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Proceedings of the 1984 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1984 Conference on Graphics Interface
Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dates:1984-May-28 to 1984-Jun-01
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI84
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Director-oriented 3D shaded computer animation BIB 1-7
  Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann; Daniel Thalmann
Algorithms for brush movement in paint systems BIB 9-16
  Kenneth P. Fishkin; Brian A. Barsky
Towards expressive animation for interactive characters BIB 17-20
  Ann Marion; Kurt Fleischer; Mark Vickers
Design for Telidon based business graphics processor BIB 21-28
  Thomas Whalen
Business graphics interfaces to databases BIB 29-33
  Kuan-Tsae Huang; Moshe M. Zloof
Interactive keyframe animation of 3-D articulated models BIB 35-40
  David Sturman
Interpolating splines for keyframe animation BIB 41-42
  Doris H. U. Kochanek; Richard H. Bartels
A color real-time animation system BIB 43-50
  A. S. Malowany; B. Kashef
Primitives in computer graphics BIB 51-52
  Alain Fournier
Topology as a framework for solid modelling BIB 53-56
  Kevin Weiler
Geometric continuity and shape parameters for Catmull-ROM splines BIB 57-64
  Tony D. DeRose; Brian A. Barsky
Experience with Cedar programming environment for computer graphics research BIB 65-74
  Richard J. Beach
PED: A 'distributed' graphics editor BIB 75-79
  Theo Pavlidis
Dynamic attributes handling in a GKS workstation BIB 81-86
  M. Rudalics
Two algorithms for drawing anti-aliased lines BIB 87-95
  Dan Field
Ray tracing with cones BIB 97-98
  John Amanitides
Some new ingredients for the cook book approach to anti-aliased text BIB 99-108
  Avi Naiman
An approximate method for anti-aliasing, using a random access z-buffer BIB 109
  K. B. Evans
Computers in architectural design BIB 111
  Douglas J. Cardinal
Extending geometric modelling systems for design BIB 113-116
  Robert Woodbury; Dominique J. Carrega; Arvind D. Deogirikar
Architectural modelling: Transformations in perspective space BIB 117
  K. S. Andonian
What is required for effective human figure animation BIB 119
  Norman I. Badler
Spatial planning, geometric modelling and fuzzy production rules in robotics systems BIB 121-129
  David R. Dodds
Interactive graphics simulation system (IGSS) for the assembly of mechanical parts BIB 131-135
  Hema A. Murthy; R. G. S. Asthana
Abstractions: A conceptual approach for structuring interaction with integrated CAD systems BIB 137-147
  Charles M. Eastman
Interactive graphics and the representation of non-Cartesian woven textile structures BIB 149-154
  J. A. Hoskins; M. W. King
A drawing based surface modeler BIB 155-159
  Roy D. McKelvey; Robert F. Woodbury
2-D and 3-D interactive computer modelling systems BIB 161-165
  Richard H. Bartels; John C. Beatty; Kellogg S. Booth; Ines Hardtke
Using recursion to describe polygonal surfaces BIB 167-171
  Brian Wyvill; Breen Liblong; Norman Hutchinson
Realtime lighting manipulation in color via lookup tables BIB 173-177
  K. B. Evans
Exploiting parallelism in image synthesis applications BIB 179-180
  Gerald Leitner
A family of new algorithms for soft filling BIB 181-185
  Kenneth P. Fishkin; Brian A. Barsky
Towards an effective user interface for interactive colour manipulation BIB 187-196
  Michael W. Schwarz; John C. Beatty; William B. Cowan; Jane F. Gentleman
Office information system integration through a high-level user interface prototype BIB 197-206
  Camellia Y. K. Kwan; Paul G. Sorenson
A review of facilities required for computer graphics in an information oriented environment BIB 207-212
  M. Gratton
Towards automating the production of soil survey maps BIB 213-219
  David B. Arnold
The blit and the user's perception of the computer BIB 221-222
  Rob Pike
Softmachine: A personable interface BIB 223-226
  John Lewis; Patrick Purcell
Strategies for creating an easy to use window manager with icons BIB 227-233
  Brad A. Myers
Experiments with a ridge and channel digital elevation model BIB 235-237
  David H. Douglas
Microprocessor support for urban street navigation BIB 239-246
  Howard J. Ferch
Enlarging rules and generalization methods in an electronic atlas BIB 247-248
  Eva Siekierska
Motion-picture debugging in a dataflow language BIB 249-250
  Stanislaw Matwin; Tomasz Pietrzykowski
A programme for the development of a mathematical theory of interactive computer graphics BIB 251-256
  Eugene Fiume; Alain Fournier
The design of a trackball controller BIB 257-264
  David Martindale
MFE: A syntax directed editor for interaction specification BIB 265-269
  Robert V. Rubin; Joseph N. Pato