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Proceedings of the Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval
Editors:Daniel Tunkelang; Ryen White; Bill Kules
Location:Redmond, Washington
Standard No:hcibib: HCIR08
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Helping Users Provide Explicit Context-aware Feedback To Measure Search Experience Satisfaction BIBA 5-8
  Raman Chandrasekar; Matthew Scott; Dean Slawson; A. R. D. Rajan; Daniel Makoski
Polestar: Assisted Navigation for Exploring Multi-dimensional Information Spaces BIBA 9-12
  Davor Cubranic
UIs for Faceted Navigation: Recent Advances and Remaining Open Problems BIBA 13-17
  Marti Hearst
Creating Exploratory Tasks for a Faceted Search Interface BIBA 18-21
  Bill Kules; Robert Capra
Personal Information Organization and Retrieval Using an Activity-Based Desktop Interface BIBA 22-25
  Stephen Voida
Human-Guided Ontology Learning BIBA 26-29
  Hui Yang; Jamie Callan


Augmenting Faceted Exploration with ResultMaps BIB i
  Edward Clarkson; James Foley
Investigating the Effects of Enhanced Search Facets BIB ii
  Abdigani Diriye; Ann Blandford; Anastasios Tombros
Beyond the Search Box: Helping Users Find Health Information on the Web BIBA 30-33
  Kevin Duh; Shawn Medero
Collaborative Query Term Suggestion BIBA 34-37
  Gene Golovchinsky; Pernilla Qvarfordt; Jeremy Pickens
Lightweight Additions to the Web Search Interface Supporting Exploratory Web Search BIBA 38-41
  Orland Hoeber
Viewing Searching Systems as Learning Systems BIBA 42-45
  Bernard Jansen
Focus on Results: Personal and Group Information Seeking Over Time BIBA 46-49
  Gary Marchionini; Robert Capra; Chirag Shah
SocialRank: An Ego- and Time-centric Workflow for Relationship Identification BIBA 50-52
  Jaime Montemayor; Chris Diehl; Mike Pekala; David Patrone
SketchBrain: An Interactive Information Seeking Interface for Exploratory Search BIBA 53-56
  Hogun Park; Sung Hyon Myaeng; Gwan Jang; Jong-wook Choi; Sooran Jo; Hyung-chul Roh
Search: From Information to Knowledge BIBA 57-60
  Yan Qu
Geography and Networks BIBA 61-62
  Robert Reich
What might users be learning from the system? BIBA 63-66
  Catherine Smith
Challenges for Supporting Faceted Search in Large, Heterogeneous Corpora like the Web BIBA 67-69
  Jaime Teevan; Susan Dumais; Zachary Gutt
Novel User Interfaces via Model-Mediated Information Retrieval BIBA 70-73
  Earl J. Wagner; Larry Birnbaum
Summarization and Refinement Tags in Folksonomies BIBA 74-76
  Joyce Wang; Vladimir Zelevinsky; Daniel Tunkelang
Site Metadata on the Web BIBA 77-80
  Erik Wilde
Improving Exploratory Search Interfaces: Adding Value or Information Overload? BIBA 81-84
  Max Wilson; mc schraefel
Supporting Exploratory Search for the ACM Digital Library BIBA 85-88
  Vladimir Zelevinsky; Joyce Wang; Daniel Tunkelang