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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 46th Annual Meeting 2002-09-30

Fullname:Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 46th Annual Meeting
Note:Bridging Fundamentals & New Opportunities
Location:Baltimore, Maryland
Dates:2002-Sep-30 to 2002-Oct-04
Standard No:ISBN: 0-945289-20-0; hcibib: HFES02; TA 166 H794
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  1. HFES 2002-09-30 Volume 46
    1. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Information Display and Situation Awareness in the Cockpit [Lecture]
    2. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Performance Enhancement in Aerospace Systems [Lecture]
    3. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Air Traffic Control and Traffic Flow Management [Lecture]
    4. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Decision Making in Aviation [Lecture]
    5. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Information Displays and Decision Support in Aviation Systems [Lecture]
    6. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Understanding and Enhancing Human Performance in Aviation [Lecture]
    7. AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Aerospace Systems Posters
    8. AGING: Older Adults and Computer Systems [Lecture]
    9. AGING: Aging and Everyday Applications [Lecture]
    10. AGING: Aging Posters
    12. COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Cognitive Processes [Lecture]
    13. COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Cognitive Engineering and Design [Lecture]
    14. COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Human and Machine Decision Making [Lecture]
    16. COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Methods in Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making [Lecture]
    17. COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Aviation and Cognitive Engineering [Lecture]
    18. COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Decision Aids and Trust [Lecture]
    20. COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Decision Aids and Trust [Lecture]
    21. COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Decision Making in the Armed Forces [Lecture]
    22. COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Cognitive Task Analysis and Cognitive Modeling [Lecture]
    24. COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Cognitive Work Analysis for Large-Scale Systems: Recurring Issues [Symposium]
    25. COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making Posters
    26. COMMUNICATIONS: Cheeseburgers, Cocktail Parties, and Segregated-Multiple-Talker-Scanpath Hors D'Oeuvres [Lecture]
    27. COMMUNICATIONS: Communication Posters
    28. COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Multimodal Input [Lecture]
    29. COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Distinguished Speaker [Invited Address]
    30. COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Methods and More [Lecture]
    31. COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Computer Systems Posters
    32. CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Articles
    33. CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Physical Considerations for Consumer Product Design [Lecture]
    34. CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Psychological Considerations for Consumer Product Design [Lecture]
    35. CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Consumer Products Posters
    36. DEMONSTRATIONS: Tools for Team Performance Capture, Team Knowledge Assessment, Motion in Virtual Displays, and Immersive Displays on the Cheap! [Demonstrations]
    37. EDUCATION: Teaching HF and Web-Based Instruction [Lecture]
    38. EDUCATION: Education Posters
    39. ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN: Environmental Design Potpourri [Lecture]
    40. FORENSICS PROFESSIONAL: Issues in Forensic Human Factors
    41. FORENSICS PROFESSIONAL: Forensics Professional Posters
    42. GENERAL SESSION: Thinking About, and In, the World
    43. GENERAL SESSION: General Sessions Posters
    44. INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN PERFORMANCE: Individual Differences and Cognition [Lecture]
    45. INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN PERFORMANCE: Individual Differences Potpourri [Lecture]
    46. INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN PERFORMANCE: Individual Differences in Performance Posters
    47. INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN PERFORMANCE: Individual Differences Potpourri [Lecture]
    48. INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN PERFORMANCE: Individual Differences in Performance Posters
    49. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Ergonomic Risk Exposure Assessment [Lecture]
    50. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Upper Extremity Research I [Lecture]
    51. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Trunk/Torso I [Lecture]
    52. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Fatigue Research [Lecture]
    53. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Physical and Mental Workplace Factors [Lecture]
    54. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Upper Extremity Research II [Lecture]
    55. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Trunk/Torso II [Lecture]
    56. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Ergonomic Movement Research [Lecture]
    57. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Intervention Ergonomics [Lecture]
    58. INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Industrial Ergonomics Posters
    59. INTERNET: Usability Methods, Design, and User Perceptions [Lecture]
    60. INTERNET: Search Performance and Usability Issues [Lecture]
    61. INTERNET: Internet Posters
    62. MACROERGONOMICS: Macroergonomics [Lecture]
    63. MACROERGONOMICS: Macroergonomics Poster
    64. MEDICAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION: Medical Systems/Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making Joint Lecture Session [Lecture]
    65. MEDICAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION: Human Factors Issues at the Point of Care
    66. MEDICAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION: Ergonomic and Training Issues in Medical Systems Development [Lecture]
    67. MEDICAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION: Medical Systems and Rehabilitation Posters
    68. PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE: Vigilance and Workload [Lecture]
    69. PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE: Motion and 3D [Lecture]
    70. PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE: Displays and Controls I [Lecture]
    71. PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE: Search and Attention [Lecture]
    72. PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE: Displays and Controls II [Lecture]
    73. PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE: Perception and Performance Posters
    75. SAFETY: Warnings and Risk Perception [Lecture]
    76. SAFETY: Safety Potpourri [Lecture]
    77. SAFETY: Safety Posters
    78. SPECIAL SESSION: Articles
    79. STUDENT FORUM: Articles
    80. STUDENT FORUM: Cutting-Edge Research by HFES Student Members [Lecture]
    82. SURFACE TRANSPORTATION: Lateral Control, Collision Avoidance, and Associated Icon Development [Lecture]
    83. SURFACE TRANSPORTATION: Driver Distraction Issues: Focus on Cell Phones and Telematics [Lecture]
    84. SURFACE TRANSPORTATION: Heavy Vehicles, Alertness, and Emergency Events [Lecture]
    85. SURFACE TRANSPORTATION: Surface Transportation Posters
    86. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Articles
    87. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Development and Application of Human Performance Models [Lecture]
    88. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: System Development Posters
    89. TEST AND EVALUATION: Test and Evaluation: Research, Tools, and Techniques [Lecture]
    90. TEST AND EVALUATION: Practitioner's Perspectives on Test and Evaluation [Lecture]
    91. TEST AND EVALUATION: Test and Evaluation Posters
    92. TRAINING: Training System Technology and Development [Lecture]
    93. TRAINING: Issues in Training Design and Evaluation [Lecture]
    94. TRAINING: Training Posters
    96. VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS: Simulator Sickness [Lecture]
    97. VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS: Displays and Controls in Virtual Environments [Lecture]
    98. VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS: Navigation and Training in Virtual Environments [Lecture]
    99. VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS: Virtual Environments Posters

HFES 2002-09-30 Volume 46

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Information Display and Situation Awareness in the Cockpit [Lecture]

Does Workload Modulate the Difference Between Cockpit Traffic Display Formats BIBAFull-Text 1-5
  Amy L. Alexander; Christopher D. Wickens
A Flight Simulator Usability Assessment of a Multi-function Flight-Planning and Navigation Display for General Aviation BIBAFull-Text 6-10
  Dennis B. Beringer; Jerry D. Ball
Integrating Critical Information on Flight Deck Displays BIBAFull-Text 11-15
  Patricia May Ververs; Michael C. Dorneich; Michael D. Good; Joshua Lee Downs
Comparing Pilots' Taxi Performance, Situation Awareness and Workload Using Command-Guidance, Situation-Guidance and Hybrid Head-Up Display Symbologies BIBAFull-Text 16-20
  John R. Wilson; Becky L. Hooey; David C. Foyle; Jennifer L. Williams
General Aviation Pilot Training for Situation Awareness: An Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 21-25
  Cheryl A. Bolstad; Mica R. Endsley; Cass D. Howell; Anthony M. Costello

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Performance Enhancement in Aerospace Systems [Lecture]

International Space Station Robotic Systems Operations A Human Factors Perspective BIBAFull-Text 26-30
  Nancy J. Currie; Brian Peacock
Display Integration Enhances Information Sampling and Decision Making in Automated Fault Management in a Simulated Spaceflight Micro-World BIBAFull-Text 31-35
  Bernd Lorenz; Francesco Di Nocera; Raja Parasuraman
An Operation Evaluation of ADS-B and CDTI during Airport Surface and Final Approach Operations BIBAFull-Text 36-40
  Vernol Battiste; Nancy H. Johnson
Asynchronous Communications to Support Distributed Work in the National Airspace System BIBAFull-Text 41-45
  Roger J. Chapman; Philip J. Smith
Joint Shipboard Helicopter Operations: Human Factors Issues and Challenges BIBAFull-Text 46-50
  John W. Ruffner; John E. Padukewicz; John D. Meier

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Air Traffic Control and Traffic Flow Management [Lecture]

Electro-Optic Sensors to Aid Tower Air Traffic Controllers BIBAFull-Text 51-55
  Dino Piccione; William K. Krebs; Penny Warren; Ron G. Driggers
The Impact of Communication Delays on Air Traffic Controllers' Vectoring Performance BIBAFull-Text 56-60
  Esa M. Rantanen; Jason S. McCarley; Xidong Xu
Effects of the Controller-to-Pilot Data Link (DATALINK) on Crew Communication BIBAFull-Text 61-65
  Craig M. Harvey; Mike Reynolds; Andrea L. Pacley; Richard J. Koubek; Albert J. Rehmann
The Effect of Predictive Aid Usage on Controller Strategies Mental Demand under Direct Routing BIBAFull-Text 66-70
  Ashley Nunes; Michael L. Matthews
Investigating Delegation of Spacing Tasks from Air Traffic Controllers to Pilots. Impact on Controller Activity. BIBAFull-Text 71-75
  Laurence Rognin; Karim Zeghal; Isabelle Grimaud; Eric Hoffman
Space Human Factors Advanced Development Projects BIBAFull-Text 76-80
  B. Woolford; T. Rathjen; M. Whitmore; S. Rajulu; J. Blume Novak; J. McCandless; B. Peacock; R. Prouty; R. Burnett; C. Booher; R. Ortiz; M. Segal; K. Smart; J. Gonzales; M. Dhutia; D. Ngyuen; S. Vallance; E. Morphew; D. Balmer; S. Ramsey; V. Byrne

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Decision Making in Aviation [Lecture]

Relating Flight Experience and Pilots' Perceptions of Decision-Making Skill BIBAFull-Text 81-85
  Juliana Goh; Douglas A. Wiegmann
Priorities of Weather Information in Various Phases of Flight BIBAFull-Text 86-90
  Dennis B. Beringer; Roger Schvaneveldt
Change Detection after Preliminary Flight Decisions: Linking Planning Errors to Biases in Plan Monitoring BIBAFull-Text 91-95
  Emily K. Muthard; Christopher D. Wickens
Training Pilots to Prioritize Tasks BIBAFull-Text 96-100
  Saher Bishara; Ken Funk
Tactical vs. Strategic Behavior: General Aviation Piloting in Convective Weather Scenarios BIBAFull-Text 101-105
  Kara A. Latorella; James P. Chamberlain

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Information Displays and Decision Support in Aviation Systems [Lecture]

Incorporating Procedural Information in a Paired Approach Task BIBAFull-Text 106-110
  Steven J. Landry; Amy R. Pritchett
The Effects of an Airborne Inter-Arrival Spacing Tool on Pilot Workload and Acceptability BIBAFull-Text 111-115
  Katrin G. Helbing; Todd Eischeid; Rosa M. Oseguera-Lohr
Ecological Interface Design in Aviation Domains: Work Domain Analysis and Instrumentation Availability of the Harvard Aircraft BIBAFull-Text 116-120
  Roshanak Moradi Nadimian; Scott Griffiths; Catherine M. Burns
The Effect of Visual Location on Cognitive Tunneling with Superimposed HUD Symbology BIBAFull-Text 121-125
  Susan R. Dowell; David C. Foyle; Becky L. Hooey; Jennifer L. Williams
Cardiac and Eye Activity Correlates of Sleep Loss in Helicopter Pilots BIBAFull-Text 126-129
  Glenn F. Wilson; John A. Caldwell

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Understanding and Enhancing Human Performance in Aviation [Lecture]

Gz Acceleration Loss of Consciousness: Time Course of Performance Deficits with Repeated Experience BIBAFull-Text 130-134
  Lloyd D. Tripp; Joel S. Warm; Gerald Matthews; Peter Y. Chiu; John E. Deaton; William B. Albery
NASA Synthetic Vision EGE Flight Test BIBAFull-Text 135-139
  Lawrence (Lance) J. Prinzel; Lynda J. Kramer; J. Raymond Comstock; Randall E. Bailey; Monica F. Hughes; Russell V. Parrish
Peripheral Arterial Tone as an On-Line Measure of Flight Load BIBAFull-Text 140-144
  Cristina Iani; Daniel Gopher; Arthur J. Grunwald; Peretz Lavie
Pilot Error in Copying Air Traffic Control Clearances BIBAFull-Text 145-149
  Esa M. Rantanen; Nina K. Kokayeff

AEROSPACE SYSTEMS: Aerospace Systems Posters

CRCT (Collaborative Routing Coordination Tools) and TFM (Traffic Flow Management) Decision Support Tool Prototyping BIBAFull-Text 150-154
  Anthony J. Masalonis
An Analysis of In-Flight Impairment and Incapacitation in Fatal General Aviation Accidents (19901998) BIBAFull-Text 155-159
  Narinder Taneja; Douglas A. Wiegmann
Human Factors in Aircraft Accidents: A Holistic Approach to Intervention Strategies BIBAFull-Text 160-164
  Narinder Taneja
Perceptual Aspects of Symbol Shapes and Relations in 3D Aircraft Displays BIBAFull-Text 165-169
  Patrik Andersson; Torbjorn Alm
Imaging Systems in Search and Rescue: Implications for Geographic Orientation BIBAFull-Text 170-174
  Jocelyn Keillor; Karen J. Hodges; Michael Perlin; Nada Ivanovic; J. G. Hollands

AGING: Older Adults and Computer Systems [Lecture]

Age and Perceptions of Usability on Telephone Menu Systems BIBAFull-Text 175-179
  Christopher Reynolds; Sara J. Czaja; Joseph Sharit
An Application of Neural Network Modeling to Diagnose Eating Behavior of Seniors in Smart Houses BIBAFull-Text 180-184
  Jiyoung Kwahk; Robert C. Williges; Tonya L. Smith-Jackson
Comparing Older and Younger Adults' Traversal Time in Expandable and Non-Expandable Hierarchical Structures BIBAFull-Text 185-188
  Sri Hastuti Kurniawan; R. Darin Ellis; Panayiotis Zaphiris
An Age-Related Comparison of a Touchscreen and a Novel Input Device BIBAFull-Text 189-192
  Richard Pak; Anne C. McLaughlin; Chao-Chung Lin; Wendy A. Rogers; Arthur D. Fisk
Promoting Successful Computer Use by Older Adults: Input Devices and Experienced Users BIBAFull-Text 193-196
  Patricia Holley; Neil Charness

AGING: Aging and Everyday Applications [Lecture]

Acceptable Cap Torques for Processed Food Containers for Aged Women BIBAFull-Text 197-200
  Kwan S. Lee; Seung H. Shin; Byung C. Shon
The Impact of Organizational Structure and Labels on Web Usability for Older Adults BIBAFull-Text 201-205
  Julian Sanchez; Sara J. Czaja
Staying Oriented While Driving BIBAFull-Text 206-208
  S. N. de Ridder; C. Elieff; A. Diesch; C. Gershenson; H. L. Pick
Web Site Design for the Disabled: Issues for Human Factors Practitioners BIBAFull-Text 209-213
  Sarah J. Swierenga

AGING: Aging Posters

Effects of Reduced Contrast on Young and Older Adults' Utilization of Context During Reading BIBAFull-Text 214-218
  Tracy L. Mitzner
A Study of Interaction Devices and WWW User Interface Design for Older Adults BIBAFull-Text 219-223
  Pei-Luen Patrick Rau; Jia-Wen Hsu


National Differences and Naturalistic Decision Making BIBAFull-Text 224
  Helen Altman Klein
Barriers to Adaptability in a Multinational Team BIBAFull-Text 225-229
  Linda G. Pierce
What do Cultural Dimensions Reveal about Flight Deck Operations BIBAFull-Text 230-234
  Randall J. Mumaw; Barbara E. Holder


Mental Workload and the Display of Abstraction Hierarchy Information BIBAFull-Text 235-239
  Catherine M. Burns; Laura K. Thompson; Antonio Rodriguez
Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words Investigating Structural Knowledge with Textual and Pictorial Stimuli BIBAFull-Text 240-244
  A. William Evans; Raegan M. Hoeft; Florian G. Jentsch; Clint A. Bowers
Window of Opportunity: Using the Interruption Lag to Manage Disruption in Complex Tasks BIBAFull-Text 245-249
  Sheryl L. Miller
Model-Based Predictions of Interrupted Checklists BIBAFull-Text 250-254
  Melanie Diez; Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; Robert W. Holt
The Role Of Attention in Vestibular Processing BIBAFull-Text 255-259
  Michael E. Talkowski; Mark S. Redfern; J. Richard Jennings; Joseph M. Furman

COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Cognitive Engineering and Design [Lecture]

The Remote Perception Problem BIBAFull-Text 260-264
  James S. Tittle; Axel Roesler; David D. Woods
Work Centered Support System Design: Using Frames to Reduce Work Complexity BIBAFull-Text 265-269
  Robert G. Eggleston; Randall D. Whitaker
Mental Models and Ecological Interface Design: An Experimental Investigation BIBAFull-Text 270-274
  Olivier St-Cyr; Catherine M. Burns
A Study of Ergonomic Measurement Indices in Evaluating Human-Machine Interfaces BIBAFull-Text 275-279
  Y. Lin; W. J. Zhang; L. G. Watson
Examining a Possible Triangle Effect: Risk Perception, Sensation Seeking and Focused Attention BIBAFull-Text 280-284
  Charneta Samms; Kayenda Johnson
Behind the Curtain: The Cognitive Tasks Behind the Visualizations BIBAFull-Text 285-288
  William C. Elm; David D. Woods; Kevin Bennett; Ann Bisantz; Robert Eggleston; Christine Mitchell
Team Communication Analysis: Exploiting the Wealth BIBAFull-Text 289
  Nancy J. Cooke
Using Communication Data to Assess Organizational and System Effectiveness in Future Combat Systems BIBAFull-Text 290-294
  Michael J. Paley; Michael P. Linegang; Rebecca M. Morley
Using Communications Analysis to Understand Team Development: An Example BIBAFull-Text 295-297
  Clint A. Bowers; Florian Jentsch
Some Promising Results of Communication-Based Automatic Measures of Team Cognition BIBAFull-Text 298-302
  Preston A. Kiekel; Nancy J. Cooke; Peter W. Foltz; Jamie C. Gorman; Melanie J. Martin

COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Human and Machine Decision Making [Lecture]

Once More With Feeling: Augmenting Recognition Primed Decision Making With Affective Factors BIBAFull-Text 303-307
  Eva Hudlicka; Jonathan Pfautz
Task Demands and Responses to Warnings BIBAFull-Text 308-312
  Joachim Meyer
A Field Study of Emergency Ambulance Dispatching: Implications for Decision Support BIBAFull-Text 313-317
  Renee Chow; Kim J. Vicente
Supervisory Decision-Making in SemiAutonomous Systems BIBAFull-Text 318-322
  Dwight P. Miller; Jack Schryver; Daniel R. Tufano
A Graph Theoretic Model of Human Cognition in Chess BIBAFull-Text 323-326
  Catherine M. Burns; Marko Dodig


Effects of Information and Decision Automation on Multi-Task Performance BIBAFull-Text 327-331
  Ericka Rovira; Marla Zinni; Raja Parasuraman
Making Unreliable Automation Useful BIBAFull-Text 332-336
  Mark St. John; Daniel I. Manes
Experimental Study of Automation to Support Time-Critical Replanning Decisions BIBAFull-Text 337-341
  Kip E. Johnson; James K. Kuchar; Charles M. Oman
Comparison of Performance Effects of Adaptive Automation Applied to Various Stages of Human-Machine System Information Processing BIBAFull-Text 342-346
  Michael P. Clamann; Melanie C. Wright; David B. Kaber

COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Methods in Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making [Lecture]

Model-Based Assessment of Situation Awareness BIBAFull-Text 347-351
  Floyd Glenn; Jennifer McNamara; Jim Hicinbothom; Derek Wischusen
A Field Test of Two Methods for Assessing Infantry Situation Awareness BIBAFull-Text 352-356
  Michael D. Matthews; Scott A. Beal
Scenario Development for Decision Support System Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 357-361
  Emilie M. Roth; James W. Gualtieri; William C. Elm; Scott S. Potter
Human-Automated Judgment Learning: A Methodology to Investigate Human Interaction With Automated Judges BIBAFull-Text 362-366
  Ellen J. Bass; Amy R. Pritchett
Design and Evaluation of Usable Systems BIBAFull-Text 367-371
  John F. McGrew

COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Aviation and Cognitive Engineering [Lecture]

Modeling Error Recovery in Dynamic Collaborative Domains BIBAFull-Text 372-376
  Mark I. Nikolic; Nadine B. Sarter
Mental Models, Situation Models, and Expertise in Flight Situation Awareness BIBAFull-Text 377-381
  Mark T. Jodlowski; Stephanie M. Doane; Young Woo Sohn
Impact of Contextual Information on Automation Brittleness BIBAFull-Text 382-386
  Jennifer J. Ockerman; Amy R. Pritchett
Using Cognitive Theory to Enhance Aviation Security X-Ray Screening BIBAFull-Text 387-391
  R. L. Maguire; A. J. McClumpha; K. B. Tatlock
Interference Effects on the Recall of Words Heard and Read: Considerations for ATC Communication BIBAFull-Text 392-396
  Matthew R. Risser; Danielle S. McNamara; Carryl L. Baldwin; Mark W. Scerbo; Immanuel Barshi
Team Cognition: Process and Performance at the inter- and Intra-Individual Level BIBAFull-Text 397
  Eduardo Salas; Stephen M. Fiore
Distributed Teams and Distributed Memory BIBAFull-Text 398-402
  Stephen M. Fiore; Haydee M. Cuevas; Eduardo Salas; Jonathan W. Schooler
Addressing Limitations of the Measurement of Team Cognition BIBAFull-Text 403-407
  Nancy Cooke; Preston A. Kiekel; Brian Bell; Eduardo Salas
From Team Structure to Team Performance: A Framework BIBAFull-Text 408-412
  Jean MacMillan; Elliot E. Entin; Daniel Serfaty
Integrating Agents into Human Teams BIBAFull-Text 413-417
  Katia Sycara; Michael Lewis


Measurement of Human Trust in a Hybrid Inspection for Varying Error Patterns BIBAFull-Text 418-422
  Kartik Madhani; Mohammad T. Khasawneh; Sittichai Kaewkuekool; Anand K. Gramopadhye; Brian J. Melloy
Judgment and Trust in Conjunction With Automated Decision Aids: A Theoretical Model and Empirical Investigation BIBAFull-Text 423-427
  Younho Seong; Ann M. Bisantz
Effects of Unreliable Automation on Decision Making in Command and Control BIBAFull-Text 428-432
  Ericka Rovira; Kathleen McGarry; Raja Parasuraman


Using Software Agents in a Work Centered Support System for Weather Forecasting and Monitoring BIBAFull-Text 433-437
  Ron Scott; Emilie M. Roth; Stephen E. Deutsch; Erika Malchiodi; Tom Kazmierczak; Robert G. Eggleston; Samuel R. Kuper; Randall Whitaker


Effects of Information Automation and Decision-Aiding Cueing on Action Implementation in a Visual Search Task BIBAFull-Text 438-442
  Scott M. Galster; Robert S. Bolia; Raja Parasuraman

COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Decision Making in the Armed Forces [Lecture]

Constructing Battlefield Understanding: A Comparison of Experienced and Novice Decision Makers in Different Contexts BIBAFull-Text 443-447
  Lawrence G. Shattuck; Christopher Talcott; Michael D. Matthews; Jennifer Clark; Matthew Swiergosz
Improving Tactical Decision Making through Critical Thinking BIBAFull-Text 448-452
  Karel van den Bosch; Anne S. Helsdingen
Assessment of the TADMUS DSS with Work Domain Analysis BIBAFull-Text 453-457
  Catherine M. Burns; David Bryant; Bruce Chalmers
Experimental Design Interrogation of Network Simulation Models of U.S. Army Command and Control Centers BIBAFull-Text 458-462
  Sam E. Middlebrooks; Robert C. Williges
Power Tool for Countering Cyberwar: Visualizations for Information Assurance and Computer Network Defense BIBAFull-Text 463-467
  James W. Gualtieri; William C. Elm
GUTs or No GUTs (Grand Unified Theories): DoesCanShould Cognitive Engineering Have G.U.T.s BIBAFull-Text 468-471
  David D. Woods

COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Cognitive Task Analysis and Cognitive Modeling [Lecture]

Using Goal Directed Task Analysis with Army Brigade Officer Teams BIBAFull-Text 472-476
  Cheryl A. Bolstad; Jennifer M. Riley; Debra G. Jones; Mica R. Endsley
Computer-Aided Decision Support: Is it What the Army Needs BIBAFull-Text 477-481
  Jennifer M. Riley; Mica R. Endsley
An Empirical Comparison of Methods for Eliciting and Modeling Expert Knowledge BIBAFull-Text 482-486
  Robert R. Hoffman; John W. Coffey; Mary Jo Carnot; Joseph D. Novak
Differential Access Hypothesis: The Effects of Task and Information Type on the Validity of Knowledge Acquisition Methods BIBAFull-Text 487-491
  Deane B. Cheatham; Sharolyn Converse Lane
Computational Cognitive Models ISO Ecologically Optimal Strategies BIBAFull-Text 492-496
  Wayne D. Gray; Michael J. Schoelles; Christopher W. Myers


Influence of Analytically and Intuitively Framed Instructions upon Multi-Attribute Decision Task Approach BIBAFull-Text 497-500
  Rebecca J. White; Thomas E. Nygren
Examining Decision-Making Strategies Based on Information Acquisition and Information Search Time BIBAFull-Text 501-505
  Julie L. Marble; Heather D. Medema; Susan G. Hill
A Lens Model Analysis of Confidence Judgments: Beyond Calibration Measures BIBAFull-Text 506-510
  Chang S. Nam; Ann M. Bisantz
Measuring Judgment Interaction with Displays and Automation BIBAFull-Text 511-515
  Amy R. Pritchett; Ann M. Bisantz
Utilizing Dynamic Cognitive Feedback to Facilitate Learning on Diagnostic Tasks BIBAFull-Text 516-520
  Gordon J. Gattie; Ann M. Bisantz

COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Cognitive Work Analysis for Large-Scale Systems: Recurring Issues [Symposium]

Validating Methods in Cognitive Engineering: A Comparison of Two Work Domain Models BIBAFull-Text 521-525
  Ann M. Bisantz; Catherine M. Burns; Emilie Roth
Eid and Analytic Redundancy: Reports from the Process BIBAFull-Text 526-530
  Penelope Sanderson; Dal Vernon C. Reising
Work Centered Design of a Usaf Mission Planning System BIBAFull-Text 531-535
  Gavan Lintern; Diane Miller; Keith Baker
Empirical Evaluation of an Industrial Application of Ecological Interface Design BIBAFull-Text 536-540
  Greg A. Jamieson

COGNITIVE ENGINEERING AND DECISION MAKING: Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making Posters

Policy Capturing and Fuzzy Logic: A Better Approach to Representing Judgment Data BIBAFull-Text 541-545
  Amy E. Bolton; Randolph S. Astwood; Gwendolyn E. Campbell
Crisis Management Teams (CMT): Leveraging the Science of Team Performance Under Stress BIBAFull-Text 546-550
  C. Shawn Burke; Katherine A. Wilson; Eduardo Salas
The Influence of Feedback on Automation Use, Misuse, and Disuse BIBAFull-Text 551-555
  Mary Dzindolet; Linda Pierce; Scott Peterson; Lori Purcell; Hall Beck
Distributed Cognition in Shared Information Spaces BIBAFull-Text 556-560
  Elena Theodorou; Michael D. McNeese; Lori Ferzandi; Xun Ge; Tyrone Jefferson
Understanding Team Adaptability: Initial Theoretical and Practical Considerations BIBAFull-Text 561-565
  Heather A. Priest; C. Shawn Burke; Danielle Munim; Eduardo Salas
The Utility of Mental Model Assessment in Diagnosing Cognitive and Metacognitive Processes for Complex Training BIBAFull-Text 566-568
  Sandro Scielzo; Stephen M. Fiore; Haydee M. Cuevas; Eduardo Salas
Adaptation of Team Structure of Trauma Resuscitation Teams BIBAFull-Text 569-573
  Yan Xiao; F. Jacob Seagull; Colin F. Mackenzie; Katherine Klein; Jonathon Ziegert

COMMUNICATIONS: Cheeseburgers, Cocktail Parties, and Segregated-Multiple-Talker-Scanpath Hors D'Oeuvres [Lecture]

Gender in the Cocktail Party Effect: Listener, Target Speaker, and Distractor Genders Examined BIBAFull-Text 574-577
  Catherine R. Harrison; Robert S. Bolia
Design Approach does affect Customer Behavior: Action-Objects Increase Cut-Throughs BIBAFull-Text 578-582
  Robert R. Bushey; Kurt M. Joseph; John M. Martin
The Effects of Bold Text on Visual Search of form Fields BIBAFull-Text 583-587
  Kurt M. Joseph; Benjamin A. Knott; Rebecca A. Grier
Segregation of Multiple Talkers in the Vertical Plane: Implications for the Design of a Multiple Talker Display BIBAFull-Text 588-591
  Ken I. McAnally; Robert S. Bolia; Russell L. Martin; Geoff Eberle; Douglas S. Brungart
Voice-Activated Dialing or Eating a Cheeseburger: Which is more Distracting during Simulated Driving BIBAFull-Text 592-596
  James W. Jenness; Raymond J. Lattanzio; Maura O'Toole; Nancy Taylor

COMMUNICATIONS: Communication Posters

An Analysis of Telephone Messages: Minimizing Unproductive Replay Time BIBAFull-Text 597-601
  Michael D. Fleetwood; Danielle L. Paige; Chris S. Fick; Kenneth R. Laughery

COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Multimodal Input [Lecture]

Longitudinal Study of the Effects of an Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard on Upper Body Musculoskeletal Symptoms BIBAFull-Text 602-606
  Alan Hedge; Mark Goldstein; Lawrence Hettinger; Cari Varner; Don Silva; Jean Malafronte; Chuck Goodyear
Pointing Stick versus Touch Pad: Working Together BIBAFull-Text 607-611
  David A. Sawin; Aaron M. Stewart; Jeffrey A. Calcaterra
When Should Computers Talk: Using Multiple Resource Theory to Determine Whether to Add Synthetic Speech to a User Interface BIBAFull-Text 612-616
  Patrick M. Commarford; Katherine A. Wilson; Kay M. Stanney
An Evaluation of Text-Entry in Palm OS Graffiti and the Virtual Keyboard BIBAFull-Text 617-621
  Michael D. Fleetwood; Michael D. Byrne; Peter Centgraf; Karin Dudziak; Brian Lin; Dmitryi Mogilev
Cursor Capturing Functions as an Aid for Target Selection in Mouse Operation BIBAFull-Text 622-626
  Jungchul Park; Sung H. Han; Huichul Yang; Minhaeng Cho; Jooyung Han
Best Practices in Search User Interface Design BIBAFull-Text 627-631
  Marc L. Resnick; Jennifer Bandos
Current Issues and Research Related to the Development and Delivery of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals BIBAFull-Text 632-635
  Katie Ricci; John Hodak

COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Distinguished Speaker [Invited Address]

Some Historical Roots of the Field of Human-Computer Interaction BIBAFull-Text 636-640
  Richard W. Pew

COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Methods and More [Lecture]

Extending the Heuristic Evaluation Method through Contextualisation BIBAFull-Text 641-645
  Jarinee Chattratichart; Jacqueline Brodie
The Automated Card-Sort as an Interface Design Tool: A Comparison of Products BIBAFull-Text 646-650
  Merrill J. Zavod; Donald E. Rickert; Steven H. Brown
User's Delay Perception and Tolerance in Human-Computer Interaction BIBAFull-Text 651-655
  Enlie Wang
A Development Environment and Methodology for the Design of Work-Centered User Interface Systems BIBAFull-Text 656-660
  Wayne Zachary; Robert G. Eggleston
High-Fidelity or Low-Fidelity, Paper or Computer Choosing Attributes When Testing Web Prototypes BIBAFull-Text 661-665
  Miriam Walker; Leila Takayama; James A. Landay

COMPUTER SYSTEMS: Computer Systems Posters

Land Warrior: Effects of Size of Keyboard on Speed and Accuracy of Data Entry BIBAFull-Text 666-669
  Christopher A. Collins; Darin G. Howe; Michael D. Matthews
Perceptual Cues and Subjective Organization in a Virtual Information Workspace BIBAFull-Text 670-674
  Todd M. Eischeid; Mark W. Scerbo
An Integrated Methodology for User Interface Design: Human Factors in Use Case Driven Development Process BIBAFull-Text 675-679
  Qian Li
A Study of Electronic Annotation on Web Documents BIBAFull-Text 680-684
  Pei-Luen Patrick Rau; Sho-Hsen Chen
Reading from a Palm Pilot Using RSVP BIBAFull-Text 685-689
  Mark C. Russell; Barbara S. Chaparro


First Annual User-Centered Consumer Product Design AwardAward BIBAFull-Text 690-691
  Dianne L. McMullin; Stan Caplan
Human Factors at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety CommissionPanel BIBAFull-Text 692-694
  Robert B. Ochsman; Hope E. Johnson; Celestine Kiss; Michele R. Marut; Jonathan Midgett; Timothy P. Smith

CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Physical Considerations for Consumer Product Design [Lecture]

Universal Access in Practice: Usability Evaluation of Cellular Telephones for Users with Disabilities BIBAFull-Text 695-699
  Aaron M. Mooney; Maury A. Nussbaum; Tonya L. Smith-Jackson
Optimal Balancing of Product Design Features: A Case Study on Mobile Phones BIBAFull-Text 700-704
  Sang W. Hong; Kwang J. Kim; Sung H. Han
Human Factors Design Considerations of Alarm Clocks BIBAFull-Text 705-709
  Raymond W. Lim; Michael S. Wogalter
Human Factors Considerations for High Chair and Stroller Child Restraints BIBAFull-Text 710-714
  Neil D. Lerner; Richard W. Huey; Carolyn Meiers
Band Saw Safety System BIBAFull-Text 715-719
  Susan Nosacka; Rachel Gumpenberger; Maggie Kubit; Bao Tran

CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Psychological Considerations for Consumer Product Design [Lecture]

Quantifying Customer Perception of Product Harmony Using Kansei Engineering Method BIBAFull-Text 720-724
  Lijian Zhang
Creativity Increases through Top-Down Design Procedures BIBAFull-Text 725-729
  Martin G. Helander; Dag Caldenfors
On the Reading of Product Owner's Manuals: Perceptions and Product Complexity BIBAFull-Text 730-734
  Brad Mehlenbacher; Michael S. Wogalter; Kenneth R. Laughery
The Effects of Product, Signal Word, and Color on Warning Labels: Differences in Perceived Hazard BIBAFull-Text 735-739
  N. Clayton Silver; Kelly L. Drake; Zahra B. Niaghi; Aubrey C. Brim; Otto Pedraza
Evaluation of Product Preference using Virtual Prototyping: Case Study of an Automobile Interior BIBAFull-Text 740-744
  Chul Woo Kim; Jungchul Park; Myung Hwan Yun; Sung H. Han; Hee-Dong Ko

CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Consumer Products Posters

The Relationship between Sleep Quality and Mattress Types BIBAFull-Text 745-749
  Se Jin Park; Hyun Ja Lee
Competitive Usability Analysis of Phone Interface for Television Text Entry BIBAFull-Text 750-754
  Amy Swanson; Kristine Turville Delano

DEMONSTRATIONS: Tools for Team Performance Capture, Team Knowledge Assessment, Motion in Virtual Displays, and Immersive Displays on the Cheap! [Demonstrations]

The Rate Tool: Multimedia Observation and Analysis of Teams BIBAFull-Text 755
  Stephanie Guerlain; Thomas Shin; Hui Guo; Reid Adams; J. Forrest Calland
Structural Knowledge Assessment with the Team Performance Lab's Knowledge Analysis Test Suite (TPL-KATS) BIBAFull-Text 756-760
  Raegan M. Hoeft; Florian G. Jentsch; Michelle E. Harper; A. William Evans; Devon G. Berry; Clint Bowers; Eduardo Salas
Configuring Multiscreen Displays With Existing Computer Equipment BIBAFull-Text 761-765
  Jeffrey Jacobson
Demonstration of a Motion Coupled Virtual Environment (MOCOVE) A Device for Reducing Spatial Disorientation in Uncoupled Virtual and Motion Environments BIBAFull-Text 766-770
  Keith W. Brendley; Joseph Cohn; Jed Marti; Paul DiZio

EDUCATION: Teaching HF and Web-Based Instruction [Lecture]

A Graduate Course in Human Factors and Aging: Engineering Gerontology BIBAFull-Text 771-773
  R. Darin Ellis
An Empirical Study of Usability Testing: Heuristic Evaluation vs. User Testing BIBAFull-Text 774-778
  Enlie Wang; Barrett Caldwell
Reusable Simulations and Interactive Learning Experiences in Human Factors Education BIBAFull-Text 779-782
  Steffen Werner; Andreas E. Finkelmeyer
The Effects of a Web-Based System on Subjects with Contrasting Study Orientations BIBAFull-Text 783-787
  Pedro Z. Caldeira
Predicting the Adoption of Web Media Objects for University Course Instruction BIBAFull-Text 788-791
  Kayenda Johnson
Teaching Techniques and Demonstrations: Let's Not Recreate the Wheel BIBAFull-Text 792
  Nancy J. Stone
Low-Technology Demonstrations of the Role of Peripheral Vision in Human Factors and Ergonomics BIBAFull-Text 793-797
  William F. Moroney
Computer-Enhanced Demonstrations of Simple Reaction Time BIBAFull-Text 798-800
  Andris Freivalds; Dongjoon Kong
Computer-Enhanced Demonstrations of the Fitts' Tapping Task BIBAFull-Text 801-804
  Andris Freivalds; Dongjoon Kong
The Effect of Uncertainty on Reaction Time BIBAFull-Text 805-809
  Stanley Caplan
Simulated Investigation of Hypothetical Accidents: Learning about Causation, Causal Reasoning, and Investigation Bias BIBAFull-Text 810-814
  Kathryn Woodcock

EDUCATION: Education Posters

Developing a Reusable Resource for Teaching Task Analysis BIBAFull-Text 815-819
  Liwana S. Bringelson; Tanya E. Morose; Carolyn G. MacGregor; Catherine M. Burns
Spotlight on Educating Our Future Professionals: What Human Factors and Ergonomics Means to Students BIBAFull-Text 820-824
  Haydee M. Cuevas; Matthew Hilscher
Cognitive Work Analysis in Education and Training: Relating Pedagogical Methods to Course Objectives BIBAFull-Text 825-828
  Marvin J. Dainoff; Leonard S. Mark; Carrie Hall; Adam R. Richardson
The Effort is Well Worth it: Finding Systems Projects for Human Factors Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 829-833
  Frances Atchley-Greene; Shawn M. Doherty

ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN: Environmental Design Potpourri [Lecture]

Safer Home Stairways Application of Public Health Policies and Research Findings to the Development of Design Codes in the USA BIBAFull-Text 834-838
  Jake Pauls
User-centered design of distributed meeting environments: An initial study of experienced and naive users BIBAFull-Text 839-843
  N. Delia Grenville; Brian M. Kleiner
Comparison of Design Requirements Methods for Monitoring Eating Patterns of Seniors in a Smart House BIBAFull-Text 844-848
  Young Sam Ryu; Robert C. Williges; Tonya L. Smith-Jackson; Jiyoung Kwahk
Determining User Needs for Community-Based Geospatial Information Technology Services BIBAFull-Text 849-853
  Barrett S. Caldwell
Fractal Design Strategies for Enhancement of Knowledge Work Environments BIBAFull-Text 854-858
  James A. Wise; Richard P. Taylor
Immune Buildings Using Ergonomics and Environmental Design to Create Safe and Secure Settings Symposium BIBAFull-Text 859
  Alan Hedge
De-Opportunizing Design and Its Lessons for Building Security and Counterterrorism BIBAFull-Text 860-864
  James A. Wise
Environmental Design Strategies for Building Egress BIBAFull-Text 865-869
  Jake Pauls
Smart Furniture Workstation Technologies that Promote Health BIBAFull-Text 870-874
  Alan Hedge
Designing Airport Security Checkpoints of the Future BIBAFull-Text 875-879
  Michael D. Snyder; Eric C. Neiderman; Melissa W. Dixon

FORENSICS PROFESSIONAL: Issues in Forensic Human Factors

Punitive Damages Awards in Civil Litigation: Effects of Profit Information and Amount of Pain and Suffering Award BIBAFull-Text 880-884
  Kenneth R. Laughery; Danielle L. Paige; Michael S. Wogalter; Richard N. Bean
Computer-Generated Interactive Displays as an Aid in Explaining Complex Accidents to the trier of Fact BIBAFull-Text 885-889
  Gary D. Sloan; G. David Sloan; John A. Talbott
Motorcyclists' Brake Operation, Motorcycle Brake Controls and a Case Study: The Need for Human Factors Engineering BIBAFull-Text 890-894
  Rudolf G. Mortimer
Behavioral Adaptation: Unintended Consequences of Safety Interventions BIBAFull-Text 895-899
  Stephen L. Young; J. Paul Frantz; Timothy P. Rhoades
Considerations for Developing a Consensus Standard for Safety Information in Product-Accompanying Literature BIBAFull-Text 900-904
  Stephen L. Young; J. Paul Frantz; Timothy P. Rhoades; Steven M. Hall

FORENSICS PROFESSIONAL: Forensics Professional Posters

Allocation of Responsibility for Medication Errors BIBAFull-Text 905-909
  Danielle L. Paige
Traction Considerations During Stairway Descent BIBAFull-Text 910-914
  Robert H. Smith
Sexual Harassment: An Organizational Safety Issue BIBAFull-Text 915-919
  Alison G. Vredenburgh; Ilene B. Zackowitz

GENERAL SESSION: Thinking About, and In, the World

Road Rage: User-Reported Antecedents and Potential Solutions BIBAFull-Text 920-924
  Tonya L. Smith-Jackson; Michael S. Wogalter; Eric F. Shaver
Cognitive Performance Assessment for Stress and Endurance BIBAFull-Text 925-929
  Linda L. Mullins
Towards a Taxonomy of Human Factors Research: A Multi-Dimensional Approach BIBAFull-Text 930-934
  Renee Chow; Klaus Christoffersen; Oscar Guerra
Does the Jerome H. Ely Human Factors Article Award Predict Scientific Impact BIBAFull-Text 935-938
  John D. Lee; Anna Shearer; Andrea Cassano; Kim J. Vicente

GENERAL SESSION: General Sessions Posters

Contributors to Human Errors and Breaches in National Security Applications BIBAFull-Text 939-942
  Daniel J. Pond; F. Kay Houghton; Walter E. Gilmore
On Informing Women of Child Bearing Age about Seat Belt Risk during Pregnancy BIBAFull-Text 943-946
  Kenya Freeman; Michael S. Wogalter

INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN PERFORMANCE: Individual Differences and Cognition [Lecture]

Perceptions of Sport-Utility Vehicle (SUV) Safety by SUV Drivers and Non-Drivers BIBAFull-Text 947
  Michael S. Wogalter; Vincent C. Conzola; Eric F. Shaver
Decision-Making Styles Associated With Accidents: Defining the High Risk Pilot BIBAFull-Text 948-952
  Richard J. Adams; Booz Allen Hamilton; Jefferson M. Koonce; Peter V. Hwoschinsky
Assessing Individual Differences in Decision Making Styles: Analytical Vs. Intuitive BIBAFull-Text 953-957
  Thomas E. Nygren; Rebecca J. White
The Effects Of Prior Knowledge On Goal Variability Learning:The more goals the Merrier BIBAFull-Text 958-962
  Jeffrey T. Hansberger; Robert W. Holt

INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN PERFORMANCE: Individual Differences Potpourri [Lecture]

Personality, Coping and Task-Induced Stress in Customer Service Personnel BIBAFull-Text 963-967
  Gerald Matthews; Shona Falconer
Computerized Workplace Fitness Assessment: Sensitivity Vs Specificity BIBAFull-Text 968-972
  Robert S. Kennedy; Janet von Sternberg; Robert C. Kennedy
Task Context and Individual Difference Effects on Skill Acquisition of Visual Processing Strategy BIBAFull-Text 973-977
  Elizabeth Kramer; James H. Pratt; Young Woo Sohn

INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN PERFORMANCE: Individual Differences in Performance Posters

Hedonomics Affective Human Factors Design BIBAFull-Text 978-982
  Martin G. Helander

INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN PERFORMANCE: Individual Differences Potpourri [Lecture]

A Framework for Affective Customer Needs in Product Design BIBAFull-Text 983-987
  Halimahtun M. Khalid

INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN PERFORMANCE: Individual Differences in Performance Posters

Relating Goal Orientation to the Acquisition of a Complex Skill: Does the Context Matter BIBAFull-Text 988-992
  Eric Anthony Day; Charlene Stokes; Erich C. Fein
Profiling Users of a Unified Communication Service: Understanding Communication Traits and Styles BIBAFull-Text 993-997
  Leonardo Ruppenthal; Mark Chignell
Assessing Individual Differences In Spatial Strategies BIBAFull-Text 998-1001
  Valerie K. Sims; Hana S. Smith
Individual Differences in the Stress and Workload of Sustained Attention BIBAFull-Text 1002-1006
  James L. Szalma

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Ergonomic Risk Exposure Assessment [Lecture]

Validation and Field Testing of an Ergonomic Computer Use Checklist and Guidebook BIBAFull-Text 1007-1011
  Ira Janowitz; Arlie Stern; Don Morelli; Eileen Vollowitz; Mark Hudes; David Rempel
Ergonomic Antecedents and Disabling Construction Injuries BIBAFull-Text 1012-1016
  Theodore K. Courtney; Simon Matz; Barbara S. Webster
Physical Exposure Assessment in a Large Prospective Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders Study BIBAFull-Text 1017-1021
  Stephen Bao; Peregrin Spielholz; Ninica Howard; Barbara Silverstein; Caroline Smith; Ruby Irving; Cindy Orr; Ben Hamilton; Maureen Pilon; Carolyn Salazar
A Methodology for Incorporating Ergonomics into Manufacturing Systems Design BIBAFull-Text 1022-1026
  Victor Paquet; Li Lin
Combining Models to Solve the Problem: Macroergonomics and Public Health BIBAFull-Text 1027-1031
  Valerie J. Berg Rice; Mary Z. Mays
Methodological Approaches to Research and Musculoskeletal Complaints and Injuries Panel BIBAFull-Text 1032-1036
  Krystyna Gielo-Perczak; Waldemar Karwowski; Shrawan Kumar; William Marras

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Upper Extremity Research I [Lecture]

Inter-Rater Reliability for Hand Activity Level (HAL) and Force Metrics BIBAFull-Text 1037-1040
  Marissa L. Ebersole; Thomas J. Armstrong
Wrist and Forearm Postures and Velocities in Repetitive Precision Tasks BIBAFull-Text 1041-1045
  Kathleen Shyhalla; Victor Paquet; Colin Drury
Upperlimb EMG and Discomfort for Forearm Torques Combined with Horizontal Forces BIBAFull-Text 1046-1050
  Leonard W. O'Sullivan; Timothy J. Gallwey
Determination of Optimal Handle Sizes by Use of Normalized Hand Sizes in a Pulling Task BIBAFull-Text 1051-1055
  Yong-Ku Kong; Andris Freivalds
The Effects of Dynamic Wrist Workloads on Nerve Conduction Measures for Evaluating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome BIBAFull-Text 1056-1060
  Hyunkook Jang; Andris Freivalds


The Effect of a Variable Lumbar Erector Spinae Sagittal Plane Moment Arm on Predicted Spinal Loading BIBAFull-Text 1061-1065
  Michael J. Jorgensen; William S. Marras; Thomas R. Waters
Relative Contribution of Workplace Factors and Individual Characteristics in the Development of Spine Loads BIBAFull-Text 1066-1070
  K. G. Davis; W. S. Marras; T. R. Waters
Effects of Load and Posture on the Recruitment of Trunk Muscles BIBAFull-Text 1071-1075
  Sean Gallagher; William S. Marras; Kermit G. Davis
Nonlinear System Identification Applied to the Biomechanical Response of the Human Trunk During Sudden Loading BIBAFull-Text 1076-1080
  Brad M. Lawrence; Gregory D. Buckner; Gary A. Mirka

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Fatigue Research [Lecture]

The Effects of Differing Overhead Heights on Shoulder Fatigue During a Repetitive Intermittent Task BIBAFull-Text 1081-1085
  Deepti Sood; Kristopher Hager; Maury A. Nussbaum
EMG Changes of the ECU Muscle with Exposure to Repetitive Ulnar Deviation BIBAFull-Text 1086-1089
  Kirsty J. Bennie; Vincent M. Ciriello; Peter W. Johnson; Jack Tigh Dennerlein
Identification of Measures Sensitive to Fatigue Development Associated with Low-Level Exertions of the Neck Musculature and the Effects of Age BIBAFull-Text 1090-1094
  Sharon Joines; Carolyn M. Sommerich; Gary Mirka; James R. Wilson; Samuel Moon
Indices of Muscle Fatigue BIBAFull-Text 1095-1099
  Shrawan Kumar; Tyler Amell; Yogesh Narayan; Narsimah Prasad

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Physical and Mental Workplace Factors [Lecture]

Interactive Effects of Physical and Mental Workload on Subjective Workload Assessment BIBAFull-Text 1100-1104
  Angela Astin; Maury A. Nussbaum
The Effect of Personality Type on Assembly Time and Wrist Kinematics During a Laboratory Task BIBAFull-Text 1105-1109
  Naomi F. Glasscock; Gary A. Mirka; Carolyn M. Sommerich; Katherine W. Klein
Do the Same Factors Affect Use and Non-Use of Safety Equipment BIBAFull-Text 1110-1114
  M. J. Halter; C. G. Drury
Analysis of Per-Item and Per-Lot Paced Visual Inspection for High Target Probability Conditions BIBAFull-Text 1115-1119
  Rajeev M. Sahasrabudhe; Shannon R. Bowling; Mohammad T. Khasawneh; Anand K. Gramopadhye; Brian J. Melloy
Effects of Cued Micro-Breaks on Self-Reported Severity and Recovery of Upper Limb Disorders in Computer Operators BIBAFull-Text 1120-1123
  Michiel P. de Looze; Swenne G. van den Heuvel; Vincent H. Hildebrandt

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Upper Extremity Research II [Lecture]

A Survey of Desktop and Notebook Computer Use by Professionals BIBAFull-Text 1124-1128
  Carolyn M. Sommerich
Wrist and Shoulder Muscle Activity Changes Across Computer Tasks BIBAFull-Text 1129-1132
  Jack Dennerlein; Maria-Helena DiMarino; Ted Becker; Peter Johnson
An Analysis of Shoulder Loading Differences for Simulated Industrial Task Performance Between Injured and Non-Injured Subject Populations BIBAFull-Text 1133-1136
  Clark R. Dickerson; Don B. Chaffin
The Relationship between Subjective and Objective Scales on CTS Symptom Severity Using a Self-Administered Questionnaire BIBAFull-Text 1137-1141
  Dongjoon Kong; Andris Freivalds; Milind J. Kothari; Sanjiv H. Naidu


The Effects of Distance on Psychophysically Determined Pushing and Pulling Tasks BIBAFull-Text 1142-1146
  Vincent M. Ciriello
Application of Principal Components Analysis for Evaluation and Classification of Complex EMG Data BIBAFull-Text 1147-1151
  Miguel A. Perez; Maury Nussbaum
Use of the Cabs Methodology to Assess Biomechanical Stress in Commercial Crab Fishermen BIBAFull-Text 1152-1156
  Gary A. Mirka; GwanSeob Shin; Kristen Kucera; Dana Loomis
Ergonomic Analysis of Pallets and Drum Handling BIBAFull-Text 1157-1161
  Bernard Martin; Diane Adamo; Robert Felicitas; Stephen Burastero; K. Han Kim
Ergonomic Evaluation of California Winegrape Trellis Systems BIBAFull-Text 1162-1166
  Andrew E. Kato; Fadi A. Fathallah

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Ergonomic Movement Research [Lecture]

A Normative Database of Thumb Circumduction in Vivo: Center of Rotation and Range of Motion BIBAFull-Text 1167-1171
  Peter Braido; Xudong Zhang; Robert Hefner; Mark Redden
A Motion Modification Algorithm for Memory-Based Human Motion Simulation BIBAFull-Text 1172-1175
  Woojin Park; Don B. Chaffin; Bernard J. Martin
The Effect of Challenging Somatosensory Inputs on Eye Movement and Postural Sway Patterns of Workers BIBAFull-Text 1176-1180
  L. Kincl; A. Bhattacharya; P. Succop
Effect of Having A-Priori Knowledge of the Floor's Contaminant Condition on the Biomechanics of Slips BIBAFull-Text 1181-1185
  Rakie Cham; Brian Moyer; Mark S. Redfern
Relationship between Transitional Acceleration of the Whole Body Center-of-Mass and Friction Demand Characteristic During Gait BIBAFull-Text 1186-1190
  Thurmon E. Lockhart; Jeffrey C. Woldstad; James L. Smith

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Intervention Ergonomics [Lecture]

Effects of Glove Use in a Coating Removal Task BIBAFull-Text 1191-1195
  Ian C. Rybczynski; Fadi A. Fathallah
The Ergonomics Process in a Large Industry: A Case Study BIBAFull-Text 1196-1200
  Kim M. Rice; Brad Joseph; Helen Kilduff-Rich
Railroad Yard Safety: Perspectives from Labor and Management BIBAFull-Text 1201-1204
  Stephen J. Reinach; Judith B. Gertler
Ergonomic Improvements at an Electric Appliance Company in Korea BIBAFull-Text 1205-1209
  Kwan S. Lee; Dong K. Lee; Jae H. Kim; Mun J. Jung
A New Model of How People Investigate Incidents BIBAFull-Text 1210-1214
  C. G. Drury; K. Woodcock; I. Richards; A. Sarac; K. Shyhalla

INDUSTRIAL ERGONOMICS: Industrial Ergonomics Posters

Effects of Level of Automation on Errors and Consistency in Two- and Three-Dimensional Anthropometry BIBAFull-Text 1215-1219
  David Feathers; Victor Paquet; Colin Drury
Prelimenary Evaluation of Visibility in Hazardous Materials Level a Suit BIBAFull-Text 1220-1223
  John P. Holmquist; Par Ostberg; Par Axelsson; Nino Gallini; Mike Landsberger
The Effect of the Postures of the Middle Finger and the Wrist upon the Movement of the Index Finger: Preliminary Studies BIBAFull-Text 1224-1226
  John P. Holmquist
An Ergonomic Evaluation and Redesign of Office Workstations to Decrease Reported Musculoskeletal Discomfort Using an Internet-Based Office Erogonomics Program BIBAFull-Text 1227-1231
  J. D. McGlothlin; R. C. Lee
An Ergonomic Analysis of Scale-Pits BIBAFull-Text 1232-1236
  Cleve Mortimer; Pamela McCauley-Bell
Effects of Balance Training on Postural Stability BIBAFull-Text 1237-1240
  Jennifer M. Schmit; Deanna I. Rejacques; Michael A. Riley

INTERNET: Usability Methods, Design, and User Perceptions [Lecture]

Conditional Branching in Computerized Self-Administered Questionnaires on the World Wide Web BIBAFull-Text 1241-1245
  Kent L. Norman; Timothy Pleskac
The Online Experience and Consumers' Perceptions of e-Commerce Security BIBAFull-Text 1246-1250
  Carl W. Turner
Using Impenetrable Borders in a Graphical Web Browser: Are All Angles Equal BIBAFull-Text 1251-1255
  J. Shawn Farris; Keith S. Jones; Brent A. Anders
Which is a Better Method of Web Evaluation A Comparison of User Testing and Heuristic Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 1256-1260
  Tan Wei-Siong; R. R. Bishu
The Consumer Decision-Making Process in Two Different Web Stores BIBAFull-Text 1261-1265
  Sri Hartati Kurniawan; Yim Lee Au; Jing Zeng; Richard H. Y. So; Mitchell M. Tseng
Internet Usability and Customer Experience BIBAFull-Text 1266-1270
  Marc L. Resnick; Julian Sanchez

INTERNET: Search Performance and Usability Issues [Lecture]

The Effects of Web Search Engine Query Ambiguity and Results Sorting Method on User Performance and Preference BIBAFull-Text 1271-1275
  David N. Aurelio; Ronald R. Mourant
How Good is Search Engine Ranking A Validation Study with Human Judges BIBAFull-Text 1276-1280
  Behnak Yaltaghian; Mark Chignell
The Grid Menu: Efficient and Robust Selection of Menu-Items BIBAFull-Text 1281-1285
  Hong-In Cheng; Patrick E. Patterson
Using the Locus of Control Personality Dimension as a Predictor of Online Behavior BIBAFull-Text 1286-1290
  Bonnie L. Lida; Barbara S. Chaparro
Understanding Query Formation in the Use of Internet Search Engines BIBAFull-Text 1291-1295
  Jennifer A. Bandos; Marc L. Resnick

INTERNET: Internet Posters

Paging vs. Scrolling: Examining Ways to Present Search Results BIBAFull-Text 1296-1299
  Michael Bernard; Ryan Baker; Barbara Chaparro; Marisa Fernandez
Using Impenetrable Borders in a Graphical Web Browser: How Does Distance Influence Target Selection Speed BIBAFull-Text 1300-1304
  J. Shawn Farris; Keith S. Jones; Brent A. Anders
Usability Issues in Advanced Distributed Learning Applications: What Are the Implications for Learning BIBAFull-Text 1305-1309
  David O. Holness; James A. Pharmer; Wendi L. Buff
Examining Information Searching on the World Wide Web with a Screen-Reader: A Verbal Protocol Analysis BIBAFull-Text 1310-1314
  Keith S. Jones; J. Shawn Farris; Peter D. Elgin; Brent A. Anders; Brian R. Johnson
Do Common User Interface Design Patterns Improve Navigation BIBAFull-Text 1315-1319
  Carlos A. Maldonado; Marc L. Resnick
International Interface Evaluation of a Corporate Web Site: Assessing the Effectiveness of Communicating with Culturally-Diverse Audiences BIBAFull-Text 1320-1324
  W. Todd Nelson; Anna L. Langhorne; David L. Mahaffey

MACROERGONOMICS: Macroergonomics [Lecture]

Investigating Total Exposure to MSD Risks: The Roles of Occupational and Nonoccupational Factors. BIBAFull-Text 1325-1329
  Alan Hedge; Mary Rudakewych; Lisa Weitz
Telecommuting: An Overview of Emerging Macroergonomics Issues BIBAFull-Text 1330-1334
  Michelle M. Robertson; Wayne S. Maynard; Yueng-hsiang E. Huang; Jamie R. McDevitt
A Macroergonomic Approach to Distributed Team Performance BIBAFull-Text 1335-1339
  Haydee M. Cuevas; Stephen M. Fiore; Eduardo Salas; Clint A. Bowers
Team Implementation of New Technology BIBAFull-Text 1340-1344
  Dennis R. Jones; Michael J. Smith
Mission Control Knowledge Synchronization: Operations to Reference Performance Cycles BIBAFull-Text 1345-1349
  Sandra K. Garrett; Barrett S. Caldwell
Macroergonomics Methods: An Overview BIBAFull-Text 1350
  Hal W. Hendrick
Participatory Ergonomics and Macroergonomic Organizational Questionnaire Surveys BIBAFull-Text 1351-1354
  Pascale Carayon; Peter Hoonakker; Maria C. Haims
Macroergonomic Methods: Interviews and Focus Groups BIBAFull-Text 1355-1359
  Leah C. Newman
Field Study, Field Experiment, and Macroergonomic Analysis of Structure (MAS) Methods BIBAFull-Text 1360-1364
  Hal W. Hendrick
Macroergonomic Analysis and Design (MEAD) of Work System Processes BIBAFull-Text 1365-1369
  Brian M. Kleiner
A Macroergonomics Tool for Assessing Work System Processes: Systems Analysis Tool (SAT) BIBAFull-Text 1370-1373
  Michelle M. Robertson
Macroergonomics and Diversity: Education, Healthcare and the Workforce BIBAFull-Text 1374
  Leah C. Newman
Women of color and the selection of IT academic programs BIBAFull-Text 1375-1378
  C. A. Brooks
Quality of Working Life among Women and Minorities in the Information Technology Workforce: A Pilot Study BIBAFull-Text 1379-1383
  Pascale Carayon; Maria C. Haims; Maria J. Brunette; Peter Hoonakker
Enhancing Patient Safety and Quality of Care Using a Macroergonomics Systems Approach BIBAFull-Text 1384
  Maria C. Haims
A Macroergonomic Case Study Assessing Electronic Medical Record Implementation in a Small Clinic BIBAFull-Text 1385-1388
  Ann Schoofs Hundt; Pascale Carayon; Paul D. Smith; Vipat Kuruchittham
Infection Control/Health Care Epidemiology and Human Factors Engineering A New Pairing for Patient Safety BIBAFull-Text 1389-1393
  Carla J. Alvarado
A Framework and Methodology for Achieving Region-Wide Patient Safety Improvements BIBAFull-Text 1394-1398
  Marla Haims; Denise Rousseau; Donna Keyser; Ed Harrison; Carl Sirio
Job and Work Environment Predictors of Turnover Intention in Long-Term Care Facilities BIBAFull-Text 1399-1403
  Ben-Tzion Karsh; Bridget Booske; Francois Sainfort

MACROERGONOMICS: Macroergonomics Poster

Safety Culture: A Concept in Chaos BIBAFull-Text 1404-1408
  Hui Zhang; Douglas A. Wiegmann; Terry L. von Thaden

MEDICAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION: Medical Systems/Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making Joint Lecture Session [Lecture]

Clinical Evidence at the Point of Care in Acute Medicine: A Handheld Usability Case Study BIBAFull-Text 1409-1413
  Harumi Takeshita; Dianne Davis; Sharon E. Straus
Video Clips as a Data Source for Safety Performance BIBAFull-Text 1414-1417
  Colin Mackenzie; Yan Xiao; Peter Hu; F. Jacob Seagull; Camille Hammond; Grant Bochicchio; William Chiu; James O'Connor; Lynn Gerber-Smith; Richard Dutton
Repeating Human Performance Themes in Five Health Care Adverse Events BIBAFull-Text 1418-1422
  Emily S. Patterson; Marta L. Render; Patricia R. Ebright
Parallel User Interface Design of a Clinical Decision-Support Application for Desktop and Pocket PC Platforms BIBAFull-Text 1423-1427
  Robert Tannen
Transactive Responsibility Systems and High Reliability Teams: A Tentative Formulation BIBAFull-Text 1428-1432
  Yan Xiao; Jacqueline Moss; Colin F. Mackenzie; F. Jacob Seagull; Samer Faraj
Seizing the Moment: Translating Human Factors Research into Patient Safety Interventions Panel BIBAFull-Text 1433-1437
  Thomas Sheridan; Emilie Roth; James Battles; Meghan Dierks; John Gosbee; Marta Render; Luke Sato

MEDICAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION: Human Factors Issues at the Point of Care

Creating Patient Safety with Organizational Learning: A Case-Based Learning Intervention at a Public and Private Hospital BIBAFull-Text 1438-1442
  Amanda Eisenlohr; Marta L. Render; Emily S. Patterson
A Team Performance Data Collection and Analysis System BIBAFull-Text 1443-1447
  Stephanie Guerlain; Thomas Shin; Hui Guo; Reid Adams; J. Forrest Calland
Medication Dispensing Errors in Community Pharmacies: A Nationwide Study BIBAFull-Text 1448-1451
  Elizabeth A. Flynn; Nathan T. Dorris; Grady T. Holman; Brian J. Carnahan; Kenneth N. Barker
Reported Likelihood of Reading Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medication Labeling and Contacting a Physician BIBAFull-Text 1452-1456
  Deane B. Cheatham; Michael S. Wogalter
An analysis of work activity in the operating room: Applying psychological theory to lower the likelihood of human error BIBAFull-Text 1457-1461
  Jonathan Levy; Daniel Gopher; Yoel Donchin
Human Factors Research in Patient Safety: A Candid Assessment Panel BIBAFull-Text 1462-1466
  Kerm Henriksen; Marilyn Sue Bogner; Pascale Carayon; Richard I. Cook; Matthew B. Weinger; Yan Xiao

MEDICAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION: Ergonomic and Training Issues in Medical Systems Development [Lecture]

Investigation of the Relationship Between Workers' Perceptions and Compliance with Standard Safety Precautions in a Rural Hospital BIBAFull-Text 1467-1471
  Paul Hable; Alvaro D. Taveira; Ben-Tzion Karsh
Dynamic Simulator for Training Clinical Breast Examination BIBAFull-Text 1472-1476
  Gregory J. Gerling; Geb W. Thomas; Alicia M. Weissman; Edwin L. Dove
A Comparison of the Opinions of Nurses and Emergency Medical Workers Regarding Medical Device Usability BIBAFull-Text 1477-1481
  Laurie Reed; Jennifer Fisher
Improving Assistive Technologies for the Visually Impaired: Minimizing the Side Effects of Magnification Products BIBAFull-Text 1482-1485
  Raegan M. Hoeft; Wendi L. Buff; Elizabeth Cook; Kay M. Stanney; Stacy Wilson
Dose-Response Relationship between Reach Repetition and Indicators of Inflammation and Movement Dysfunction in a Rat Model of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorder BIBAFull-Text 1486-1490
  Ann E. Barr; Mamta Amin; Mary F. Barbe

MEDICAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION: Medical Systems and Rehabilitation Posters

Usability of Emergency Medical Devices: Assessment and Design Implications BIBAFull-Text 1491-1495
  Jennifer Fisher; Beth Loring
Beliefs and Potential Use of Prescription Drug Information Sources BIBAFull-Text 1496-1500
  Kevin E. Hicks; Michael S. Wogalter
Combat Medicine: A Model for Civilian Mass Casualty Managment BIBAFull-Text 1501-1505
  John P. Holmquist; John S. Barnett
Monitor-Position in Laparoscopic Surgery BIBAFull-Text 1506-1510
  U. Matern; K. Kehl; C. Giebmeyer; M. Faist
Emergency Physician to Admitting Physician Handovers: An Exploratory Study BIBAFull-Text 1511-1515
  Amy L. Matthews; Craig M. Harvey; Richard J. Schuster; Francis T. Durso
Combining Experts and Video Clips: Ergonomic Analysis for Safer Medical-Instrument Trays BIBAFull-Text 1516-1520
  F. Jacob Seagull; Colin Mackenzie; Marilyn Sue Bogner; Anju Sidhu; Ross Davis; Yan Xiao
The Effects of Ergonomic Desk with Regard to Motor Accuracy in the Writing Performance of the Students with Cerebral Palsy BIBAFull-Text 1521-1525
  I-hsuan Shen; Sue-may Kang; Ching-yi Wu
Trends in Workplace Changes: Follow-Up of Job Analyses BIBAFull-Text 1526-1530
  Kristin Streilein; Sheryl Ulin; Thomas Armstrong

PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE: Vigilance and Workload [Lecture]

Vigilance, Workload, and Boredom: Two Competing Models BIBAFull-Text 1531-1535
  Caroline R. Alikonis; Joel S. Warm; Gerald Matthews; William N. Dember; Edward M. Hitchcock; James J. Kellaris
Workload and Stress of Configural Displays in Vigilance Tasks BIBAFull-Text 1536-1540
  James L. Szalma
Target Acquisition With UAVs: Vigilance Displays and Advanced Cueing Interfaces BIBAFull-Text 1541-1545
  Daniel V. Gunn; W. Todd Nelson; Robert S. Bolia; Joel S. Warm; Donald A. Schumsky; Kevin J. Corcoran
Further Tests of an Abbreviated Vigilance Task: Effects of Signal Salience and Jet Aircraft Noise on Performance and Stress BIBAFull-Text 1546-1550
  William S. Helton; Joel S. Warm; Gerald Matthews; Kevin J. Corcoran; William N. Dember


Kinesthetic Compensation for Misalignment of Teleoperator Controls through Cross-Modal Transfer of Movement Coordinates BIBAFull-Text 1551-1555
  Stephen R. Ellis; Bernard D. Adelstein; Robert B. Welch
The Horizontal-Vertical Velocity Illusion: Implications for the Design of Dynamic Displays BIBAFull-Text 1556-1559
  Nathan R. Bailey; Mark W. Scerbo
Use and Misuse of Linear Perspective in the Perceptual Reconstruction of 3-D Perspective View Displays BIBAFull-Text 1560-1564
  Harvey S. Smallman; Mark St. John; Michael B. Cowen
Judgments of 3D Bars in Depth BIBAFull-Text 1565-1569
  J. G. Hollands; Heather A. Parker; Andrew Morton
Effects of 3D Auditory Display on Dual Task Performance in a Simulated Multiscreen Watchstation Environment BIBAFull-Text 1570-1573
  Derek Brock; Janet L. Stroup; James A. Ballas

PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE: Displays and Controls I [Lecture]

Sonification Design for Real-Time Processes: Issues and a Demonstration. BIBAFull-Text 1574-1578
  Janet Anderson; Penelope Sanderson
Perception of Sonified Daily Weather Records BIBAFull-Text 1579-1583
  John H. Flowers; Douglas C. Grafel
Collective Mistrust of Alarms BIBAFull-Text 1584-1588
  James P. Bliss; Laticia Bowens; Rebecca Krefting; Ashley Byler; Anastasia Gibson
Varying Color Intensity to Represent Time Decay in Visual Icons BIBAFull-Text 1589-1593
  Patrick K. McGinty; Shannon R. Worthan; Michael D. Matthews
Effects of a Virtual Air Speed Error Indicator on Guidance Accuracy and Eye Movement Control During Simulated Flight BIBAFull-Text 1594-1598
  William A. Schaudt; Kristin J. Caufield; Brian P. Dyre

PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE: Search and Attention [Lecture]

Effects of Symbol Brightness Cueing on Attention During a Visual Search of a Cockpit Display of Traffic Information BIBAFull-Text 1599-1603
  Walter W. Johnson; Min-Ju Liao; Stacie Granada
Partitioning Visual Displays: Directing the Path of Visual Search BIBAFull-Text 1604-1608
  Craig Haimson; John R. Anderson
Directing Attention in Open Scenes BIBAFull-Text 1609-1612
  Stephen Hughes; Michael Lewis
The Effects of Visual Cues and Interstimulus Interval on Accuracy in Auditory Localization and Detection. BIBAFull-Text 1613-1617
  Joseph T. Coyne; Mark D. Lee; Pitney Bowes
Sound Localization With Hearing Protectors: Performance and Head Motion Analysis in a Visual Search Task BIBAFull-Text 1618-1622
  Brian D. Simpson; Robert S. Bolia; Richard L. McKinley; Douglas S. Brungart

PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE: Displays and Controls II [Lecture]

Effect of History Trail Display on Human Spatial Performance under Normal and Rotated Spatial Mappings BIBAFull-Text 1623-1627
  Weiwei Du; Paul Milgram
Intrinsic Reference Systems in Map Displays BIBAFull-Text 1628-1632
  Steffen Werner; Melanie Jaeger
Reading Vertical Text: Rotated vs. Marquee BIBAFull-Text 1633-1635
  Michael D. Byrne
Visual and Postural Constraints in Coordinated Movements of the Head in Hand Reaching Tasks BIBAFull-Text 1636-1640
  K. Han Kim; Bernard J. Martin
Representing Complex Data Sets as Virtual Structures BIBAFull-Text 1641-1644
  Adam R. Richardson; Marvin J. Dainoff; Leonard S. Mark; James L. Smart; Niles Davis

PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE: Perception and Performance Posters

Change Detection on Periphery and Dual-Task Performance BIBAFull-Text 1645-1648
  Mon-Chu Chen; Filipe Fortes; Roberta Klatzky; William Long
Judgments about Collisions in Simulations of Scenes with Textured Surfaces and Self-Motion: Do Display Enhancements Affect Performance BIBAFull-Text 1649-1653
  Patricia R. DeLucia; Les E. Meyer; Jason M. Bush
Effects of Signal Regularity and Salience on Vigilance Performance and Cerebral Hemovelocity BIBAFull-Text 1654-1658
  Todd D. Hollander; Joel S. Warm; Gerald R. Matthews; William N. Dember; Raja Parasuraman; Edward M. Hitchcock; Christina A. Beam; Lloyd D. Tripp
A Simple Tool for Predicting the Readability of a Monitor BIBAFull-Text 1659-1663
  William K. Krebs; Jing Xing; Albert J. Ahumada
The Effects of Monocular Cues on a 3-D Target Acquisition Task BIBAFull-Text 1664-1668
  Min-Ju Liao; Walter Johnson
A Computational Model of Attention/Situation Awareness BIBAFull-Text 1669-1673
  Jason S. McCarley; Christopher D. Wickens; Juliana Goh; William J. Horrey
The Effects of Event Rate and Array Size on a Cognitive Vigilance Task with Associated EEG Rhythms and a Derived Engagement Index BIBAFull-Text 1674-1678
  Carl Smith; Peter Mikulka; Fred Freeman; Mark Scerbo
Performance of Spatially and Temporally Distributed Displays as a Function of Continuous versus Discrete Update Schedules BIBAFull-Text 1679-1683
  Sherri A. Rehfeld; Dan L. Sloat; David G. Payne
Legibility of Words Rendered using ClearType BIBAFull-Text 1684-1687
  Thomas R. Aten; Leo Gugerty; Richard A. Tyrrell
Motion in Mimic Displays: Effects on the Detection and Diagnosis of Electrical Power System Failures BIBAFull-Text 1688-1692
  Douglas A. Wiegmann; Gavin R. Essenberg; Thomas J. Overbye; Aaron M. Rich


HFE's Place in the Parade: Should We Be Drum Majors or Toot our Own Horns BIBAFull-Text 1693-1696
  Robert A. North; Christopher Miller; Valerie Gawron; Anna Wichansky; Barry Beith; Sherry Chappell; Arnold Lund; Robert North

SAFETY: Warnings and Risk Perception [Lecture]

Masked Thresholds and Predicting the Audibility of Auditory Displays: An Example for Long-Haul Trucks BIBAFull-Text 1697-1701
  John G. Casali; Gary S. Robinson; Suzanne E. Lee
Perceptions of Vehicle Driver Safety by Cellular Phone Owners and Non-Owners BIBAFull-Text 1702
  Eric F. Shaver; Michael S. Wogalter
Inference and the Use of Similes and Metaphors in Warnings BIBAFull-Text 1703-1707
  C. Travis Bowles; Arthur D. Fisk; Wendy A. Rogers
Guidelines for Warnings Design: Do they Matter BIBAFull-Text 1708-1712
  Kenneth R. Laughery; Danielle L. Paige; Brenda R. Laughery; Michael S. Wogalter; Michael J. Kalsher; S. David Leonard

SAFETY: Safety Potpourri [Lecture]

The Effects of Cut-Off Length on Surface Roughness Parameters and their Correlation with Transition Friction BIBAFull-Text 1713-1717
  Wen-Ruey Chang; Mikko Hirvonen; Raoul Grongvist; William M. Aguilera
Human Error in Maritime Operations: Analyses of Accident Reports Using the Leximancer Tool BIBAFull-Text 1718-1722
  Michelle R. Grech; Tim Horberry; Andrew Smith
The Impact of Shift-Work on Cognitive and Perceptual Performance BIBAFull-Text 1723-1725
  Othman Alkhouri; Steven Hall; John Wise; Marvin Smith
Hazardous Products in the Older Adult Home BIBAFull-Text 1726-1729
  Timothy A. Nichols; Christopher B. Mayhorn; Justin D. Whittle; Holly E. Hancock; Wendy A. Rogers; Arthur D. Fisk
Demographic Effects of Behavior Modeling in Seat Belt Use: Analysis of 15,000 Observations BIBAFull-Text 1730-1734
  Colin G. Drury; Maria L. Drake

SAFETY: Safety Posters

Over-the-Counter Analgesics: A Survey of the Public's Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding Current Labeling Practices BIBAFull-Text 1735-1738
  Michael J. Kalsher; Michael S. Wogalter
A Comparison of Symbols for Preferred Behaviors BIBAFull-Text 1739-1743
  S. David Leonard
Methodological Issues in Testing Comprehension of Safety Symbols BIBAFull-Text 1744-1747
  Mary F. Lesch; Jamie R. McDevitt
Comparison of On-Line and Physical Presentation of Product Safety Information BIBAFull-Text 1748-1752
  Emelda Santos; Marc L. Resnick
Comprehension of Different Types of Prohibitive Safety Symbols with Glance Exposure BIBAFull-Text 1753-1757
  Michael S. Wogalter; LaTondra A. Murray; Barbara L. Glover; Eric F. Shaver


InfoChess: A Powerful Test Bed for Studying Information Operations (IO) Decision-Making BIBAFull-Text 1758
  William C. Elm; James W. Gualtieri; Scott S. Potter


Maximizing Your Opportunities in a Competitive Job Market BIBAFull-Text 1759-1763
  Karen R. Young; Ronald G. Shapiro; Anthony D. Andre; Arnold M. Lund; Michelle M. Robertson; Ellen J. Bass; Ben-Tzion Karsh; Jia-Hua (Jim) Lin

STUDENT FORUM: Cutting-Edge Research by HFES Student Members [Lecture]

Effects on Spatial Skills after Exposure to Low Frequency Noise BIBAFull-Text 1764-1766
  Jessica Ljungberg; Gregory Neely; Ronnie Lundstrom
Human-Computer Interaction as Cognitive Science BIBAFull-Text 1767-1771
  Ronald Laurids Boring
Are there Age-Related Differences in Problem Solving on the World Wide Web BIBAFull-Text 1772-1776
  Aideen J. Stronge; Wendy A. Rogers; Arthur D. Fisk
Comparing Audio and Tactile Inputs as Driver Attention Control BIBAFull-Text 1777-1781
  Lisbeth Almen


The Intersection of Design and Human Factors in Commercial Vehicle Safety BIBAFull-Text 1782-1783
  Aaron Steinfeld; Ellen Ayoob; Timothy L. Brown; Richard Grace; Renae Bowers-Carnahan; Ronald R. Knipling

SURFACE TRANSPORTATION: Lateral Control, Collision Avoidance, and Associated Icon Development [Lecture]

Ergonomics in the Design of the HMI of an Advanced Driver Support System For Vehicle Lateral Control BIBAFull-Text 1784-1788
  Nicolas L; Lagoutte A; Ojeda L
Analysis of Distribution, Frequency, and Duration of Naturalistic Lane Changes BIBAFull-Text 1789-1793
  Erik C. B. Olsen; Suzanne E. Lee; Walter W. Wierwille; Michael J. Goodman
The Development and Evaluation of Icons for Side Obstacle Warning Systems BIBAFull-Text 1794-1798
  Tina Brunetti Sayer
Driver Acceptance of General vs. Specific Icons for In-Vehicle Information BIBAFull-Text 1799-1803
  Akiko Nakata; John L. Campbell; Joel B. Richman
Using Driver Performance Measures to Estimate Workload BIBAFull-Text 1804-1808
  Joshua B. Hurwitz; David J. Wheatley

SURFACE TRANSPORTATION: Driver Distraction Issues: Focus on Cell Phones and Telematics [Lecture]

Accessing Multi-Modal Information on Cell Phones While Sitting and Driving BIBAFull-Text 1809-1813
  Susan R. Fussell; Delia Grenville; Sara Kiesler; Jodi Forlizzi; Anna M. Wichansky
The Effects of Voice Technology on Test Track Driving Performance: Implications for Driver Distraction BIBAFull-Text 1814-1818
  Thomas A. Ranney; Joanne L. Harbluk; Y. Ian Noy
An Experimental Evaluation of Using Automotive HUDs to Reduce Driver Distraction While Answering Cell Phones BIBAFull-Text 1819-1823
  Christopher Nowakowski; Dana Friedman; Paul Green
The Attentional Costs of Interrupting Task Performance at Various Stages BIBAFull-Text 1824-1828
  Christopher A. Monk; Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; J. Gregory Trafton

SURFACE TRANSPORTATION: Heavy Vehicles, Alertness, and Emergency Events [Lecture]

Effectiveness of Cognitive-Based and Conventional Alerters for Locomotive Engineers BIBAFull-Text 1829-1833
  Andrew R. Dattel; Stephen M. Popkin; John K. Pollard
Effect of Distraction Complexity on Driving Performance and Emergency Event Response BIBAFull-Text 1834-1838
  Michael P. Manser; Dana M. Even
Alertness Maintaining Tasks While Driving BIBAFull-Text 1839-1843
  Tal Oron-Gilad; Adi Ronen; Yair Cassuto; David Shinar
Light Vehicle-Heavy Vehicle Interactions: A Preliminary Assessment Using Critical Incident Analysis BIBAFull-Text 1844-1847
  Richard J. Hanowski; Robert J. Carroll; Walter W. Wierwille; Rebecca L. Olson

SURFACE TRANSPORTATION: Surface Transportation Posters

Perceived Urgency, Alerting Effectiveness and Annoyance of Verbal Collision Avoidance System Messages BIBAFull-Text 1848-1852
  Carryl L. Baldwin; Colleen Moore
Effects of Age and Memory Grouping on Simulated Car Driving BIBAFull-Text 1853-1857
  Yan Bao; Miklos Kiss; Marc Wittmann
Designing Better Traveler Information Systems: Cognitive and Task-Related Factors BIBAFull-Text 1858-1862
  Jason D'Orazio; Bruce N. Walker
Occlusion Paradigm as a Tool to Assess Visual Distraction from In-Vehicle Telematics BIBAFull-Text 1863-1867
  Tracy L. Frank; Y. Ian Noy; Christopher Klachan
The Effects of Telematics on Driver Distraction BIBAFull-Text 1868-1870
  Patrick Siebert; Mustapha Mouloua; Kendra Burns; Jennifer Marino; Lora Scagliola; Lelah Winters; Peter Hancock; Dan Agliata
Voice Information System Adapted to Driver's Mental Workload BIBAFull-Text 1871-1875
  Yuji Uchiyama; Shin-ichi Kojima; Takero Hongo; Ryuta Terashima; Toshihiro Wakita


Perspectives on Validating Complex Human-Machine System Performance BIBAFull-Text 1876-1877
  John M. O'Hara
Using a Benchmark-Referenced Approach for Validating a Power Plant Control Room: Results of the Baseline Study BIBAFull-Text 1878-1882
  Andrew W. Lang; Emilie M. Roth; Kent Bladh; Roger Hine
Human Factors Certification in Civil Aircraft BIBAFull-Text 1883-1885
  John A. Wise
Human Performance Assessment of a Prototype Multimodal Naval Command Center BIBAFull-Text 1886-1889
  Lawrence J. Hettinger; Bart J. Brickman; James McKinney
Methods of Assessing Medical Devices BIBAFull-Text 1890-1894
  Devorah E. Klein; Matthew J. Jordan
Improving the Consideration of Human Factors in System Design BIBAFull-Text 1895-1899
  Daniel Wallace; Melissa Dugger; J. Robert Bost; Trish Hamburger; E. Johan Hendrikse; Brian Peacock

SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: Development and Application of Human Performance Models [Lecture]

Shipboard Communications: Quantifying Operator Capabilities And Limitations BIBAFull-Text 1900-1904
  Debra E. Bardine; Daniel F. Wallace; Udo Goff; Christine Schlichting
Manpower, Skill and Fatigue Analysis of Future Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Uav) Environments BIBAFull-Text 1905-1909
  Brett Walters; Michael J. Barnes
Human Performance Modeling and Decision Analysis in a Concept Crew Workstation BIBAFull-Text 1910-1914
  Thaddeus M. Wojcik
The Use of Voice and Head-Tracking for Hands-Free Human-Computer Interaction BIBAFull-Text 1915-1919
  David E. Kancler; Megan E. Gorman; Allen R. Revels
Measurement of Trust in Humans in Hybrid Inspection for Different Levels of Error Randomness BIBAFull-Text 1920-1924
  Neville Z. Ginwalla; Sittichai Kaewkuekool; Shannon R. Bowling; Anand K. Gramopadhye; Brian J. Melloy

SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT: System Development Posters

Driver Performance Model: I. Conceptual Framework BIBAFull-Text 1925-1929
  J. M. Heimerl
Quantifying Usability: The Industry Usability Reporting Project BIBAFull-Text 1930-1934
  Jean Scholtz; Anna Wichansky; Keith Butler; Emile Morse; Sharon Laskowski
An Automatized Method for Human-Operator Error Analysis BIBAFull-Text 1935-1938
  Alexander M. Yemelyanov

TEST AND EVALUATION: Test and Evaluation: Research, Tools, and Techniques [Lecture]

Effective Ivis Icon Comprehension Research: Context and Response Scaling Methods BIBAFull-Text 1939-1943
  Joel B. Richman; John L. Campbell; Marvin C. McCallum
Quantification of Adverb Intensifiers for use in Ratings of Acceptability, Adequacy, and Relative Goodness BIBAFull-Text 1944-1948
  Stephen J. Krsacok; William F. Moroney
Performance Testing and Subjective Evaluation: Giving Equal Importance to Both BIBAFull-Text 1949-1953
  Laurie L. Quill; David E. Kancler; Allen R. Revels; Carlton D. Donahoo; Megan E. Gorman; Matthew W. Goddard
A New Test of Self-Paced Work Sensitive to the Effects of Prolonged Work and Sleep Deprivation BIBAFull-Text 1954-1958
  William J. Tharion; Scott J. Montain; Cara D. Leone; John W. Castellani

TEST AND EVALUATION: Practitioner's Perspectives on Test and Evaluation [Lecture]

Assessing Team Situation Awareness in the Field: A Comparison of Measurement Approaches BIBAFull-Text 1959-1963
  Gwendolyn E. Campbell; James A. Pharmer
Development of the Non-Distributed Flight Reference Off-Boresight Helmet-Mounted Display Symbology BIBAFull-Text 1964-1968
  Joseph C. Jenkins; Paul R. Havig; Eric E. Geiselman
Collection of Process, Preference, Outcome Data to Select Ppe for Industrial Operations BIBAFull-Text 1969-1972
  Cindy R. Ching; Robert P. Reisdorf; D. Susan McGlothlin
Contemporaneous Versus Retrospective User-Reported Critical Incidents in Usability Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 1973-1977
  Miranda G. Capra

TEST AND EVALUATION: Test and Evaluation Posters

Identification and Control of Potential Variables in user Testing of Ppe for Industrial Operations BIBAFull-Text 1978-1981
  Cindy R. Ching; Robert P. Reisdorf; D. Susan McGlothlin
An Approach to Measuring Accessibility of Office Automation Equipment BIBAFull-Text 1982-1986
  W. Bradley Fain; Dennis J. Folds
A New and Simple Method and Tool for the Evaluation of Input Devices BIBAFull-Text 1987-1991
  Detlef Zuehlke; Lutz Krauss
Evaluating the Content and Usability of an Experimental Text Summarization System and Three Web-Based Search Engines BIBAFull-Text 1992-1996
  Andre W. Kushniruk; Min-Yen Kan; Kathleen R. McKeown; Judith L. Klavans; Vimla Patel
Dynamic Assessment of Pilot Mental Status BIBAFull-Text 1997-2001
  Staffan Magnusson; Peter Berggren

TRAINING: Training System Technology and Development [Lecture]

Training Critical Thinking to Enhance Battlefield Initiative BIBAFull-Text 2002-2006
  Marvin S. Cohen; Leonard Adelman
Collaborative Development of Expertise: Evaluation of an On-the-Job (OJT) Training Program BIBAFull-Text 2007-2011
  Terry Stanard; Rebecca M. Pliske; Amelia A. Armstrong; Stacey Green; Caroline E. Zsambok; Daniel P. McDonald; Beth W. Crandall
Development and Evaluation of an Information Management Training Program BIBAFull-Text 2012-2016
  Eileen B. Entin; Elliot E. Entin; Kathleen P. Hess
Training Information Management BIBAFull-Text 2017-2021
  Elliot E. Entin; Eileen B. Entin; Kathy Hess
Training Challenges in Automating Human Cognitive Processes: Implications for the Light Infantry Warrior BIBAFull-Text 2022-2024
  Richard E. Christ; Jean L. Dyer; Kathleen Mosier; Alex Kirlik; Marvin S. Cohen; Gary Klein
Symposium Using Synthetic Teammates to Train Teamwork Skills: Perspectives and Issues BIBAFull-Text 2025
  Jean MacMillan; Denise Lyons
Training a Team with Simulated Team Members BIBAFull-Text 2026-2029
  Alma Schaafstal; Raegan M. Hoeft; Martin van Schaik
Hybrid Team Training Testbed for AWACS Aircraft Controllers BIBAFull-Text 2030-2034
  Frederick J. Diedrich; Bruce Roberts; David E. Diller; Jean MacMillan; Stephen Deutsch
Instructorless Team Training Using Synthetic Teammates and Instructors BIBAFull-Text 2035-2038
  Wayne Zachary; William Weiland; Daniel Scolaro; Jacqueline Scolaro; Thomas Santarelli
Behavioral Characteristic of Synthetic Teammates in Simulation-Based Training BIBAFull-Text 2039-2043
  Michael A. Szczepkowski; Dr. Joan Ryder; Jacqueline Scolaro
I've Got Synthers, Who Could Ask for Anything More BIBAFull-Text 2044-2048
  T. Freeman Jared

TRAINING: Issues in Training Design and Evaluation [Lecture]

Computerized Card Sort Training Tool: Is it Comparable to Manual Card Sorting BIBAFull-Text 2049-2053
  Michelle E. Harper; Florian Jentsch; Lori Rhodenizer Van Duyne; Kimberly Smith-Jentsch; Alicia D. Sanchez
Training for Optimal Strategic Skills BIBAFull-Text 2054-2058
  Ginger W. Cross; Stephanie M. Doane; David L. Alderton
Effectiveness of Audio and Visual Training Presentation Modes for Glucometer Calibration BIBAFull-Text 2059-2063
  Anne C. McLaughlin; Wendy A. Rogers; Arthur D. Fisk
A Cognitive Approach to Student-Centered E-Learning BIBAFull-Text 2064-2068
  Frank L. Greitzer
Introducing Teamwork Training into Healthcare Organizations: Implementation Issues and Solutions BIBAFull-Text 2069-2073
  John C. Morey

TRAINING: Training Posters

What to Do or What Not to Do: Identifying the Content of Effective Feedback BIBAFull-Text 2074-2078
  Wendi L. Buff; Gwendolyn E. Campbell
Impact of Feedback Training in CBT in Visual Inspection BIBAFull-Text 2079-2083
  Jiao Ma; Colin G. Drury; Ann M. Bisantz
Military Tacit Knowledge Elicitation in Written versus Online Settings BIBAFull-Text 2084-2088
  Kenneth S. Robinson; Joseph Psotka
Matching Instructional Media with Instructional Demands BIBAFull-Text 2089-2093
  A. Sierra Edmundo; Arthur D. Fisk; Wendy A. Rogers
Supporting the Analysis Phase of Team Training Design BIBAFull-Text 2094-2098
  Marcel P. W. van Berlo
Evaluating Guidelines Concerning the Use of Text and Audio in Web-Based Training BIBAFull-Text 2099-2103
  Lori Rhodenizer Van Duyne; David L. Ryan-Jones; Cheryl J. Hamel; John M. White


Designing Ve Training Systems that Work: Stacking the Deck in the User's Favor BIBAFull-Text 2104-2108
  Joseph Cohn; Denise Lyons; Robert Allen; Stephanie Lackey; Eric Muth; Kay Stanney; Laura Milham

VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS: Simulator Sickness [Lecture]

Gender Differences in Visually Induced Motion Sickness BIBAFull-Text 2109-2113
  David A. Graeber; Kay M. Stanney
Dropouts and Aftereffects: Examining General Accessibility to Virtual Environment Technology BIBAFull-Text 2114-2118
  Kay M. Stanney; Kelly S. Kingdon; Robert S. Kennedy
A Progress Report on the Quest to Establish a Cybersickness Dose Value BIBAFull-Text 2119-2123
  Wei Chen; S. L. Yuen; R. H. Y. So
A Natural Independent Visual Background Reduced Simulator Sickness BIBAFull-Text 2124-2128
  James Jeng-Weei Lin; Habib Abi-Rached; Do-Hoe Kim; Donald E. Parker; Thomas A. Furness
Motion Sickness Symptoms and Perception of Self Motion from Exposure to Different Wallpaper Patterns BIBAFull-Text 2129-2133
  Robert S. Kennedy; Kay M. Stanney; Jannick Rolland; Mark J. Ordy; Andrew P. Mead

VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS: Displays and Controls in Virtual Environments [Lecture]

Empirical Comparison of Human Behavior and Performance with Different Display Devices for Virtual Environments BIBAFull-Text 2134-2138
  Doug A. Bowman; Ameya Datey; Young Sam Ryu; Umer Farooq; Omar Vasnaik
The Effects of Head-Coupled Control and a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) on Large-Area Search Tasks BIBAFull-Text 2139-2143
  Mark H. Draper; Heath A. Ruff; John V. Fontejon; Samantha Napier
Utility of a Tactile Display for Cueing Faults BIBAFull-Text 2144-2148
  Gloria L. Calhoun; Mark H. Draper; Heath A. Ruff; John V. Fontejon
Three Dimensional Tracking in Augmented Environments: User Performance Trade-Offs Between System Latency and Update Rate BIBAFull-Text 2149-2153
  Stephen R. Ellis; Anthony Wolfram; Bernard D. Adelstein
Text Input Techniques for Immersive Virtual Environments: An Empirical Comparison BIBAFull-Text 2154-2158
  Doug A. Bowman; Christopher J. Rhoton; Marcio S. Pinho

VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS: Navigation and Training in Virtual Environments [Lecture]

Attentive Interaction Techniques for Searching Virtual Environments BIBAFull-Text 2159-2163
  Stephen Hughes; Michael Lewis
Viewpoint Optimisation for Navigation Using Dynamic Teher BIBAFull-Text 2164-2168
  Wenbi Wang; Paul Milgram

VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS: Virtual Environments Posters

Immersive Tendency, Feeling of Presence, and Simulator Sickness: Formulation of a Causal Model BIBAFull-Text 2197-2201
  Christian J. Jerome; Bob Witmer
Evaluation of Force Feedback Steering in a Fixed Based Driving Simulator BIBAFull-Text 2202-2205
  Ronald R. Mourant; Praveen Sadhu