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Proceedings of the 2000 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2000 conference on Graphics Interface
Editors:Sidney S. Fels; Pierre Poulin
Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Dates:2000-May-15 to 2000-May-17
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISBN 0-9695338-9-6; hcibib: GI00
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  1. Invited Talk
  2. Issues and Techniques for Interactive Information Spaces
  3. Modeling
  4. Invited Speaker
  5. Animation
  6. Image-based Modeling and Rendering
  7. Collaborative and Community Spaces
  8. Rendering
  9. Image Processing and Visualization
  10. Advances in HCI Design and Applications
  11. Geometry

Invited Talk

Tangible Bits: Designing the Boundary between People, Bits, and Atoms BIBAPDFGI Online PaperMore Info 1-2
  Hiroshi Ishii

Issues and Techniques for Interactive Information Spaces

Multi-resolution Amplification Widgets BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 3-10
  Kiril Vidimce; David Banks
Navigating Complex Information with the ZTree BIBAPDFAVIGI Online Paper 11-18
  Lyn Bartram; Axel Uhl; Tom Calvert
The Effects of Feedback on Targeting Performance in Visually Stressed Conditions BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 19-26
  Julie Fraser; Carl Gutwin


Fast and Controllable Simulation of the Shattering of Brittle Objects BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 27-34
  Jeffrey Smith; Andrew Witkin; David Baraff
Skinning Characters using Surface Oriented Free-Form Deformations BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 35-42
  Karan Singh; Evangelos Kokkevis

Invited Speaker

Artificial Animals (and Humans): From Physics to Intelligence BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 43-44
  Demetri Terzopoulos


Dynamic Time Warp Based Framespace Interpolation for Motion Editing BIBAGZJPGGI Online Paper 45-52
  Ashraf Golam; Kok Cheong Wong
Automatic Joint Parameter Estimation from Magnetic Motion Capture Data BIBAPDFMPGGI Online Paper 53-60
  James O'Brien; Robert Bodenheimer; Gabriel Brostow; Jessica Hodgins
Animating Athletic Motion Planning By Example BIBAPDFQTQTQTQTQTGI Online Paper 61-68
  Ronald Metoyer; Jessica Hodgins

Image-based Modeling and Rendering

Image-Based Virtual Camera Motion Strategies BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 69-76
  Éric Marchand; Nicolas Courty
Analysis and Synthesis of Structural Textures BIBAPDFPNGTIFTIFTIFPNGGI Online Paper 77-86
  Laurent Lefebvre; Pierre Poulin
High-Quality Interactive Lumigraph Rendering Through Warping BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 87-94
  Hartmut Schirmacher; Wolfgang Heidrich; Hans-Peter Seidel

Collaborative and Community Spaces

Effects of Gaze on Multiparty Mediated Communication BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 95-102
  Roel Vertegaal; Gerrit van der Veer; Harro Vons
Towards Seamless Support of Natural Collaborative Interactions BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 103-110
  Stacey D. Scott; Garth B. D. Shoemaker; Kori M. Inkpen
The ChatterBox: Using Text Manipulation in an Entertaining Information Display BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 111-118
  Johan Redström; Peter Ljungstrand; Patricija Jaksetic


Approximation of Glossy Reflection with Prefiltered Environment Maps BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 119-126
  Jan Kautz; Michael D. McCool
Adaptive Representation of Specular Light Flux BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 127-136
  Normand Brière; Pierre Poulin
Multiscale Shaders for the Efficient Realistic Rendering of Pine-Trees BIBAGZGI Online Paper 137-144
  Alexandre Meyer; Fabrice Neyret

Image Processing and Visualization

Anisotropic Feature-Preserving Denoising of Height Fields and Bivariate Data BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 145-152
  Mathieu Desbrun; Mark Meyer; Peter Schr; Alan H. Barr
A Fast, Space-Efficient Algorithm for the Approximation of Images by an Optimal Sum of Gaussians BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 153-162
  Jeffrey Childs; Cheng-Chang Lu; Jerry Potter
Oriented Sliver Textures: A Technique for Local Value Estimation of Multiple Scalar Fields BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 163-170
  Christopher Weigle; William G. Emigh; Geniva Liu; Russell M. Taylor; James T. Enns; Christopher G. Healey

Advances in HCI Design and Applications

Using a 3D Puzzle as a Metaphor for Learning Spatial Relations BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 171-178
  Felix Ritter; Bernhard Preim; Oliver Deussen; Thomas Strothotte
Affordances: Clarifying and Evolving a Concept BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 179-186
  Joanna McGrenere; Wayne Ho
Are We All In the Same "Bloat"? BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 187-196
  Joanna McGrenere; Gale Moore


Triangle Strip Compression BIBAGZGI Online Paper 197-204
  Martin Isenburg
Incremental Triangle Voxelization BIBAPDFPDFGZGI Online Paper 205-212
  Frank, IX Dachille; Arie Kaufman
Dynamic Plane Shifting BSP Traversal BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 213-220
  Stan Melax
Model Simplification Through Refinement BIBAPDFGI Online Paper 221-228
  Dmitry Brodsky; Benjamin Watson