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Human-Computer Interaction 12

Editors:Thomas P. Moran
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Standard No:ISSN 0737-0024
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  1. HCI 1997 Volume 12 Issue 1/2
  2. HCI 1997 Volume 12 Issue 3
  3. HCI 1997 Volume 12 Issue 4

HCI 1997 Volume 12 Issue 1/2

Multimodal Interfaces

Introduction to This Special Issue on Multimodal Interfaces BIB 1-5
  Sharon Oviatt; Wolfgang Wahlster
Transforming Graphical Interfaces Into Auditory Interfaces for Blind Users BIBA 7-45
  Elizabeth D. Mynatt
Access to Mathematics for Visually Disabled Students Through Multimodal Interaction BIBA 47-92
  Robert D. Stevens; Alistair D. N. Edwards; Philip A. Harling
Multimodal Interactive Maps: Designing for Human Performance BIBA 93-129
  Sharon Oviatt
Toward an Information Visualization Workspace: Combining Multiple Means of Expression BIBA 131-185
  Steven F. Roth; Mei C. Chuah; Stephan Kerpedjiev; John A. Kolojejchick; Peter Lucas
A Mechanism for Multimodal Presentation Planning Based on Agent Cooperation and Negotiation BIBA 187-226
  Yi Han; Ingrid Zukerman

HCI 1997 Volume 12 Issue 3

Technology, Group Process, and Group Outcomes: Testing the Connections in Computer-Mediated and Face-to-Face Groups BIBA 227-266
  Susan G. Straus
Graphical Argumentation and Design Cognition BIBA 267-300
  Simon J. Buckingham Shum; Allan MacLean; Victoria M. E. Bellotti; Nick V. Hammond

HCI 1997 Volume 12 Issue 4

Cognitive Architectures and Human-Computer Interaction

Introduction to This Special Issue on Cognitive Architectures and Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 301-309
  Wayne D. Gray; Richard M. Young; Susan S. Kirschenbaum
The Role of Cognitive Architecture in Modeling the User: Soar's Learning Mechanism BIBA 311-343
  Andrew Howes; Richard M. Young
A Comprehension-Based Model of Exploration BIBA 345-389
  Muneo Kitajima; Peter G. Polson
An Overview of the EPIC Architecture for Cognition and Performance With Application to Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 391-438
  David E. Kieras; David E. Meyer
ACT-R: A Theory of Higher Level Cognition and Its Relation to Visual Attention BIBA 439-462
  John R. Anderson; Michael Matessa; Christian Lebiere