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Human-Computer Interaction 4

Editors:Thomas P. Moran
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Standard No:ISSN 0737-0024
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  1. HCI 1989 Volume 4 Issue 1
  2. HCI 1989 Volume 4 Issue 2
  3. HCI 1989 Volume 4 Issue 3
  4. HCI 1989 Volume 4 Issue 4

HCI 1989 Volume 4 Issue 1


Introduction to this Special Issue on Nonspeech Audio BIB 1-9
  William Buxton


Earcons and Icons: Their Structure and Common Design Principles BIBA 11-44
  Meera M. Blattner; Denise A. Sumikawa; Robert M. Greenberg
Soundtrack: An Auditory Interface for Blind Users BIBA 45-66
  Alistair D. N. Edwards
The Sonic Finder: An Interface that Uses Auditory Icons BIBA 67-94
  William W. Gaver

HCI 1989 Volume 4 Issue 2


Testing the Principle of Orthogonality in Language Design BIBA 95-120
  Edward M. Bowden; Sarah A. Douglas; Cathryn A. Stanford
Some Lessons from an Exercise in Specification BIBA 121-147
  David M. Frohlich; Paul Luff
Does the Medium Make a Difference? Two Studies of Writing with Pen and Paper and with Computers BIBA 149-169
  Christina Haas

HCI 1989 Volume 4 Issue 3


A Human Activity Approach to User Interfaces BIBA 171-195
  Susanne Bødker
Individual Differences and Conceptual Models in Training Novice Users BIBA 197-229
  Maung K. Sein; Robert P. Bostrom
Finding Information on a Menu: Linking Menu Organization to the User's Goals BIBA 231-251
  Brad Mehlenbacher; Thomas M. Duffy; James Palmer

HCI 1989 Volume 4 Issue 4


Out of Scandinavia: Alternative Approaches to Software Design and System Development BIBA 253-350
  Christiane Floyd; Wolf-Michael Mehl; Fanny-Michaela Reisin; Gerhard Schmidt; Gregor Wolf