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TiGeR 2013: Tilburg Gesture Research Meeting: 10th International Gesture Workshop (GW) and 3rd Gesture and Speech in Interaction (GESPIN) Conference

Fullname:TiGeR 2013: Tilburg Gesture Research Meeting: 10th International Gesture Workshop (GW) and 3rd Gesture and Speech in Interaction (GESPIN)
Location:Tilburg University, Netherlands
Dates:2013-Jun-19 to 2013-Jun-21
Standard No:hcibib: GW13
Links:Conference Website
  1. Papers
  2. Keynote Speakers
  3. Symposium: Part I: Theoretical modelling of speech-gesture production in human speakers
  4. Symposium: Part II: Computational models of speech-gesture production in virtual humans or robots


Investigation of Haptic Line-Graph Comprehension Through Co-Production of Gesture and Language BIBAKPDF 1
  Ozge Alacam; Christopher Habel; Cengiz Acarturk
Extracting and analyzing head movements accompanying spontaneous dialogue BIBAKPDF 2
  Simon Alexanderson; David House; Jonas Beskow
Left-Hand Gestures Advantage on Metaphor Explanation: Evidence for Gestures' Self-Oriented Functions BIBAKPDF 3
  Paraskevi Argyriou; Sotaro Kita
One Teacher, Two Instructional Contexts; A Contrastive and Empirical Analysis of a Teacher's Gestures BIBAKPDF 4
  Brahim Azaoui
Integrating Gesture Meaning and Verbal Meaning for German Verbs of Motion: Theory and Simulation BIBAKPDF 5
  Kirsten Bergmann; Florian Hahn; Stefan Kopp; Hannes Rieser; Insa Röpke
Responding to Joint Attention Predicts Joint Action BIBAKPDF 6
  Arkadiusz Bialek; Marta Bialecka-Pikul; Malgorzata Stepien-Nycz
Temporal Aspects of Behavioral Alignment in Collaborative Remembering BIBAKPDF 7
  Lucas Bietti; Kasper Kok; Alan Cienki
Gesture synthesis from SignWriting notation BIBAKPDF 8
  Yosra Bouzid; Mohamed Jemni
Polysigns and information density in teachers' gestures BIBAKPDF 9
  Heather Brookes; Jean-Marc Colletta; Alice Ovendale
Bilinguals Switch Gesture Production Parameters when they Switch Languages BIBAKPDF 10
  Federica Cavicchio; Sotaro Kita
Gestural representation of event structure in dyadic interaction BIBAKPDF 11
  Peer Christensen; Kristian Tylén
The Role of Inter-Cultural Competence on Gestural Recognition BIBAKPDF 12
  Sara Conversano; Elena Berno; Valentina Vitali; Alessandro Nonis; Clelia Di Serio; Marco Rigamonti
New multilayer concordance functions in ELAN and TROVA BIBAKPDF 13
  Onno Crasborn; Micha Hulsbosch; Lari Lampen; Han Sloetjes
Kinesic Turn Taking and Mutual Understanding in interactive dyads BIBAKPDF 14
  Daniela Dvoretska; Jaap Denissen; Hedda Lausberg
Gesture/speech interaction in the perception of lexical units BIBAKPDF 15
  Chloe Gonseth; Anne Vilain; Coriandre Vilain
Gesture production and speech fluency in competent speakers and language learners BIBAKPDF 16
  Maria Graziano; Marianne Gullberg
What can Chinese speakers' temporal gestures reveal about their thinking about time? BIBAKPDF 17
  Yan Gu; Lisette Mol; Marieke Hoetjes; Marc Swerts
Gesture and Speech-based Public Display for Cultural Event Exploration BIBAKPDF 18
  Jaakko Hakulinen; Tomi Heimonen; Markku Turunen; Tuuli Keskinen; Toni Miettinen
The placement of negation gestures in relation to speech BIBAKPDF 19
  Simon Harrison
The Missing Power: Language Mediates Sensorimotor-related Beta Oscillations during On-line Comprehension of Different Types of Co-speech Gesture BIBAKPDF 20
  Yifei He; Helge Gebhardt; Isabelle Rondinone; Benjamin Straube
Hand movements that accompany verbal descriptions differ from those during gestural demonstrations BIBAPDF 21
  Ingo Helmich; Hedda Lausberg
Gestural expression in narrations of aphasic speakers: redundant or complementary to the spoken expression? BIBAKPDF 22
  Katharina Hogrefe; Wolfram Ziegler; Nicole Weidinger; Georg Goldenberg
Gestures or Speech? Comparing Modality Selection for different Interaction Tasks in a Virtual Environment BIBAKPDF 23
  Kathrin Janowski; Felix Kistler; Elisabeth André
Relative information content of gestural features of non-verbal communication related to object-transfer interactions BIBAKPDF 24
  Ansgar Koene; Juliane Honish; Satoshi Endo; Alan Wing
Evaluation of Static and Dynamic Freehand Gestures in Device Control BIBAKPDF 25
  Anne Köpsel; Anke Huckauf
Exploring Annotation of Head Gesture Forms in Spontaneous Human Interaction BIBAKPDF 26
  Spyros Kousidis; Zofia Malisz; Petra Wagner; David Schlangen
Speech and hand movement coordination in schizophrenia BIBAKPDF 27
  Mary Lavelle; Chris Howes; Patrick G. T. Healey; Rosemarie McCabe
Gestural representation in the domain of animates' physical appearance BIBAKPDF 28
  Magdalena Lis
Gestures in Turn Taking in Early Stages of Foreign Language Fluency: Does the Growth Point Explain the Patterns? BIBAKPDF 29
  Renia Lopez-Ozieblo
The influence of cognitive load on repeated references in speech and gesture BIBAKPDF 30
  Ingrid Masson-Carro; Martijn Goudbeek; Emiel Krahmer
Feature-based hand detection in visual images BIBAKPDF 31
  Ruud Mattheij; Eric Postma
Structural Adaptation in Gesture and Speech BIBAKPDF 32
  Lisette Mol; Yan Gu; Marie Postma-Nilsenová
The coordination of vocalizations and communicative gestures in the transition to first words BIBAKPDF 33
  Eva Murillo; Almudena Capilla
The influence of body posture and gesture on the evaluation of verbal utterances addressment and comprehensibility BIBAKPDF 34
  Arne Nagels; Tilo Kircher; Miriam Steines; Benjamin Straube
Differences in the communicative use of gesticulation and pantomime in a case of aphasia BIBAKPDF 35
  Karin van Nispen; Mieke van de Sandt-Koenderman; Lisette Mol; Emiel Krahmer
Documenting West African gesture repertoires BIBAKPDF 36
  Victoria Nyst
Gesture-sign interface in hearing non-signers' first exposure to sign BIBAKPDF 37
  Gerardo Ortega; Asli Özyürek
Gestures within Human-Technology Choreographies for Interaction Design BIBAKPDF 38
  Jaana Parviainen; Kai Tuuri; Antti Pirhonen; Markku Turunen; Tuuli Keskinen
Automatic Detection of Hand/Upper Body Movement and Facial Expressions as Cues to Feelings of Exclusion BIBAKPDF 39
  Marie Postma Nilsenova; Eric Postma; Martijn Balsters; Emiel Krahmer; Juliette Schaafsma; Lisette Mol; Ad Vingerhoets; Marc Swerts
Individual differences in speakers' gesture spaces: Multi-angle views from a motion-capture study BIBAKPDF 40
  Matthias A. Priesters; Irene Mittelberg
Which Semantic Synchrony? BIBAKPDF 41
  Katharina J. Rohlfing; Angela Grimminger; Kerstin Nachtigäller
The Distribution of Downtoning Gestures BIBAKPDF 42
  Steven Schoonjans
Use of spatial information from cohesive gesture to comprehend subsequent sentences BIBAKPDF 43
  Kazuki Sekine; Sotaro Kita
Gender Differences in Hand Movement Behavior BIBAPDF 44
  Harald Skomroch; Kerstin Petermann; Ingo Helmich; Daniela Dvoretska; Robert Rein; Zi-Hyun Kim; Uta Sassenberg; Hedda Lausberg
The effect of emblematic and tool-use gestures on abstractness evaluations of verbal utterances BIBAKPDF 45
  Benjamin Straube; Miriam Steines; Tilo Kircher; Arne Nagels
Gesturing While Pausing In Conversation: Self-oriented Or Partner-oriented? BIBAKPDF 46
  Marion Tellier; Gale Stam; Brigitte Bigi
Gestural expressions in use for unveiling dynamic experience attributed to verbs BIBAKPDF 47
  Kai Tuuri; Antti Pirhonen
Gestures as Diagrams: Towards a Semantics for Gesture BIBAKPDF 48
  Barbara Tversky; Azedeh Jamalian; Valeria Giardino; Seokmin Kang; Angela Kessell
Disturbed visual exploration of communicative gestures in aphasic patients: Evidence from eye movement analysis BIBAKPDF 49
  Tim Vanbellingen; Rahel Schumacher; Noëmi Eggenberger; Simone Hopfner; Dario Cazzoli; Basil Preisig; Manuel Bertschi; Thomas Nyffeler; Klemens Gutbrod; Claudio Bassetti; Stephan Bohlhalter; René Müri
« The pig with the pink hat »: An experimental study on speech/gesture coordination during development BIBAPDF 50
  Coriandre Vilain; Anne Vilain; Jeanne Clarke
Predicting vocabulary development from co-speech gestures: Duration or occurrences, that's the question BIBAKPDF 51
  Paul Vogt; Ingrid Masson-Carro; J. Douglas Mastin

Keynote Speakers

Cross-Cultural Differences in Gesture: Conceptual Preliminaries BIBAKAbstract 52
  Nick Enfield
The pointing gesture and language learning BIBAKPDFPresentation 53
  Danielle Matthews

Symposium: Part I: Theoretical modelling of speech-gesture production in human speakers

Modelling the relation between gesture and speech in aphasia BIBAAbstractPresentation 54
  Jan Peter de Ruiter
Architectural issues in the model of speech-gesture production: Gesture, Action and Language BIBAAbstractPresentation 55
  Sotaro Kita

Symposium: Part II: Computational models of speech-gesture production in virtual humans or robots

Computation meets cognition -- an integrated simulation model of speech-gesture production BIBAAbstractPresentation 56
  Stephan Kopp
Computational models of speech-gesture production in virtual humans or robots BIBAAbstractPresentation 57
  Catherine Pelachaud