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Proceedings of the 2001 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2001 conference on Graphics Interface
Editors:Benjamin Watson; John W. Buchanan
Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dates:2001-Jun-07 to 2001-Jun-09
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISBN 0-9688808-0-0; hcibib: GI01
Links:Conference Series Home Page | Online Proceedings
  1. Mesh I
  2. Animation
  3. Image-Based Rendering
  4. Mesh II
  5. Human-Computer Interaction
  6. Non-Photorealistic Rendering
  7. Natural Phenomena
  8. Visualization
  9. Virtual Reality

Mesh I

3D Mesh Compression Using Fixed Spectral Bases BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 1-8
  Zachi Karni; Craig Gotsman
Watermarking 3D Polygonal Meshes in the Mesh Spectral Domain BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 9-18
  Ryutarou Ohbuchi; Shigeo Takahashi; Takahiko Miyazawa; Akio Mukaiyama
Topological Noise Removal BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 19-26
  Igor Guskov; Zoe Wood


Motion Conversion based on the Musculoskeletal System BIBAPDFFull-TextFull-TextFull-TextAVIAVI 27-36
  Taku Komura; Yoshihisa Shinagawa
Geometry-based Muscle Modeling for Facial Animation BIBAPDFPDFGI Online Paper 37-46
  Kolja Kahler; Jörg Haber; Hans-Peter Seidel
Novel Solver for Dynamic Surfaces BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 47-54
  Sumantro Ray; Hong Qin
Simplification and Real-time Smooth Transitions of Articulated Meshes BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 55-60
  Jocelyn Houle; Pierre Poulin

Image-Based Rendering

Hardware Accelerated Displacement Mapping for Image Based Rendering BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 61-70
  Jan Kautz; Hans-Peter Seidel
The Rayset and Its Applications BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 71-80
  Minglun Gong; Yee-Hong Yang

Mesh II

Universal Rendering Sequences for Transparent Vertex Caching of Progressive Meshes BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 81-90
  Alexander Bogomjakov; Craig Gotsman
Tunneling for Triangle Strips in Continuous Level-of-Detail Meshes BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 91-100
  A. James Stewart
Truly Selective Refinement of Progressive Meshes BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 101-110
  Junho Kim; Seungyong Lee

Human-Computer Interaction

Interacting with Image Sequences: Detail-in-Context and Thumbnails BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 111-118
  Oliver Kuederle; Kori Inkpen; Stella Atkins; Sheelagh Carpendale
An Isometric Joystick as a Pointing Device for Handheld Information Terminals BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 119-126
  Miika Silfverberg; I. Scott MacKenzie; Tatu Kauppinen
Aiding Manipulation of Handwritten Mathematical Expressions through Style-Preserving Morphs BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 127-134
  Richard Zanibbi; Kevin Novins; Jim Arvo; Katherine Zanibbi
3D Scene Manipulation with 2D Devices and Constraints BIBAPDFTXTAVIAVIAVIAVIGI Online Paper 135-142
  Graham Smith; Wolfgang Stuerzlinger; Tim Salzman

Non-Photorealistic Rendering

The Lit Sphere: A Model for Capturing NPR Shading from Art BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 143-150
  Peter-Pike Sloan; William Martin; Amy Gooch; Bruce Gooch
View-Dependent Particles for Interactive Non-Photorealistic Rendering BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 151-158
  Derek Cornish; Andrea Rowan; David Luebke

Natural Phenomena

Realistic and Controllable Fire Simulation BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 159-166
  Philippe Beaudoin; Sébastien Paquet; Pierre Poulin
Corrosion: Simulating and Rendering BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 167-174
  Stephane Merillou; Jean-Michel Dischler; Djamchid Ghazanfarpour
Surface Aging by Impacts BIBAPDFPDFPDFMOVMOVMOVMOVMOVGI Online Paper 175-182
  Eric Paquette; Pierre Poulin; George Drettakis


3D-Interaction Techniques for Planning of Oncologic Soft Tissue Operations BIBAPDFPDFPDFGI Online Paper 183-190
  Bernhard Preim; Wolf Spindler; Karl Oldhafer; Heinz-Otto Peitgen
Accelerated Splatting using a 3D Adjacency Data Structure BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 191-200
  Jeff Orchard; Torsten Moeller
Assisted Visualization of E-Commerce Auction Agents BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 201-208
  Christopher Healey; Robert St. Amant; Jiae Chang
Interactive Volume Rendering based on a ''Bubble Model'' BIBAPDFMPEGMPEGMPEGMPEGGIFGI Online Paper 209-216
  Balázs Csébfalvi; Eduard Gröller

Virtual Reality

Efficient View-dependent Rendering of Terrains BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 217-222
  Yadong Wu; Yushu Liu; Shouyi Zhan; Chunxiao Gao
Characterizing Image Fusion Techniques in Stereoscopic HTDs BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 223-232
  Zachary Wartell; Larry Hodges; William Ribarsky