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Human-Computer Interaction 6

Editors:Thomas P. Moran
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Standard No:ISSN 0737-0024
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  1. HCI 1991 Volume 6 Issue 1
  2. HCI 1991 Volume 6 Issue 2
  3. HCI 1991 Volume 6 Issue 3-4

HCI 1991 Volume 6 Issue 1


Knowledge Creation and Retrieval in Program Design: A Comparison of Novice and Intermediate Student Programmers BIBA 1-46
  Robert S. Rist
Users Request Help from Advisory Systems with Simple and Restricted Language: Effects of Real-Time Constraints and Limited Shared Context BIBA 47-75
  Raymonde Guindon
Errors in Training Computer Skills: On the Positive Function of Errors BIBA 77-93
  Michael Frese; Felix Brodbeck; Torsten Heinbokel; Christina Mooser; Erik Schleiffenbaum; Petra Thiemann

HCI 1991 Volume 6 Issue 2


How Decisions Happen in Organizations BIBA 95-117
  James G. March


The Equalization Phenomenon: Status Effects in Computer-Mediated and Face-to-Face Decision-Making Groups BIBA 119-146
  Vitaly J. Dubrovsky; Sara Kiesler; Beheruz N. Sethna
Systematic Sources of Suboptimal Interface Design in Large Product Development Organizations BIBA 147-196
  Jonathan Grudin

HCI 1991 Volume 6 Issue 3-4


Introduction to this Special Issue on Design Rationale BIB 197-200
  John M. Carroll; Thomas P. Moran


Questions, Options, and Criteria: Elements of Design Space Analysis BIBA 201-250
  Allan MacLean; Richard M. Young; Victoria M. E. Bellotti; Thomas P. Moran
What's in Design Rationale? BIBA 251-280
  Jintae Lee; Kum-Yew Lai
Deliberated Evolution: Stalking the View Matcher in Design Space BIBA 281-318
  John M. Carroll; Mary Beth Rosson
Problem-Centered Design for Expressiveness and Facility in a Graphical Programming System BIBA 319-355
  Clayton Lewis; John Reiman; Brigham Bell
A Process-Oriented Approach to Design Rationale BIBA 357-391
  E. Jeffrey Conklin; K. C. Burgess Yakemovic
Making Argumentation Serve Design BIBA 393-419
  Gerhard Fischer; Andreas C. Lemke; Raymond McCall; Anders I. Morch