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FAC 2009: 5th International Conference on Foundations of Augmented Cognition. Neuroergonomics and Operational Neuroscience

Fullname:FAC 2009: 5th International Conference on Augmented Cognition. Neuroergonomics and Operational Neuroscience
Note:Volume 16 of HCI International 2009
Editors:Dylan Schmorrow; Ivy V. Estabrooke; Marc Grootjen
Location:San Diego, California
Dates:2009-Jul-19 to 2009-Jul-24
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5638
Standard No:ISBN: 978-3-642-02811-3 (print), 978-3-642-02812-0 (online); hcibib: FAC09
Links:Online Proceedings | Publisher Book Page
  1. Understanding Human Cognition and Behavior in Complex Tasks and Environments
  2. Cognitive Modeling, Perception, Emotion and Interaction
  3. Cognitive Load and Performance
  4. Electroencephalography and Brain Activity Measurement
  5. Physiological Measuring
  6. Augmented Cognition in Training and Education
  7. Brain-Computer Interfaces
  8. Rehabilitation and Cognitive Aids

Understanding Human Cognition and Behavior in Complex Tasks and Environments

A Generic Personal Assistant Agent Model for Support in Demanding Tasks BIBAFull-Text 3-12
  Tibor Bosse; Rob Duell; Mark Hoogendoorn; Michel C. A. Klein; Rianne van Lambalgen; Andy van der Mee; Rogier Oorburg; Alexei Sharpanskykh; Jan Treur; Michael de Vos
Adaptive Interfaces in Driving BIBAKFull-Text 13-19
  Rino F. T. Brouwer; Marieka Hoedemaeker; Mark A. Neerincx
Using Context to Identify Difficult Driving Situations in Unstructured Environments BIBAFull-Text 20-29
  Kevin R. Dixon; Justin D. Basilico; J. Chris Forsythe; Wilhelm E. Kincses
Neurally-Driven Adaptive Decision Aids BIBAKFull-Text 30-34
  Alexandra Geyer; Jared Freeman; Denise M. Nicholson; Cali M. Fidopiastis; Phan Luu; Joseph Cohn
Understanding Brain, Cognition, and Behavior in Complex Dynamic Environments BIBAKFull-Text 35-41
  Scott E. Kerick; Kaleb McDowell
Designing a Control and Visualization System for Off-Highway Machinery According to the Adaptive Automation Paradigm BIBAKFull-Text 42-50
  Stefano Marzani; Francesco Tesauri; Luca Minin; Roberto Montanari; Caterina Calefato
Context-Dependent Force-Feedback Steering Wheel to Enhance Drivers' On-Road Performances BIBAKFull-Text 51-57
  Luca Minin; Stefano Marzani; Francesco Tesauri; Roberto Montanari; Caterina Calefato
Where Is My Stuff? Augmenting Finding and Re-finding Information by Spatial Locations and Icon Luminance BIBAKFull-Text 58-67
  J. Michelle Moon; Wai-Tat Fu
Adaptive Work-Centered and Human-Aware Support Agents for Augmented Cognition in Tactical Environments BIBAFull-Text 68-77
  Martijn Neef; Peter-Paul van Maanen; Peter Petiet; Maartje Spoelstra
Designing Cognition-Centric Smart Room Predicting Inhabitant Activities BIBAKFull-Text 78-87
  Andrey Ronzhin; Alexey Karpov; Irina S. Kipyatkova
Context-Aware Team Task Allocation to Support Mobile Police Surveillance BIBAKFull-Text 88-97
  Jan Willem Streefkerk; Myra P. van Esch-Bussemakers; Mark A. Neerincx
Operational Brain Dynamics: Data Fusion Technology for Neurophysiological, Behavioral, and Scenario Context Information in Operational Environments BIBAKFull-Text 98-104
  Don M. Tucker; Phan Luu

Cognitive Modeling, Perception, Emotion and Interaction

Characterizing Cognitive Adaptability via Robust Automated Knowledge Capture BIBAFull-Text 107-113
  Robert G. Abbott; Chris Forsythe
Implications of User Anxiety in the Evaluation of Deception in Web Sites BIBAKFull-Text 114-119
  Brent Auernheimer; Marie Iding; Martha E. Crosby
Investigation of Sleepiness Induced by Insomnia Medication Treatment and Sleep Deprivation BIBAKFull-Text 120-127
  Ioanna Chouvarda; Emmanouil Michail; Athina Kokonozi; Luc Staner; Nathalie Domis; Nicos Maglaveras
Activity Awareness and Social Sensemaking 2.0: Design of a Task Force Workspace BIBAKFull-Text 128-137
  Gregorio Convertino; Lichan Hong; Les Nelson; Peter Pirolli; Ed H. Chi
Use of Deception to Improve Client Honeypot Detection of Drive-by-Download Attacks BIBAKFull-Text 138-147
  Barbara Endicott-Popovsky; Julia Narvaez; Christian Seifert; Deborah A. Frincke; Lori Ross O'Neil; Chiraag Uday Aval
Capturing and Building Expertise in Virtual Worlds BIBAKFull-Text 148-154
  Jared Freeman; Webb Stacy; Jean MacMillan; Georgiy Levchuk
Conformity out of Diversity: Dynamics of Information Needs and Social Influence of Tags in Exploratory Information Search BIBAKFull-Text 155-164
  Ruogu Kang; Thomas George Kannampallil; Jibo He; Wai-Tat Fu
Trail Patterns in Social Tagging Systems: Role of Tags as Digital Pheromones BIBAKFull-Text 165-174
  Thomas George Kannampallil; Wai-Tat Fu
Real-Time Emotional State Estimator for Adaptive Virtual Reality Stimulation BIBAKFull-Text 175-184
  Davor Kukolja; Sinisa Popovic; Branimir Dropuljic; Marko Horvat; Kresimir Cosic
User's Motion for Shape Perception Using CyARM BIBAKFull-Text 185-191
  Ryo Mizuno; Kiyohide Ito; Tetsuo Ono; Junichi Akita; Takanori Komatsu; Makoto Okamoto
Human Control Modeling Based on Multimodal Sensory Feedback Information BIBAKFull-Text 192-201
  Edwardo Murakami; Toshihiro Matsui
Potential and Challenges of Body Area Networks for Affective Human Computer Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 202-211
  Julien Penders; Bernard Grundlehner; Ruud J. M. Vullers; Bert Gyselinckx
Experimental Assessment of Accuracy of Automated Knowledge Capture BIBAKFull-Text 212-216
  Susan M. Stevens; Chris Forsythe; Robert G. Abbott; Charles J. Gieseler

Cognitive Load and Performance

Eye Movement as Indicators of Mental Workload to Trigger Adaptive Automation BIBAKFull-Text 219-228
  Tjerk de Greef; Harmen Lafeber; Herre van Oostendorp; Jasper Lindenberg
Impact of Automation and Task Load on Unmanned System Operator's Eye Movement Patterns BIBAKFull-Text 229-238
  Cali M. Fidopiastis; Julie M. Drexler; Daniel Barber; Keryl Cosenzo; Michael J. Barnes; Jessie Y. C. Chen; Denise M. Nicholson
Combining Electroencephalograph and Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy to Explore Users' Mental Workload BIBAKFull-Text 239-247
  Leanne M. Hirshfield; Krysta Chauncey; Rebecca Gulotta; Audrey Girouard; Erin Treacy Solovey; Robert J. K. Jacob; Angelo Sassaroli; Sergio Fantini
Detecting Intentional Errors Using the Pressures Applied to a Computer Mouse BIBAKFull-Text 248-253
  Curtis S. Ikehara; Martha E. Crosby
Visual Navigation Patterns and Cognitive Load BIBAKFull-Text 254-259
  Laurel A. King
Modeling the Cognitive Task Load and Performance of Naval Operators BIBAKFull-Text 260-269
  Mark A. Neerincx; Stefan Kennedie; Marc Grootjen; Franc Grootjen
Impact on Performance and Process by a Social Annotation System: A Social Reading Experiment BIBAKFull-Text 270-278
  Les Nelson; Gregorio Convertino; Peter Pirolli; Lichan Hong; Ed H. Chi
Proposing Strategies to Prevent the Human Error in Automated Industrial Environments BIBAKFull-Text 279-288
  José A. do N. Neto; Maria de Fátima Queiroz Vieira; Charles Santoni; Daniel Scherer
Wearable Modular Device for Facilitation of Napping and Optimization of Post-nap Performance BIBAKFull-Text 289-298
  Djordje Popovic; Giby Raphael; Robin Johnson; Gene Davis; Chris Berka
Converging Minds: Assessing Team Performance Using Psychophysiological Measures BIBAKFull-Text 299-303
  Aniket A. Vartak; Siddharth S. Somvanshi; Cali M. Fidopiastis; Denise M. Nicholson
Measuring Cognitive Workload in Non-military Scenarios Criteria for Sensor Technologies BIBAKFull-Text 304-310
  Jörg Voskamp; Bodo Urban
Combined Effects of Sleep Deprivation, Narrow Space, Social Isolation and High Cognitive Workload on Cognitive Ability of Chinese Operators BIBAKFull-Text 311-316
  Yijing Zhang; Xueyong Liu; Zhizhong Li; Bin Wu; Fang Liu; Xiaolu Jing; Jun Wang; Haibo Qin; Su Wu

Electroencephalography and Brain Activity Measurement

Quantifying the Feasibility of Compressive Sensing in Portable Electroencephalography Systems BIBAKFull-Text 319-328
  Amir M. Abdulghani; Alexander J. Casson; Esther Rodríguez-Villegas
Are You Really Looking? Finding the Answer through Fixation Patterns and EEG BIBAFull-Text 329-338
  Anne-Marie Brouwer; Maarten A. Hogervorst; Pawel Herman; Frank Kooi
"What Was He Thinking?": Using EEG Data to Facilitate the Interpretation of Performance Patterns BIBAKFull-Text 339-347
  Gwendolyn E. Campbell; Christine L. Belz; Phan Luu
Motion-Sickness Related Brain Areas and EEG Power Activates BIBAKFull-Text 348-354
  Yu-Chieh Chen; Jeng-Ren Duann; Chun-Ling Lin; Shang-Wen Chuang; Tzyy-Ping Jung; Chin-Teng Lin
Building Dependable EEG Classifiers for the Real World -- It's Not Just about the Hardware BIBAKFull-Text 355-364
  Gene Davis; Djordje Popovic; Robin R. Johnson; Chris Berka; Mirko Mitrovic
Improved Team Performance Using EEG- and Context-Based Cognitive-State Classifications for a Vehicle Crew BIBAFull-Text 365-372
  Kevin R. Dixon; Konrad Hagemann; Justin Basilico; J. Chris Forsythe; Siegfried Rothe; Michael Schrauf; Wilhelm E. Kincses
Detecting Frontal EEG Activities with Forehead Electrodes BIBAKFull-Text 373-379
  Jeng-Ren Duann; Po-Chuan Chen; Li-Wei Ko; Ruey-Song Huang; Tzyy-Ping Jung; Chin-Teng Lin
The Effectiveness of Feedback Control in a HCI System Using Biological Features of Human Beings BIBAKFull-Text 380-389
  Mariko Fujikake Funada; Miki Shibukawa; Yoshihide Igarashi; Takashi Shimizu; Tadashi Funada; Satoki P. Ninomija
Bayesian Reconstruction of Perceptual Experiences from Human Brain Activity BIBAKFull-Text 390-393
  Jack L. Gallant; Thomas Naselaris; Ryan J. Prenger; Kendrick N. Kay; Dustin Stansbury; Michael Oliver; An Vu; Shinji Nishimoto
Tonic Changes in EEG Power Spectra during Simulated Driving BIBAKFull-Text 394-403
  Ruey-Song Huang; Tzyy-Ping Jung; Scott Makeig
P300 Based Single Trial Independent Component Analysis on EEG Signal BIBAFull-Text 404-410
  Kun Li; Ravi Sankar; Yael Arbel; Emanuel Donchin
Directed Components Analysis: An Analytic Method for the Removal of Biophysical Artifacts from EEG Data BIBAKFull-Text 411-416
  Phan Luu; Robert Frank; Scott Kerick; Don M. Tucker
Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Electroencephalography: A Multimodal Imaging Approach BIBAKFull-Text 417-426
  Anna C. Merzagora; Meltem Izzetoglu; Robi Polikar; Valerie Weisser; Banu Onaral; Maria T. Schultheis
Transcranial Doppler: A Tool for Augmented Cognition in Virtual Environments BIBAKFull-Text 427-436
  Beatriz Rey; Mariano Alcañiz Raya; Valery Naranjo; José Tembl; Vera Parkhutik
Predicting Intended Movement Direction Using EEG from Human Posterior Parietal Cortex BIBAKFull-Text 437-446
  Yijun Wang; Scott Makeig

Physiological Measuring

Enhancing Text-Based Analysis Using Neurophysiological Measures BIBAKFull-Text 449-458
  Adrienne Behneman; Natalie Kintz; Robin Johnson; Chris Berka; Kelly S. Hale; Sven Fuchs; Par Axelsson; Angela Baskin
Affective Computer-Generated Stimulus Exposure: Psychophysiological Support for Increased Elicitation of Negative Emotions in High and Low Fear Subjects BIBAKFull-Text 459-468
  Christopher G. Courtney; Michael E. Dawson; Anne M. Schell; Thomas D. Parsons
Applying Real Time Physiological Measures of Cognitive Load to Improve Training BIBAFull-Text 469-478
  Joseph T. Coyne; Carryl Baldwin; Anna Cole; Ciara Sibley; Daniel M. Roberts
Considerations for Designing Response Quantification Procedures in Non-traditional Psychophysiological Applications BIBAFull-Text 479-487
  A. V. Iyer; L. D. Cosand; Christopher G. Courtney; Albert A. Rizzo; Thomas D. Parsons
Neurophysiological Measures of Brain Activity: Going from the Scalp to the Brain BIBAKFull-Text 488-494
  Phan Luu; Catherine Poulsen; Don M. Tucker
Parsimonious Identification of Physiological Indices for Monitoring Cognitive Fatigue BIBAKFull-Text 495-503
  Lance J. Myers; J. Hunter Downs
In-Helmet Oxy-hemoglobin Change Detection Using Near-Infrared Sensing BIBAKFull-Text 504-513
  Erin M. Nishimura; Christopher A. Russell; J. Patrick Stautzenberger; Harvey Ku; J. Hunter Downs
Assessment of Psychophysiological Differences of West Point Cadets and Civilian Controls Immersed within a Virtual Environment BIBAKFull-Text 514-523
  Thomas D. Parsons; Christopher G. Courtney; Louise Cosand; Arvind Iyer; Albert A. Rizzo; Kelvin S. Oie
Characterizing the Psychophysiological Profile of Expert and Novice Marksmen BIBAKFull-Text 524-532
  Nicholas Pojman; Adrienne Behneman; Natalie Kintz; Robin Johnson; Gregory K. W. K. Chung; Sam O. Nagashima; Paul Espinosa; Chris Berka
Assessing Cognitive State with Multiple Physiological Measures: A Modular Approach BIBAKFull-Text 533-542
  Lee W. Sciarini; Denise M. Nicholson
Neuro-NIRS: Analysis of Neural Activities Using NIRS BIBAKFull-Text 543-552
  Hiroshi Tamura; Miki Fuchigami; Akira Okada
Eye Movements and Pupil Size Reveal Deception in Computer Administered Questionnaires BIBAKFull-Text 553-562
  Andrea K. Webb; Douglas J. Hacker; Dahvyn Osher; Anne E. Cook; Dan J. Woltz; Sean Kristjansson; John C. Kircher
Physiological-Based Assessment of the Resilience of Training to Stressful Conditions BIBAKFull-Text 563-571
  Mikhail Zotov; J. Forsythe; Vladimir Petrukovich; Inga Akhmedova

Augmented Cognition in Training and Education

Tunnel Operator Training with a Conversational Agent-Assistant BIBAKFull-Text 575-584
  Eric Buiël; Jan Lubbers; Willem A. van Doesburg; Tijmen Muller
Evaluating Training with Cognitive State Sensing Technology BIBAFull-Text 585-594
  Patrick L. Craven; Patrice D. Tremoulet; Joyce Barton; Steven J. Tourville; Yaela Dahan-Marks
Identifying the Nature of Knowledge Using the Pressures Applied to a Computer Mouse BIBAKFull-Text 595-600
  Martha E. Crosby; Curtis S. Ikehara; Wendy S. Ark
Realizing Adaptive Instruction (Ad-In): The Convergence of Learning, Instruction, and Assessment BIBAKFull-Text 601-610
  Edward Dieterle; John Murray
Adaptive Learning via Social Cognitive Theory and Digital Cultural Ecosystems BIBAFull-Text 611-619
  Joseph Juhnke; Adam R. Kallish
The Interaction between Chinese University Students' Computer Use and Their Attitudes toward Computer in Learning and Innovation BIBAKFull-Text 620-629
  Ye Liu; Xiaolan Fu
Peak Performance Trainer (PPT™): Interactive Neuro-educational Technology to Increase the Pace and Efficiency of Rifle Marksmanship Training BIBAKFull-Text 630-639
  Giby Raphael; Chris Berka; Djordje Popovic; Gregory K. W. K. Chung; Sam O. Nagashima; Adrienne Behneman; Gene Davis; Robin Johnson
The Quality of Training Effectiveness Assessment (QTEA) Tool Applied to the Naval Aviation Training Context BIBAKFull-Text 640-649
  Tom Schnell; Rich Cornwall; Melissa Walwanis; Jeff Grubb
Perceptually-Informed Virtual Environment (PerceiVE) Design Tool BIBAKFull-Text 650-657
  Anna Skinner; Jack Maxwell Vice; Corinna E. Lathan; Cali M. Fidopiastis; Chris Berka; Marc M. Sebrechts
Can Neurophysiologic Synchronies Provide a Platform for Adapting Team Performance? BIBAKFull-Text 658-667
  Ronald H. Stevens; Trysha Galloway; Chris Berka; Marcia Sprang
Seeing the World through an Expert's Eyes: Context-Aware Display as a Training Companion BIBAFull-Text 668-677
  Marc T. Tomlinson; Michael Howe; Bradley C. Love
Translating Learning Theories into Physiological Hypotheses BIBAKFull-Text 678-686
  Jennifer J. Vogel-Walcutt; Denise M. Nicholson; Clint A. Bowers
Adapting Instruction BIBAFull-Text 687-695
  Wallace H. Wulfeck

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Assessment of Cognitive Neural Correlates for a Functional Near Infrared-Based Brain Computer Interface System BIBAKFull-Text 699-708
  Hasan Ayaz; Patricia A. Shewokis; Scott C. Bunce; Maria T. Schultheis; Banu Onaral
Systems and Strategies for Accessing the Information Content of fNIRS Imaging in Support of Noninvasive BCI Applications BIBAKFull-Text 709-718
  Randall L. Barbour; Harry L. Graber; Yong Xu; Yaling Pei; Glenn R. Wylie; Gerald T. Voelbel; John DeLuca; Andrei V. Medvedev
Brain-Computer Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 719-723
  Peter Brunner; Gerwin Schalk
P300 Based Brain Computer Interfaces: A Progress Report BIBAKFull-Text 724-731
  Emanuel Donchin; Yael Arbel
Goal-Oriented Control with Brain-Computer Interface BIBAKFull-Text 732-740
  Günter Edlinger; Clemens Holzner; Christoph Groenegress; Christoph Guger; Mel Slater
Wearable and Wireless Brain-Computer Interface and Its Applications BIBAKFull-Text 741-748
  Chin-Teng Lin; Li-Wei Ko; Che-Jui Chang; Yu-Te Wang; Chia-Hsin Chung; Fu-Shu Yang; Jeng-Ren Duann; Tzyy-Ping Jung; Jin-Chern Chiou
Mind Monitoring via Mobile Brain-Body Imaging BIBAKFull-Text 749-758
  Scott Makeig
Utilizing Secondary Input from Passive Brain-Computer Interfaces for Enhancing Human-Machine Interaction BIBAFull-Text 759-771
  Thorsten O. Zander; Christian Kothe; S. Welke; Matthias Roetting

Rehabilitation and Cognitive Aids

Augmented Cognition as Rehabilitation: Facilitating Neuroplasticity? BIBAKFull-Text 775-781
  Michael Feuerstein; Gina Luff; Mark Peugeot; Miki Moskowitz; Briana Todd
Embodying Meaning in Bio-cognitive Aid Design BIBAFull-Text 782-791
  Daniel Garrison; Victoria Garrison
CI Therapy: A Method for Harnessing Neuroplastic Changes to Improve Rehabilitation after Damage to the Brain BIBAFull-Text 792-799
  L. V. Gauthier; E. Taub
Augmented Cognition Design Approaches for Treating Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries BIBAKFull-Text 800-809
  Kay M. Stanney; Kelly S. Hale; David Jones
Brain Processes and Neurofeedback for Performance Enhancement of Precision Motor Behavior BIBAKFull-Text 810-817
  B. Hatfield; A. Haufler; José L. Contreras-Vidal
Long Term Repair of Learning Disability through Short-Term Reduction of CNS Inhibition BIBAKFull-Text 818-825
  H. Craig Heller; Damien Colas; Norman F. Ruby; Fabian Fernandez; Bayarasaikhan Chuluun; Martina Blank; Craig C. Garner
Development of Sensitive, Specific, and Deployable Methods for Detecting and Discriminating mTBI and PTSD BIBAKFull-Text 826-835
  Robin R. Johnson; Djordje Popovic; Deborah Perlick; Dennis Dyck; Chris Berka
Physiologically Driven Rehabilitation Using Virtual Reality BIBAKFull-Text 836-845
  Angela M. Salva; Antonio J. Alban; Mark D. Wiederhold; Brenda K. Wiederhold; Lingjun Kong