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GW 2011: Gesture Workshop

Fullname:GW 2011: Gesture and Sign Language in Human-Computer Interaction and Embodied Communication: 9th International Gesture Workshop Revised Selected Papers
Editors:Eleni Efthimiou; Georgios Kouroupetroglou; Stavroula-Evita Fotinea
Location:Athens, Greece
Dates:2011-May-25 to 2011-May-27
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7206
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-34182-3; hcibib: GW11; ISBN: 978-3-642-34181-6 (print), 978-3-642-34182-3 (online)
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  1. Human Computer Interaction
  2. Cognitive Processes
  3. Notation Systems and Animation
  4. Gestures and Signs: Linguistic Analysis and Tools
  5. Gestures and Speech

Human Computer Interaction

Gestures in Assisted Living Environments BIBAKFull-Text 1-12
  Dimitra Anastasiou
Using Wiimote for 2D and 3D Pointing Tasks: Gesture Performance Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 13-23
  Georgios Kouroupetroglou; Alexandros Pino; Athanasios Balmpakakis; Dimitrios Chalastanis; Vasileios Golematis; Nikolaos Ioannou; Ioannis Koutsoumpas
Choosing and Modeling the Hand Gesture Database for a Natural User Interface BIBAKFull-Text 24-35
  Przemyslaw Glomb; Michal Romaszewski; Sebastian Opozda; Arkadiusz Sochan
User Experience of Gesture Based Interfaces: A Comparison with Traditional Interaction Methods on Pragmatic and Hedonic Qualities BIBAKFull-Text 36-47
  Maurice H. P. H. van Beurden; Wijnand A. IJsselsteijn; Yvonne de Kort
Low Cost Force-Feedback Interaction with Haptic Digital Audio Effects BIBAKFull-Text 48-56
  Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos; Georgios Kouroupetroglou

Cognitive Processes

The Role of Spontaneous Gestures in Spatial Problem Solving BIBAKFull-Text 57-68
  Mingyuan Chu; Sotaro Kita
Effects of Spectral Features of Sound on Gesture Type and Timing BIBAKFull-Text 69-80
  Mariusz Kozak; Kristian Nymoen; Rolf Inge Godøy
Human-Motion Saliency in Complex Scenes BIBAKFull-Text 81-92
  Fiora Pirri; Matia Pizzoli; Matei Mancas
What, Why, Where and How Do Children Think? Towards a Dynamic Model of Spatial Cognition as Action BIBAKFull-Text 93-105
  Marilyn Panayi

Notation Systems and Animation

A Labanotation Based Ontology for Representing Dance Movement BIBAKFull-Text 106-117
  Katerina El Raheb; Yannis E. Ioannidis
ISOcat Data Categories for Signed Language Resources BIBAKFull-Text 118-128
  Onno Crasborn; Menzo Windhouwer
Assessing Agreement on Segmentations by Means of Staccato, the Segmentation Agreement Calculator according to Thomann BIBAFull-Text 129-138
  Andy Lücking; Sebastian Ptock; Kirsten Bergmann
How Do Iconic Gestures Convey Visuo-Spatial Information? Bringing Together Empirical, Theoretical, and Simulation Studies BIBAFull-Text 139-150
  Hannes Rieser; Kirsten Bergmann; Stefan Kopp
Thumb Modelling for the Generation of Sign Language BIBAKFull-Text 151-160
  Maxime Delorme; Michael Filhol; Annelies Braffort

Gestures and Signs: Linguistic Analysis and Tools

Toward a Motor Theory of Sign Language Perception BIBAKFull-Text 161-172
  Sylvie Gibet; Pierre-François Marteau; Kyle Duarte
Analysis and Description of Blinking in French Sign Language for Automatic Generation BIBAKFull-Text 173-182
  Annelies Braffort; Emilie Chételat-Pelé
Grammar/Prosody Modelling in Greek Sign Language: Towards the Definition of Built-In Sign Synthesis Rules BIBAKFull-Text 183-193
  Athanasia-Lida Dimou; Theodore Goulas; Eleni Efthimiou
Combining Two Synchronisation Methods in a Linguistic Model to Describe Sign Language BIBAKFull-Text 194-203
  Michael Filhol
Sign Segmentation Using Dynamics and Hand Configuration for Semi-automatic Annotation of Sign Language Corpora BIBAKFull-Text 204-215
  Matilde Gonzalez; Christophe Collet

Gestures and Speech

Integration of Gesture and Verbal Language: A Formal Semantics Approach BIBAKFull-Text 216-227
  Gianluca Giorgolo
Generating Co-speech Gestures for the Humanoid Robot NAO through BML BIBAKFull-Text 228-237
  Quoc Anh Le; Catherine Pelachaud
Interaction between Speech and Gesture: Strategies for Pointing to Distant Objects BIBAKFull-Text 238-249
  Thies Pfeiffer
Making Space for Interaction: Architects Design Dialogues BIBAKFull-Text 250-261
  Claude P. R. Heath; Patrick G. T. Healey
Iconic Gestures in Face-to-Face TV Interviews BIBAKFull-Text 262-273
  Maria Koutsombogera; Harris Papageorgiou