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Proceedings of the 1989 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1989 Conference on Graphics Interface
Location:London, Ontario, Canada
Dates:1989-Jun-19 to 1989-Jun-23
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI89
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An interactive approach to behavioral control BIB 1-8
  Jane Wilhelms; Robert Skinner
ESCIM: A system for the investigation of meaningful motion BIB 9-13
  Siew Hong Yang; Colin Ware
Speed adjustement for key-frame interpolation BIB 14-19
  Richard H. Bartels; Ines Hardtke
Welding and pinching spline surfaces: New methods for interactive creation of complex objects and automatic fleshing of skeletons BIB 20-27
  Marie-Paule Gascuel
Corners in planar cubic B-spline and Bezier curve segments BIB 28-32
  D. J. Walton; D. S. Meek
A technique for the direct manipulation of spline BIB 33-39
  Richard H. Bartels; John C. Beatty
Display of medical objects and their interactive manipulation BIB 40-46
  Jayaram K. Udupa; Dewey Odhner
A graphical query language for hypertext database systems BIB 47-54
  Richard Gary Epstein
SmallScript: A user programmable framework based on smalltalk and postscript BIB 55-61
  Kevin Haaland; Dave Thomas
Design experience with a multiprocessor window system architecture BIB 62-69
  J. V. Kelley; K. S. Booth; M. Wein
Generating graphical interfaces for high-level description BIB 70-77
  Gurminder Singh; Mark Green
Adding colour to the workstation environment BIB 78-85
  William Cowan
An investigation of language input and performance timing for task animation BIB 86-93
  Jeffrey Esakov; Norman I. Badler; Moon Jung
Pictures in advice-giving dialog systems: From knowledge representation to the user interface BIB 94-99
  Thomas Strothotte
Adaptive graphics interface BIB 100-104
  Marek Holyński; Robert W. Garneau
Graphical interface services for application integration BIB 105-112
  Susan Franklin; Tony Peters
Anti-aliasing issues in image composition BIB 113-120
  Christopher D. Shaw; Mark Green; Jonathan Schaeffer
The fill interpreter: A unified view of brushing, filling, and compositing BIB 121-129
  Shawn R. Neely; Kellogg S. Booth; Peter P. Tanner
Teaching a mouse how to draw BIB 130-137
  David L. Maulsby; Ian H. Witten
PencilSketch -- A pencil-based paint system BIB 138-143
  Allan H. Vermeulen; Peter P. Tanner
Evolution of high performance graphics systems BIB 144-151
  Nick England
Heuristics for ray tracing using space subdivision BIB 152-163
  J. David MacDonald; Kellogg S. Booth
Adaptive voxel subdivision for ray tracing BIB 164-172
  David Jevans; Brian Wyvill
Rendering techniques for transparent objects BIB 173-182
  Mikio Shinya; Takafumi Saito; Tokiichiro Takahashi
Dynamic error measure for curve scan-conversion BIB 183-190
  Xiaolin Wu; Jon Rokne
The modelling of natural phenomena BIB 191-202
  Alain Fournier
Conversion and integration of boundary representations with octrees BIB 203-210
  T. K. Chan; I. Gargantini; T. R. S. Walsh
On distributed, probabilistic algorithms for computer graphics BIB 211-218
  Eugene Fiume; Marc Ouellette
Heating and melting deformable models (From goop to glop) BIB 219-226
  Demetri Terzopoulos; John Platt; Kurt Fleischer
Prisms and rainbows: A dispersion model for computer graphics BIB 227-234
  F. Kenton Musgrave
TREE-MAKER: A user tool BIB 235-241
  William Kenneth, III Neighbors; Larry F. Hodges
Animation of fractal objects BIB 242-248
  Jean-François Colonna
Strokes for representing univariate vector field maps BIB 249-253
  David Fowler; Colin Ware
EXVIS: An exploratory visualization environment BIB 254-261
  Georges Grinstein; Ronald M. Pickett; Marian G. Williams
Displaying correlations using position, motion, point size or point colour BIB 262-265
  Serge Limoges; Colin Ware; William Knight
An integrated graphical simulation platform BIB 266-274
  David Zeltzer; Steve Pieper; David J. Sturman
An intensive care unit patient data management system BIB 275-282
  J. F. Panisset; S. Malowany; N. Khoury; D. Lambidonis; A. S. Malowany; F. A. Carnevale; R. Gottesman; A. Rousseau
A distributed system for near-real-time display of shaded three-dimensional graphics BIB 283-290
  Steve Sistare; Mark Friedell