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Human-Computer Interaction 8

Editors:Thomas P. Moran
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Standard No:ISSN 0737-0024
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  1. HCI 1993 Volume 8 Issue 1
  2. HCI 1993 Volume 8 Issue 2
  3. HCI 1993 Volume 8 Issue 3
  4. HCI 1993 Volume 8 Issue 4

HCI 1993 Volume 8 Issue 1


An Empirical Evaluation of Some Articulatory and Cognitive Aspects of Marking Menus BIBA 1-23
  Gordon P. Kurtenbach; Abigail J. Sellen; William A. S. Buxton
Internalization and the Use Specificity of Device Knowledge BIBA 25-56
  Peter A. Bibby; Stephen J. Payne
A Wizard of Oz Study of Advice Giving and Following BIBA 57-81
  William C. Hill

HCI 1993 Volume 8 Issue 2


Understanding Calendar Use BIBA 83-100
  Stephen J. Payne
Automated Protocol Analysis BIBA 101-145
  John B. Smith; Dana Kay Smith; Eileen Kupstas
Text-Based On-Line Conferencing: A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis Using a Minimal Prototype BIBA 147-183
  John C. McCarthy; Victoria C. Miles; Andrew F. Monk; Michael D. Harrison; Alan J. Dix; Peter C. Wright


Predicting the Skilled Use of Hierarchical Menus With the Keystroke-Level Model BIBA 185-192
  David M. Lane; H. Albert Napier; Richard R. Batsell; John L. Naman

HCI 1993 Volume 8 Issue 3


Animated Demonstrations for Learning Procedural Computer-Based Tasks BIBA 193-216
  Susan Palmiter; Jay Elkerton
Who Controls the Technology in Group Support Systems? Determinants and Consequences BIBA 217-236
  Laurel C. Austin; Jeffrey K. Liker; Poppy L. McLeod
Project Ernestine: Validating a GOMS Analysis for Predicting and Explaining Real-World Task Performance BIBA 237-309
  Wayne D. Gray; Bonnie E. John; Michael E. Atwood

HCI 1993 Volume 8 Issue 4


Using ITS to Create an Insurance Industry Application: A Joint Case Study BIBA 311-336
  Stephen J. Boies; Jacob P. Ukelson; John D. Gould; David Anderson; Watt Babecki; Jerry Clifford
Is It Easier to Hop or Walk? Development Issues in Interface Design BIBA 337-352
  Erik F. Strommen
A Cognitive Model for Understanding Graphical Perception BIBA 353-388
  Gerald Lee Lohse
Conversations Over Video Conferences: An Evaluation of the Spoken Aspects of Video-Mediated Communication BIBA 389-428
  Brid O'Conaill; Steve Whittaker; Sylvia Wilbur