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GROUP'99: International Conference on Supporting Group Work

Fullname:Proceedings of the International ACM SIGGROUP Conference on Supporting Group Work
Editors:Stephen C. Hayne
Location:Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Dates:1999-Nov-14 to 1999-Nov-17
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-065-1; ACM Order Number 611990; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: GROUP99
Links:Conference Home Page
  1. Knowledge Support
  2. Informed Design
  3. Virtual Spaces/Teams
  4. Case Studies
  5. Algorithms and Techniques
  6. Evaluation and Impact
  7. Distributed/Shared Spaces
  8. Shared Learning
  9. User Perspectives
  10. Pragmatic Issues
  11. Methods
  12. Coordination and Negotiation
  13. Architectures
  14. Awareness and Orientation
  15. Coordination and Negotiation
  16. Awareness and Orientation

Knowledge Support

Concept Indexing BIBAKPDF 1-10
  Angi Voss; Keiichi Nakata; Marcus Juhnke
Building Bridges: Customisation and Mutual Intelligibility in Shared Category Management BIBAKPDF 11-20
  Paul Dourish; John Lamping; Tom Rodden
Negotiation Support for Compiling Knowledge BIBAKPDF 21-29
  Marita Duecker; Bernd Gutkauf; Stefanie Thies

Informed Design

Getting to Know the 'Customer in the Machine' BIBAKPDF 30-39
  John Hughes; Jon O'Brien; Dave Randall; Tom Rodden; Mark Rouncefield; Peter Tolmie
It's All in the Words: Supporting Work Activities with Lightweight Tools BIBAKPDF 40-49
  Elizabeth F. Churchill; Sara Bly
"Let's See Your Search-Tool!" -- Collaborative Use of Tailored Artifacts in Groupware BIBAKPDF 50-59
  Volker Wulf

Virtual Spaces/Teams

Supporting Cooperation Across Shared Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 61-70
  Monika Busher; John Hughes; Jonathan Trevor; Tom Rodden; Jon O'Brien
Perspective Layered Visualization of Collaborative Workspaces BIBAKPDF 71-80
  Hidekazu Shiozawa; Ken-ichi Okada; Yutaka Matsushita
Supporting Virtual Team Collaboration: The TeamSCOPE System BIBAKPDF 81-90
  Charles Steinfield; Chyng-Yang Jang; Ben Pfaff

Case Studies

Supporting the Shared Care of Diabetic Patients BIBAKPDF 91-100
  Tim Kindberg; Nick Bryan-Kinns; Ranjit Makwana
The Coordinative Functions of Flight Strips: Air Traffic Control Work Revisited BIBAKPDF 101-110
  Johan Berndtsson; Maria Normark
Supporting Shop Floor Intelligence: A CSCW Approach to Production Planning and Control in Flexible Manufacturing BIBAKPDF 111-120
  Peter Carstensen; Kjeld Schmidt; Uffe Kock Wiil

Algorithms and Techniques

A Distributed Algorithm for Graphic Objects Replication in Real-Time Group Editors BIBAKPDF 121-130
  David Chen; Chengzheng Sun
Reducing the Problems of Group Undo BIBAKPDF 131-139
  Matthias Ressel; Rul Gunzenhauser
An Access Control Framework for Multi-User Collaborative Environments BIBAKPDF 140-149
  Adrian Bullock; Steve Benford

Evaluation and Impact

Evaluating the Usability of an Evolving Collaborative Product -- Changes in User Type, Tasks and Evaluation Methods Over Time BIBAKPDF 150-159
  Chris Nodder; Gayna Williams; Deborah Dubrow
An Investigation of the Influence of Network Quality of Service on the Effectiveness of Multimedia Communication BIBAKPDF 160-168
  Rob Procter; Mark Hartswood; Andy McKinlay; Scott Gallacher
Impacts of PACS on Radiological Work BIBAKPDF 169-178
  Nina Lundberg

Distributed/Shared Spaces

Pavilion: A Middleware Framework for Collaborative Web-Based Applications BIBAKPDF 179-188
  P. K. McKinley; A. M. Malenfant; J. M. Arango
Modeling Collaboration Using Shared Objects BIBAKPDF 189-198
  Christian Schuckmann; Jan Schummer; Peter Seitz
Modeling Shared Information Spaces (SIS) BIBAKPDF 199-208
  Marit Kjosnes Natvig; Oddrun Ohren

Shared Learning

Use of Virtual Science Park Resource Rooms to Support Group Work in a Learning Environment BIBAKPDF 209-218
  Lydia M. S. Lau; Jayne Curson; Richard Drew; Peter M. Dew; Christine Leigh
Oxymoron, a Non-Distance Knowledge Sharing Tool for Social Science Students and Researchers BIBAKPDF 219-228
  Camille Bierens de Haan; Gilles Chabre; Francis Lapique; Gil Regev; Alain Wegmann

User Perspectives

The Role of Expectations in Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKPDF 229-238
  Joseph A. Bonito; Judee K. Burgoon; Bjorn Bengtsson
User Population and User Contributions to Virtual Publics: A Systems Model BIBAKPDF 239-248
  Quentin Jones; Sheizaf Rafaeli
An Investigation of Social Loafing and Social Compensation in Computer-Supported Cooperative Work BIBAKPDF 249-257
  Andy McKinlay; Rob Procter; Anne Dunnett

Pragmatic Issues

Pragmatic Solutions for Better Integration of the Visually Impaired in Virtual Communities BIBAKPDF 258-266
  Thorsten Hampel; Reinhard Keil-Slawik; Bastian Ginger Claassen; Frank Plohmann; Christian Reimann
Augmenting Recommender Systems by Embedding Interfaces into Practices BIBAKPDF 267-275
  Antonietta Grasso; Michael Koch; Alessandro Rancati
"Making Place" to Make IT Work: Empirical Explorations of HCI for Mobile CSCW BIBAKPDF 276-285
  Steinar Kristoffersen; Fredrik Ljungberg


From Description to Requirements: An Activity Theoretic Perspective BIBAKPDF 286-295
  Phil Turner; Susan Turner; Julie Horton
A Design Process for Embedding Knowledge Management in Everyday Work BIBAKPDF 296-305
  Marcel Hoffmann; Kai-Uwe Loser; Thomas Walter; Thomas Herrmann

Coordination and Negotiation

The Geography of Coordination: Dealing with Distance in R&D Work BIBAKPDF 306-315
  Rebecca E. Grinter; James D. Herbsleb; Dewayne E. Perry
Intertwining Perspectives and Negotiation BIBAKPDF 316-325
  Gerry Stahl; Thomas Herrmann


Collaboration Transparency in the DISCIPLE Framework BIBAKPDF 326-335
  Wen Li; Weicong Wang; Ivan Marsic
Runtime Dynamics in Collaborative Systems BIBAKPDF 336-345
  Du Li; Richard R. Muntz
A System Architecture for the Extension of Structured Information Spaces by Coordinated CSCW Services BIBAKPDF 346-355
  Peter Manhart

Awareness and Orientation

Recognition and Reasoning in an Awareness Support System for Generation of Storyboard-Like Views of Recent Activity BIBAKPDF 356-364
  Datong Chen; Hans-Werner Gellersen

Coordination and Negotiation

Facilitating Orientation in Shared Hypermedia Workspaces BIBAKPDF 365-374
  Jorg M. Haake

Awareness and Orientation

Getting Some Perspective: Using Process Descriptions to Index Document History BIBAKPDF 375-384
  Paul Dourish; Richard Bentley; Rachel Jones; Allan MacLean