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Proceedings of the 1996 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1996 Conference on Graphics Interface
Editors:Wayne A. Davis; Richard Bartels
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dates:1996-May-22 to 1996-May-24
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISBN 0-9695338-5-3; hcibib: GI96
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  1. Visualization I
  2. Interaction
  3. Techniques
  4. Modeling and Applications
  5. Rendering
  6. Surfaces I
  7. Surfaces II
  8. Animation
  9. Visualization II

Visualization I

Database Management for Interactive Display of Large Architectural Models BIBAGZGI Online Paper 1-8
  Thomas Funkhouser
Exploring human visualization of computer algorithms BIBAPDF 9-16
  Sarah Douglas; Christopher Hundhausen; Donna McKeown
An Adaptable Software Architecture for Rapidly Creating Information Visualizations BIBAGZGI Online Paper 17-27
  Rick Kazman; Jeromy Carrière


Awareness through fisheye views in relaxed-WYSIWIS groupware BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 28-38
  Saul Greenberg; Carl Gutwin; Andy Cockburn
Virtual pointing on a computer display: non-linear control-display mappings BIBCitation 39-46
  Evan Graham
The effect of feedback on a color selection interface BIBKCitation 47-54
  Sarah Douglas; Ted Kirkpatrick


Geometric Deformation by Merging a 3D Object with a Simple Shape BIBAGZGI Online Paper 55-60
  Philippe Decaudin
View synthesis from unregistered 2-D images BIBKCitation 61-69
  Parag Havaldar; Mi-Suen Lee; Gérard Medioni
Multi-frame thrashless ray casting with advancing ray-front BIBAGZ 70-77
  Asish Law; Roni Yagel
Error diffusion: Wavefront traversal and contrast considerations BIBAGZGI Online Paper 78-86
  Avi Naiman; David Lam

Modeling and Applications

Algebraic loop detection and evaluation algorithms for curve and surface interrogations BIBAPS 87-94
  Shankar Krishnan; Dinesh Manocha
Programming Support for Blossoming BIBAGZGI Online Paper 95-106
  Wayne Liu; Stephen Mann
Spatial bounding of self-affine iterated function system attractor sets BIBAGZGI Online Paper 107-115
  Jonathan Rice


Rendering caustics on non-lambertian surfaces BIBAGZGI Online PaperHTML 116-121
  Henrik Wann Jensen
A complete treatment of D1 discontinuities in a discontinuity mesh BIBAGZGI Online Paper 122-131
  Sherif Ghali; James Stewart
Fast rendering of complex environments using a spatial hierarchy BIBAGZGZGZGI Online PaperHTML 132-141
  Bradford Chamberlain; Tony DeRose; Dani Lischinski; David Salesin; John Snyder
Hierarchical Visibility Culling for Spline Models BIBAGZGI Online Paper 142-150
  Subodh Kumar; Dinesh Manocha

Surfaces I

Painting gradients: free-form surface design using shading patterns BIBAGZGI Online Paper 151-158
  C. W. A. M. van Overveld
Interactive construction of smoothly blended star solids BIBAGZGI Online Paper 159-167
  Ergun Akleman

Surfaces II

Surface intersection using affine arithmetic BIBAGZGI Online Paper 168-175
  Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
A technique for constructing developable surfaces BIBAGZGI Online Paper 176-185
  Meng Sun; Eugene Fiume
Triangular B-Splines for Blending & Filling of Polygonal Holes BIBAGZGI Online Paper 186-193
  Ron Pfeifle; Hans-Peter Seidel
Topological Evolution of Surfaces BIBAGZGI Online Paper 194-203
  Douglas DeCarlo; Jean Gallier


Realistic animation of liquids BIBAGZGI Online Paper 204-212
  Nick Foster; Dimitri Metaxas
Knowledge-driven, interactive animation of human running BIBAGZGI Online Paper 213-221
  Armin Bruderlin; Tom Calvert
Emotion from Motion BIBAGZGI Online Paper 222-229
  Kenji Amaya; Armin Bruderlin; Tom Calvert

Visualization II

Interactive visualization and augmentation of mechanical assembly sequences BIBCitation 230-237
  Rajeev Sharma; Jose Molineros
Visualizing Geometric Uncertainty of Surface Interpolants BIBAZ 238-245
  Suresh Lodha; Robert Sheehan; Alex Pang; Craig Wittenbrink
Visualization of developmental processes by extrusion in space-time BIBAGZGI Online Paper 246-258
  Mark Hammel; Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz