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GROUP'97: International Conference on Supporting Group Work

Fullname:Proceedings of the International ACM SIGGROUP Conference on Supporting Group Work
Note:The Integration Challenge
Editors:Stephen C. Hayne; Wolfgang Prinz; Mark Pendergast; Kjeld Schmidt
Location:Phoenix, Arizona
Dates:1997-Nov-16 to 1997-Nov-19
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-897-5; ACM Order Number 611970; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: GROUP97
Links:Conference Website
  1. Tutorials
  2. Workshops
  3. Panels
  4. Supporting Intergroup Working
  5. Research Tools and Methods
  6. Virtual Environments
  7. Case Studies
  8. Workflows 'In the Wild'
  9. Conferencing Applications
  10. Collaborative Spaces
  11. Workflow Architectures
  12. Experiences with Collaborative Environments
  13. Workflow Applications
  14. Agent Technology
  15. Enhancing Communication
  16. Integrative Environments
  17. Group Awareness
  18. Issues in Technology Supporting Learning
  19. Algorithms and Formalizations


Developing Collaborative Applications on the Web BIBA 1
  Andreas Girgensohn; Alison Lee
Real-World Groupware Frameworks: Digital LinkWorks and OpenText LiveLink BIBA 1
  Bruce McIndoe
Construction Search and Retrieval of a World-Wide Web (WWW) Expert Knowledge Base BIBA 1
  Mark Ginsburg
Using Social Network Analysis to Study Computer Networks BIBA 1
  Barry Wellman
Methods, Tools and Technologies for Coordination and Workflow Management BIBA 2
  Frank von Martial
Collaborative Technologies BIBA 2
  Lisa Neal


Tailorable Groupware: Issues, Methods, and Architectures BIBA 2
  Anders Morch; Oliver Stiemerling; Volker Wulf


The Role for Technology in Knowledge Management BIBA 3-6
  Dirk Mahling; James Bair; William Ives; Nan Lower; David Smith; Rudy Ruggles
Issues in Technology Supported Learning BIBA 7-8
  Melissa Glynn; Doug Vogel; Robert Briggs; Howard Brown; Debra Cunningham

Supporting Intergroup Working

Using Internet Technology within the Organization: A Structurational Analysis of Intranets BIBAKPDF 9-18
  Rens Scheepers; Jan Damsgaard
Merging Multiple Perspectives in Groupware Use: Intra- and Intergroup Conventions BIBAKPDF 19-28
  Gloria Mark
Fostering Interdepartmental Knowledge Communication Through Groupware: A Process Improvement Perspective BIBAKPDF 29-37
  Ned Kock

Research Tools and Methods

Recognising 'Success' and 'Failure': Evaluating Groupware in a Commercial Context BIBAKPDF 39-46
  Steve Blythin; John A. Hughes; Steinar Kristoffersen; Tom Rodden; Mark Rouncefield
CEVA: A Tool for Collaborative Video Analysis BIBAKPDF 47-55
  Andy Cockburn; Tony Dale
A First Step to Formally Evaluate Collaborative Work BIBAKPDF 56-60
  Ricardo Baeza-Yates; Jose A. Pino

Virtual Environments

Requirements for a Virtual Collocation Environment BIBAKPDF 61-70
  Steven E. Poltrock; George Engelbeck
Informing the Design of Collaborative Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 71-80
  Steve Benford; Dave Snowdon; Andy Colebourne; Jon O'Brien; Tom Rodden
Virtual Classrooms and Communities BIBAKPDF 81-90
  Lisa Neal

Case Studies

Infrastructure Management as Cooperative Work: Implications for Systems Design BIBAKPDF 91-100
  Robert J. Sandusky
Locating the Scene: The Particular and the General in Contexts for Ambulance Control BIBAKPDF 101-110
  John C. McCarthy; Peter C. Wright; Patrick Healey; Andrew Dearden; Michael D. Harrison
Internal Information Brokering and Patterns of Usage on Corporate Intranets BIBAKPDF 111-118
  Clarie M. Vishik

Workflows 'In the Wild'

Understanding the Role of Documents in a Hierarchical Flow of Work BIBAKPDF 119-127
  Peter Mambrey; Mike Robinson
Telework Under the Co-Ordination of a Distributed Workflow Management System BIBAKPDF 128-137
  Wilhelm Dangelmaier; Stephan Kress; Rudiger Wenski
Of Maps and Scripts: The Status of Formal Constructs in Cooperative Work BIBAPDF 138-147
  Kjeld Schmidt

Conferencing Applications

GSS for Cooperative Policymaking: No Trivial Matter BIBAKPDF 148-157
  Kees Wim van den Herik; Gert-Jan de Vreede
Toward Knowledge Management Systems in the Legal Domain BIBAKPDF 158-166
  Deborah L. Edwards; Dirk E. Mahling
The CDT mStar Environment: Scalable Distributed Teamwork in Action BIBAKPDF 167-176
  Peter Parnes; Kare Synnes; Dick Schefstrom

Collaborative Spaces

Augmenting and Multiplying Spaces for Creative Design BIBAKPDF 177-186
  Edmundo P. Leiva-Lobos; Giorgio De Michelis; Eliana Covarrubias
Collaborative Workspace for Time Deferred Electronic Cooperation BIBAKPDF 187-196
  Uta Pankoke-Babatz; Anja Syri
Collaborative Virtual Workspace BIBAKPDF 197-203
  Peter J. Spellman; Jane N. Mosier; Lucy M. Deus; Jay A. Carlson

Workflow Architectures

Internet-Based Workflows: A Paradigm for Dynamically Reconfigurable Desktop Environments BIBAKPDF 204-213
  Hemang Lavana; Amit Khetawat; Franc Brglez
A Web Based Enterprise Workflow System BIBAPDF 214-220
  Charles K. Ames; Scott C. Burleigh; Stephen J. Mitchell
Automated Process Support for Organizational and Personal Processes BIBAKPDF 221-230
  Kevin Gary; Tim Lindquist; Harry Koehnemann; Ly Sauer

Experiences with Collaborative Environments

From Workplace to Development: What Have We Learned So Far and Where Do We Go? BIBAPDF 231-240
  Rebecca E. Grinter
Evolving Orbit: A Process Report on Building Locales BIBAKPDF 241-250
  Tim Mansfield; Simon Kaplan; Geraldine Fitzpatrick; Ted Phelps; Mark Fitzpatrick; Richard Taylor
"I Love the System -- I Just Don't Use it!" BIBAKPDF 251-260
  Jakob E. Bardram

Workflow Applications

Organizational Metaphors as Lenses for Analyzing Workflow Technology BIBAKPDF 261-270
  Steinar Carlsen; Reidar Gjersvik
Enhancing Workflows by Web Technology BIBAKPDF 271-280
  Wolfgang Grather; Wolfgang Prinz; Sabine Kolvenbach
Integrating Synchronous Multimedia Collaboration into Workflow Management BIBAKPDF 281-290
  Michael Weber; Gerhard Partsch; Siegfried Hock; Georg Schneider; Astrid Scheller-Houy; Jean Schweitzer

Agent Technology

SOaP: Social Agents Providing People with Useful Information BIBAKPDF 291-298
  Angi Voss; Thomas Kreifelts
WorkWeb System -- Multi-Workflow Management with a Multi-Agent System BIBAKPDF 299-308
  Hiroyuki Tarumi; Koji Kida; Yoshihide Ishiguro; Kenji Yoshifu; Takayoshi Asakura
Flexible Specification of Workflow Compensation Scopes BIBAKPDF 309-316
  Weimin Du; Jim Davis; Ming-Chien Shan

Enhancing Communication

Facilitating Idea Generation in Computer-Supported Teleconferences BIBAKPDF 317-324
  Kenneth A. Graetz; Nicole Proulx; Cassie B. Barlow; Laura J. Pape
An Experimental System for Transactional Messaging BIBAKPDF 325-330
  Allen E. Milewski; Thomas M. Smith

Integrative Environments

Bridging the Gap between Face-to-Face Communication and Long-Term Collaboration BIBAKPDF 331-340
  Stefanie N. Lindstaedt; Kurt Schneider
Flexible Support for Business Processes: Extending Cooperative Hypermedia with Process Support BIBAKPDF 341-350
  Jorg M. Haake; Weigang Wang
Developing the Cooperative Mission Development Environment BIBAKPDF 351-357
  Christopher Rouff; Mary Ann Robbert

Group Awareness

Compositional Features for Promoting Awareness Within and Across Cooperative Applications BIBAKPDF 358-367
  Carla Simone; Stefania Bandini
Valentine: An Environment for Home Office Worker Providing Informal Communication and Personal Space BIBAKPDF 368-375
  Shinkuro Honda; Hironari Tomioka; Takaaki Kimura; Takaharu Oosawa; Ken-ichi Okada; Yutaka Matsushita
SISCO: Providing a Cooperation Filter for a Shared Information Space BIBAKPDF 376-384
  John A. Mariani

Issues in Technology Supporting Learning

NYNEX Portholes: Initial User Reactions and Redesign Implications BIBAKPDF 385-394
  Alison Lee; Andreas Girgensohn; Kevin Schlueter
MEDIATE: Video as a First-Order Datatype BIBAKPDF 395-404
  Steinar Kristoffersen
Integration of Face-to-Face and Video-Mediated Meetings: HERMES BIBAKPDF 405-414
  Tomoo Inoue; Ken-ichi Okada; Yutaka Matsushita

Algorithms and Formalizations

Team Automata for Groupware Systems BIBAKPDF 415-424
  Clarence (Skip) Ellis
A Generic Operation Transformation Scheme for Consistency Maintenance in Real-Time Cooperative Editing Systems BIBAKPDF 425-434
  Chengzheng Sun; Yanchun Zhang; Xiahua Jia; Yun Yang
Serialization of Concurrent Operations in a Distributed Collaborative Environment BIBAKPDF 435-445
  Maher Suleiman; Michele Cart; Jean Ferrie