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Proceedings of the Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval
Location:Mountain View, California
Standard No:hcibib: HCIR11
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  1. Papers
  2. Challenge Reports
  3. Posters


Search As You Think AND Think As You Search: Semantic Search Interface for Entity/Fact Retrieval BIBAPDF 1
  Sofia J. Athenikos; Xia Lin
Conceptual Mile Markers for Exploratory Search BIBAPDF 2
  Keith Bagley; Haim Levkowitz
Diamond Browser: Faceted Search on Mobile Devices BIBAPDF 3
  Robert Capra; Jason Raitz
User Domain Knowledge and Eye Movement Patterns During Search BIBAPDF 4
  Michael J. Cole; Jacek Gwizdka; Nicholas J. Belkin; Chang Liu
Search interface feature evaluation in biosciences BIBAPDF 5
  Anna Divoli; Alyona Medelyan
Document Usefulness: taking Genre to Task BIBAPDF 6
  Luanne Freund
Designing for Collaboration in Information Seeking BIBAPDF 7
  Gene Golovchinsky; Abdigani Diriye; Jeremy Pickens
Evaluating an Associative Browsing Model by Simulation BIBAPDF 8
  Jinyoung Kim; W. Bruce Croft; David A. Smith
Visualizing Stages During an Exploratory Search Session BIBAPDF 9
  Bill Kules; Robert Capra
Knowledge Examination in Multi-Session Tasks BIBAPDF 10
  Jingjing Liu; Nicholas J. Belkin
Exploring the Effect of Task Difficulty and Domain Knowledge on Dwell times BIBAPDF 11
  Chang Liu; Michael Cole; Nicholas Belkin; Jacek Gwizdka; Xiangmin Zhang
An Analysis of User Strategies for Examining and Processing Ranked Lists of Documents BIBAPDF 12
  Mark D. Smucker
An Exploratory Study of the Effect of Cognitive Styles on User Performance in an Information System BIBAPDF 13
  Xiaojun Yuan; Jingjing Liu
Using Social Tags and Controlled Vocabularies As Filters for Searching and Browsing: A Health Science Experiment BIBAPDF 14
  Michael Zarro; Xia Lin

Challenge Reports

FreeSearch -- Literature Search in a Natural Way BIBAPDF 15
  Claudiu S. Firan; Wolfgang Nejdl; Mihai Georgescu; Xinyun Sun
Session-based search with Querium BIBAPDF 16
  Gene Golovchinsky; Abdigani Diriye
GisterPro BIBAPDF 17
  David L. Ostby; Edmond Brian
Query Analytics Workbench BIBAPDF 18
  Antony Scerri; Matthew Corkum; Keith Gutfreund; A Ron Daniel Jr.; Michael Taylor


Analyzing User Behavior Patterns in Adaptive Exploratory Search Systems with LifeFlow BIBAPDF 19
  Jae-wook Ahn; Krist Wongsuphasawat; Peter Brusilovsky
Collective Information Seeking BIBPDF 20
  Scott Bateman; Carl Gutwin; Gordon McCalla; Ryen White
The potential of a 'high density' image retrieval interface BIBAPDF 21
  Richard Butterworth; Ayse Göker
Exploring Growing Information Spaces BIBAPDF 22
  Marian Dörk; Sheelagh Carpendale; Carey Williamson
A Method to Evaluate the Synergic Effect in Collaborative Information Seeking BIBAPDF 23
  Roberto González-Ibáñez; Chirag Shah; Muge Haseki
Least Effort? Not If I Can Search More BIBAPDF 24
  Jacek Gwizdka; Michael Cole
Making sense of time: timeline visualization for public transport schedule BIBAPDF 25
  Khandaker Tabin Hasan; Sheak Rashed Haider Noori; Abdus Salam; Md. Anwarul Kabir
User Evaluation of an Interactive Music Information Retrieval System BIBAPDF 26
  Xiao Hu; Noriko Kando; Xiaojun Yuan
Using Social Annotations for Trend Discovery in Scientific Publications BIBAPDF 27
  Meiqun Hu; Ee-Peng Lim; Jing Jiang
On the Value of Page-Level Interactions in Web Search BIBAPDF 28
  Jeff Huang
Understanding the Information Needs and Search Behaviors of Mobile Users BIBAPDF 29
  Dima Kassab; Xiaojun Yuan
Search Quality Differences in Native and Foreign Language Searching BIBAPDF 30
  Anita Komlodi; Eszter Jozsa; Mate Koles; Karoly Hercegfi
Faceted Search Log Query Analysis BIBAPDF 31
  Jonathan Koren
Is it Time to Abandon Abandonment? BIBAPDF 32
  Abhimanyu Lad; Daniel Tunkelang
Towards conversational interfaces to web applications BIBAPDF 33
  Tessa Lau; Julian Cerruti; Morgan Dixon; Jeffrey Nichols
CODEcomp: Deconstructing Energy Codes BIBAPDF 34
  Michael Madison
Web Searching with Visual Clues: A User Study BIBAPDF 35
  Ravee Malla; Monojit Choudhury; Kalika Bali
Supporting Inquiry by Design: Insights from a Study of Classroom-based Information InteractionEric Meyers BIBAPDF 36
WordSeer: Exploring Language Use in Literary Text BIBAPDF 37
  Aditi Muralidharan; Marti Hearst
Generating Hierarchical Virtual Directory by Metadata Frequency Difference BIBAPDF 38
  Mitsuharu Oba; Toshiko Matsumoto; Yasuaki Iwata; Takashi Onoyama
A Taxonomy of Enterprise Search and Discovery BIBAPDF 39
  Tony Russell-Rose; Joe Lamantia; Mark Burrell
Making Personal Retrieval Systems Comparable Using Self-Assigned Task Attributes BIBAPDF 40
  Seyedeh Sargol Sadeghi; Mark Sanderson; Falk Scholer
Conditions of Trust for Completely-Remote Methods: A Proposal for Collaboration BIBAPDF 41
  Catherine L. Smith
Interactive Evaluation of Interfaces for Story Tracking BIBAPDF 42
  Ilija Subasic; Bettina Berendt
Social Navigation: A Position Paper BIBAPDF 43
  Daniel Tunkelang; Jonathan Koren; Paul Ogilvie; John Wang
A User Study on Improving the Effectiveness of a Spoken Language Interface to Information Systems BIBAPDF 44
  Xiaojun Yuan; Nicholas Belkin; Chris Jordan; Catherine Dumas
Augmenting Conversations through Context-Aware Multimedia Retrieval based on Speech Recognition BIBAPDF 45
  Kamer Ali Yuksel; Aytul Ercil; Murat Celik Cansoy; Selim Balcisoy
A Review of Search Interfaces in Consumer Health Websites BIBAPDF 46
  Yan Zhang