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HCI International 2009: 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Part I: New Trends

Fullname:HCI International 2009: 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Part I: New Trends
Editors:Julie A. Jacko
Location:San Diego, California
Dates:2009-Jul-19 to 2009-Jul-24
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5610
Standard No:ISBN: 978-3-642-02573-0 (print), 978-3-642-02574-7 (online); hcibib: HCII09-1
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  1. HCII 2009-07-19 Volume 1
    1. Novel Techniques for Measuring and Monitoring
    2. Evaluation Methods, Techniques and Tools
    3. User Studies
    4. User Interface Design
    5. Development Approaches, Methods and Tools

HCII 2009-07-19 Volume 1

Novel Techniques for Measuring and Monitoring

Automatic Method for Measuring Eye Blinks Using Split-Interlaced Images BIBAKFull-Text 3-11
  Kiyohiko Abe; Shoichi Ohi; Minoru Ohyama
A Usability Study of WebMaps with Eye Tracking Tool: The Effects of Iconic Representation of Information BIBAKFull-Text 12-21
  Özge Alaçam; Mustafa Dalci
Feature Extraction and Selection for Inferring User Engagement in an HCI Environment BIBAKFull-Text 22-29
  Stylianos Asteriadis; Kostas Karpouzis; Stefanos D. Kollias
Informative or Misleading? Heatmaps Deconstructed BIBAKFull-Text 30-39
  Agnieszka Bojko
Toward EEG Sensing of Imagined Speech BIBAKFull-Text 40-48
  Michael D'Zmura; Siyi Deng; Tom Lappas; Samuel Thorpe; Ramesh Srinivasan
Monitoring and Processing of the Pupil Diameter Signal for Affective Assessment of a Computer User BIBAKFull-Text 49-58
  Ying Gao; Armando Barreto; Malek Adjouadi
Usability Evaluation by Monitoring Physiological and Other Data Simultaneously with a Time-Resolution of Only a Few Seconds BIBAKFull-Text 59-68
  Károly Hercegfi; Márton Pászti; Sarolta Tóvölgyi; Lajos Izsó
Study of Human Anxiety on the Internet BIBAKFull-Text 69-76
  Santosh Kumar Kalwar; Kari Heikkinen
The Research on Adaptive Process for Emotion Recognition by Using Time-Dependent Parameters of Autonomic Nervous Response BIBAKFull-Text 77-84
  Jonghwa Kim; Min Cheol Whang; Jincheol Woo
Students' Visual Perceptions of Virtual Lectures as Measured by Eye Tracking BIBAKFull-Text 85-94
  Yu-Jin Kim; Jin Ah Bae; Byeong Ho Jeon
Toward Constructing an Electroencephalogram Measurement Method for Usability Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 95-104
  Masaki Kimura; Hidetake Uwano; Masao Ohira; Ken-ichi Matsumoto
Automated Analysis of Eye-Tracking Data for the Evaluation of Driver Information Systems According to ISO/TS 15007-2: 2001 BIBAKFull-Text 105-110
  Christian Lange; Martin Wohlfarter; Heiner Bubb
Brain Response to Good and Bad Design BIBAKFull-Text 111-120
  Haeinn Lee; Jungtae Lee; Ssanghee Seo
An Analysis of Eye Movements during Browsing Multiple Search Results Pages BIBAKFull-Text 121-130
  Yuko Matsuda; Hidetake Uwano; Masao Ohira; Ken-ichi Matsumoto
Development of Estimation System for Concentrate Situation Using Acceleration Sensor BIBAKFull-Text 131-140
  Masashi Okubo; Aya Fujimura
Psychophysiology as a Tool for HCI Research: Promises and Pitfalls BIBAFull-Text 141-148
  Byungho Park
Assessing NeuroSky's Usability to Detect Attention Levels in an Assessment Exercise BIBAFull-Text 149-158
  Genaro Rebolledo-Mendez; Ian Dunwell; Erika Martínez-Mirón; María Dolores Vargas-Cerdán; Sara de Freitas; Fotis Liarokapis; Alma Rosa García-Gaona
Effect of Body Movement on Music Expressivity in Jazz Performances BIBAKFull-Text 159-168
  Mamiko Sakata; Sayaka Wakamiya; Naoki Odaka; Kozaburo Hachimura
A Method to Monitor Operator Overloading BIBAKFull-Text 169-175
  Dvijesh Shastri; Ioannis Pavlidis; Avinash Wesley
Decoding Attentional Orientation from EEG Spectra BIBAKFull-Text 176-183
  Ramesh Srinivasan; Samuel Thorpe; Siyi Deng; Tom Lappas; Michael D'Zmura
On the Possibility about Performance Estimation Just before Beginning a Voluntary Motion Using Movement Related Cortical Potential BIBAKFull-Text 184-191
  Satoshi Suzuki; Takemi Matsui; Yusuke Sakaguchi; Kazuhiro Ando; Nobuyuki Nishiuchi; Toshimasa Yamazaki; Shin'ichi Fukuzumi

Evaluation Methods, Techniques and Tools

A Usability Evaluation Method Applying AHP and Treemap Techniques BIBAKFull-Text 195-203
  Toshiyuki Asahi; Teruya Ikegami; Shin'ichi Fukuzumi
Evaluation of User-Interfaces for Mobile Application Development Environments BIBAFull-Text 204-213
  Florence T. Balagtas-Fernandez; Heinrich Hussmann
User-Centered Design and Evaluation -- The Big Picture BIBAKFull-Text 214-223
  Victoria Bellotti; Shin'ichi Fukuzumi; Toshiyuki Asahi; Shunsuke Suzuki
Web-Based System Development for Usability Evaluation of Ubiquitous Computing Device BIBAKFull-Text 224-231
  Jong Kyu Choi; Han Joon Kim; Beom Suk Jin; Yong Gu Ji
Evaluating Mobile Usability: The Role of Fidelity in Full-Scale Laboratory Simulations with Mobile ICT for Hospitals BIBAKFull-Text 232-241
  Yngve Dahl; Ole Andreas Alsos; Dag Svanæs
A Multidimensional Approach for the Evaluation of Mobile Application User Interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 242-251
  José Eustáquio Rangel de Queiroz; Danilo de Sousa Ferreira
Development of Quantitative Usability Evaluation Method BIBAKFull-Text 252-258
  Shin'ichi Fukuzumi; Teruya Ikegami; Hidehiko Okada
Reference Model for Quality Assurance of Speech Applications BIBAKFull-Text 259-266
  Cornelia Hipp; Matthias Peissner
Toward Cognitive Modeling for Predicting Usability BIBAKFull-Text 267-276
  Bonnie E. John; Shunsuke Suzuki
Webjig: An Automated User Data Collection System for Website Usability Evaluation BIBAKFull-Text 277-286
  Mikio Kiura; Masao Ohira; Ken-ichi Matsumoto
ADiEU: Toward Domain-Based Evaluation of Spoken Dialog Systems BIBAKFull-Text 287-294
  Jan Kleindienst; Jan Curín; Martin Labský
Interpretation of User Evaluation for Emotional Speech Synthesis System BIBAKFull-Text 295-303
  Ho-Joon Lee; Jong C. Park
Multi-level Validation of the ISOmetrics Questionnaire Based on Qualitative and Quantitative Data Obtained from a Conventional Usability Test BIBAKFull-Text 304-313
  Jan-Paul Leuteritz; Harald Widlroither; Michael Klüh
What Do Users Really Do? Experience Sampling in the 21st Century BIBAKFull-Text 314-319
  Gavin S. Lew
Evaluating Usability-Supporting Architecture Patterns: Reactions from Usability Professionals BIBAKFull-Text 320-328
  Edgardo Luzcando; Davide Bolchini; Anthony Faiola
Heuristic Evaluations of Bioinformatics Tools: A Development Case BIBAKFull-Text 329-338
  Barbara Mirel; Zach Wright
A Prototype to Validate ErgoCoIn: A Web Site Ergonomic Inspection Technique BIBAKFull-Text 339-348
  Marcelo Morandini; Walter de Abreu Cybis; Dominique L. Scapin
Mobile Phone Usability Questionnaire (MPUQ) and Automated Usability Evaluation BIBAKFull-Text 349-351
  Young Sam Ryu
Estimating Productivity: Composite Operators for Keystroke Level Modeling BIBAFull-Text 352-361
  Jeff Sauro
Paper to Electronic Questionnaires: Effects on Structured Questionnaire Forms BIBAKFull-Text 362-371
  Anna Trujillo
Website Designer as an Evaluator: A Formative Evaluation Method for Website Interface Development BIBAKFull-Text 372-381
  Chao-Yang Yang

User Studies

Building on the Usability Study: Two Explorations on How to Better Understand an Interface BIBAFull-Text 385-394
  Anshu Agarwal; Madhu Prabaker
Measuring User Performance for Different Interfaces Using a Word Processor Prototype BIBAKFull-Text 395-404
  Tanya René Beelders; Pieter J. Blignaut; Theo McDonald; Engela Dednam
Evaluating User Effectiveness in Exploratory Search with TouchGraph Google Interface BIBAFull-Text 405-412
  Kemal Efe; Sabriye Ozerturk
What Do Users Want to See? A Content Preparation Study for Consumer Electronics BIBAKFull-Text 413-420
  Yinni Guo; Robert W. Proctor; Gavriel Salvendy
"I Love My iPhone ... But There Are Certain Things That 'Niggle' Me" BIBAFull-Text 421-430
  Anna Haywood; Gemma Boguslawski
Acceptance of Future Technologies Using Personal Data: A Focus Group with Young Internet Users BIBAKFull-Text 431-437
  Fabian Hermann; Doris Janssen; Daniel Schipke; Andreas Schuller
Analysis of Breakdowns in Menu-Based Interaction Based on Information Scent Model BIBAKFull-Text 438-445
  Yukio Horiguchi; Hiroaki Nakanishi; Tetsuo Sawaragi; Yuji Kuroda
E-Shopping Behavior and User-Web Interaction for Developing a Useful Green Website BIBAKFull-Text 446-454
  Fei-Hui Huang; Ying-Lien Lee; Sheue-Ling Hwang
Interaction Comparison among Media Internet Genre BIBAKFull-Text 455-464
  Sang Hee Kweon; Eun Joung Cho; Ae Jin Cho
Comparing the Usability of the Icons and Functions between IE6.0 and IE7.0 BIBAKFull-Text 465-473
  Chiuhsiang Joe Lin; Min-Chih Hsieh; Hui-Chi Yu; Ping-Jung Tsai; Wei-Jung Shiang
Goods-Finding and Orientation in the Elderly on 3D Virtual Store Interface: The Impact of Classification and Landmarks BIBAKFull-Text 474-483
  Cheng-Li Liu; Shiaw-Tsyr Uang; Chen-Hao Chang
Effects of Gender Difference on Emergency Operation Interface Design in Semiconductor Industry BIBAKFull-Text 484-489
  Hunszu Liu
Evaluating a Personal Communication Tool: Sidebar BIBAKFull-Text 490-499
  Malena R. Mesarina; Jhilmil Jain; Craig Sayers; Tyler Close; John Recker
"You've Got IMs!" How People Manage Concurrent Instant Messages BIBAKFull-Text 500-509
  Shailendra Rao; Judy Chen; Robin Jeffries; Richard Boardman
Investigating Children Preferences of a User Interface Design BIBAKFull-Text 510-513
  Jamaliah Taslim; Wan Adilah Wan Adnan; Noor Azyanti Abu Bakar
Usability Evaluation of Graphic Design for Ilmu's Interface BIBAKFull-Text 514-519
  Tengku Siti Meriam Tengku Wook; Siti Salwah Salim
Are We Trapped by Majority Influences in Electronic Word-of-Mouth? BIBAKFull-Text 520-529
  Yu Tong; Yinqing Zhong
Leveraging a User Research Framework to Guide Research Investments: Windows Vista Case Study BIBAFull-Text 530-539
  Gayna Williams
A Usability Evaluation of Public Icon Interface BIBAKFull-Text 540-546
  Sungyoung Yoon; Jonghoon Seo; Joonyoung Yoon; Seungchul Shin; Tack-Don Han

User Interface Design

Little Design Up-Front: A Design Science Approach to Integrating Usability into Agile Requirements Engineering BIBAKFull-Text 549-558
  Sisira Adikari; Craig McDonald; John Campbell
Aesthetics in Human-Computer Interaction: Views and Reviews BIBAKFull-Text 559-568
  Salah Uddin Ahmed; Abdullah Al Mahmud; Kristin Bergaust
Providing an Efficient Way to Make Desktop Icons Visible BIBAKFull-Text 569-578
  Toshiya Akasaka; Yusaku Okada
An Integration of Task and Use-Case Meta-models BIBAFull-Text 579-586
  Rémi Bastide
Model-Based Specification and Validation of User Interface Requirements BIBAKFull-Text 587-596
  Birgit Bomsdorf; Daniel Sinnig
A Position Paper on 'Living Laboratories': Rethinking Ecological Designs and Experimentation in Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 597-605
  Ed H. Chi
Embodied Interaction or Context-Aware Computing? An Integrated Approach to Design BIBAKFull-Text 606-615
  Johan Eliasson; Teresa Cerratto Pargman; Robert Ramberg
Supporting Multidisciplinary Teams and Early Design Stages Using Storyboards BIBAFull-Text 616-623
  Mieke Haesen; Jan Meskens; Kris Luyten; Karin Coninx
Agent-Based Architecture for Interactive System Design: Current Approaches, Perspectives and Evaluation BIBAKFull-Text 624-633
  Christophe Kolski; Peter Forbrig; Bertrand David; Patrick Girard; Chi Dung Tran; Houcine Ezzedine
BunBunMovie: Scenario Visualizing System Based on 3-D Character BIBAKFull-Text 634-643
  Tomoya Matsuo; Takashi Yoshino
Augmented Collaborative Card-Based Creative Activity with Digital Pens BIBAKFull-Text 644-651
  Motoki Miura; Taro Sugihara; Susumu Kunifuji
Usability-Engineering-Requirements as a Basis for the Integration with Software Engineering BIBAKFull-Text 652-659
  Karsten Nebe; Volker Paelke
Design Creation Based on KANSEI in Toshiba BIBAKFull-Text 660-666
  Yosoko Nishizawa; Kanya Hiroi
High-Fidelity Prototyping of Interactive Systems Can Be Formal Too BIBAKFull-Text 667-676
  Philippe A. Palanque; Jean-François Ladry; David Navarre; Eric Barboni
RUCID: Rapid Usable Consistent Interaction Design Patterns-Based Mobile Phone UI Design Library, Process and Tool BIBAKFull-Text 677-686
  Avinash Raj; Vihari Komaragiri
The Appropriation of Information and Communication Technology: A Cross-Cultural Perspective BIBAKFull-Text 687-696
  Jose Rojas; Matthew Chalmers
UISK: Supporting Model-Driven and Sketch-Driven Paperless Prototyping BIBAKFull-Text 697-705
  Vinícius Costa Villas Bôas Segura; Simone Diniz Junqueira Barbosa
Beyond the User Interface: Towards User-Centred Design of Online Services BIBAKFull-Text 706-714
  Marcin Sikorski
Designing for Change: Engineering Adaptable and Adaptive User Interaction by Focusing on User Goals BIBAKFull-Text 715-724
  Bruno Santana da Silva; Ariane Moraes Bueno; Simone Diniz Junqueira Barbosa
Productive Love: A New Proposal for Designing Affective Technology BIBAKFull-Text 725-734
  Ramon Solves Pujol; Hiroyuki Umemuro
Insight into Kansei Color Combinations in Interactive User Interface Designing BIBAKFull-Text 735-744
  K. G. D. Tharangie; Shuichi Matsuzaki; Ashu Marasinghe; Koichi Yamada
Learn as Babies Learn: A Conceptual Model of Designing Optimum Learnability BIBAKFull-Text 745-751
  Douglas Xiaoyong Wang
Time-Oriented Interface Design: Picking the Right Time and Method for Information Presentation BIBAFull-Text 752-759
  Keita Watanabe; Kei Sugawara; Shota Matsuda; Michiaki Yasumura
Enabling Interactive Access to Web Tables BIBAKFull-Text 760-768
  Xin Yang; Wenchang Xu; Yuanchun Shi
Integration of Creativity into Website Design BIBAKFull-Text 769-776
  Liang Zeng; Robert W. Proctor; Gavriel Salvendy

Development Approaches, Methods and Tools

YVision: A General Purpose Software Composition Framework BIBAFull-Text 779-788
  Antão Almada; Gonçalo Lopes; André Almeida; João Frazão; Nuno Cardoso
Collaborative Development and New Devices for Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 789-795
  Hans-Jörg Bullinger; Gunnar Brink
Orchestration Modeling of Interactive Systems BIBAKFull-Text 796-805
  Bertrand T. David; René Chalon
An Exploration of Perspective Changes within MBD BIBAFull-Text 806-815
  Anke Dittmar; Peter Forbrig
Rapid Development of Scoped User Interfaces BIBAFull-Text 816-825
  Denis Dubé; Jacob Beard; Hans Vangheluwe
PaMGIS: A Framework for Pattern-Based Modeling and Generation of Interactive Systems BIBAKFull-Text 826-835
  Jürgen Engel; Christian Märtin
People-Oriented Programming: From Agent-Oriented Analysis to the Design of Interactive Systems BIBAKFull-Text 836-845
  Steve Goschnick
Visualization of Software and Systems as Support Mechanism for Integrated Software Project Control BIBAKFull-Text 846-855
  Peter Liggesmeyer; Jens Heidrich; Jürgen Münch; Robert Kalcklösch; Henning Barthel; Dirk Zeckzer
Collage: A Declarative Programming Model for Compositional Development of Web Applications BIBAKFull-Text 856-865
  Bruce Lucas; Rahul P. Akolkar; Charles Wiecha
Hypernetwork Model to Represent Similarity Details Applied to Musical Instrument Performance BIBAFull-Text 866-873
  Tetsuya Maeshiro; Midori Maeshiro; Katsunori Shimohara; Shin-ichi Nakayama
Open Collaborative Development: Trends, Tools, and Tactics BIBAKFull-Text 874-881
  Kathrin Möslein; Angelika C. Bullinger; Jens-Hendrik Soeldner
Investigating the Run Time Behavior of Distributed Applications by Using Tiny Java Virtual Machines with Wireless Communications BIBAKFull-Text 882-889
  Tsuyoshi Miyazaki; Takayuki Suzuki; Fujio Yamamoto
OntoDesk: Ontology-Based Persistent System-Wide Undo on the Desktop BIBAKFull-Text 890-899
  David Nemeskey; Buntarou Shizuki; Jiro Tanaka
Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Communication Detection System with Traffic Mining and Visualization BIBAKFull-Text 900-909
  Satoshi Togawa; Kazuhide Kanenishi; Yoneo Yano