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Human-Computer Interaction 13

Editors:Thomas P. Moran
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Standard No:ISSN 0737-0024
Links:Table of Contents
  1. HCI 1998 Volume 13 Issue 1
  2. HCI 1998 Volume 13 Issue 2
  3. HCI 1998 Volume 13 Issue 3
  4. HCI 1998 Volume 13 Issue 4

HCI 1998 Volume 13 Issue 1

Promoting Active Learning: The Role of System Structure in Learning from Hypertext BIBA 1-35
  Amy M. Shapiro
The Work of IT System Developers in Context: An Organizational Case Study BIBA 37-71
  Gillian Symon
Cognitive Support: Extending Human Knowledge and Processing Capacities BIBA 73-106
  Mark A. Neerincx; H. Paul de Greef

HCI 1998 Volume 13 Issue 2

Understanding Representation in Design BIBA 107-125
  Susanne Bødker
Developing and Using Interaction Coding Systems for Studying Groupware Use BIBA 127-165
  Timothy Nyerges; T. J. Moore; Robb Montejano; Marcie Compton
MUST: A Method for Participatory Design BIBA 167-198
  Finn Kensing; Jesper Simonsen; Keld Bødker

HCI 1998 Volume 13 Issue 3

Introduction to This Special Issue on Experimental Comparisons of Usability Evaluation Methods BIB 199-201
  Gary M. Olson; Thomas P. Moran
Damaged Merchandise? A Review of Experiments That Compare Usability Evaluation Methods BIBA 203-261
  Wayne D. Gray; Marilyn C. Salzman
Commentaries on "Damaged Merchandise?" BIB 263-323
Repairing Damaged Merchandise: A Rejoinder BIBA 325-335
  Wayne D. Gray; Marilyn C. Salzman

HCI 1998 Volume 13 Issue 4

Syndetic Modelling BIBA 337-393
  David J. Duke; Philip J. Barnard; David A. Duce; Jon May
On "Technomethodology": Foundational Relationships between Ethnomethodology and System Design BIBA 395-432
  Paul Dourish; Graham Button
Concerns at Work: Designing Useful Procedures BIBA 433-457
  John C. McCarthy; Peter C. Wright; Andrew F. Monk; Leon A. Watts