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Proceedings of the 1999 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1999 Conference on Graphics Interface
Editors:Scott I. MacKenzie; James Stewart
Location:Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Dates:1999-Jun-02 to 1999-Jun-04
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISBN 0-9695338-8-8; hcibib: GI99
Links:Conference Series Home Page | Online Proceedings
  1. Physical Simulation
  2. Interaction Design
  3. Invited Paper
  4. Invited Talk
  5. Global Illumination
  6. Interaction Techniques
  7. Image-based Techniques
  8. Invited Paper
  9. Modeling
  10. Non-photorealistic Rendering
  11. Invited Paper
  12. Physical Animations

Physical Simulation

Interactive Animation of Structured Deformable Objects BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 1-8
  Mathieu Desbrun; Peter Schröder; Alan Barr
Geometric Awareness for Interactive Object Manipulation BIBAGZGI Online Paper 9-17
  Min-Hyung Choi; James Cremer

Interaction Design

A User Centered Task Analysis of Interface Requirements for MRI Viewing BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 18-26
  Johanna E. van der Heyden; Kori M. Inkpen; M. Stella Atkins; M. Sheelagh T. Carpendale
A Desktop Design for Synchronous Collaboration BIBAGZGI Online Paper 27-35
  Bogdan Dorohonceanu; Ivan Marsic

Invited Paper

Computer Games, Education And Interfaces: The E-GEMS Project BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 36-39
  Maria M. Klawe

Invited Talk

Will Anyone Really Use Radiosity? BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 40-41
  François Sillion

Global Illumination

Stratified Wavelength Clusters for Efficient Spectral Monte Carlo Rendering BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 42-49
  Glenn F. Evans; Michael D. McCool
Efficient Glossy Global Illumination with Interactive Viewing BIBAGZMOVGI Online Paper 50-57
  Marc Stamminger; Annette Scheel; Xavier Granier; Frederic Perez-Cazorla; George Drettakis; François X. Sillion
Controlling Memory Consumption of Hierarchical Radiosity with Clustering BIBAGZGI Online Paper 58-65
  Xavier Granier; George Drettakis
Approximating the Location of Integrand Discontinuities for Penumbral Illumination with Linear Light Sources BIBAGZGI Online Paper 66-75
  Marc J. Ouellette; Eugene Fiume

Interaction Techniques

Design of Virtual 3D Instruments for Musical Interaction BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 76-83
  Axel G. E. Mulder; S. Sidney Fels; Kenji Mase
A Handwriting-Based Equation Editor BIBAGZGZGI Online Paper 84-91
  Steve Smithies; Kevin Novins; James Arvo
A Psychophysical Comparison of Two Stylus-Driven Soft Keyboards BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 92-97
  Michael Bohan; Chad A. Phipps; Alex Chaparro; Charles G. Halcomb

Image-based Techniques

Multi-layered image-based rendering BIBAZGI Online Paper 98-106
  Sing Bing Kang; Huong Quynh Dinh
Interactive Rendering of Wavelet Projected Light Fields BIBAGZGI Online Paper 107-114
  Paul Lalonde; Alain Fournier
Imaging all Visible Surfaces BIBAGZGI Online Paper 115-122
  Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

Invited Paper

Style and Function of Graphic Tools BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 123-131
  Ted Selker


Discrete Parametrization for Deforming Arbitrary Meshes BIBAGZGZGI Online Paper 132-139
  Shigeru Kuriyama; Toyohisa Kaneko
A General Model of Animated Shape Perturbation BIBAGZGI Online Paper 140-147
  Jean-Michel Dischler
Interactive Mesh Fusion Based on Local 3D Metamorphosis BIBAGZGI Online Paper 148-156
  Takashi Kanai; Hiromasa Suzuki; Jun Mitani; Fumihiko Kimura

Non-photorealistic Rendering

Observational Model of Blenders and Erasers in Computer-Generated Pencil Rendering BIBAGZGI Online Paper 157-166
  Mario Costa Sousa; John William Buchanan
Halftoning with Image-Based Dither Screens BIBAGZGI Online Paper 167-174
  Oleg Veryovka; John Buchanan
An illustration technique using hardware-based intersections and skeletons BIBAGZGI Online Paper 175-182
  Oliver Deussen; Jörg Hamel; Andreas Raab; Stefan Schlechtweg; Thomas Strothotte

Invited Paper

Computer Aided Serendipity: The Role of Autonomous Assistants in Problem Solving BIBAGZGI Online Paper 183-192
  James Arvo

Physical Animations

A Visual Model For Blast Waves and Fracture BIBAGZGI Online Paper 193-202
  Michael Neff; Eugene Fiume
Animating Lava Flows BIBAGZGI Online Paper 203-210
  Dan Stora; Pierre-Olivier Agliati; Marie-Paule Cani; Fabrice Neyret; Jean-Dominique Gascuel
Animating Exploding Objects BIBAPDFJPGJPGGI Online Paper 211-218
  Oleg Mazarak; Claude Martins; John Amanatides