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GW 2005: Gesture Workshop

Fullname:GW 2005: Gesture in Human-Computer Interaction and Simulation: 6th International Gesture Workshop Revised Selected Papers
Editors:Sylvie Gibet; Nicolas Courty; Jean-François Kamp
Location:Berder Island, France
Dates:2005-May-18 to 2005-May-20
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2006
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3881
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/11678816; hcibib: GW05; ISBN: 978-3-540-32624-3 (print), 978-3-540-32625-0 (online)
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. Human Perception and Production of Gesture
  2. Sign Language Representation
  3. Sign Language Recognition
  4. Vision-Based Gesture Recognition
  5. Gesture Analysis
  6. Gesture Synthesis
  7. Gesture and Music
  8. Gesture Interaction in Multimodal Systems

Human Perception and Production of Gesture

Perception and Synthesis of Biologically Plausible Motion: From Human Physiology to Virtual Reality BIBAFull-Text 1-12
  Jean-Louis Vercher
Temporal Measures of Hand and Speech Coordination During French Cued Speech Production BIBAFull-Text 13-24
  Virginie Attina; Marie-Agnès Cathiard; Denis Beautemps

Sign Language Representation

Using Signing Space as a Representation for Sign Language Processing BIBAFull-Text 25-36
  Boris Lenseigne; Patrice Dalle
Spatialised Semantic Relations in French Sign Language: Toward a Computational Modelling BIBAFull-Text 37-48
  Annelies Braffort; Fanch Lejeune
Automatic Generation of German Sign Language Glosses from German Words BIBAFull-Text 49-52
  Jan Bungeroth; Hermann Ney
French Sign Language Processing: Verb Agreement BIBAKFull-Text 53-56
  Loïc Kervajan; Emilie Guimier De Neef; Jean Véronis

Sign Language Recognition

Re-sampling for Chinese Sign Language Recognition BIBAFull-Text 57-67
  Chunli Wang; Xilin Chen; Wen Gao
Pronunciation Clustering and Modeling of Variability for Appearance-Based Sign Language Recognition BIBAFull-Text 68-79
  Morteza Zahedi; Daniel Keysers; Hermann Ney
Visual Sign Language Recognition Based on HMMs and Auto-regressive HMMs BIBAKFull-Text 80-83
  Xiaolin Yang; Feng Jiang; Han Liu; Hongxun Yao; Wen Gao; Chunli Wang
A Comparison Between Etymon- and Word-Based Chinese Sign Language Recognition Systems BIBAFull-Text 84-87
  Chunli Wang; Xilin Chen; Wen Gao

Vision-Based Gesture Recognition

Real-Time Acrobatic Gesture Analysis BIBAFull-Text 88-99
  Ryan Cassel; Christophe Collet; Rachid Gherbi
Gesture Spotting in Continuous Whole Body Action Sequences Using Discrete Hidden Markov Models BIBAFull-Text 100-111
  A-Youn Park; Seong-Whan Lee
Recognition of Deictic Gestures for Wearable Computing BIBAFull-Text 112-123
  Thomas B. Moeslund; Lau Nørgaard
Gesture Recognition Using Image Comparison Methods BIBAFull-Text 124-128
  Philippe Dreuw; Daniel Keysers; Thomas Deselaers; Hermann Ney
O.G.R.E. -- Open Gestures Recognition Engine, a Platform for Gesture-Based Communication and Interaction BIBAFull-Text 129-132
  José Miguel Salles Dias; Pedro Nande; Nuno Barata; André Correia

Gesture Analysis

Finding Motion Primitives in Human Body Gestures BIBAFull-Text 133-144
  Lars Reng; Thomas B. Moeslund; Erik Granum
Gesture Analysis of Violin Bow Strokes BIBAKFull-Text 145-155
  Nicolas H. Rasamimanana; Emmanuel Fléty; Frédéric Bevilacqua
Finger Tracking Methods Using EyesWeb BIBAFull-Text 156-167
  Anne-Marie Burns; Barbara Mazzarino
Captured Motion Data Processing for Real Time Synthesis of Sign Language BIBAFull-Text 168-171
  Alexis Heloir; Sylvie Gibet; Franck Multon; Nicolas Courty
Estimating 3D Human Body Pose from Stereo Image Sequences BIBAFull-Text 172-175
  Hee-Deok Yang; Sung-Kee Park; Seong-Whan Lee

Gesture Synthesis

Challenges in Exploiting Prioritized Inverse Kinematics for Motion Capture and Postural Control BIBAFull-Text 176-187
  Ronan Boulic; Manuel Peinado; Benoît Le Callennec
Implementing Expressive Gesture Synthesis for Embodied Conversational Agents BIBAFull-Text 188-199
  Björn Hartmann; Maurizio Mancini; Catherine Pelachaud
Dynamic Control of Captured Motions to Verify New Constraints BIBAKFull-Text 200-211
  Carole Durocher; Franck Multon; Richard Kulpa
Upper-Limb Posture Definition During Grasping with Task and Environment Constraints BIBAFull-Text 212-223
  Nasser Rezzoug; Philippe Gorce
Adaptive Sampling of Motion Trajectories for Discrete Task-Based Analysis and Synthesis of Gesture BIBAFull-Text 224-235
  Pierre-Francois Marteau; Sylvie Gibet
Simulation of Hemiplegic Subjects' Locomotion BIBAKFull-Text 236-247
  Nicolas Fusco; Guillaume Nicolas; Franck Multon; Armel Crétual
Handiposte: Ergonomic Evaluation of the Adaptation of Physically Disabled People's Workplaces BIBAFull-Text 248-251
  Frédéric Julliard
Modeling Gaze Behavior for a 3D ECA in a Dialogue Situation BIBAFull-Text 252-255
  Gaspard Breton; Danielle Pelé; Christophe Garcia; Franck Panaget; Philippe Bretier

Gesture and Music

Playing "Air Instruments": Mimicry of Sound-Producing Gestures by Novices and Experts BIBAFull-Text 256-267
  Rolf Inge Godøy; Egil Haga; Alexander Refsum Jensenius
Subject Interfaces: Measuring Bodily Activation During an Emotional Experience of Music BIBAKFull-Text 268-279
  Antonio Camurri; Ginevra Castellano; Matteo Ricchetti; Gualtiero Volpe
From Acoustic Cues to an Expressive Agent BIBAFull-Text 280-291
  Maurizio Mancini; Roberto Bresin; Catherine Pelachaud
Detecting Emotional Content from the Motion of an Orchestra Conductor BIBAFull-Text 292-295
  Tommi Ilmonen; Tapio Takala
Some Experiments in the Gestural Control of Synthesized Sonic Textures BIBAFull-Text 296-299
  Daniel Arfib; Jean-Michel Couturier; Jehan-Julien Filatriau

Gesture Interaction in Multimodal Systems

Deixis: How to Determine Demonstrated Objects Using a Pointing Cone BIBAFull-Text 300-311
  Alfred Kranstedt; Andy Lücking; Thies Pfeiffer; Hannes Rieser; Ipke Wachsmuth
AcouMotion -- An Interactive Sonification System for Acoustic Motion Control BIBAFull-Text 312-323
  Thomas Hermann; Oliver Höner; Helge Ritter
Constrained Gesture Interaction in 3D Geometric Constructions BIBAFull-Text 324-334
  Arnaud Fabre; Ludovic Sternberger; Pascal Schreck; Dominique Bechmann
Gestural Interactions for Multi-parameter Audio Control and Audification BIBAFull-Text 335-338
  Thomas Hermann; Stella Paschalidou; Dirk Beckmann; Helge Ritter
Rapid Evaluation of the Handwriting Performance for Gesture Based Text Input BIBAFull-Text 339-342
  Grigori E. Evreinov; Roope Raisamo