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Proceedings of the Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval
Editors:Bill Kules; Daniel Tunkelang; Ryen White
Location:Washington, DC
Standard No:hcibib: HCIR09
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Usefulness as the Criterion for Evaluation of Interactive Information Retrieval BIBA 1-4
  Michael Cole; Jingjing Liu; Nicholas Belkin; Ralf Bierig; Jacek Gwizdka; Chang Liu; Jun Zhang; Xiangmin Zhang
Modeling Searcher Frustration BIBA 5-8
  Henry Feild; James Allan
Query Suggestions as Idea Tactics for Information Search BIBA 9-12
  Diane Kelly
I Come Not to Bury Cranfield, but to Praise It BIBA 13-16
  Ellen Voorhees
Search Tasks and Their Role in Studies of Search Behaviors BIBA 17-21
  Barbara Wildemuth; Luanne Freund


Visual Interaction for Personalized Information Retrieval BIBA 22-25
  Jae-wook Ahn; Peter Brusilovsky
PuppyIR: Designing an Open Source Framework for Interactive Information Services for Children BIBA 26-29
  Leif Azzopardi; Richard Glassey; Mounia Lalmas; Tamara Polajnar; Ian Ruthven
Designing an Interactive Automatic Document Classification System BIBA 30-33
  Kirk Baker
Graphic User Interface for Content and Structure Queries in XML Retrieval BIBA 34-37
  Luis M. de Campos; Juan M. Fernández-Luna; Juan F. Huete; Carlos J. Martín-Dancausa
The HCI Browser Tool for Studying Web Search Behavior BIBA 38-41
  Robert Capra
Improving Search-Driven Development with Collaborative Information Retrieval Techniques BIBA 42-45
  Juan M. Fernández-Luna; Luis M. de Campos; Juan F. Huete; Carlos J. Martin-Dancausa
A visualization interface for interactive search refinement BIBA 46-49
  Fernando Figueira Filho; João Porto de Albuquerque; André Resende; Paulo Lício de Geus; Gary Olson
Cognitive Dimensions Analysis of Interfaces for Information Seeking BIBA 50-53
  Gene Golovchinsky
Cognitive Load and Web Search Tasks BIBA 54-57
  Jacek Gwizdka
Visualising Digital Video Libraries for TV Broadcasting Industry: A User-Centred Approach BIBA 58-61
  Mieke Haesen; Jan Meskens; Karin Coninx
Log Based Analysis of How Faceted and Text Based Searching Interact in a Library Catalog Interface BIBA 62-65
  Bradley Hemminger; Xi Niu; Cory Lown
Freebase Cubed: Text-based Collection Queries for Large, Richly Interconnected Data Sets BIBA 66-69
  David Huynh
System Controlled Assistance for Improving Search Performance BIBA 70-73
  Bernard Jansen
Designing for Enterprise Search in a Global Organization BIBA 74-77
  Maria Johansson; Lina Westerling
Cultural Differences in Information Behavior BIBA 78-81
  Anita Komlodi; Karoly Hercegfi
Adapting an Information Visualization Tool for Mobile Information Retrieval BIBA 82-86
  Sherry Koshman; Jae-wook Ahn
A Theoretical Framework for Subjective Relevance BIBA 87-90
  Katrina Muller; Diane Kelly
Query Reuse in Exploratory Search Tasks BIBA 91-94
  Chirag Shah; Gary Marchionini
Towards Timed Predictions of Human Performance for Interactive Information Retrieval Evaluation BIBA 95-98
  Mark Smucker
Text-To-Query: Suggesting Structured Analytics to Illustrate Textual Content BIB i
  Raphael Thollot; Marie-Aude Aufaure
The Information Availability Problem BIBA 99-101
  Daniel Tunkelang
Exploratory Search Over Temporal Event Sequences: Novel Requirements, Operations, and a Process Model BIBA 102-105
  Taowei Wang; Krist Wongsuphasawat; Catherine Plaisant; Ben Shneiderman
Keyword Search: Quite Exploratory Actually BIBA 106-108
  Max Wilson
Using Twitter to Assess Information Needs: Early Results BIBA 109-112
  Max Wilson
Integrating User-generated Content Description to Search Interface Design BIBA 113-119
  Kyunghye Yoon
Ambiguity and Context-Aware Query Reformulation BIBA 120-122
  Hui Zhang