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Proceedings of the 2008 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2008 Conference on Graphics Interface
Editors:Lyn Bartram; Chris Shaw
Location:Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Dates:2008-May-28 to 2008-May-30
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISBN: 1-56881-423-2, 978-1-56881-423-0; ISSN: 0713-5424; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: GI08
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  1. Large Displays
  2. Image Input
  3. Input
  4. Visualization 1
  5. Evaluation
  6. Shadows
  7. Faces and Web
  8. Geometric Techniques
  9. Pointing & Tracking
  10. Visualization 3

Large Displays

The Effects of Co-Present Embodiments on Awareness and Collaboration in Tabletop Groupware BIBA 1-8
  David Pinelle; Miguel Nacenta; Carl Gutwin; Tadeusz Stach
The Effects of Peripheral Vision and Physical Navigation on Large Scale Visualization BIBA 9-16
  Robert Ball; Chris North
Lightweight Task/Application Performance using Single versus Multiple Monitors: A Comparative Study BIBA 17-24
  Youn-ah Kang; John Stasko

Image Input

Dynamic Correction of Color Appearance on Mobile Displays BIBA 25-32
  Clifford Lindsay; Emmanuel Agu; Fan Wu
Background Estimation from Non-Time Sequence Images BIBA 33-40
  Miguel Granados; Hans-Peter Seidel; Hendrik P. A. Lensch
A GPU-friendly Method for High Dynamic Range Texture Compression using Inverse Tone Mapping BIBA 41-48
  Francesco Banterle; Kurt Debattista; Patrick Ledda; Alan Chalmers


A Model of Non-Preferred Hand Mode Switching BIBA 49-56
  Jaime Ruiz; Andrea Bunt; Edward Lank
Evaluating One Handed Thumb Tapping on Mobile Touchscreen Devices BIBA 57-64
  Keith B. Perry; Juan Pablo Hourcade
Perceptibility and Utility of Sticky Targets BIBA 65-72
  Regan L. Mandryk; Carl Gutwin

Visualization 1

Single-Pass GPU Solid Voxelization for Real-Time Applications BIBA 73-80
  Elmar Eisemann; Xavier Décoret
LiveSync++: Enhancements of an Interaction Metaphor BIBA 81-88
  Peter Kohlmann; Stefan Bruckner; Armin Kanitsar; M. Eduard Gröller
Context-Controlled Flow Visualization in Augmented Reality BIBA 89-96
  Mike Eissele; Matthias Kreiser; Thomas Ertl
Vector Field Contours BIBA 97-105
  Thomas Annen; Holger Theisel; Christian Rössl; Gernot Ziegler; Hans-Peter Seidel
2^5 Years Ago I Couldn't Even Spell Canadian, Now I Are One Momentos of Collaborating on, with, and about Technology BIBA 107-114
  Kellogg S. Booth


Order and Entropy in Picture Passwords BIBA 115-122
  Saranga Komanduri; Dugald R. Hutchings
An Empirical Characterisation of Electronic Document Navigation BIBA 123-130
  Jason Alexander; Andy Cockburn
Evaluation of Techniques for Visualizing Mathematical Expression Recognition Results BIBA 131-138
  Joseph J., Jr. LaViola; Anamary Leal; Timothy S. Miller; Robert C. Zeleznik


Layered Variance Shadow Maps BIBA 139-146
  Andrew Lauritzen; Michael McCool
Quality Scalability of Soft Shadow Mapping BIBA 147-154
  Michael Schwarz; Marc Stamminger
Exponential Shadow Maps BIBA 155-161
  Thomas Annen; Tom Mertens; Hans-Peter Seidel; Eddy Flerackers; Jan Kautz

Faces and Web

A Scalability Study of Web-Native Information Visualization BIBA 163-168
  Donald W. Johnson; T. J. Jankun-Kelly
Effects of Avatar's Blinking Animation on Person Impressions BIBA 169-176
  Kazuki Takashima; Yasuko Omori; Yoshiharu Yoshimoto; Yuich Itoh; Yoshifumi Kitamura; Fumio Kishino
Interactive 3D Facial Expression Posing through 2D Portrait Manipulation BIBA 177-184
  Tanasai Sucontphunt; Zhenyao Mo; Ulrich Neumann; Zhigang Deng

Geometric Techniques

Interactive Global Illumination Based on Coherent Surface Shadow Maps BIBA 185-192
  Tobias Ritschel; Thorsten Grosch; Jan Kautz; Hans-Peter Seidel
Geometric Displacement on Plane and Sphere BIBA 193-202
  Elodie Fourquet; William Cowan; Stephen Mann
Convex Hull Covering of Polygonal Scenes for Accurate Collision Detection in Games BIBA 203-210
  Rong Liu; Hao Zhang; James Busby
Multiresolution Point-set Surfaces BIBA 211-218
  François Duranleau; Philippe Beaudoin; Pierre Poulin
PNG1 Triangles for Tangent Plane Continuous Surfaces on the GPU BIBA 219-226
  Christoph Fünfzig; Kerstin Müller; Dianne Hansford; Gerald Farin
Surface-based Growth Simulation for Opening Flowers BIBA 227-234
  Takashi Ijiri; Mihoshi Yokoo; Saneyuki Kawabata; Takeo Igarashi

Pointing & Tracking

SurfaceFusion: Unobtrusive Tracking of Everyday Objects in Tangible User Interfaces BIBA 235-242
  Alex Olwal; Andrew D. Wilson
Semantic Pointing for Object Picking in Complex 3D Environments BIBA 243-250
  Niklas Elmqvist; Jean-Daniel Fekete
Analyzing the Kinematics of Bivariate Pointing BIBA 251-258
  Jaime Ruiz; David Tausky; Andrea Bunt; Edward Lank; Richard Mann

Visualization 3

Cascaded Treemaps: Examining the Visibility and Stability of Structure in Treemaps BIBA 259-266
  Hao ; James Fogarty
Towards A Model Human Cochlea: Sensory substitution for crossmodal audio-tactile displays BIBA 267-274
  Maria Karam; Frank Russo; Carmen Branje; Emily Price; Deborah I. Fels
The Cost of Supporting References in Collaborative Augmented Reality BIBA 275-282
  Jeff Chastine; Ying Zhu