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Proceedings of the 2003 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2003 Conference on Graphics Interface
Editors:Torsten Moeller; Colin Ware
Location:Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Dates:2003-Jun-11 to 2003-Jun-13
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISBN 1-56881-207-8; hcibib: GI03
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  1. Modeling
  2. Detail and Context
  3. Hardware Methods
  4. Input
  5. Rendering
  6. Mixing Reality
  7. Meshes and Surfaces
  8. Multimedia
  9. Deformable Models


Fast Extraction of BRDFs and Material Maps from Images BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 1-10
  Rafal Jaroszkiewicz; Michael McCool
Interactive Point-based Modeling of Complex Objects from Images BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 11-20
  Pierre Poulin; Marc Stamminger; François Duranleau; Marie-Claude Frasson; George Drettakis
Silhouette-Based 3D Face Shape Recovery BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 21-30
  Jinho Lee; Baback Moghaddam; Hanspeter Pfister; Raghu Machiraju
Simulating Fluid-Solid Interaction BIBAPDFZIPGI Online Paper 31-38
  Olivier Génevaux; Arash Habibi; Jean-Michel Dischler

Detail and Context

A Comparison of Traditional and Fisheye Radar View Techniques for Spatial Collaboration BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 39-46
  Wendy A. Schafer; Doug A. Bowman
Finding Things In Fisheyes: Memorability in Distorted Spaces BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 47-56
  Amy Skopik; Carl Gutwin
Comparing ExoVis, Orientation Icon, and In-Place 3D Visualization Techniques BIBAPDFZIPGI Online Paper 57-64
  Melanie Tory; Colin Swindells

Hardware Methods

Hardware-Accelerated Visual Hull Reconstruction and Rendering BIBAPDFMPGMPGMPGGI Online Paper 65-72
  Ming Li; Marcus Magnor; Hans-Peter Seidel
CInDeR: Collision and Interference Detection in Real-time Using graphics hardware BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 73-80
  Dave Knott; Dinesh K. Pai
Texture Partitioning and Packing for Accelerating Texture-Based Volume Rendering BIBAPDFPDFGI Online Paper 81-88
  Wei Li; Arie Kaufman


Input-Based Language Modelling in the Design of High Performance Text Input Techniques BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 89-96
  R. William Soukoreff; I. Scott MacKenzie
Less-Tap: A Fast and Easy-to-Learn Text Input Technique for Phones BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 97-104
  Andriy Pavlovych; Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
The Effects of Dynamic Transparency on Targeting Performance BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 105-112
  Carl Gutwin; Jeff Dyck; Chris Fedak
A Gestural Interface to Free-Form Deformation BIBAPDFMOVGI Online Paper 113-120
  Geoffrey M. Draper; Parris K. Egbert


Dynamic Canvas for Non-Photorealistic Walkthroughs BIBAPDFPNGPNGHTMLGI Online Paper 121-130
  Matthieu Cunzi; Joëlle Thollot; Sylvain Paris; Gilles Debunne; Jean-Dominique Gascuel; Frédo Durand
Pen-and-Ink Textures for Real-Time Rendering BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 131-138
  Jennifer Fung; Oleg Veryovka
Multi-Resolution Point-Sample Raytracing BIBAPDFZIPGI Online Paper 139-148
  Michael Wand; Wolfgang Strasser
Entropy-Based Adaptive Sampling BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 149-158
  Jaume Rigau; Miquel Feixas; Mateu Sbert

Mixing Reality

Digital Decor: Augmented Everyday Things BIBAPDFFull-TextGI Online Paper 159-166
  Itiro Siio; Jim Rowan; Noyuri Mima; Elizabeth Mynatt
A Tangible Interface for High-Level Direction of Multiple Animated Characters BIBAPDFMPGGI Online Paper 167-176
  Ronald Metoyer; Lanyue Xu; Madhusudhanan Srinivasan
Mixed Initiative Interactive Edge Detection BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 177-184
  Eric Neufeld; Haruna Popoola; David Callele; David Mould

Meshes and Surfaces

A Stream Algorithm for the Decimation of Massive Meshes BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 185-192
  Jianhua Wu; Leif Kobbelt
Distortion Minimization and Continuity Preservation in Surface Pasting BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 193-200
  Rick Leung; Stephen Mann
Multiple Camera Considerations in a View-Dependent Continuous Level of Detail Algorithm BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 201-208
  Bradley P. Kram; Christopher D. Shaw


Portrait: Generating Personal Presentations BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 209-216
  James Fogarty; Jodi Forlizzi; Scott E. Hudson
Modularity and Hierarchical Structure in the Digital Video Lifecycle BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 217-224
  Ronald Baecker; Eric Smith
A Taxonomy of Tasks and Visualizations for Casual Interaction of Multimedia Histories BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 225-236
  Charlotte Tang; Gregor McEwan; Saul Greenberg
Learning from Games: HCI Design Innovations in Entertainment Software BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 237-246
  Jeff Dyck; David Pinelle; Barry Brown; Carl Gutwin

Deformable Models

Interactive Deformation Using Modal Analysis with Constraints BIBAPDFPDFGZGI Online Paper 247-256
  Kris K. Hauser; Chen Shen; James F. O'Brien
Easy Realignment of k-DOP Bounding Volumes BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 257-264
  Christoph Fünfzig; Dieter W. Fellner
Scanning Large-Scale Articulated Deformations BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 265-272
  Jochen Lang; Dinesh K. Pai; Hans-Peter Seidel
Toward Modeling of a Suturing Task BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 273-279
  Matt LeDuc; Shahram Payandeh; John Dill