgment in a Heterogeneous Task Environment BIBAFull-Text 232-236
  Jennifer Tsai; Alex Kirlik
Complexities and Challenges in the Use of Bayesian Belief Networks: Informing the Design of Causal Influence Models BIBAFull-Text 237-241
  Jonathan Pfautz; David Koelle; Eric Carlson; Emilie Roth
Tactical Decision Making Under Conditions of Uncertainty: An Empirical Study BIBAFull-Text 242-246
  Lawrence G. Shattuck; Nita Lewis Miller; Kacey E. Kemmerer
Interacting with Single and Multiple Automated Aids BIBAFull-Text 247-248
  Poornima Madhavan
A Reexamination of the Mediating Effect of Trust among Alarm Systems' Characteristics and Human Compliance and Reliance BIBAFull-Text 249-253
  Ernesto A. Bustamante
How is the Reliability of Automated Aids Determined Using System-Wide Trust? BIBAFull-Text 254-258
  David Keller; Stephen Rice
Designing and Evaluating a Multimodal Interface for Soldier-Swarm Interaction BIBAFull-Text 259-263
  Ellen Haas; Susan Hill; Christopher Stachowiak; MaryAnne Fields
Auditory alarms for medical equipment: How do we ensure they convey their meanings? BIBAFull-Text 264-268
  Penelope M. Sanderson
Faith versus Trust: The Influence of Situational Experience on Perceived Signal Credibility, and a Distinction Between Constructs BIBAFull-Text 269-273
  James P. Bliss
Eye Movements and Reliance on External Memory Aids Predict Team Success in a Military Planning Task BIBAFull-Text 274-278
  Heather C. Lum; Valerie K. Sims; Nicholas C. Lagattuta; Michael A. Rosen; Eduardo Salas
Finding experts in networked teams using the Team Map tool BIBAFull-Text 279-283
  R. Dirk Beer; Harvey S. Smallman; Frank C. Lacson
Understanding Coordination Challenges in Urban Firefighting: A Study of Critical Incident Reports BIBAFull-Text 284-288
  Matthieu Branlat; Lisa Fern; Martin Voshell; Stoney Trent
Developing a Subjective Shared Situation Awareness Inventory for Teams BIBAFull-Text 289-293
  Sandro Scielzo; Laura D. Strater; Michelle L. Tinsley; Diane M. Ungvarsky; Mica R. Endsley
NeoCITIES Geo-tools: Assessing Impact of Perceptual Anchoring and Spatially Annotated Chat on Geo collaboration BIBAFull-Text 294-298
  Bimal Balakrishnan; Mark Pfaff; Michael D. McNeese; Varun Adibhatla
Current Concepts and Trends in Human-Automation Interaction BIBAFull-Text 299-303
  Ernesto A. Bustamante; Poornima Madhavan; Christopher D. Wickens; Raja Parasuraman; Dietrich Manzey; Elin J. Bahner-Heyne; Joachim Meyer; James P. Bliss; John D. Lee; Stephen Rice
Cognitive task analysis of power grid monitors BIBAFull-Text 304-308
  David Close; Kari Babski-Reeves; Nick Younan; Noel Schulz
Using a Knowledge Elicitation Method to Specify the Business Model of a Human Factors Organization BIBAFull-Text 309-313
  Jan Maarten Schraagen; Josine van de Ven; Robert R. Hoffman; Brian M. Moon
Work Domain Analysis for Establishing Collaborative Work Requirements BIBAFull-Text 314-318
  Catherine Burns; Gerard Torenvliet; Bruce Chalmers; Stacey Scott
Cognitive Task Analysis of Low and High Literacy Users: Experiences in Using Grounded Theory and Emergent Themes Analysis BIBAFull-Text 319-323
  Neesha Kodagoda; B. L. William Wong; Nawaz Khan
The Metrics Problem in the Study of Cognitive Work and a Proposal for a Family of Solutions BIBAFull-Text 324-328
  Robert R. Hoffman; Morris Marx; Patricia L. McDermott; Raid Amin
Human Performance Consequences of Automated Decision Aids in States of Fatigue BIBAFull-Text 329-333
  Dietrich Manzey; Juliane Reichenbach; Linda Onnasch
Effects of Secondary Task Processing Code on Human-Automation Interaction in a Cross-Modal Experimental Paradigm BIBAFull-Text 334-338
  Rachel R. Phillips; Poornima Madhavan
The Role of Automation Etiquette and Pedigree in Trust and Dependence BIBAFull-Text 339-343
  Randall D. Spain; Poornima Madhavan
The Effects of Automation Expertise and System Confidence on Trust Behaviors BIBAFull-Text 344-348
  Randall D. Spain; James P. Bliss
Differential Effects of Likelihood Alarm Technology and False-Alarm vs. Miss Prone Automation on Decision Making BIBAFull-Text 349-353
  Rylan M. Clark; Gordon G. Peyton; Ernesto A. Bustamante
Using Persistence Display to Increase Change Detection in Process Control Graphical Gauges BIBAFull-Text 354-358
  Felix Portnoy; Poornima Madhavan
The Effects of Communication Style on Robot Navigation Performance BIBAFull-Text 359-363
  Daniel N. Cassenti; Troy D. Kelley; Jennifer C. Swoboda; Debra J. Patton
Scaling Effects for Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Video in Multi-robot Search BIBAFull-Text 364-368
  Huadong Wang; Michael Lewis; Shih-Hsiang Chien; Prasanna Velagapudi
The effects of electronic map displays and spatial ability on performance of navigational tasks BIBAFull-Text 369-373
  Will Rodes; Leo Gugerty; Johnell Brooks; Claudio Cantalupo
Divergent and Convergent Thinking in Emergency Response Organizations BIBAFull-Text 374-378
  Yao Hu; David Mendonca
Reduced Processing Decision Support for Competent Firefighters BIBAFull-Text 379-383
  Nathan Perry; Mark Wiggins; Merilyn Childs; Gerard Fogarty
Human "Mis"- perceptions of Climate Change BIBAFull-Text 384-388
  Varun Dutt; Cleotilde Gonzalez
Design and development of a Transactive memory system prototype for geocollaborative crisis management BIBAFull-Text 389-393
  Varun Adibhatla; Alice Shapiro; Michael D. McNeese; Bimal Balakrishnan
In Support of a Comprehension Based Model of Dynamic Environments BIBAFull-Text 394-398
  Mark T. Jodlowski; Gary L. Bradshaw
Resuming after Interruption: Exploring the roles of spatial and goal memory BIBAFull-Text 399-403
  Nicole E. Werner; David M. Cades; Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; Matthew S. Peterson
The Functional Resource Hypothesis as a Basis for Understanding Cognitive Workload in Immediate Interactive Behavior BIBAFull-Text 404-408
  Jason Ralph; Wayne D. Gray; Michael J. Schoelles
Recovering From Interruptions: Does Alert Type Matter? BIBAFull-Text 409-413
  Alyssa Andrews; Raj Ratwani; Greg Trafton


Emotional Conversations in Command and Control: The Impact of Mood and Stress on Computer-Mediated Team Communication Behaviors BIBAFull-Text 414-418
  Mark S. Pfaff
The Influence of Team Size and Communication Modality on Team Effectiveness with Unmanned Systems BIBAFull-Text 419-423
  Thomas D. Fincannon; A. William Evans; Elizabeth Phillips; Florian Jentsch; Joseph Keebler
Effects of Telepresence Light Height and Ambient Light on Glare and Appearance BIBAFull-Text 424-428
  James P. Beno
The Effect of Mobile Advertising Presentation Parameters on Brand Memory BIBAFull-Text 429-433
  Joshua B. Hurwitz
Communicative NGOMSL: An Extension of NGOMSL to Analyze a Text-based Communication System BIBAFull-Text 434-438
  Sangwon Lee; Richard J. Koubek


Collaborative Sensemaking Tools for Task Forces BIBAFull-Text 439-443
  Eric A. Bier; Dorrit Billman; Kyle Dent; Stuart K. Card
Overcoming Bias in the Deliberations of Distributed Teams BIBAFull-Text 444-448
  Marc L. Resnick
Pre-Conscious Assessment of Trust: A Case Study of Financial and Health Care Web Sites BIBAFull-Text 449-453
  William Albert; William Gribbons; Jindrich Almadas
Use of Image-based Mnemonic Techniques to Enhance the Memorability of User-generated Passwords BIBAFull-Text 454-458
  Deborah L. Nelson; Kim-Phuong L. Vu
Password Authentication from a Human Factors Perspective: Results of a Survey among End-Users BIBAFull-Text 459-463
  Peter Hoonakker; Nis Bornoe; Pascale Carayon


Incorporating Human Factors into a Capstone Senior Design Program to Benefit Individuals with Disabilities BIBAFull-Text 464-468
  Matthew Marshall; Elizabeth DeBartolo; Daniel Phillips
Undergraduate Human Factors Curriculum at the United States Air Force Academy BIBAFull-Text 469-473
  Brian E. Tidball; Randall W. Gibb; Terence S. Andre; Chad C. Tossell
Expert Panels as a Means of Engaging Students in the Applications of Human Factors BIBAFull-Text 474-478
  Jonathan M. Histon; Stacey D. Scott
Managing Ergonomics Course Projects in Operational Facilities So That Everyone Benefits BIBAFull-Text 479-482
  Steven L. Johnson
Usability Analysis of Learning Environments Needs and Realities BIBAFull-Text 483-487
  Thomas J. Smith


Office Environmental Conditions and Computer Work Performance BIBAFull-Text 488-492
  Alan Hedge; Daniel E. Gaygen
Computer Display Placement for Progressive Addition Lens Wearers: A Field Observation of Multiple Display Conditions BIBAFull-Text 493-497
  Paul Allie; Douglas Kokot; Cynthia Purvis; Michael C. Bartha
The notebook computing experience among university students BIBAFull-Text 498-501
  Karen Jacobs; Victoria Hall; Erin Brownson; Elizabeth Ansong; Jackie Markowitz; Matt McKinnon; Sofia Steinberg; Alexander Ing; Ellen Wuest; Peter Johnson; Jack Dennerlein
Colored lighting in offices the new caffeine? Looking into performance effects of colored lighting BIBAFull-Text 502-506
  H. C. M. (Jettie) Hoonhout; M. Knoop; Ruben Vanpol
A Case Study on the Backpack Weight of School Students BIBAFull-Text 507-511
  Ruth A. K. Loewenhardt
A Conceptual Framework for Guiding Data Collection in Facilities Programming BIBAFull-Text 512-516
  Lubomir Popov
Designing Inclusive Educational Spaces with Reference to Autism BIBAFull-Text 517-520
  Rachna Khare; Abir Mullick
Understanding Aging in Place for Older Adults: A Needs Analysis BIBAFull-Text 521-525
  Cara Bailey Fausset; Andrew K. Mayer; Wendy A. Rogers; Arthur D. Fisk
Model Integrating Assistive Technology Use and Human Performance for People with Disabilities BIBAFull-Text 526-530
  Scott Haynes; Carrie Bruce; Jon Sanford
Simulating Visual Impairment to Detect Hospital Wayfinding Difficulties BIBAFull-Text 531-535
  Justin B. Rousek; Sonja Koneczny; M. Susan Hallbeck
On the Control of Environmental Conditions Using Personal Ventilation Systems BIBAFull-Text 536-540
  Alan Hedge; H. Ezzat Khalifa; J. Zhang
A Survey of Smart Home Interface Preferences for U.S. and Korean Users BIBAFull-Text 541-545
  Kyeong-Ah Jeong; Robert W. Proctor; Gavriel Salvendy


Forensic Human Factors/Ergonomics Practice from the Perspective of the Forensic Consulting Firms BIBAFull-Text 546-548
  H. Harvey Cohen; William Vigilante
Avoiding Misrepresentation in Forensic Human Factors BIBAFull-Text 549-553
  Kenneth Nemire
Forensic Human Factors Results in Increased Pedestrian Safety BIBAFull-Text 554-557
  Daniel A. Johnson
When Performance Management Fails Forensic Case Studies from the Front Lines BIBAFull-Text 558-562
  Marc L. Resnick
The Role and Limitations of Voluntary Standards in Consumer Product Safety BIBAFull-Text 563-567
  Carol Pollack-Nelson; Shelley Waters Deppa
Slip Sliding Away -- Slip Resistance of Athletic Socks on Indoor Flooring BIBAFull-Text 568-571
  David G. Curry; Anne Mathias
Visibility of Tractor Trailer Reflective Strips at Small Viewing Angles in Collision Reconstruction BIBAFull-Text 572-575
  Jason Young; Gabriel Reina
Improper construction results in dangerous stairs: Large top runs produce fall hazard BIBAFull-Text 576-580
  Daniel Johnson
Spontaneous Combustion of Oil-Based Wood Finishing Products: Hidden or Obvious Hazard? BIBAFull-Text 581-584
  Joseph Cohen; H. Harvey Cohen


Canines as Perceptual Workers BIBAFull-Text 585-589
  William S. Helton
Prospective Memory in Everyday Tasks BIBAFull-Text 590-594
  Jon Holbrook; Key Dismukes
Detecting Typing Errors in a Numerical Typing Task with Linear Discriminant Analysis of Single Trial EEG BIBAFull-Text 595-599
  Cheng-Jhe Lin; Changxu Wu
Analyzing Pedestrian Traffic Behavior Using Video Footage, Zone of Comfort and Situation Awareness BIBAFull-Text 600-604
  Hohyun Lee; Lesley Strawderman; John M. Usher
Creativity and Design: Creativity's New Definition and its Relationship to Design BIBAFull-Text 605-609
  Samuel J. Brougher; Esa M. Rantanen
Is Human Reliability Relevant to Human Factors? BIBAFull-Text 610-614
  Ronald L. Boring; Emilie Roth; Oliver Straeter; Karin Laumann; Harold S. Blackman; Johanna Oxstrand; Julius J. Persensky
Comparative Study of Computer Usage Patterns and Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Symptoms Among College Students BIBAFull-Text 615-619
  Karen N. Cooper; Naira H. Campbell-Kyureghyan; Carolyn M. Sommerich
Trends in Anthropometric Measures in U.S. Air Force Aircrew Survey Data BIBAFull-Text 620-624
  Hyeg Joo Choi; Gregory F. Zehner; Jeffrey A. Hudson; Scott M. Fleming
Quantitative Comparison of a Joystick and a Two-Switch Control Mode When Steering a Wheelchair Through a Realistic Environment BIBAFull-Text 625-629
  Meike Jipp; Christian Bartolein; Essameddin Badreddin
Mattress Development through a Participatory Ergonomics Approach BIBAFull-Text 630-634
  Kageyu Noro; Takayuki Sasaki; Daisuke Kaku


Healthcare Workers' Perceptions of Information in the Electronic Health Record BIBAFull-Text 635-639
  Alissa L. Russ; Jason J. Saleem; Connie F. Justice; Heather Hagg; Peter A. Woodbridge; Bradley N. Doebbeling
Physicians Bypass Enrollment Suggestions into a Clinical Reminders Intervention BIBAFull-Text 640-644
  Geva Vashitz; Harel Gilutz; Joachim Meyer
Documentation in a Medical Setting: Effects of Technology on Perceived Quality of Care BIBAFull-Text 645-649
  Julia DeBlasio; Bruce N. Walker
Lessons for Electronic Medical Records from Family Medical Practices BIBAFull-Text 650-654
  Timothy R. McEwen; Nancy Elder; John M. Flach
Computerized Medication Alerts and Prescriber Mental Models: Observing Routine Patient Care BIBAFull-Text 655-659
  Alissa L. Russ; Jason J. Saleem; M. Sue McManus; Alan J. Zillich; Bradley N. Doebbeling
Medical Informatics: What contributions can human factors make? BIBAFull-Text 660-663
  Michael W. Smith; Alissa L. Russ
Developing a Tool for Reliably Identifying Distractions and Interruptions during Surgery BIBAFull-Text 664-668
  S. Henrickson Parker; A. Laviana; T. M. Sundt; D. A. Wiegmann
Measuring Attention Patterns and Expertise of Scrub Nurses in the Operating Theatre in Relation to Reducing Errors in Surgical Counts BIBAFull-Text 669-673
  Ranieri Yung Ing Koh; Xi Yang; Shanqing Yin; Lay Teng Ong; Yoel Donchin; Taezoon Park
Significant Physiological Disturbances in Cases With and Without Non-Routine Events: An Analysis of Videotaped Anesthetics BIBAFull-Text 674-678
  Jason M. Slagle; Shilo Anders; Charles Calderwood; Matthew B. Weinger
Automation in Surgery: The Surgeons' Perspective on Human Factors Issues of Image-Guided Navigation BIBAFull-Text 679-683
  J. E. Bahner-Heyne; S. Roettger; D. Schulze-Kissing; D. Manzey
The impact of protocolized communication during cardiac surgery BIBAFull-Text 684-688
  S. Henrickson Parker; R. Wadhera; D. Wiegmann; T. M. Sundt
Beyond the Hospital: Human Factors and Ergonomics Issues in the Ambulatory/Outpatient Care Setting BIBAFull-Text 689-693
  Carla Alvarado
User Created Cognitive Artifacts: What Can They Teach Us About Design of Information Technology? BIBAFull-Text 694-698
  Yan Xiao; Rollin J. Fairbanks; Ayse P. Gurses; Christopher Nemeth; Emilie Roth; Robert L. Wears; Paul Gorman
Accessibility and Usability of Diabetes Management Devices for Users with Vision Disabilities BIBAFull-Text 699-703
  Molly Follette Story; Adam C. Luce; David M. Rempel
Improving the User Interface and Adoption of Online Personal Health Records BIBAFull-Text 704-708
  Kirsten A. Peters; Thomas F. Green; Robert M. Schumacher
Improving Communication of Health Status Information BIBAFull-Text 709-713
  Stephen E. Douglas; Barrett S. Caldwell
Establishing User Requirements for a Patient Held Electronic Record System in the United Kingdom BIBAFull-Text 714-717
  Jackie Binnersley; Andree Woodcock; Louise M. Wallace; Panayiotis Kyriacou
Older Adults' Needs for Home Health Care and the Potential for Human Factors Interventions BIBAFull-Text 718-722
  Tracy L. Mitzner; Jenay M. Beer; Sara E. McBride; Wendy A. Rogers; Arthur D. Fisk
Ergonomic Safety of Surgical Techniques and Standing Positions Associated with Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy BIBAFull-Text 723-727
  Gyusung Lee; Yassar Youssef; Melody Carswell; Cindy Hui-Lio; Ivan George; Adrian Park
A Communication Analysis Methodology for Developing A Cardiac Operating Room TeamOriented Display BIBAFull-Text 728-732
  Avi Parush; Kathryn Momtahan; Tara Foster-Hunt; Chelsea Kramer; Aren Hunter; Howard Nathan
Patient monitoring in anesthesia with a head-mounted display: Simulator studies and a clinical trial BIBAFull-Text 733-737
  D. Liu; P. M. Sanderson; S. A. Jenkins; M. O. Watson; W. J. Russell
Vibrotactile Feedback Improves Laparoscopic Palpation Skills BIBAFull-Text 738-742
  Mi Zhou; Caroline G. L. Cao
Interruptions and Cognitive Processes in Nursing: Review, Analysis, Recommendations BIBAFull-Text 743
  Patricia R. DeLucia; Tammy E. Ott; Patrick A. Palmieri
Public Health: An Epidemiological Study to Explore the Relationship Between Literacy, Language, Aging, and Familiarity on Comprehension of Health Information BIBAFull-Text 744-748
  Michael J. Vredenburgh
Development of an Integrated Model for Predicting Patient Compliance BIBAFull-Text 749-753
  Monifa Vaughn-Cooke
Structuring the Puzzle: Protocol Use in Disease Outbreak Investigations BIBAFull-Text 754-758
  Heidi S. Kramer; Laverne A. Snow; Frank Drews; Matthew Samore
Distributed Prospective Memory: An approach to understanding how nurses remember tasks BIBAFull-Text 759-763
  T. Grundgeiger; P. M. Sanderson; H. G. MacDougall; B. Venkatesh


A Method for the Formal Verification of Human-interactive Systems BIBAFull-Text 764-768
  Matthew L. Bolton; Ellen J. Bass
NT-SEEV: A model of attention capture and noticing on the Flight Deck BIBAFull-Text 769-773
  Christopher Wickens; Jason McCarley; Kelly Steelman-Allen
N-SEEV: A Computational Model of Attention and Noticing BIBAFull-Text 774-778
  Kelly S. Steelman-Allen; Jason S. McCarley; Christopher Wickens; Angelia Sebok; Julie Bzostek
Measuring Coordination Demand in Multirobot Teams BIBAFull-Text 779-783
  Michael Lewis; Jijun Wang
A Belief-Based Model of Air Traffic Controllers Performing Separation Assurance BIBAFull-Text 784-788
  Steven J. Landry
Synthetic Agents as Full-fledged Teammates BIBAFull-Text 789-793
  Christopher W. Myers
Rapid Theory Prototyping: An Example of an Aviation Task BIBAFull-Text 794-798
  Bonnie E. John; Marilyn Hughes Blackmon; Peter G. Polson; Karl Fennell; Leonghwee Teo
A Process-Model Account of Task Interruption and Resumption: When Does Encoding of the Problem State Occur? BIBAFull-Text 799-803
  Dario D. Salvucci; Christopher A. Monk; J. Gregory Trafton
Neurophysiologic Collaboration Patterns During Team Problem Solving BIBAFull-Text 804-808
  Ron Stevens; Trysha Galloway; Chris Berka; Marcia Sprang
Using Saccadic Intrusions To Quantify Mental Workload BIBAFull-Text 809-813
  Satoru Tokuda; Evan Palmer; Edgar Merkle; Alex Chaparro
An Analysis Capability for System of Systems Research BIBAFull-Text 814-818
  Elizabeth K. Bowman; Jeffrey A. Smith
Workload Warriors: Lessons Learned from a Decade of Mental Workload Prediction Using Human Performance Modeling BIBAFull-Text 819-823
  Diane Kuhl Mitchell; Charneta Samms
Effects of Cognitive Distraction on Checking Traffic Conditions for Changing Lanes BIBAFull-Text 824-828
  Huiping Zhou; Makoto Itoh; Toshiyuki Inagaki
A Componential Model of Human Interaction with Graphs: VII. A Review of the Mixed Arithmetic-Perceptual Model BIBAFull-Text 829-833
  Douglas J. Gillan
Movement Control Phases of Upper Body Coordination in Visually Guided Reach Movements BIBAFull-Text 834-838
  Shin-Yuan Yu; Bernard J. Martin
Evaluation of Mouse and Touch Input for a Tabletop Display Using Fitts' Reciprocal Tapping Task BIBAFull-Text 839-843
  Farzan Sasangohar; I. Scott MacKenzie; Stacey D. Scott


Predicting Vigilance Performance and Stress with Individual Difference Measures BIBAFull-Text 844-848
  Tyler H. Shaw; Gerald Matthews; Victor Finomore; Joel S. Warm
Trait Anxiety and Affective Bias in Tactical Decision-Making BIBAFull-Text 849-853
  April Rose Panganiban; Gerald Matthews; Eva Hudlicka
P300 Amplitude and Latency Reflect Individual Difference of Navigation Performance in a Driving Task BIBAFull-Text 854-858
  Bo Ou; Changxu Wu; Guozhen Zhao
A Comparison of the Relevance of Between-Subject and Within-Subject Variance for an Intention Estimation Behavior for Wheelchair Users BIBAFull-Text 859-863
  Meike Jipp
Perceptions of Humans Wearing Technology BIBAFull-Text 864-868
  Heather C. Lum; Valerie K. Sims; Matthew G. Chin; Nicholas C. Lagattuta


An Objective Measure of the Subjective Pain Response Resulting From Lumbar Muscle Fatigue Due To Lifting BIBAFull-Text 869-873
  Susan Kotowski; Kermit Davis; Lisa Lemen
Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk Associated with Auto Rotation Angle during an Assembly Task BIBAFull-Text 874-878
  Sue A. Ferguson; William S. Marras; W. Gary Allread; Gregory G. Knapik; Kimberly A. Vandlen; Riley Splittstoesser; Gang Yang
Dynamic Load Moment Exposure and Spine Function Impairment BIBAFull-Text 879-881
  William S. Marras; Steven A. Lavender; Sue A. Ferguson; Riley E. Splittstoesser; Gang Yang
Is there a lateral transfer distance that minimizes twisting and lateral bending motions of the spine? BIBAFull-Text 882
  Steven A. Lavender; Monica Johnson
Identifying Safe Load Moment Exposures for the Back BIBAFull-Text 883
  Steven A. Lavender; William S. Marras; Sue A. Ferguson; Riley E. Splittstoesser; Gang Yang; Pete Schabo
Combating the Effects of Sedentary Work: Postural Variability Reduces Musculoskeletal Discomfort BIBAFull-Text 884-886
  Kermit G. Davis; Susan E. Kotowski; Balaji Sharma; Donald Herrmann; Anita P. Krishnan
The Need for a Lower Extremity Risk Assessment Model BIBAFull-Text 887-891
  Christopher R. Reid; Pamela McCauley-Bush; Waldemar Karwowski; Dianne L. McMullin
Trunk Angular Kinematics during Slip-Induced Falls and Activities of Daily Living Towards Developing a Fall Detector BIBAFull-Text 892-896
  Jian Liu; Thurmon E. Lockhart
Cart pushing capabilities for males and females: an update BIBAFull-Text 897-901
  Vincent M. Ciriello; Rammohan V. Maikala; Patrick G. Dempsey; Niall V. O'Brien
Dynamic Modeling of Hand Push Force to Close a Disconnect Switch at Switching Stations and Substations BIBAFull-Text 902-906
  Kyle A. Saginus; Richard W. Marklin; Phillip A. Voglewede
Effects of Body Armor Design on Upper Body Range of Motion BIBAFull-Text 907-911
  Christopher Blackledge; Daniel Carruth; Kari Babski-Reeves; David Close; Marianne Wilhelm
Assessment of body armor design impacts on user perceptions BIBAFull-Text 912-916
  David Close; Kari Babski-Reeves; Daniel Carruth; Christopher Blackledge; Marianne Wilhelm
Inter-Rater Reliability of the Mouse-Personal Computer Style Instrument (M-PeCS) BIBAFull-Text 917-921
  David L. Lee; Jack T. Dennerlein; Nancy A. Baker
Impact of Externally and Internally Driven Modifications to a Workstation: A Case Study in the Fish Processing Industry BIBAFull-Text 922-924
  Caroline Joseph; Daniel Imbeau; Iuliana Nastasia
Application of a Participatory Methodology for Investigating Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS) Usage in the Construction Industry BIBAFull-Text 925-929
  Di Liu; Carolyn M. Sommerich; Elizabeth B-N. Sanders; Steven A. Lavender
Do Stabilizing Forearm Braces Affect Elbow and Spine Posture During Wheelbarrow Pushing Tasks? BIBAFull-Text 930-934
  David R. Burnett; Sai V. Yalla; Naira H. Campbell-Kyureghyan
Biomechanical Aspects of Fixed Ladder Climbing: Style, Ladder Tilt and Carrying BIBAFull-Text 935-939
  T. J. Armstrong; J. Young; C. Woolley; J. Ashton-Miller; H. Kim


The Effect of Scent on User Recall and Navigation BIBAFull-Text 940-944
  Marc L. Resnick; Amir Baker
The Hyperbolic Brower as a Tool for Information Visualization, Discovery, and Retrieval on the Web and Enterprise Intranets BIBAFull-Text 945-949
  John W. Ruffner; Nina P. Deibler; Christine L. Holiday; Timothy H. Isenberg; Angela J. Hutten
Menu Design for Touchscreen Interfaces BIBAFull-Text 950-954
  Byung Don Kong; Jung Sang Min; Rohae Myung
The Persistence of Content Knowledge BIBAFull-Text 955-959
  Ralph H. Cullen; Marita A. O'Brien; Wendy A. Rogers; Arthur D. Fisk
From UMPCs to Cell Phones: How Does Diminishing Screen Real Estate Affect Screen Access and Working Memory? BIBAFull-Text 960-964
  Keena S. Byrd; Barrett S. Caldwell
Investigating the Difficulty of One Degree of Freedom Positioning: Associating Movement Phases with Regions BIBAFull-Text 965-969
  Robert Pastel
General Visualization Abstraction Algorithm for Geographic Map-based Directable Interfaces BIBAFull-Text 970-974
  Curtis M. Humphrey; Julie A. Adams
Keyboard Shortcut Users: They Are Faster at More than Just Typing BIBAFull-Text 975-979
  Jo Rain Jardina; S. Camille Peres; Vickie Nguyen; Ashitra Megasari; Katherine R. Griggs; Rosalinda Pinales; April N. Amos
To Touch or Not to Touch: A Brief Guide for Designing or Selecting Touch Screen Computers and Touch Software for Consumer Use BIBAFull-Text 980-984
  Deborah C. Russell; Rex Bryan
University Students using a Screen Reader for Education Tasks BIBAFull-Text 985-989
  Wayne Shebilske; Ganesh Alakke; Shruti Narakesari


Critical Care Technology Can't Live With ItCan't Live Without It BIBAFull-Text 990-993
  Carla J. Alvarado; Pascale Carayon; Rollin J. Fairbanks; Shawna J. Perry; Dean F. Sittig; Ben-Tzion Karsh
Advancing Safety in Construction: An Organizational, Systemic, and Cultural Approach BIBAFull-Text 994-997
Implicit Biases in Blame Allocation of Accidents Across Organizational Components (Worker, Supervisor and Organization) BIBAFull-Text 998-1002
  Elizabet Haro; Yu-Hsiu Hung; Hyun Seung Yoo; Robin Littlejohn
A Holistic Human Factors Evaluation Framework for the Design of Consumer Health Informatics Interventions BIBAFull-Text 1003-1007
  Teresa Zayas-Caban; Jenna L. Marquard
Supporting Expertise Coordination in Multidisciplinary Project Teams BIBAFull-Text 1008-1012
  Sandra K. Garrett; Barrett S. Caldwell; Shawn T. Collins
21st Century Ergonomics: A Lean Approach to Ergonomics Process Design and Management BIBAFull-Text 1013-1016
  Alison Heller-Ono
Evaluating and Designing Education: A Collaborative Effort Between Educators and Ergonomists BIBAFull-Text 1017-1021
  Valerie J. Berg Rice
Human Factors Applications in Academic Settings BIBAFull-Text 1022-1025
  Petra Alfred; Carita DeVilbiss; Donald Headley; Valerie Rice; Conne Bazley; Karen Jacobs; Nancy Vause
Human Factors in Organizational Complexity BIBAFull-Text 1026-1027
  Hal W. Hendrick
A Sociotechnical Systems Model of Organizational Complexity and Design and its Relation to Employee Cognitive Complexity BIBAFull-Text 1028-1032
  Hal W. Hendrick
Complexity, Communication and Design BIBAFull-Text 1033-1037
  Larry Browning; G. H. Morris
Ergonomics Programs: A Case Study in Complexity BIBAFull-Text 1038-1041
  Hal Hendrick; Nancy Larson
Macroergonomics in Education: On Your Mark, Set, GO! BIBAFull-Text 1042-1046
  Jeffery Watson; Thomas J. Smith; Sara Kraemer; Richard Halverson; Andree Woodcock


Maintaining Vigilance with Auditory and Visual Cues in Command and Control Environments BIBAFull-Text 1047-1051
  Brian Taylor; Nicole Arbuckle; David Kancler; Paul Havig
Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs and the Role of Emotional Stimuli on the Sustained Attention to Response Task (SART) BIBAFull-Text 1052-1056
  William S. Helton; Rosalie P. Kern; Donieka R. Walker
On the Workload of Vigilance: Comparison of the NASA-TLX and the MRQ BIBAFull-Text 1057-1061
  Victor S. Finomore; Tyler H. Shaw; Joel S. Warm; Gerald Matthews; Dave Weldon; David B. Boles
Knowledge of Results and Signal Salience Modify Vigilance Performance and Cerebral Hemovelocity BIBAFull-Text 1062-1065
  Tyler H. Shaw; Raja Parasuraman; Siddhartha Sikdar; Joel Warm
Effects of Training with Knowledge of Results on Diagnosticity in Vigilance Performance BIBAFull-Text 1066-1070
  Joel S. Warm; Victor Finomore; Tyler H. Shaw; Matthew E. Funke; Michelle J. Hausen; Gerald Matthews; Purcell Taylor; Michael A. Vidulich; Daniel W. Repperger; James L. Szalma; Peter A. Hancock
Semantic Versus Spatial Audio Cues: Is There a Downside to Semantic Cueing? BIBAFull-Text 1071-1075
  Jane H. Barrow; Carryl L. Baldwin
An evaluation of icon, tone and speech cues for detecting anomalies and auditory communications for onboard military vehicle displays BIBAFull-Text 1076-1080
  Cheng Li Wei; Chua Wei Liang Kenny
"Spindex": Accelerated Initial Speech Sounds Improve Navigation Performance in Auditory Menus BIBAFull-Text 1081-1085
  Myounghoon Jeon; Bruce N. Walker
Intelligibility of bone-conducted speech at different locations compared to air-conducted speech BIBAFull-Text 1086-1090
  Raymond M. Stanley; Bruce N. Walker
How far is that wall? Judging distance with audification BIBAFull-Text 1091-1095
  T. Claire Davies; Shane D. Pinder; Catherine M. Burns
Minimalism and the Syntax of Graphs: II. Effects of Graph Backgrounds on Visual Search BIBAFull-Text 1096-1100
  Douglas J. Gillan; Douglas Sorensen
Subset Search for Icons of Different Spatial Frequencies BIBAFull-Text 1101-1105
  Robert Rauschenberger; James Jeng-Weei Lin; Xianjun Sam Zheng; Chris Lafleur
Response Criterion Placement Modulates the Benefits of Graded Alerting Systems in a Simulated Baggage Screening Task BIBAFull-Text 1106-1110
  Jason S. McCarley
Perceptual Cues and Imagined Viewpoints Modulate Visual Search in Air Traffic Control Displays BIBAFull-Text 1111-1115
  Evan M. Palmer; Christopher M. Brown; Carolina F. Bates; Philip J. Kellman; Timothy C. Clausner
Evaluating Visual and Haptic Feedback on a Virtual Reality Simulator for Orthopedic Bone Pinning BIBAFull-Text 1116-1120
  T. Robert Turner; Mark W. Scerbo; Dwight Meglan; Robert Waddington
Detecting Critical Patterns in Maternal-Fetal Heart Rate Tracings Over Time BIBAFull-Text 1121-1125
  Brittany L. Anderson; Mark W. Scerbo; Lee A. Belfore; Alfred Z. Abuhamad
Judging the Lengths of Curved Lines BIBAFull-Text 1126-1130
  Douglas J. Gillan
Head-mounted displays and multisensory integration: Replications and challenges BIBAFull-Text 1131-1135
  Morgan J. Tear; William J. Harrison; Matthew B. Thompson; Penelope M. Sanderson
How panoramic visualization can support human supervision of intelligent surveillance BIBAFull-Text 1136-1140
  Alexander M. Morison; David D. Woods; James W. Davis
Undershoot Bias in Lead-Vehicle Motion Extrapolation BIBAFull-Text 1141-1145
  Christopher A. Monk; Erik T. Nelson
Identifying Mind-wandering Behind the Wheel BIBAFull-Text 1146-1150
  Jibo He; Ensar Becic; Yi-Ching Lee; Jason S. McCarley
Compensatory Strategies for Managing the Workload Demands of a Multimodal Reserve Capacity Task BIBAFull-Text 1151-1155
  J. Christopher Brill; Mustapha Mouloua; Samantha D
A Comparison of Human Performance in Grasping Virtual Objects by Hand and with Tools of Different Length Ratios BIBAFull-Text 1156-1160
  Bin Zheng; Christine L. MacKenzie
Analysis of Subjective Body Discomfort Ratings during Simulated Prolonged Driving Tasks: What Measures are most Effective? BIBAFull-Text 1161-1165
  Shaheen Ahmed; Kari Babski-Reeves


Human Factors Research Plan For Designing Automated Testing Equipment for Blood Collection Centers BIBAFull-Text 1166-1170
  Ila J. Elson
Validation of a Dry Electrode System for EEG BIBAFull-Text 1171-1175
  Justin R. Estepp; James C. Christensen; Jason W. Monnin; Iris M. Davis; Glenn F. Wilson
Study of rule related behavioural migrations in an anesthesiology department BIBAFull-Text 1176-1180
  Anthony Vacher; Marie-Pierre Fornette; Guillaume de Saint Maurice; Rene Amalberti; Emanuelle Stainmesse; Nassera Amamou; Yves Auroy
Using Formal Qualitative Methods to Guide Early Development of an Augmented Reality Display System for Surgery BIBAFull-Text 1181-1185
  C. H. Lio; C. M. Carswell; Q. Han; A. Park; S. Strup; W. B. Seales; D. Clarke; G. Lee; J. Hoskins
A Mental Workload Study on the 2d and 3d Viewing Conditions of the da Vinci Surgical Robot BIBAFull-Text 1186-1190
  Martina I. Klein; Cindy H. Lio; Russel Grant; C. Meldoy Carswell; Stephen Strup
Verbal Time Production as a Secondary Task: Which Metrics and Target Intervals are Most Sensitive to Workload for Fine Motor Laparoscopic Training Tasks? BIBAFull-Text 1191-1195
  Russell C. Grant; C. Melody Carswell; Cindy H. Lio; Brent Seales; Duncan Clarke
Investigating the Effects of Desktop Computer Simulation Training on Situation Awareness (SA) and Adaptive Decision-Making Skills BIBAFull-Text 1196-1200
  Vanessa Johnson; Robert J. Pleban; Jennifer S. Tucker
Research Issues for Collaborative versus Individual Training in the X-ray Security Screening Task BIBAFull-Text 1201-1205
  Brittany Sellers; Stephen M. Fiore; Javier Rivera; Florian Jentsch
The evaluation of virtual environment training for a building clearing task BIBAFull-Text 1206-1209
  Alexander D. Walker; Thomas L. Carpenter; Jason D. Moss; Fred S. Switzer; Adam W. Hoover; Eric R. Muth
Emotion Regulation Training and Scene Understanding are Related to Eye Movements during a Computer Based Interactive Simulation BIBAFull-Text 1210-1214
  Heather C. Lum; Valerie K. Sims; Moshe Feldman; Ari Afek; Kimberly A. Smith-Jentsch; Nicholas C. Lagattuta
Simulation of Pregnant Workers Performing a Standing Assembly Task BIBAFull-Text 1215-1219
  Julia A. Kalish
Decision Analysis Using Policy Capturing and Process Tracing Techniques in a Simulated Naval Air-Defense Task BIBAFull-Text 1220-1224
  Daniel Lafond; Julie Champagne; Guillaume Hervet; Jean-Francois Gagnon; Sebastien Tremblay; Robert Rousseau
Skin and Bone Surfaces for a Three-Dimensional Kinematic Hand Model BIBAFull-Text 1225-1229
  Daewoo Park; Thomas J. Armstrong; Charles B. Woolley; Christopher J. Best
The Aging Farmer: Human Factors Research Needs in Agricultural Work BIBAFull-Text 1230-1234
  Anne Collins McLaughlin; Laura M. Fletcher; John F. Sprufera
Functional Anthropometry and Ranges of Motion of Older Mexican American Adults BIBAFull-Text 1235-1238
  Arunkumar Pennathur; Luis Rene Contreras; Odi Ikpe; Julia Bader
Is Visuospatial Attention Controlled By A Unitary Process Or Separate Processes? BIBAFull-Text 1239-1243
  Peter Squire; Pamela Greenwood; Raja Parasuraman
How Subtle Changes in Navigation Links Affect Users' Search Strategies BIBAFull-Text 1244-1248
  Philip Kortum; Lauren V. F. Scharff
The Influence of Spatial Ability on Multimedia Learning BIBAFull-Text 1249-1253
  Keith A. Kline; Richard Catrambone
Exploring potential gender differences when scanning maps and providing directions BIBAFull-Text 1254-1256
  Jeffrey Andre; Michael Hicks; Caroline Chevalier
Effects of Text Saliency on Eye Movements while Browsing a Web Portal BIBAFull-Text 1257-1261
  Justin W. Owens; Saurav Shrestha; Barbara S. Chaparro
The Effect of Location and Congruency of Text Ads on Information Search BIBAFull-Text 1262-1266
  Sav Shrestha; Justin Owens; Barbara Chaparro
Optimizing Presentation of AdSense Ads within Blogs BIBAFull-Text 1267-1271
  Doug Fox; Amanda Smith; Barbara S. Chaparro; A. Dawn Shaikh
Cultural differences in Visual Attention: An eye-tracking comparison of US and Indian individuals BIBAFull-Text 1272-1276
  Jeremy Mendel; Denzil Jeykumar; Sundararajan Parthasarathy; Andrew Duchowski
Posture, Activities, Tools, and Handling Analysis for Floor Coverers Focusing on the Knee BIBAFull-Text 1277-1281
  Xiaolu Jing; Scott Fulmer; Bryan Buchholz
Participatory ergonomics generates new product to assist rural workers in greenhouses BIBAFull-Text 1282-1285
  Symone A. Miguez; Peter Vink; M. Susan Hallbeck
Effect of Electric Utility Lineman Gloves on Strength and Efficiency BIBAFull-Text 1286-1289
  Aishwarya Yalamarty; Varun V. Jampana; Naira H. Campbell-Kyureghyan; Karen Cooper
Evaluating Suitability of a Military Duty Glove for Use in a Multi-Layered Chemical-Biological Protective Glove System BIBAFull-Text 1290-1294
  Karla Eve Allan
Team Cognition and External Representations: A Framework and Propositions for Supporting Collaborative Problem Solving BIBAFull-Text 1295-1299
  Michael A. Rosen; Eduardo Salas; Stephen M. Fiore; Davin Pavlas; Heather C. Lum
Effects of Sharing Control of Unmanned Vehicles on Backup Behavior and Workload in Distributed Operator Teams BIBAFull-Text 1300-1303
  Thomas D. Fincannon; A. William Evans; Florian Jentsch; Elizabeth Phillips; Joseph Keebler
Auditory Visualization of Landmine Detector Sensor Data BIBAFull-Text 1304-1308
  Bradley M. Davis; Woodrow W. Winchester; Jason D. Zedlitz
Association Testing-A Methodology for Selecting and Evaluating Audio Alerts BIBAFull-Text 1309-1313
  Chua Wei Liang Kenny; Cheng Li Wei
Effect of Overheard Conversations on Bystander Productivity BIBAFull-Text 1314-1318
  Jaimie L. Gilbert; Kelly S. Steelman-Allen; Charissa R. Lansing; Jason S. McCarley; Arthur F. Kramer
Runway Incursion Monitoring, Detection and Alerting System (RIMDAS): A Proposed System Design for Reducing Runway Incursions BIBAFull-Text 1319-1323
  Peter Squire; Jane Barrow; Kevin T. Durkee; Mac Smith; Jennifer Moore; Raja Parasuraman
Representing Workflow within the Air Operations Center: The Lifecycle of a Dynamic Target BIBAFull-Text 1324-1328
  Jamie C. Gorman; Nancy J. Cooke; Jasmine L. Duran; Kimberly McGrane; Noel Rima
Visual Alerting in Complex Command and Control Environments BIBAFull-Text 1329-1333
  Jacquelyn M. Crebolder; Jeffrey Beardsall
Predictive Validity of the Aggressive Driver Behavior Questionnaire (ADBQ) in a Simulated Environment BIBAFull-Text 1334-1337
  J. Christopher Brill; Mustapha Mouloua; Edwin Shirkey; Pascal Alberti
The Impact of Load on Dynamic Versus Static Situational Knowledge While Driving BIBAFull-Text 1338-1342
  Lisa Durrance Blalock; Benjamin D. Sawyer; Ariana Kiken; Benjamin A. Clegg
Impact of Feedback on Drivers' Attitudes towards Driving while Distracted: A Study in China BIBAFull-Text 1343-1347
  Mary F. Lesch; William J. Horrey; Ying Wang; Wei Zhang; Chang-rong Chen
Effectiveness of a Multistage Driver Education Program for Novice Drivers BIBAFull-Text 1348-1352
  Laura Stanley; Jessica Mueller
Text Messaging versus Talking on a Cell Phone: A Comparison of their Effects on Driving Performance BIBAFull-Text 1353-1357
  David Libby; Alex Chaparro
Current Trends in Human Factors and Ergonomics Employment BIBAFull-Text 1358-1362
  Felix Portnoy; Poornima Madhavan
The Role of Emotion Recognition from Non-Verbal Behaviour in Detection of Concealed Firearm Carrying BIBAFull-Text 1363-1367
  A. Blechko; I. T. Darker; A. G. Gale
The Effects of System Technology and Probability Type on Trust, Compliance, and Reliance BIBAFull-Text 1368-1372
  Nash S. Stanton; Stuart A. Ragsdale; Ernesto A. Bustamante
Beyond the First User: Human Factors and Risk Communication for Reuse, Recycling, Disassembly, and Product End-of-Life BIBAFull-Text 1373-1377
  Jeffrey J. Smith; Edward J. Grenchus
Identifying the Best Practices for Critical Social Thinking and Metacognitive Thinking Training BIBAFull-Text 1378-1382
  Elizabeth H. Lazzara; Marissa Shuffler; Michael Rosen; Luiz Xavier; Samuel Wooten; Eduardo Salas; Steve Zaccaro; Rita Hilton
Anticipated vs. Experienced Workload: How Accurately Can People Predict Task Demand? BIBAFull-Text 1383-1387
  M. Sublette; C. M. Carswell; R. Grant; M. Klein; W. B. Seales; D. Clarke
Embedded Collaboration Metrics in the MacroCog Synthetic Task Environment BIBAFull-Text 1388-1392
  Jasmine L. Duran; Zach Goolsbee; Nancy J. Cooke; Jamie C. Gorman
Workload in Human-Robot Interaction: A Review of Manipulations and Outcomes BIBAFull-Text 1393-1397
  Matthew S. Prewett; Kristin N. Saboe; Ryan C. Johnson; Michael D. Coovert; Linda R. Elliott
Autonomy and Automation Reliability in Human-Robot Interaction: A Qualitative Review BIBAFull-Text 1398-1402
  Ryan C. Johnson; Kristin N. Saboe; Matthew S. Prewett; Michael D. Coovert; Linda R. Elliott
Conceptual Model of Human-Automation Interaction BIBAFull-Text 1403-1407
  Julian Sanchez
Mission Completion Time is Sensitive to Teleoperation Performance During Simulated Reconnaissance Missions with a Micro-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle BIBAFull-Text 1408-1412
  Deborah R. Billings; Paula J. Durlach
Modeling Human-Robot Interaction with Petri-Nets BIBAFull-Text 1413-1417
  Rosemarie Yagoda; Michael D. Coovert
Robots' Auditory Cues are Subject to Anthropomorphism BIBAFull-Text 1418-1421
  Valerie K. Sims; Matthew G. Chin; Heather C. Lum; Linda Upham-Ellis; Tatiana Ballion; Nicholas C. Lagattuta
Free Form Verbal Communication Toward Robotic Entities vs. Live Entities BIBAFull-Text 1422-1426
  Anne M. Sinatra; Matthew G. Chin; Valerie K. Sims; Heather C. Lum; Nicholas Lagattuta; Mark Spitzer; Catherine Mobley; Matthew Marraffino
From the Lab to the Field: Observations from Unmanned System Field Research and Comparisons to Laboratory Counterparts BIBAFull-Text 1427-1431
  Scott Ososky; A. William Evans; Florian Jentsch
Improving Tele-robotic Navigation through Augmented Reality Devices BIBAFull-Text 1432-1436
  Richard T. Stone; Ann Bisantz; James Llinas; Victor Paquet
Investigating the Relationship between Visual Spatial Abilities and Robot Operation during Direct Line of Sight and Teleoperation BIBAFull-Text 1437-1441
  Lindsay O. Long; Joshua A. Gomer; Kristin S. Moore; Christopher C. Pagano
A Comparison of the Unpressurized Rover and Small Pressurized Rover During a Desert Field Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 1442-1446
  Harry Litaker; Shelby Thompson; Robert Howard
Effect of Computer Monitor Distance on Visual Symptoms and Changes in Accommodation and Binocular Vision BIBAFull-Text 1447-1451
  Peiyi Ko; David Li; Pia Hoenig; Ian Bailey; David Rempel
Using the Keyboard to Issue Commands: The Relation of Observing Others Using Efficient Techniques on the Weightings of Costs and Benefits BIBAFull-Text 1452-1455
  Chris Powell; S. Camille Peres; Vickie Nguyen; Kate E. Bruton; Lindsey Muse
Voice Personalities Inducing Trust and Satisfaction in a Medical Interactive Voice Response System BIBAFull-Text 1456-1460
  Rochelle E. Evans; Philip Kortum
Ethnographic Study of On-Hold Caller Multitasking Behavior BIBAFull-Text 1461-1465
  Andy Su; Phil Kortum
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Mass Emergency Notification System BIBAFull-Text 1466-1470
  Muhammet S. Gulum; Susan L. Murray


Sparking Innovation: How User-Centered Professionals Can Get a Seat at the Business Strategy Table BIBAFull-Text 1471
  Nelson Soken
Development of the Boundary Zone Method for Generation of Representative Human Models BIBAFull-Text 1472-1476
  Kihyo Jung; Ochae Kwon; Heecheon You
Human Factors Considerations in Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver Technology: Contrasting Military Technical Requirements with User Expectations BIBAFull-Text 1477-1481
  Barbara Jex Courter; Ellen M. Ellis
Iterative qualitative research used to inform and validate the design of a commercial floor finish applicator BIBAFull-Text 1482-1486
  Craig P. Conner
EMG and heart rate used to validate ergonomic benefits of a bent-handled floor finish applicator BIBAFull-Text 1487-1491
  Craig P. Conner; Curt B. Irwin
Useful Field of View of Aging Drivers as a Product Design Tool for In-Vehicle Visual Aids BIBAFull-Text 1492-1496
  Manuel Meza; Patrick Patterson; Hidetoshi Nakayasu
A Multi-model Aid for Interface Design (MAID): Helping Designers Reason about Information Match BIBAFull-Text 1497-1501
  Christopher A. Miller; Peggy Wu; Eric Engstrom; Jeff Rye; Kimberly Ferguson-Walter; Debra Schreckenghost
User-Centered Generation of New Product Concepts: A Case Study Of Human Factors and Industrial Design Collaboration BIBAFull-Text 1502-1506
  Stanley Caplan
Integrating Creativity in IT Product and Service Development Into Ergonomic Design Practices BIBAFull-Text 1507-1511
  Liang Zeng; Robert W. Proctor; Gavriel Salvendy
Development of a Quantitative and Comprehensive Usability Evaluation System Based on User Needs BIBAFull-Text 1512-1516
  Wonsup Lee; Kihyo Jung; Jangwoon Park; Sujin Kim; Sunghye Yoon; Moonsung Kim; Heecheon You
Practical Tips for Designing a Usability Evaluation Environment: What Equipment and Software Do You Really Need? BIBAFull-Text 1517-1521
  Miranda Capra; Terence Andre; Jeff Brandt; Ian Collingwood; Joy Kempic
Gathering User Feedback from Internal Sources to Supplement Formal Usability Studies BIBAFull-Text 1522-1526
  Jeffrey J. Smith; Daniel P. Kelaher; David T. Windell
Inclusive Indoor Play: Children at Play BIBAFull-Text 1527-1531
  Sarah Endicott; Gourab Kar; Abir Mullick
Inclusive Indoor Play Using Children's Drawings and Narratives to Gain an Understanding of Children's Indoor Play Preferences BIBAFull-Text 1532-1536
  Marisa Topping; Wooyoung Sung; Abir Mullick
Inclusive Indoor Play: Play and Playthings BIBAFull-Text 1537-1540
  Abir Mullick; R. L. Grubbs
Emotrace: Tracing Emotions through Human-System Interaction BIBAFull-Text 1541-1545
  Danielle Lottridge; Mark Chignell


Panel: Human Factors in Weapons Safety BIBAFull-Text 1546-1548
  Valerie Rice; Don Headley
One-handed pull strength capacity for the male population BIBAFull-Text 1549-1553
  Jia-Hua Lin; Raymond W. McGorry; Wayne Maynard
How Much Can a Person Really Lift? Tailoring Lifting Guidelines for Specific Tasks BIBAFull-Text 1554-1558
  Michael A. Rodriguez
Usage Factors Affecting Backpack Use and Pain Reports in Adolescent Students BIBAFull-Text 1559-1563
  Kenneth Nemire
Moderate Intermittent Hypoxia: Effect on Two-Choice Reaction Time Followed by a Significant Delay in Recovery BIBAFull-Text 1564-1568
  Jeffrey B. Phillips; Rita G. Simmons; John P. Florian; Dain S. Horning; Renee A. Lojewski; Joseph Chandler
e-CRM: The Advantages and Challenges of Computer-Based Pilot Safety Training BIBAFull-Text 1569-1573
  Suzanne K. Kearns
Considering Trends among Industrial Accidents: A Preliminary Meta Analysis of HFACS Causal Factors across Industries BIBAFull-Text 1574-1578
  Katherine A. Berry; Paris F. Stringfellow; Scott A. Shappell
Living HRA: Building New Communities of Practice for Proactive Safety Management BIBAFull-Text 1579-1583
  Michael Hildebrandt; Johanna Oxstrand; Ronald L. Boring
Human Reliability Analysis for Control Room Upgrades BIBAFull-Text 1584-1588
  Ronald Laurids Boring; Johanna Oxstrand; Michael Hildebrandt
Reconciling Resilience with Reliability: The Complementary Nature of Resilience Engineering and Human Reliability Analysis BIBAFull-Text 1589-1593
  Ronald Laurids Boring
The Use of Hazard and Precautionary Symbols on GHS Safety Data Sheets BIBAFull-Text 1594-1597
  Eric J. Boelhouwer; Adam K. Piper; Jerry Davis
Comprehension of Warning Symbols by Younger and Older Adults: Effects of Visual Degradation BIBAFull-Text 1598-1602
  Daniel J. Shorr; Neta Ezer; Arthur D. Fisk; Wendy A. Rogers
On warning symbols, text, and 'getting it right': The iterative refinement of a teratogenic pharmaceutical label BIBAFull-Text 1603-1607
  Richard C. Goldsworthy; Christopher B. Mayhorn
Borrowing prescription medication: Implications for healthcare warnings and communications BIBAFull-Text 1608-1611
  Christopher B. Mayhorn; Richard C. Goldsworthy
Habituation, Dishabituation, and Recovery Effects in Visual Warnings BIBAFull-Text 1612-1616
  Soyun Kim; Michael S. Wogalter
Vehicle Backup Alarm Localization (or Not): Effects of Passive and Electronic Hearing Protectors, Ambient Noise Level, and Backup Alarm Spectral Content BIBAFull-Text 1617-1621
  John G. Casali; Khaled Alali
Evaluation of Work Positions used by Continuous Miner Operators in Underground Coal Mines BIBAFull-Text 1622-1626
  J. R. Bartels; C. C. Jobes; J. P. DuCarme; T. J. Lutz
Perceptions of Stability Upon Standing from Working Postures Used in the Construction Industry BIBAFull-Text 1627-1631
  Angela DiDomenico; Raymond W. McGorry
Fall Protection Training: Needs Analysis for Small Residential Roofing Subcontractors BIBAFull-Text 1632-1636
  Yu-Hsiu Hung; Woodrow Winchester; Tonya Smith-Jackson; Thomas Mills; Brian Kleiner; Kari Babski-Reeves


Bi-modal Aircraft Cockpit User Interface of the TABI/A BIBAFull-Text 1637-1641
  Shane D. Pinder; T. Claire Davies
The Predictive Performance Optimizer: An Adaptive Analysis Cognitive Tool for Performance Prediction BIBAFull-Text 1642-1646
  Tiffany S. Jastrzembski; Kevin A. Gluck; Stuart Rodgers
AUDEO: Audification of Ultrasound for the Detection of Environmental Obstacles BIBAFull-Text 1647-1651
  Shane D. Pinder; T. Claire Davies
A Demonstration of a Dry/No Preparation Electrode System for EEG BIBAFull-Text 1652-1653
  James C. Christensen; Justin R. Estepp; Glenn F. Wilson; Iris M. Davis
SANLab-CM The Stochastic Activity Network Laboratory for Cognitive Modeling BIBAFull-Text 1654-1658
  Evan W. Patton; Wayne D. Gray; Michael J. Schoelles


Toward a Stable Career in an Unstable Job Market BIBAFull-Text 1659-1663
  Ronald G. Shapiro; Anthony D. Andre; Robert M. Schumacher; David T. Windell; Courtney I. Schur
Supporting Anesthetic Monitoring through Tactile Display of Physiological Parameters BIBAFull-Text 1664-1668
  Thomas Ferris; Nadine Sarter
Prospective Memory in the Nursing Environment: Effects of Type of Prospective Task and Prospective Load BIBAFull-Text 1669-1673
  Nicole Fink; Richard Pak; Dina Battisto
Examining Non-Critical Health Information Seeking: A Needs Analysis for Personal Health Records BIBAFull-Text 1674-1678
  Margaux M. Price; Richard Pak; Hendrik Muller; Aideen Stronge; Jesse Breedlove
The Influence of Strong Recommendations, Good Incident Reports and a Monitoring System over an Incident Investigation System for Healthcare Facilities BIBAFull-Text 1679-1683
  P. P. Morita; C. M. Burns; S. J. Calil
The effect of Interface Consistency and Cognitive Load on user performance in an information search task BIBAFull-Text 1684-1688
  Jeremy Mendel; Richard Pak
Bar Graphs and Small Screens: Mitigating Cognitive Load in Mobile Visualizations BIBAFull-Text 1689-1693
  Mary G. Luong; Anne Collins McLaughlin
Context-Sensitive Information Presentation: Integrating Adaptive and Adaptable Approaches to Display Design BIBAFull-Text 1694-1698
  Shameem Hameed; Nadine Sarter
Feedback Specificity Requirements for Learning in Younger and Older Adults: The Role of Cognitive Resources and Task Demand BIBAFull-Text 1699-1703
  Christopher M. Kelley; Anne Collins McLaughlin
Collaborative Automated Systems: Older Adults' Mental Model Acquisition and Trust in Automation BIBAFull-Text 1704-1708
  Katherine E. Olson; Arthur D. Fisk; Wendy A. Rogers
Effects of Physical and Mental Demands on Muscle Activity of the Upper Extremity BIBAFull-Text 1709-1713
  Ranjana Mehta; Sarrah Harrop; Michael J. Agnew
Effects of Posture and Movement on Vibration Transmissibility Affecting Human Reach Performance under Vehicle Vibration BIBAFull-Text 1714-1718
  Heon-Jeong Kim; Bernard J. Martin
A Reliability Study of Three Functional Mobility Assessment Tools in Fall Risk Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 1719-1723
  Xiaoyue Zhang; Thurmon E. Lockhart
Investigation of biomechanical characteristics of older adults: Effects of gender and driving status BIBAFull-Text 1724-1728
  Prakriti Parijat; Courtney Haynes; Thurmon E. Lockhart; Jon Antin
Using Eye Movements to Uncover Conflict Detection Strategies BIBAFull-Text 1729-1733
  Aren C. Hunter; Avi Parush
The Role of Effortful Attention in Effective Spatial Training BIBAFull-Text 1734-1738
  Laura A. Whitlock; Anne Collins McLaughlin
Effect of perceptual and cognitive loads on drivers' attention and resistance to distractors BIBAFull-Text 1739-1743
  Pei-Hsiu Tan; Yi-Ching Lee
Comparing Memory for Handwriting versus Typing BIBAFull-Text 1744-1747
  Timothy J. Smoker; Carrie E. Murphy; Alison K. Rockwell


Video Gamer Advantages in a Cellular Telephone and Driving Task BIBAFull-Text 1748-1752
  Jason A. Telner; David L. Wiesenthal; Ellen Bialystok
Shifting Eyes and Thinking Hard Keep us in our Lanes BIBAFull-Text 1753-1756
  Joel M. Cooper; Nate Medeiros-Ward; Janelle Seegmiller; David L. Strayer
A comparison of three manual destination entry methods on their impact on visual attention and driving performance: an on-road evaluation BIBAFull-Text 1757-1761
  Bryan Reimer; Bruce Mehler; Vincent Lammers; Ying Wang; Joseph F. Coughlin
Effects of Constant and Non-Constant Velocity Motion on Judgments of Collision-Avoidance Action Gap BIBAFull-Text 1762-1765
  Anand Tharanathan
The Effects of Heavy Drinking and Socio-Economic Status on Driving Behavior BIBAFull-Text 1766-1770
  Guozhen Zhao; Changxu Wu; Rebecca J. Houston; Whitney Creager
A Speed Production Methodology for the Assessment of Perceived Egospeed BIBAFull-Text 1771-1775
  Michael E. Rakauskas
An Application of Signal Detection Theory for Understanding Driver Behavior at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings BIBAFull-Text 1776-1780
  Michelle Yeh; Jordan Multer; Thomas Raslear
Are unskilled drivers aware of their deficiencies? How driving skills influence the accuracy of driving performance estimates BIBAFull-Text 1781-1785
  David G. Kidd; Christopher A. Monk
Determining Window Placement and Configuration for the Small Pressurized Rover (SPR) BIBAFull-Text 1786-1790
  Shelby Thompson; Harry Litaker; Robert Howard
Effects of a Motion-Coupled Visual Display on Motion Sickness and Task Performance BIBAFull-Text 1791-1795
  David R. Hunter; Christopher A. Monk; Elisa Hurwitz
The Distribution of Visibility Levels at Target Detection in a Modified Adrian/CIE Visibility Model BIBAFull-Text 1796-1800
  Kurt W. Ising; Marc Green
Information for Helping Drivers Achieve Safe and Enjoyable Driving: An On-Road Observational Study BIBAFull-Text 1801-1805
  Muneo Kitajima; Motoyuki Akamatsu
Drivers' Understanding of Adaptive Cruise Control Limitations BIBAFull-Text 1806-1810
  David Alexander Dickie; Linda Ng Boyle
Capturing Attention to Brake Lamps in a Single Fixation BIBAFull-Text 1811-1814
Complementary audio-visual collision warnings BIBAFull-Text 1815-1819
  Nicola Fricke; Manfred Thuring


Assessing the Human Factors of a Human Engineering Standard BIBAFull-Text 1820-1824
  Hope E. J. Nesteruk
Incorporating Social and Organisational Factors into Defence Human Factors Integration BIBAFull-Text 1825-1829
  G. Fletcher; E. Forrest
Concept of Operations Storyboard Tool BIBAFull-Text 1830-1834
  Carroll Thronesbery; Debra Schreckenghost; Arthur Molin
A Task Analysis of the Task Analysis Process BIBAFull-Text 1835-1838
  Les Ainsworth
A Vision for Human Systems Integration in the U. S. Department of Homeland Security BIBAFull-Text 1839-1843
  Darren P. Wilson; Thomas B. Malone; Janae Lockett-Reynolds; Elizabeth L. Wilson
Beyond User-Centered Design: Applicable Concepts from Complementary Approaches BIBAFull-Text 1844-1848
  Raegan M. Hoeft; Helena M. Mentis
Human Systems Integration Modeling Using Systems Modeling Language BIBAFull-Text 1849-1853
  Tareq Ahram; Waldemar Karwowski
Human Factors across Business Sectors: Similarities and Differences BIBAFull-Text 1854-1856
  Rebecca A. Grier; Gretchen Lizza; Aaron Bangor; Michael J. Patterson
Human Factors Requirements: Being Involved in the First Stage of System Development BIBAFull-Text 1857-1859
  Rebecca A. Grier; Gretchen Lizza; Michael Linegang; Philip Kortum


How Would You Test This? Works-in-Progress Forum for Human Factors/Ergonomics Test and Evaluation Initiatives BIBAFull-Text 1860-1862
  Rebecca A. Grier; Karla Eve Allan
"Right-Sizing" Research Studies: Assuring Adequate, Not Grossly-Overlarge Sample-Sizes BIBAFull-Text 1863-1867
  Alvah C. Bittner; Rachel C. L. Bittner
Usability Testing: Making it Work for the Army BIBAFull-Text 1868-1872
  Pamela A. Savage-Knepshield
Validity Evidence for a Model of Rifle Marksmanship Skill Performance Using Sensor-Based Measures BIBAFull-Text 1873-1877
  Sam O. Nagashima; Gregory K. W. K. Chung; Paul D. Espinosa; Chris Berka
Multidimensional Training System Evaluation using the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy BIBAFull-Text 1878-1882
  Yoon Suk Lee; Tonya L. Smith-Jackson; Maury A. Nussbaum
Subjective Response Differences between Visual Analogue, Ordinal and Hybrid Response Scales BIBAFull-Text 1883-1887
  Jennifer A. Cowley; Heather Youngblood


Interference between Visuospatial Dual Tasks and the Effects of Training BIBAFull-Text 1888-1892
  Michael B. Dillard; David B. Boles
The Influence of Rating Method on Knowledge Structures BIBAFull-Text 1893-1897
  Chad C. Tossell; Brent A. Smith; Roger W. Schvaneveldt
An Evolution of Tutoring and Training from Humans to Intelligent Systems: Human Factors Considerations BIBAFull-Text 1898-1902
  Jessica M. Ray; John S. Barnett
Enhancing Unmanned Aerial System Training: A Taxonomy of Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, and Methods BIBAFull-Text 1903-1907
  Davin Pavlas; C. Shawn Burke; Stephen M. Fiore; Eduardo Salas; Randy Jensen; Dan Fu
The Relationship Between Conceptual Understanding and Performance BIBAFull-Text 1908-1912
  David Schuster; Michelle Harper-Sciarini; Michael Curtis; Florian Jentsch; Ron Swanson
Adopting the Training Cycle for Trust Training in Swift Starting Action Teams BIBAFull-Text 1913-1917
  Jessica L. Wildman; Marissa L. Shuffler; Stephen M. Fiore; Elizabeth H. Lazzara; Michael A. Rosen; Luiz F. Xavier; Samuel R. Wooten; Eduardo Salas
Trust on the Battlefield BIBAFull-Text 1918-1920
  Nate Self
Managing Trust in Swiftly Starting Action Teams BIBAFull-Text 1922-1923
  Elizabeth Hunter Lazzara; Stephen Fiore; Jessica Wildman; Marissa Shuffler; Eduardo Salas
Trust as Defined by U.S. Army Soldiers BIBAFull-Text 1924-1928
  Gregory A. Ruark; Kara L. Orvis; Zachary Horn; Krista L. Langkamer
Trusting the Trust Literature: What Applied and Theoretical Literatures Have in Common BIBAFull-Text 1929-1931
  Sena Garvin
Advancing the Science of Training in Simulation-Based Training BIBFull-Text 1932-1934
  Denise Nicholson; Stephen Fiore; Jennifer J. Vogel-Walcutt; Sae Schatz
Contrasting Cases: A Strategy for Advanced Learning using Simulation-based Training BIBAFull-Text 1935-1938
  Jennifer Fowlkes; Joseph W. Norman; Sae Schatz; Kevin C. Stagl
Embedding Metacognitive Prompts During SBT to Improve Knowledge Acquisition BIBAFull-Text 1939-1943
  Jennifer J. Vogel-Walcutt; Stephen Fiore; Clint Bowers; Denise Nicholson
Advanced Situated Tutors: Design, Philosophy, and a Review of Existing Systems BIBAFull-Text 1944-1948
  Sae Schatz; Clint Bowers; Denise Nicholson
Automatic Scenario Generation through Procedural Modeling for Scenario-Based Training BIBAFull-Text 1949-1953
  Glenn Martin; Sae Schatz; Clint Bowers; Charles E. Hughes; Jennifer Fowlkes; Denise Nicholson
Developing Impact Assessment for Training Systems Research Development: A Case Study of the Strategic Approach for the NEWIT System BIBAFull-Text 1954-1958
  Tim Kotnour; Rafael Landaeta; Julie Drexler
Effectiveness of Three Training Delivery Methods in a Voluntary Program BIBAFull-Text 1959-1963
  Arash Salehi; Lesley Strawderman; Yunchen Huang; Shaheen Ahmed; Kari Babski-Reeves
Procedural or Conceptual Training: Which is Better for Teaching Novice Pilots Landings and Traffic Patterns? BIBAFull-Text 1964-1968
  Andrew R. Dattel; Francis T. Durso; Raynald Bedard
Waste Water Treatment Simulation (WaTr Sim): Validation of a new process control simulation tool for experimental training research BIBAFull-Text 1969-1973
  Dina Burkolter; Annette Kluge; Sinan German; Britta Grauel
The Crew Resource Management Attitudes of U.S. Naval Aviators BIBAFull-Text 1974-1978
  Paul O'Connor; Doug Jones
The Impact of Performance Incentives during Training on Transfer of Learning BIBAFull-Text 1979-1983
  Patricia C. Brennan; Poornima Madhavan; Cleotilde Gonzalez; Frank C. Lacson


Leveraging Virtual Reality and Computer-based Games for Training BIBAFull-Text 1984-1985
  Laura Strater
What can VR do for U? Virtual Reality for Training Uninhabited Aircraft Systems BIBAFull-Text 1986-1988
  Stephanie Lackey; Denise Nicholson; William Becker
A Distributed Game-Based Simulation Training Research Testbed BIBAFull-Text 1989-1993
  Donald Lampton; James Bliss; Karin Orvis; Jason Kring; Glenn A. Martin
Situation Awareness and Performance Feedback toward Enhancing Learning with Game Trainers: An Approach and Lessons Learned BIBAFull-Text 1994-1998
  Jennifer M. Riley; Sandro Scielzo; John Hyatt; Fleet Davis; Daniel Colombo
Investigating The Attributes in Serious Games That Contribute to Learning BIBAFull-Text 1999-2003
  Davin Pavlas; Wendy Bedwell; Samuel R. Wooten; Kyle Heyne; Eduardo Salas
Interacting in 3D Space: Comparison of a 3D Two-handed Interface to a Keyboard-and-mouse Interface for Medical 3D Image Manipulation BIBAFull-Text 2004-2008
  F. Jacob Seagull; Peter Miller; Ivan George; Paul Mlyniec; Adrian Park
Techniques for Supporting the Author of Outdoor Mobile Multimodal Augmented Reality BIBAFull-Text 2009-2013
  Roger J. Chapman; Dawn L. Riddle; James L. Merlo
Development and Evaluation of the Game-Based Performance Assessment Battery (GamePAB) and Game Experience Measure (GEM) BIBAFull-Text 2014-2018
  Grant Taylor; Michael J. Singer; Christian J. Jerome
Role of Landmark Size and Location in Way-finding And Spatial Cognition in Virtual Environments BIBAFull-Text 2019-2023
  Shelley Roberts
Visual Alignment Accuracy in Head Mounted Optical See-Through AR Displays: Distribution of Head Orientation Noise BIBAFull-Text 2024-2028
  Magnus Axholt; Stephen D. Peterson; Stephen. R. Ellis
An Analysis of Low-Speed Pedestrian Crashes Involving Electric-Powered and Combustion-Powered Vehicles BIBAFull-Text 2029-2033
  Jason A. Droll; Tate Kubose; Su-Wei Huang; Doris Trachtman Aharoni; Douglas E. Young