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Proceedings of the Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval

Fullname:Proceedings of the Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval
Location:MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Standard No:hcibib: HCIR07
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Partitioning the Web: Shaping Online Consumer Choice BIBA 5
  Jolie M. Martin; Michael I. Norton
Record Relationship Navigation: Implications for Information Access and Discovery BIBA 6
  Christina Anderson
Faceted Browsing, Dynamic Interfaces, and Exploratory Search: Experiences and Challenges BIBA 7-9
  Robert Capra; Gary Marchionini
Idea Navigation: Structured Browsing for Unstructured Text BIBA 10-11
  Robin Stewart; Gregory Scott; Vladimir Zelevinsky
GK: A post-search information retrieval system BIBA 12-13
  Joseph Barillari
A Knowledge-Based Search Engine Powered by Wikipedia BIBA 14-15
  David Milne; Ian H. Witten; David M. Nichols
Visual Text Analysis by Lay Users: The Case of "Many Eyes" BIBA 16-17
  Fernanda B. Viégas; Martin Wattenberg
Personal Information Management, Personal Information Retrieval? BIBA 18-20
  Michael Bernstein; Max Van Kleek; David R. Karger; mc schraefel
Collaborative Exploratory Search BIBA 21-22
  Jeremy Pickens; Gene Golovchinsky


Codifier: A Programmer-Centric Search User Interface BIBA 23-24
  Andrew Begel
Authority Facets: Judging Trust in Unfamiliar Content BIBA 25
  Peter Bell
Mapping the Design Space of Faceted Search Interfaces BIBA 26-27
  Bill Kules
Images as Supportive Elements for Search BIBA 28
  Giridhar Kumaran; Xiaobing Xue
Searching Conversational Speech BIBA 29-30
  Mark Maybury
Natural Language Access to Information for Mobile Users BIBA 31-32
  Alexander Ran; Raimondas Lencevicius
AnalogySpace and ConceptNet BIBA 33
  Rob Speer; Catherine Havasi
Normalized Clarity and Guided Query Interpretation BIBA 34
  Daniel Tunkelang
Less Searching, More Finding: Improving Human Search Productivity BIBA 35-36
  William Woods
Mediating between User Query and User Model with Adaptive Relevance-Based Visualization BIBA 37-38
  Jae-wook Ahn; Peter Brusilovsky
Characterization of Diagrams and Retrieval Strategies for Them BIBA 39
  Robert Futrelle
Human Computation for HCIR Evaluation BIBAK 40-42
  Shiry Ginosar
Jigsaw: A Visual Index on Large Document Collections BIBA 43-44
  Carsten Görg; John Stasko
Reasoning and Learning in Mixed-Initiative Tasks BIBA 45
  Yifen Huang
Resonance: Penalty-Free Deep Look-Ahead With Dynamic Summarization of Result Sets BIBA 46-47
  Blade Kotelly
Visual Concept Explorer BIBA 48-49
  Xia Lin
Navigating Document Networks BIBA 50-51
  Mark Smucker
Integrating the "Deep Web" With the "Shallow Web" BIBA 52-53
  Michael Stonebreaker
Multimodal Question Answering for Mobile Devices BIBA 54-55
  Tom Yeh