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Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Note:Design of Computing Systems
Editors:Michael J. Smith; Gavriel Salvendy; Richard J. Koubek
Location:San Francisco, California
Dates:1997-Aug-24 to 1997-Aug-29
Publisher:Elsevier Science
Standard No:ISBN 0-444-82183-X ISSN 0921-2647; hcibib: HCII97-1
Links:Publisher Page
  1. HCII 1997-08-24 Volume 1
    1. Organizational and Social Issues
    2. Ergonomics and Design for All
    3. System Integration

HCII 1997-08-24 Volume 1

Organizational and Social Issues

Desktop Videoconferencing in a Cooperative Discussion Task: Video Quality and Telepresence Aspect BIB 3-6
  G. Matarazzo
Shared Space: Collaborative Information Spaces BIB 7-10
  M. Billinghurst; S. Baldis; E. Miller; S. Weghorst
Show Actions in TV Conferencing BIB 11-14
  R. Zhang; H. Tamura; Y. Shibuya
Helen: A Shared Chalkboard for Low-Bandwidth Networks BIB 15-18
  T. Sakairi; M. Shinozaki
VEMA: Multi-Agent System for Electronic Commerce on Internet BIB 19-22
  J. G. Lee; E. S. Lee
Adaptable Information Clipping Service Supported by Evolving User Profile and Multiple Ontologies BIB 23-26
  T. Ikeda; A. Okumura; K. Muraki
Tele-Consultation System Supporting Asymmetrical Communications Between Customers and Expert Staff in Distributed Environment BIB 27-30
  T. Tanaka; H. Mizuno; H. Tsuji; H. Kojima
Communicating about Reactive Behaviors BIB 31-34
  V. G. Dabija
Building Cyber-Community-Learning from CyberCampus[TM] Experiment BIB 35-40
  T. Nishimura
Post Agreement Utterance: Communications Specific to Media Conferences BIB 41-44
  K. Takada; H. Tamura; Y. Shibuya
Visualized Information Sharing for Negotiation BIB 45-48
  T. Teraoka; M. Akiyoshi
Communication Model in Emergency Which Considers Competence, Duty and Responsibility BIB 49-52
  T. Koiso; N. Saiwaki; T. Yoshida; S. Nishida
Groupware: What You See Is What You Need? BIB 53-56
  S. S. Salim; L. A. Macaulay
Cooperative Work: Towards a Conceptual Foundation for CSCW Systems Design BIB 57-60
  K. Schmidt
An Integration Framework for Software Development Environments to Incorporate Task, Team and Tool Perspectives BIB 61-64
  Y. Yang
Role-Oriented Organization Model and its Implementation with Agent System BIB 65-68
  H. Enoki; Y. Kanda; K. Nakamura; T. Etani
A Cognitive Engineering Approach to Cross Disciplinary Exploration of Work Domains and Semantic Information Retrieval in Communication Networks BIB 69-72
  A. M. Pejtersen
Coordinating Effective Work Routines with Groupware: Intra- and Intergroup Conventions BIB 73-76
  G. Mark; V. Wulf
A User-Centred Approach to Groupwork Systems Development BIB 77-80
  R. A. Steele; G. Osgurthorpe; J. I. Siddiqi
Information Sharing Accelerated by Work History Based Contribution Management, Leads to Knowhow Sharing BIB 81-84
  K. Muraki; N. Nomura; K. Satoh; N. Ochiai
Design of Train Control System Centre BIB 85-88
  S. Karlsson
REDUCE: A Prototypical Cooperative Editing System BIB 89-92
  C. Sun; X. Jia; Y. Yang; Y. Zhang
Combining Multiple Abstraction Mechanisms in Communication Modeling BIB 93-96
  P. Holm; J. Ljungberg
Using Cooperative Design to Introduce ORDBMS-Driven Intranet Applications to Collaborating Social Service Agencies BIB 97-100
  J. E. Jasper; R. D. Ellis; T. B. Jankowski; R. Nagarajan
Towards Computer Support for Cooperation in Time-Critical Work Settings BIB 101-104
  P. H. Carstensen; M. Nielsen
Psychological and Ergonomics Peculiarities of Cross-Cultural Interaction of Computer Users BIB 105-108
  V. M. Bondarovskaia
Integration of Ukraine into Informational World Space: WWW Presentation Systems BIB 109-112
  T. A. Grinchenko; A. A. Stogny; A. Landsman; V. Matskevitch
Teleinformatics in a Global Village-From Baking to IT BIB 113-116
  G. Bradley; W. Bradley
User Needs and Support for Community-Based Information Technology Services BIB 117-120
  B. S. Caldwell
Cross-Cultural Crisis Management Teams in Cyberspace BIB 121-124
  L. Duffy
Organizational Culture and Ideology in the Design of Complex Computer System Interfaces BIB 125-128
  E. A. Kapp; B. S. Caldwell
Longitudinal Evaluation of Adoption and Use Patterns of Electronic Voice Messaging Systems BIB 129-132
  B. S. Caldwell; P. V. Paradkar
Simplified English for Computer Displays BIB 133-136
  J. A. Mills; B. S. Caldwell
The Cultural Adaptation Versus Localization BIB 137-140
  M. V. Donskoy
Wind from East: When Will it Blow and How BIB 141-144
  M. Kurosu
Cultural Diversity for User Interface Design: A Progress Report BIB 145-148
  A. Marcus
Internationalization and Localization for Cultural Diversity BIB 149-152
  G. V. Prabhu; B. Chen; W. Bubie; C. Koch
Homogeneity of Stimuli and Subjects on Recognition of Unfamiliar Swedish and Chinese Faces BIB 153-156
  Y. Pan; B. Han; K. W. Sandberg
Globalization: Meeting the Challenge BIB 157-160
  D. Z. Lehder; M. G. Alvarez; N. M. Aykin; K. Friedman-Muller
Do Existing Menu Design Guidelines Work in Chinese? BIB 161-164
  H. M. Shih; R. S. Goonetilleke
Addressing Cultural Diversity Through Unified Interface Development BIB 165-168
  C. Stephanidis; A. Savidis; A. Paramythis
Evaluating Telecom Icons Among Asian Countries BIB 169-172
  D. P. Piamonte; K. Ohlsson; J. D. A. Abeysekera
Design of Computer Interfaces for the Chinese Population BIB 173-176
  Y. Y. Choong; G. Salvendy
The Acceptability of Icons Across Countries BIB 177-180
  J. A. Smith; M. P. Siringo
Cross Cultural Issues in User Interface Design BIB 181-184
  Y. K. Leung; K. Cox
Ergonomic Systems Engineering: The Human Interface and the Management of International Relations in the 21 st Century BIB 185-188
  J. H. Smith; A. Derjani Bayeh; M. J. Smith; G. Al-Fallati
International User-Interface Standards for Information Superhighways: Some Design Issues BIB 189-192
  A. Marcus
Human Computer Interaction: The Year 2000 and Beyond BIB 193-196
  J. L. Alty
Twenty-Five Years of HCI: Growth Without Progress? BIB 197-200
  J. Long
The Convergence Toward a New Sociotechnical System Approach BIB 201-204
  F. Butera; T. Schael
Knowledge-Based Teams: Technology, Reinvention and Critical Process Redesign BIB 205-208
  T. K. Bikson; J. D. Eveland; S. Cohen; D. Mankin
Designing Services with ICT: Problems and Challenges BIB 209-212
  G. De Michelis
The Quality of Working Life Assessment BIB 213-216
  M. Mariani; O. Parlangeli; S. Bagnara
Applying the Sociotechnical Strategy to the Redesign of Organizations: Experiences in German Manufacturing and Service Enterprises BIB 217-220
  D. Brandt; K. Henning
Lessons Learned from Using a Computer-Based Tool to Support Sociotechnical Systems Design BIB 221-224
  A. Majchrzak; B. Borys
The Qualit Esprit Project on Sociotechnical Systems (STS) Design and Quality of Working Life (QWL) BIB 225-228
  B. Coppola; F. Butera; T. Schael
Software to Support Sociotechnical Design: The Case of Top-Integrator BIB 229-232
  A. Majchrzak
Partizipative Organisation Design-Integrating the Employee into Structural Re-Organisation BIB 233-236
  S. Haberl; S. F. Schmelzer; M. Mezger; T. Foerster
Improving Sociotechnical Systems by Exploiting the Remains of Reengineering BIB 237-240
  J. Taylor
Sociotechnical Analysis According to the Concept of People, Technology, Organization BIB 241-244
  O. Strohm; E. Ulich
Tools for Implementing Socio-Technical Systems: An Australian Case Study and the Use of Handbooks BIB 245-248
  R. Badham; I. McLoughlin
Working Conditions as Quality in Design Projects BIB 249-252
  G. Simonsen
The Process of Organisational Learning-Experiences from a Joint Project BIB 253-256
  P. Broedner
Further Development of a New Method for Task Allocation in Complex Systems BIB 257-260
  P. E. Waterson; M. T. Older; C. W. Clegg
Complementary Function Allocation for Scheduling Tasks BIB 261-264
  T. Waefler; G. Grote; C. Ryser; A. Windischer
Joint Optimization of People and Technology-An Example from the Car Industry BIB 265-268
  J. Stahre; A. Johansson; S. Axelsson
The Role of Information Support Systems in the Joint Optimization BIB 269-272
  M. Vartiainen; J. J. J. Kasvi; A. Pulkkis; M. Nieminen
The Presence of Aftereffects BIB 273-276
  R. B. Welch
Computer Supported Communication and Cooperation-Building Social Environments into Computer Systems BIB 277-280
  H. Luczak; J. Springer; S. Simon
Privacy and Acting in Groups-Key Concepts in Designing Multimedia-Supported Cooperative Work BIB 281-284
  H. Paul; S. Dutke
Communicable Models for Cooperative Processes BIB 285-288
  T. Herrmann
An Agent-Centered Framework for the Analysis and Diagnosis of Organizational Groupware Platforms BIB 289-292
  A. A. Angehrn
The Emergence of Conventions Within Processes of Integrated Organization and Technology Development BIB 293-296
  V. Wulf; G. Mark
The Context of Co-operative Working-Generic Issues, and all Evaluation of Some Software for Co-operative Working in a Manufacturing Engineering Engineering Environment BIB 297-300
  S. M. Joyner; C. E. Siemieniuch; M. A. Sinclair
Features of Successful Telecooperation Systems: The Technological Viewpoint BIB 301-304
  K. Sandkuhl
Investigation of Desktop-Teleconferencing Systems in Automotive Design BIB 305-308
  C. Schlick; D. Herbst; J. Springer; J. Stahl
Integrating Groupware and Workflow in a Public Administration BIB 309-312
  J. Ziegler; T. Barnekow
A Cooperative Design Approach for CSCW in Ministries BIB 313-316
  K. Kloeckner; U. Pankoke-Babatz; W. Prinz
The Role of Common Information Spaces in CSCW BIB 317-320
  L. J. Bannon
Intelligent System for Quality Control in Manufacturing BIB 321-324
  A. Hamrol
Information Management for the Agile Enterprise BIB 325-330
  C. E. R. Wainwright; R. Leonard; K. D. Barber
Agility in Case Handling Work BIB 331-334
  J. Gulliksen
Diagnostic Methodology for Agile Manufacturing System BIB 335-338
  H. S. Jung; Y. Kume; B. G. Lee; N. Sato
A Participation of Mental Factors in Agile Manufacturing Systems BIB 339-342
  E. Bamba; W. Nakajima; R. Liquin
VDT Task Related Visual Fatigue: Human Aspects of Agile Manufacturing BIB 343-346
  Y. Kume; N. Sato; H. S. Jung
IT Cultures Within Industrial Production: Organizational Dilemmas BIB 347-350
  C. Garsten
Interactive Creative Environments (ICE)-Strategic Organizational and Psychosocial Factors BIB 351-354
  G. Bradley
Competence Development in Ten High Tech Companies in Silicon Valley BIB 355-360
  M. Robertson; G. Bradley
Longitudinal Studies of Quality of Working Life and Stress Among Computer Users BIB 361-364
  P. Carayon
Longitudinal Study of the Effect of Life and Work Events on Depressive Symptoms; Based on Computer Simulation BIB 365-368
  M. Kuwakino; Y. Fujigaki
Longitudinal Studies of Organizational Change in Administrative Jobs BIB 369-372
  E. Jaervenpaeae
Organizational Support and Employee Well-Being in the Implementation of New VDT Application BIB 373-378
  K. Lindstroem; T. Leino; J. Steitsamo
Improving the Design of Longitudinal Studies on Computerization of Offices BIB 379-382
  P. Huuhtanen
The "Second Vienna Implementation Study:" I. Contextual Factors Modifying the Effects of Continuous Implementations of Information Technology BIB 383-386
  S. Zauchner; C. Korunka; O. Vitouch; A. Weiss
The "Second Vienna Implementation Study." II. An Integrative Model BIB 387-390
  C. Korunka; S. Zauchner; O. Vitouch

Ergonomics and Design for All

Computer Assistive Remote Control for the Motor-Impaired User BIB 393-396
  P. E. Jones
An Input Interface System Using VEP for the Physically Challenged BIB 397-400
  Y. Arai; Y. Yonezawa; K. Itoh; M. Hashimoto
A Drawing Support System for the Visually Impaired Computer User Using a Virtual Sound Screen BIB 401-404
  K. Itoh; M. Shimizu; Y. Yonezawa
A New Approach to Providing GUI Access for Blind People-Combined Tactile/Voice GUI Access BIB 405-408
  T. Ebina; S. Igi
Interdisciplinary Efforts to Facilitate the Production of Tools to Support the Disabled and Elderly in the Information Society BIB 409-412
  A. I. Karshmer
Design of Nonvisual User Interfaces for Use in Education BIB 413-416
  G. Weber
Cross Disability Access to Touch Screen Kiosks and ATMs BIB 417-420
  G. C. Vanderheiden
Leadership Issues in the Field of Disability and Technology BIB 421-424
  H. J. Murphy
Differences of Force Distribution Patterns on Grip Types in Human Grasping Motions BIB 425-428
  S. Shimizu; M. Shimojo; S. Sato; Y. Seki
Embedding Scanning Techniques Accessible to Motor-Impaired Users in the WINDOWS Object Library BIB 429-432
  A. Savidis; G. Vernardos; C. Stephanidis
Some Experimental Suggestions to Assist the Visually Handicapped End-Users to Navigate the Information Space BIB 433-436
  N. L. Soong; G. Bangarbale
Interface Design for Disabled People: Eliciting User-Centred Design Constraints BIB 437-440
  D. Akoumianakis; C. Stephanidis; G. Salvendy
The Role of Accessibility in HCI Standards BIB 441-444
  E. Bergman
MultiModal Multi-Interface Environments for Accessible Ubiquitous Computing BIB 445-448
  E. P. Glinert; R. L. Kline
Use of a Common Table Architecture for Creating Hands Free, Eyes Free, Noisy Environment (Flex-Modal, Flex-Input) Interfaces BIB 449-452
  G. C. Vanderheiden
Software Architecture for Transformable Interface Implementations: Building User-Adapted Interactions BIB 453-456
  A. Savidis; D. Akoumianakis; C. Stephanidis
Unifying and Merging Toolkits: A Multi-Purpose Toolkit Integration Engine BIB 457-460
  A. Savidis; C. Stephanidis
Agent Classes for Managing Dialogue Control Specification Complexity: A Declarative Language Framework BIB 461-464
  A. Savidis; C. Stephanidis
Abstract Task Definition and Incremental Polymorphic Physical Instantiation: The Unified Interface Design Method BIB 465-468
  A. Savidis; C. Stephanidis; P. L. Emiliani
User Interface Accessibility: A Retrospective of Current Standardisation Efforts BIB 469-472
  C. Stephanidis; D. Akoumianakis; J. Ziegler; K. P. Faehnrich
Towards the Next Generation of UIST: Developing for all Users BIB 473-476
  C. Stephanidis
The Role of Design and Evaluation Principles for User Interfaces for All BIB 477-480
  C. Stary
Access to Information in the Information Society BIB 481-484
  P. L. Emiliani
User Interface Software & Technology (UIST) Under ESPRIT: Current Work and Future Directions BIB 485-488
  G. Metakides; A. Galetsas; J. Wejchert
Methodology for Studying Complex Ergonomic Interventions for HCI Work BIB 489-492
  A. Derjani Bayeh; F. B. P. Moro; M. J. Smith; P. Carayon
Psychological Stress and Musculoskeletal Health BIB 493-496
  F. T. Conway; M. J. Smith; D. LeGrande; J. Cahill
Identifying Areas for Workload Reduction Through System Changes: Why Bother? BIB 497-500
  M. T. Shaffer; H. K. Chandler
Improving Psychosocial Conditions of Telework BIB 501-504
  P. Huuhtanen
Emotional Demands in Musculoskeletal Discomfort: Development of a New Questionnaire BIB 505-508
  W. Schmitz; L. Newman; P. Carayon; M. J. Smith
Methodological Issues of Measurement of Psychosocial Work Factors in Computer/Office Work BIB 509-512
  L. Newman; P. Carayon; W. Schmitz
Work Organization Interventions on WRMD's in Office/Computer Work BIB 513-516
  M. C. Haims; P. Carayon; H. S. Suh; N. Swanson
Perceived Work-Related Risk in Stress and Musculoskeletal Discomfort BIB 517-520
  H. S. Suh; P. Carayon; F. Sainfort; M. J. Smith
Psychosocial Work Factors and Musculoskeletal Disorders in Office Workers: An Examination of the Mediating Role of Stress BIB 521-524
  B. T. Karsh
The Relationship Between Sitting Posture and Musculoskeletal Pain BIB 525-528
  F. B. P. Moro; F. T. Conway; A. Derjani Bayeh; M. J. Smith
Predictive Models of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Among Office Personnel BIB 529-532
  A. C. Matias; G. Salvendy
Analysis of Cursor Movements with a Mouse BIB 533-536
  T. G. Whisenand; H. H. Emurian
The Measurement of CNV in the Evaluation of Mental Stress BIB 537-540
  S. Yamamoto; H. Hirano; S. Matsuoka
Analyzing Qualitative Data with SPROT (Structural Process Chart of a Task Oriented Behavior) BIB 541-544
  M. Itoh; Y. Mamine; S. Goto; T. Asano
Breathing, Psychological Stress, and Musculoskeletal Complaints in VDT Data-Entry Work BIB 545-550
  L. M. Schleifer; R. Ley; C. S. Pan
How to Use Applied Psychophysiology/Biofeedback in the Prevention and Assessment of Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders BIB 551-554
  E. Peper; R. Harvey; D. Shumay
Healthy Computing: A Comprehensive Group Training Approach Using Biofeedback BIB 555-558
  D. M. Shumay; E. Peper
The Application of Heart Rate Variability Analysis on the Evaluation of Mental Strain and its Future Development BIB 559-562
  K. Suzuki
Does the Circadian Rhythm of VDT Operators Cause Fluctuations of CFF Value that to Mask Fatigue Variations During Work Load? BIB 563-566
  M. Takeda; Y. Hayashi
Evaluation of Mental Stress During Tracking Tasks Based on the Analysis of Electrodermal Activity, Blinks and Blood Pressure BIB 567-570
  H. Kazuma; M. Suzuki; Y. Nishio; H. Genno
Heart Rate Variability in Eye-Level and Low Monitor Conditions BIB 571-574
  D. R. Ankrum; K. Suzuki
Discrimination of Living Body Fingers by Using EMG and Finger Pulse Volume BIB 575-578
  S. Fukuzumi
How Efficient are Combined Tasks for Effective HCI?: An Objective Evaluation Through AR Analysis of EEG BIB 579-582
  M. F. Funada; Y. Yazu; S. Ninomija
Results from the International Cooperative Study: Impact of Ergonomic Interventions on Musculoskeletal, Eyestrain, and Psychosocial Stress (MEPS) BIB 583-586
  M. J. Dainoff; A. Aaraas; G. Horgen; M. Thoresen
An Ergonomical Study on Computer Interface Using Input Devices BIB 587-590
  M. Aoki
An Information Kiosk with Asymmetric Collaboration BIB 591-594
  F. Ando; A. Nakajima; Y. Furui
Effect of the Field-of-View Against Target Ratio in Haptic Exploration BIB 595-598
  S. Lee
International Standards on Human-Computer Interaction: What is Out There and How Will it be Implemented? BIB 599-602
  H. E. Blanchard
An Ergonomic Rendering System for Industrial Design BIB 603-606
  S. Cak; E. N. Dizdar; A. Ersak
The Effect of Mouse Location on Seated Posture BIB 607-610
  W. R. Dowell; G. Gscheidle
Keyboard Operations in a Negative Slope Design BIB 611-614
  I. Gilad; S. Harel
Ergonomic Evaluation of a Wrist Rest for VDU Work via Electromyographic Methods BIB 615-618
  H. Strasser; E. Keller
A New Way to Overcome the Uneasy Operation of Touch-Sensitive Displays by Incorporating "Click" Mechanism CC Switch BIB 619-622
  M. Mamiya; H. Haseagwa; Y. Sekino; M. Kawakami
Ergonomics Knowledge Pyramid: A Computer Based Training Game BIB 623-626
  R. Granot
Field Studies of Possible Health Effects Related to VDU Work-Epidemiological Design Options and Requirements BIB 627-630
  H. Kjuus
A Three Years Follow-up Multidisciplinary Ergonomic Interventions. Overview BIB 631-634
  A. Aaraas; G. Horgen; H. H. Bjoerset; O. Ro
Work Posture and Musculoskeletal Pain BIB 635-638
  A. Aaraas; O. Ro; M. Thoresen
Ergonomic Aspects of Flat Panel Display and Large-Size CRT Screen BIB 639-642
  S. Saito; H. Jonai; M. B. G. Villaneuva; M. Sotoyama
Fundamental Study on Optimum Working Posture of VDT Workers from the View Point of EMG BIB 643-646
  Y. Horie
Visual and Lighting Conditions BIB 647-650
  H. H. Bjoerset; A. Aaraas
Optometric Examination and Correction of VDU Workers BIB 651-654
  G. Horgen; A. Aaraas
Electric Fields, Dust and Health Problems Among VDU-Users in an Office Environment: An Intervention Program BIB 655-658
  K. Skyberg; K. Skulberg; W. Eduard; A. I. Vistnes
The American Computer Plague: Musculo-Skeletal, Visual, Radiation and Psychoneuroimmunological Stress Pandemics at U.S. Computer Workstations BIB 659-662
  H. Sackman
Survey of U.S. Optometrist's Regarding Prevalence and Treatment of Visual Stress Symptoms BIB 663-666
  E. Nilsen; C. Salibello
Decision Process of the Current Ergonomic Renewal of Production Systems BIB 667-670
  B. E. Mateja; L. M. Pacholski
Ergonomic Decision Optimalization in Production System Development BIB 671-674
  K. L. Rogalinski; S. R. Trinchera
Ergonomic Information for Design of Manufacturing Systems BIB 675-678
  A. E. Jasiak
A Flexible Computer System for Ergonomic Diagnosis BIB 679-682
  E. Gorska; J. M. Zurada
Barriers and Breakdowns of Computer Integrated Management BIB 683-686
  M. Wyrwicka
Ergonomic Assessments of Workstands as the Basic Information for the Work Conditions Management in Plants BIB 687-690
  W. Grzybowski
Computer in Shaping of Human Habitat BIB 691-694
  J. Charytonowicz
Application of Ergonomics in Creating of Workplace of Computer's Operator in Manufacturing BIB 695-698
  J. Olszewski
Ergonomics Aspects of Enterprises BIB 699-702
  J. Lewandowski; E. Gorska
Method of Assessment of Occupational Safety BIB 703-706
  J. Lewandowski; C. Kowalczyk
Application of Ergonomics Principles Within the Semiconductor Industry BIB 707-710
  J. A. Schaab; M. R. Harralson
The Effects of Task Variability on Mouse Performance BIB 711-714
  K. Radle; S. Batra; I. Man

System Integration

Apoptosis: A Regulatory Model of Interaction BIB 717-720
  A. R. F. Da Silva
An Experimental Study on User Interpretation of Icons BIB 721-724
  K. Siau; F. H. Nah
4 Super-Events to Tame the Daunting Image-Selections BIB 725-728
  A. Biancardi; M. Pini
Computer Based Engineering Systems Assistance for Manufacturing Industry Re-Engineering BIB 729-732
  K. Cheng; D. Kirkwood
Adaptive Pilot Modeling Within Cockpit Crew Assistance BIB 733-736
  P. Stuetz; R. Onken
Human Factors Techniques for Designing the Virtual Mission Operations Center BIB 737-740
  J. A. Fox; J. Breed; R. Bane; P. Baker
Designing the Information Cooperative for Harmonizing, Coordinating, and Promoting Earth Observation Business Processes BIB 741-744
  A. Rizzo; M. Mariani; A. Zenie; S. Bagnara
Towards a Framework for Managing Interface Delay BIB 745-748
  C. R. Roast; J. I. Siddiqi
A Human-Oriented Case Study of Office Automation Systems BIB 749-752
  G. Matarazzo; A. Nikov
Computer-Aided Analysis in Ophthalmological Imaging BIB 753-756
  D. Lepore; F. Molle; G. Minicucci; M. M. Pagliara
Visual Access Tool to the Computer-Based Patient Record BIB 757-760
  H. Kindler; D. Densow; H. Mall; T. M. Fliedner
Operatability Evaluation of a Computer Navigation System for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery BIB 761-764
  M. Mochimaru; J. Yamashita; Y. Yamauchi; Y. Fukui
Assessing, Computing and Providing Quality of Care Information to Multiple Users: The Nursing Home Industry in the U.S. BIB 765-768
  F. Sainfort; D. Zimmerman; S. Karon
Multi Agents to Provide Adaptivity in an Intelligent Interface to a Medical Database BIB 769-772
  P. Marshall; S. Greenwood
A Computerised System for Training of Medical Doctors in Pre-hospital Rescuing Operation during Emergency Situations BIB 773-776
  V. Andersen
Experiences in the Development of a Medical Expert System BIB 777-780
  E. M. Zu Bexten; M. Jaeger; J. Hiltner
Using Psychological Aspects for the Design of Adaptive IT-Tools for Cooperative Engineering BIB 781-784
  M. Wolber; P. Sachse
Computer Utilization and Attitude: Empirical Evidence from Saudi Arabia BIB 785-788
  M. A. Al-Khaldi; I. M. Al-Jabri
Task Adaptive Electronic Manual as Human-Computer Interface for Business Performance Improvement Support BIB 789-792
  H. Kojima; T. Yamada; Y. Mizuno; H. Endoh
Modes of Interaction Between Businesses and R&D Project Teams in Cognitive Engineering and Information Systems Development. Success and Failures in the Process of Field Studies BIB 793-796
  G. Westlander; T. Bjoerkman; S. Henriksson
Floor Control in Collaborative Design Environments BIB 797-800
  H. J. Bullinger; J. Warschat; O. Schumacher
Usage of an Integrated Office Information System: Experiences from a Municipal Organization BIB 801-804
  P. Seppaelae
Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps to Define the Search Space in Problem Solving BIB 805-808
  K. Perusich; M. McNeese
Views on Designing Human-Computer Interface for ELS BIB 809-812
  W. Hu; W. Zhong; N. Xu
Soldier-Computer Interactions and Armor Battalion Performance BIB 813-816
  C. W. Lickteig
From Participation in ISD to Improvements in Organization BIB 817-820
  M. Kirveennummi; A. Tuomisto
The Computer Use Scale: Four Dimensions of How People Use Computer BIB 821-824
  J. C. Panero; D. M. Lane; H. A. Napier
Creating a Source and Target Language Mixed Stage for Integration of Human Knowledge into Machine Translation BIB 825-828
  S. I. Kamei; K. Muraki; K. Satoh; K. Hamada
Psychological Upper and Lower Limits of System Response Time and User's Preference on Skill Level BIB 829-832
  A. Komatsubara
Ergodynamics in Analysis and Prediction of Communication Efficiency BIB 833-836
  V. F. Venda
Ergodynamic Method of Identification of the Cognitive Strategy Used by the Human-Operator BIB 837-840
  B. S. Dobronets; A. A. Spikov; V. F. Venda
Job Adaptation for a Reverse Transformation Dynamics in Pre-Retirement: A Way to Health and Longevity BIB 841-846
  R. J. Trybus; V. F. Venda
Ergonomic Design and Industrial Testing of the Televised Assembly and Manual Material Handling Workstations with Indirect Observation of Operations BIB 847-850
  V. F. Venda
Safety and Liability in HCI BIB 851-854
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