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HCI International 2011: 14th International Conference on HCI - Posters' Extended Abstracts, Part II

Fullname:HCI International 2011: 14th International Conference on HCI Posters' Extended Abstracts Part II
Note:Volume 23 of HCI International 2011
Editors:Constantine Stephanidis
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:2011-Jul-09 to 2011-Jul-14
Series:Communications in Computer and Information Science 174
Standard No:ISBN: 978-3-642-22094-4 (print), 978-3-642-22095-1 (online); hcibib: HCII11-6
Links:Online Proceedings | Publisher Book Page | Conference Website
  1. HCII 2011-07-09 Volume 6
    1. Part I / Novel Interaction Environments
    2. Part II / Virtual and Augmented Environments
    3. Part III / Gestures, Gaze and Multimodality in HCI
    4. Part IV / Touch-Based and Table-Top Interaction
    5. Part V / Brain-Computer Interfaces and Brain Monitoring
    6. Part VI / Ergonomics and Human Modelling Issues
    7. Part VII / Health and Wellbeing
    8. Part VIII / Learning, Education and Cultural Heritage

HCII 2011-07-09 Volume 6

Part I / Novel Interaction Environments

Measuring Human Interaction in Digital Television Using Profiles and Geolocation BIBAKFull-Text 3-7
  Valdecir Becker; Marcelo Knörich Zuffo
PC-Based Warning Mechanism System of Fall Risk in Elderly BIBAKFull-Text 8-12
  Chih-Sheng Chang; Cherng-Yee Leung; Jeih-Jang Liou
System of Systems for Sensor and Actuator Networks BIBAKFull-Text 13-17
  Tiffany Elise Chua; Mark Merlo; Mark Bachman
Smart Clothes Are New Interactive Devices BIBAKFull-Text 18-21
  Gi-Soo Chung; Hee-Cheol Kim
Ebook Readers: An iPod for Your Books in the Cloud BIBAKFull-Text 22-27
  Ann-Marie Horcher; Maxine Cohen
The Ambient from the Young Passengers' Perception in the Carriage of Taiwan High Speed Rail BIBAFull-Text 28-30
  Jeichen Hsieh; Chan Yo Shan
An Effective Disaster Evacuation Assist System Utilized by an Ad-Hoc Network BIBAKFull-Text 31-35
  Yasuki Iizuka; Kyoko Yoshida; Kayo Iizuka
Locating Projectors Using Intensity of Reflected Beams Based on Phong Shading Model BIBAKFull-Text 36-40
  Yukio Ishihara; Makio Ishihara
Embodied Communication Support Using a Presence Sharing System under Teleworking BIBAKFull-Text 41-45
  Yutaka Ishii; Tomio Watanabe
Visibility Experiment and Evaluation of 3D Character Representation on Mobile Displays BIBAKFull-Text 46-51
  Hiromu Ishio; Shunta Sano; Tomoki Shiomi; Tetsuya Kanda; Hiroki Hori; Keita Uemoto; Asei Sugiyama; Minami Niwa; Akira Hasegawa; Shohei Matsunuma; Masaru Miyao
Composite Context Information Model for Adaptive Human Computing BIBAKFull-Text 52-56
  Sukyoung Kim; Eungha Kim; Youngil Choi
A Framework for a User Friendly Wireless Sensor Network Configuration System BIBAFull-Text 57-61
  Julia C. Lee; Lawrence J. Henschen
FlexRemote: Exploring the Effectiveness of Deformable User Interface as an Input Device for TV BIBAKFull-Text 62-65
  Sang-Su Lee; Seungwoo Maeng; Daeeop Kim; Kun-Pyo Lee; Wonkyum Lee; Sangsik Kim; Sungkwan Jung
A Study of User Needs for the 'Techno Kitchen' BIBAKFull-Text 66-71
  Martin Maguire; Colette Nicolle; Russell Marshall; Ruth E. Sims; Clare Lawton; Sheila Peace; John Percival
Consideration of the Human-Computer Interface in the Operation Room in the Era of Computer Aided Surgery BIBAKFull-Text 72-75
  Kazuhiko Shinohara
'STISIM-Drive' Meets 'MotorcycleSim': Using Driving Simulation Software to Develop a Unique Motorcycle Simulator for Rider Behavior Research BIBAKFull-Text 76-80
  Alex W. Stedmon; David Crundall; Elizabeth Crundall; Rose Saikayasit; Editha van Loon; Alex Irune; Patrick Ward; Neil Greig
AirportLogic: Usability Testing, Prototyping, and Analysis of an Airport Wayfinding Application BIBAKFull-Text 81-84
  Bennett Stone; Yun Wang
Using on-Bicycle Rider Assistant Device While Cycling: A Hazard Perception Assessment BIBAKFull-Text 85-89
  Chao-Yang Yang; Cheng-Tse Wu

Part II / Virtual and Augmented Environments

Human-Robot Collaboration with Augmented Reality BIBAKFull-Text 93-97
  Siam Charoenseang; Tarinee Tonggoed
Making Pixel Patterns Automatically for Camouflage -- Using Color Information from Their Background BIBAKFull-Text 98-101
  Woon Jung Cho; Wonmi Ahn; Myung Shik Kim; Jeeyea Park; Seungduk Kim; Kwang-Hee Han
Virtual Bridge: AR-Based Mobile Interaction for Easy Multimedia Control of Remote Home Devices BIBAKFull-Text 102-106
  DongJin Eun; Taik Heon Rhee; Seonghoon Kang; Minsuk Choi; Sangil Lee; Hark-Joon Kim
Design and Implementation of a Low-Cost Projected Virtual Reality System to Support Learning Processes BIBAKFull-Text 107-111
  Rodrigo Gómez; Helmuth Trefftz
Interface Design to Support Situation Awareness in Virtual Puppetry BIBAKFull-Text 112-115
  Keisha Harthoorn; Stephen Hughes
Immersive Video Game Based on Exercise Prescription BIBAKFull-Text 116-119
  Daegun Kim; Changhoon Park
Assessing the Use of Cognitive Resources in Virtual Reality BIBAKFull-Text 120-124
  William E. Marsh; Jonathan W. Kelly; Veronica J. Dark; James H. Oliver
Augmented Reality Approach to Domestic Maintenance Tasks BIBAFull-Text 125-129
  Jorge Martín-Gutiérrez; Irene Inés Santos Pérez
Development of AR Display System for Dental Surgical Simulator BIBAKFull-Text 130-133
  Katsuhiko Onishi; Shota Ito; Yusuke Kawamura; Hiroshi Noborio
Earthquake Disaster Prevention Support Tool -- Visualization of Prevention Effectiveness by Utilizing Augmented Reality BIBAKFull-Text 134-138
  Kyoko Yoshida; Masahiro Urabe; Hayato Tsuchiya; Yasuki Iizuka; Kayo Iizuka

Part III / Gestures, Gaze and Multimodality in HCI

A Three-Dimensional Fingertip Interface BIBAKFull-Text 141-145
  Yangkeun Ahn; Kwangmo Jung; Jiman Hong
Rule Based Trajectory Segmentation Applied to an HMM-Based Isolated Hand Gesture Recognizer BIBAKFull-Text 146-150
  Jounghoon Beh; David K. Han; Hanseok Ko
Head-Free, Remote Eye-Gaze Detection System with Easy Calibration Using Stereo-Calibrated Two Video Cameras BIBAKFull-Text 151-155
  Yoshinobu Ebisawa; Kazuki Abo; Kiyotaka Fukumoto
Eye Position Effect on Audio-Visual Fusion Involves New Proposals for Multimodal Interface Design BIBAFull-Text 156-160
  David Hartnage; Alain Bichot; Patrick Sandor; Corinne Roumes
A Virtual Mouse System Using Finger-Gestures of Twisting-in BIBAKFull-Text 161-165
  Takashi Kihara; Makio Ishihara
Control of Five Finger of Computer Graphics Hand Using Electromyographic Signal Measured with Multi-channeled Small Laplacian Electrodes BIBAKFull-Text 166-170
  Takuya Kimura; Akinori Ueno
Kinematic Analysis of Remote Target Pointing Hand Movements in a 3D Environment BIBAKFull-Text 171-175
  Yung-Hui Lee; Shu-Kai Wu
Design and Implementation of Deformation Based Gesture Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 176-179
  Wonkyum Lee; Sungkwan Jung; Sangsik Kim; Woojin Ahn; Sang-Su Lee
The Expansibility of User Interfaces Using Peripheral Multisensory Stimulation BIBAKFull-Text 180-183
  Ju-Hwan Lee
Use of Hands-Free Mouse for Game Control BIBAKFull-Text 184-187
  Moyen Mohammad Mustaquim
An Armband-Type Touch-Free Space Input Device for HCI BIBAKFull-Text 188-192
  Dongwan Ryoo; Junseok Park
Modeling of Purchasing Behavior for Application on Merchandise Display and Package Design BIBAKFull-Text 193-196
  Kotaro Suzuki; Nobuyuki Nishiuchi; Mi Kyong Park
Decoding of Hand Shapes Based on ElectroMyoGraphic Signals during Playing Guitar Chords BIBAKFull-Text 197-200
  Hideaki Touyama; Masafumi Mizuguchi
Exploring Whole-Hand Gestures in a Tabletop Environment for Urban Modeling BIBAKFull-Text 201-205
  Peter Vandoren; Karel Frederix; Karin Coninx; Frank Van Reeth
Input Interface Using Fingertip BIBAKFull-Text 206-209
  Ryo Wada; Tomohiro Hase
Recognition Method for Foot Written Characters BIBAKFull-Text 210-213
  Masahiro Yonezawa; Takako Nonaka; Tomohiro Hase

Part IV / Touch-Based and Table-Top Interaction

Sounds in Space: 3D Audio Experiences through Tangible Navigation BIBAFull-Text 217-221
  Andrew Blakney; Sudhir Mudur
Multi-touch Surface Table with Multi-point Tactile Feedback BIBAKFull-Text 222-226
  Siam Charoenseang; Navakun Sribang
Suggested Considerations on the Design of Multi-touch Interfaces for Commercial Presentation BIBAKFull-Text 227-231
  Ting-Han Chen
A Study on the C/R Ratio of Direct-Operation Multi-touch Interface BIBAKFull-Text 232-236
  Kuan-Hung Chen; Chun-Wen Chen; Wenzhi Chen
Multi-touch Table as Conventional Input Device BIBAKFull-Text 237-241
  Andreas Dippon; Florian Echtler; Gudrun Klinker
Properties of Shadow-Cursor for Calibrating Screen Coordinates of Tabletop Displays BIBAKFull-Text 242-246
  Makio Ishihara; Yukio Ishihara
Emotional Expression by a Person's Grip on a Tactual Communication Tool BIBAKFull-Text 247-251
  Yasuhiro Matsuda; Tsuneshi Isomura
Effect of Target Size and Duration of Visual Feedback on Touch Screen BIBAKFull-Text 252-256
  Jeeyea Park; Kwang-Hee Han
Development of an Economical Haptic Stimulus Device BIBAKFull-Text 257-261
  Greg Placencia; Mansour Rahimi; Behrokh Khoshnevis
Feeling Home -- Tangible Information Visualization in Smart Home Environments in Relation to the Concept of Transhumanism BIBAKFull-Text 262-266
  Florian Weingarten; Sahin Albayrak

Part V / Brain-Computer Interfaces and Brain Monitoring

Calibration Time Reduction through Source Imaging in Brain Computer Interface (BCI) BIBAKFull-Text 269-273
  Minkyu Ahn; Hohyun Cho; Sung Chan Jun
How Much Features in Brain-Computer Interface Are Discriminative? -- Quantitative Measure by Relative Entropy BIBAKFull-Text 274-278
  Sangtae Ahn; Sungwook Kang; Sung Chan Jun
EEG-Based Measurement of Subjective Parameters in Evaluations BIBAKFull-Text 279-283
  Daniel Cernea; Peter-Scott Olech; Achim Ebert; Andreas Kerren
Fundamental Study of the Pictogram-Scanning-BCI BIBAKFull-Text 284-288
  Hiroyuki Inada; Hisaya Tanaka
EEG Based Comparative Measurement of Visual Fatigue Caused by 2D and 3D Displays BIBAKFull-Text 289-292
  Young-Joo Kim; Eui Chul Lee
A New Design of the Multi-channels Mobile and Wireless EEG System BIBAKFull-Text 293-298
  Chin-Teng Lin; Wan-Ru Wang; I-Jan Wang; Lun-De Liao; Sheng-Fu Chen; Kevin Tseng; Li-Wei Ko
An Experimental Comparison of Brain Activity in Professional and Non-professional Sewers during the Use of Sewing Needles BIBAKFull-Text 299-303
  Masako Omori; Yukari Morishita; Asuka Kawakita
EEG-Based Measure of Cognitive Workload during a Mental Arithmetic Task BIBAKFull-Text 304-307
  Brice Rebsamen; Kenneth Kwok; Trevor B. Penney
EEG Measurements towards Brain Life-Log System in Outdoor Environment BIBAKFull-Text 308-311
  Hideaki Touyama; Kazuya Maeda

Part VI / Ergonomics and Human Modelling Issues

On the Applicability of Digital Human Models for Personal Equipment Design BIBAKFull-Text 315-319
  Thomas Alexander; Jessica Conradi
Discussing Validation of 3D Character Animation Demonstrating Ushiro-Ukemi Pedagogical Progression BIBAKFull-Text 320-324
  Mauro Cesar Gurgel de Alencar Carvalho; Bruno Martins Carvalho; Felipe Leal de Paiva Carvalho; Heidi Dias Oliveira Junior; Gerson Gomes Cunha; Luiz Landau; Estélio Henrique Martin Dantas
The Provision of Digital Information in the Seat Comfort of the Seat Design BIBAKFull-Text 325-329
  Kuen-Meau Chen; Siu-Tsen Shen; Stephen D. Prior
The Effect of Damping in an Input Device on Human Positioning Performance BIBAKFull-Text 330-334
  Koen Crommentuijn; Dik J. Hermes
Performance and Comfort When Using Motion-Controlled Tools in Complex Tasks BIBAKFull-Text 335-339
  Ines Ann Heber; Michael Oehl; Christine Sutter
Pen Tip Position Estimation Using Least Square Sphere Fitting for Customized Attachments of Haptic Device BIBAFull-Text 340-344
  Masanao Koeda; Masahiko Kato
Corrected Human Vision System and the McGurk Effect BIBAKFull-Text 345-349
  Ladislav Kunc; Pavel Slavík
Facial Landmark Extraction for Lip Tracking of Patients with Cleft Lip Using Active Appearance Model BIBAKFull-Text 350-354
  Nayoung Lee; Chuck Heaston; Ada Rey; Terry Hartman; Carroll-Ann Trotman
Kansei Evaluation of the Projection for the Approach to Universal Design: Computerization of Tactile Sensibility BIBAKFull-Text 355-359
  Miyong Lee; Kazuhiro Nishida; Yoshihiro Narita
A Framework of Motion Capture System Based Human Behaviours Simulation for Ergonomic Analysis BIBAFull-Text 360-364
  Ruina Ma; Damien Chablat; Fouad Bennis; Liang Ma
Visual Perception Model for Sense of Materials BIBAFull-Text 365-368
  Wenhao Wang; Toshikazu Kato
The Effects of Stereoscopic Display Luminance and Ambient Illumination on Visual Comfort BIBAKFull-Text 369-373
  Pei-Chia Wang; Sheue-Ling Hwang; Kuan-Yu Chen; Jinn-Sen Chen; Jinn-Cherng Yang; Hung-Lu Chang
Preferred Setting of Keyboard and Mouse for Using a Supine Computer Workstation BIBAKFull-Text 374-378
  Hsin-Chieh Wu; Ho-Rong Chu

Part VII / Health and Wellbeing

An Interactive Multimedia System for Monitoring the Progressive Decline of Memory in Alzheimer's Patients BIBAKFull-Text 381-385
  Hala Al-Muhanna; Rawan Al-Wabil; Hailah Al-Mazrua; Noura Al-Fadhel; Areej Al-Wabil
Personal Smart Spaces for Diabetics BIBAKFull-Text 386-390
  Manal AlBahlal; Jalal AlMuhtadi
Quality and Usability Assessment for Health Information Websites: Can Commonly Used Evaluation Criteria Be Appropriately Applied to Assess Chinese-Language Websites? BIBAKFull-Text 391-394
  Fang-Fang Chang; Chia-Hua Ku; Kung-Jeng Wang; Wei-Li Wu
Computer Interaction and the Benefits of Social Networking for People with Borderline Personality Disorder: Enlightening Mental Health Professionals BIBAKFull-Text 395-399
  Alice Good; Arunasalam Sambhanthan; Vahid Panjganj; Samuel Spettigue
Design Improvement Requirements for the Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Devices in Taiwan BIBAKFull-Text 400-404
  Lan-Ling Huang; Chang-Franw Lee; Mei-Hsiang Chen
Observation Research of Consumer Behavior for Marketing Decision Support BIBAKFull-Text 405-409
  Hideyuki Imai; Noriko Hara; Toshiki Yamaoka
Exercise Reminder Software for Office Workers BIBAKFull-Text 410-414
  Ahsen Irmak; Rafet Irmak; Gonca Bumin
Games for Health: Design Cognition-Focused Interventions to Enhance Mental Activity BIBAKFull-Text 415-419
  Hyungsin Kim; Viraj Sapre; Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Promoting Positive Employee Health Behavior with Mobile Technology Design BIBAKFull-Text 420-424
  Hyungsin Kim; Hakkyun Kim; Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Believable Agents, Engagement, and Health Interventions BIBAFull-Text 425-432
  Christine L. Lisetti
Le-ADS: Early Learning Disability Detection System for Autism and Dyslexia BIBAKFull-Text 433-437
  Nor'ain Mohd Yusoff; Nor Syarafina Rusli; Ruhaiza Ishak
Interaction Design of Encouraging Daily Healthcare Habit with Communication Robots BIBAFull-Text 438-442
  Jun'ichi Osada; Tomoharu Yamaguchi; Ryohei Sasama; Keiji Yamada
Can Digital Signage Help Consumers Eat Healthier? BIBAKFull-Text 443-447
  Anicia Peters; Brian E. Mennecke
Constraint-Based Nurse Rostering for the Valparaíso Clinic Center in Chile BIBAKFull-Text 448-452
  Renzo Pizarro; Gianni Rivera; Ricardo Soto; Broderick Crawford; Carlos Castro; Eric Monfroy
Connecting with Dysphonia: Human-Computer Interface for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients BIBAKFull-Text 453-457
  Chun-Yang Su; Ju-Joan Wong
Assessing Health Information Websites for Inclusion of Web 2.0 Features BIBAFull-Text 458-462
  Adam Townes; Michelle Rogers
Encouraging Daily Healthcare Habit with Communication Robots BIBAFull-Text 463-466
  Tomoharu Yamaguchi; Ryohei Sasama; Jun'ichi Osada; Keiji Yamada

Part VIII / Learning, Education and Cultural Heritage

The Evaluation of the Applicability of Distance Education in Vocational Colleges by the Students of Erzurum Vocational College, Computer Technologies Department, Erzurum, Turkey BIBAKFull-Text 469-473
  Yusuf Ziya Ayik
An Evaluation of SignBright: A Storytelling Application for Sign Language Acquisition and Interpersonal Bonding amongst Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth and Caregivers BIBAKFull-Text 474-478
  Melissa Burton; Chad Harbig; Mariam Melkumyan; Lei Zhang; Jiyoung Choi
Collaborative Analysis and Communities of Practice in Health Sciences BIBAKFull-Text 479-483
  A Juan Alberto Castillo M.
The Application of Interactive Media Display Technology in Environmental Science Learning BIBAKFull-Text 484-488
  Chun-Ching Chen; Chien-Ming Chen
Applying User-Centered Techniques to Develop a Radiology Teaching File System BIBAFull-Text 489-493
  Marcelo dos Santos; Asa Fujino
The Study of the Interaction of Public Art with Digital Technology BIBAKFull-Text 494-498
  Shih Yin Huang; Ming-Shean Wang
Seven Wonders: An Interactive Game for Learning English as a Foreign Language in Junior High-School BIBAKFull-Text 499-503
  George Kapnas; Stavroula Ntoa; George Margetis; Margherita Antona; Constantine Stephanidis
Study-Buddy: Improving the Learning Process through Technology-Augmented Studying Environments BIBAKFull-Text 504-508
  George Margetis; Stavroula Ntoa; Maria Bouhli; Constantine Stephanidis
Improving Academic Performance and Motivation in Engineering Education with Augmented Reality BIBAKFull-Text 509-513
  Jorge Martín-Gutiérrez; Manuel Contero
Evaluation of Robot Based Embedded System Study Environment in Technical High School BIBAKFull-Text 514-518
  Yosuke Nishino; Eiichi Hayakawa
Extending Authoring for Adaptive Learning to Collaborative Authoring BIBAKFull-Text 519-523
  Dade Nurjanah; Hugh C. Davis; Thanassis Tiropanis
A Collaborative Tool for Communities of Practice to Share Best Practices BIBAKFull-Text 524-528
  Justus N. Nyagwencha; Sheryl Seals; Tony Cook
Classic Art for Modern People BIBAKFull-Text 529-533
  Nikolaos Partarakis; Sokratis Kartakis; Margherita Antona; George Paparoulis; Constantine Stephanidis
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Special Education System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A Case Study BIBAKFull-Text 534-538
  Mukhtar M. Rana; Mohammad Fakrudeen; Mahdi H. Miraz; Sufian Yousef; Alshammari Abderrahman Torqi
ICT Training of Maestros of Primary Schools Located in Barrios Carenciados in Argentina. A Twofold Challenge: How They Can Master New ICT Technologies and Transform the Way They Teach BIBAKFull-Text 539-543
  C. Osvaldo Rodriguez
The Design of the Satellite Spaces for Informal Learning and Its Validity Assessment BIBAKFull-Text 544-548
  Syoko Shimora; Kazuyoshi Yamauch; Natsuko Ohtake
Window Control Interface to Attract Teacher's Gaze Area for Watching a Reaction of Remote Learners BIBAKFull-Text 549-553
  Takumi Yamaguchi; Haruya Shiba; Naohisa Matsuuchi; Yusuke Nishiuchi; Kazunori Shimamura; Takahiko Mendori