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Proceedings of the 2002 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2002 conference on Graphics Interface
Editors:Wolfgang Sturzlinger; Michael D. McCool
Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dates:2002-May-27 to 2002-May-29
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISBN 1-56881-183-7; hcibib: GI02
Links:Conference Series Home Page | Online Proceedings
  1. Invited Talk
  2. Non-Photorealistic and Image-Based Rendering
  3. Interaction
  4. Natural Phenomena
  5. The Body
  6. Input Devices
  7. Surfaces and Meshes
  8. Reflectance and Lighting

Invited Talk

Rapid Prototyping of Physical User Interfaces BIBPDF -
  Saul Greenberg

Non-Photorealistic and Image-Based Rendering

Layered Environment-Map Impostors for Arbitrary Scenes BIBAPDFAVIMPG 1-8
  Stefan Jeschke; Michael Wimmer; Heidrun Schuman
Animation with Threshold Textures BIBAPDFMOVMOVAVI 9-16
  Oleg Veryovka
A Fresh Perspective BIBAPDFMPGGI Online Paper 17-24
  Karan Singh


Constraint-Based Automatic Placement for Scene Composition BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 25-34
  Ken Xu; James Stewart; Eugene Fiume
FaST Sliders: Integrating Marking Menus and the Adjustment of Continuous Values BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 35-42
  Michael McGuffin; Nicolas Burtnyk; Gordon Kurtenbach
Traces: Visualizing the Immediate Past to Support Group Interaction BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 43-50
  Carl Gutwin

Natural Phenomena

Image-Based Hair Capture by Inverse Lighting BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 51-58
  Stéphane Grabli; François X. Sillion; Stephen R. Marschner; Jerome E. Lengyel
The Simulation of Paint Cracking and Peeling BIBAPDFMOVMOVGI Online Paper 59-68
  Eric Paquette; Pierre Poulin; George Drettakis
Generating Spatial Distributions for Multilevel Models of Plant Communities BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 69-80
  Brendan Lane; Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
Simulation and Rendering of Liquid Foams BIBAPDFAVIGI Online Paper 81-88
  Hendrik Kück; Christian Vogelgsang; Günter Greiner

The Body

Texturing Faces BIBAPDFPDFGI Online Paper 89-98
  Marco Tarini; Hitoshi Yamauchi; Jörg Haber; Hans-Peter Seidel
A Direct Method for Positioning the Arms of a Human Model BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 99-106
  John McDonald; Karen Alkoby; Roymieco Carter; Juliet Christopher; Mary Jo Davidson; Dan Ethridge; Jacob Furst; Damien Hinkle; Glenn Lancaster; Lori Smallwood; Nedjla Ougouag-Tiouririne; Jorge Toro; Shuang Xu; Rosalee Wolfe
Application-Specific Muscle Representations BIBAPDFMOVEPS 107-116
  Victor Ng-Thow-Hing; Eugene Fiume

Input Devices

A Model of Two-Thumb Text Entry BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 117-124
  I. Scott MacKenzie; R. William Soukoreff
Virtual Sculpting with Haptic Displacement Maps BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 125-132
  Robert Jagnow; Julie Dorsey
A Desktop Input Device and Interface for Interactive 3D Character Animation BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 133-140
  Sageev Oore; Demetri Terzopoulos; Geoffrey Hinton
Laser Pointers as Collaborative Pointing Devices BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 141-150
  Ji-Young Oh; Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

Surfaces and Meshes

Real-Time Extendible-Resolution Display of On-line Dynamic Terrain BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 151-160
  Yefei He; James Cremer; Yiannis Papelis
Compressing Polygon Mesh Connectivity with Degree Duality Prediction BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 161-170
  Martin Isenburg
Efficient Bounded Adaptive Tessellation of Displacement Maps BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 171-180
  Kevin Moule; Michael D. McCool
Automatic Generation of Subdivision Surface Head Models from Point Cloud Data BIBAPDFPDFGI Online Paper 181-188
  Won-Ki Jeong; Kolja Kähler; Jörg Haber; Hans-Peter Seidel

Reflectance and Lighting

A BRDF Database Employing the Beard-Maxwell Reflection Model BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 189-200
  Harold Westlund; Gary Meyer
Coherent Bump Map Recovery from a Single Texture Image BIBAPDFTGATGAGI Online Paper 201-208
  Jean-Michel Dischler; Karl Maritaud; Djamchid Ghazanfarpour
Interactive Lighting Models and Pre-Integration for Volume Rendering on PC Graphics Accelerators BIBAGI Online PaperPDF 209-218
  Michael Meissner; Stefan Guthe; Wolfgang Strasser
Single Sample Soft Shadows Using Depth Maps BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 219-228
  Stefan Brabec; Hans-Peter Seidel