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East-West International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Proceedings of the EWHCI'93

Fullname:East-West International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Editors:Len Bass; Juri Gornostaev; Claus Unger
Location:Moscow, Russia
Dates:1993-Aug-03 to 1993-Aug-07
Publisher:International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) 125252, 21-B Kuusinen Str. Moscow, RUSSIA
Standard No:hcibib: EWHCI93
  1. EWHCI 1993-08-03 Volume 1
    1. Teaching and Learning
    2. Hypertext
    3. Foundations of HCI
    4. Empirical Studies
  2. EWHCI 1993-08-03 Volume 2
    1. Information Visualization/Navigation
    2. Interface Design: Techniques, Tools and Paradigms
    3. Customizing Interfaces
    4. Multi-Media
  3. EWHCI 1993-08-03 Volume 3
    1. Empirical Studies
    2. Experience/Applications
    3. Expert Systems/Knowledge Engineering

EWHCI 1993-08-03 Volume 1

Teaching and Learning

HyperLecture: A Self-Organizing Lecture Presentation and Revision System BIBA 11-26
  Damian Conway
Towards an Adaptive Hypermedia Component for an Intelligent Learning Environment BIBA 27-38
  Peter Brusilovsky; Leonid Pesin; Mikhail Zyryanov
Teaching Art History through Multimedia Systems: Museum's Experience BIB 38-44
  Olga Kissel
An Intelligent Interface for Computer Assisted Language Learning BIBA 45-58
  Eve Wilson
Optimum Teaching System -- Illusion or Reality? BIB 59-78
  Yuriy Souldin


The Challenge of Effectively Integrating Graphics into Hypertext BIBA 78-86
  Keith Instone; Erik Brown; Laura Leventhal; Barbee Teasley
A Hypertext Model with Partly Defined Nodes BIBA 87-92
  Nicholas Sidorov; Svetlana Gorobets; Vladimir Kopach
INTELTEXT: Producing Coherent Linear Texts While Navigating in Large Non-Hierarchical Hypertexts BIBA 93-102
  Martin Subbotin; Dmitry Subbotin
Coherent Navigation in Hypertext Environments: Using a Computer-Shared Macrocontrol Based on Structural Strategies of Discourse Comprehension and Production (The SMIsC Conception) BIBA 103-122
  Valery M. Chelnokov; Victoria L. Zephyrova
HyperMethod: An Intelligent Interface for Hypertext BIBAK 123-131
  Igor V. Kotelnikov; Dmitry L. Krechman

Foundations of HCI

Historical Analysis and Conflicting Perspectives -- Contextualizing HCI BIBA 132-142
  Susanne Bødker
A Brief Look at the Psychological and Linguistic Foundations of HCI BIBA 143-159
  Boris Enikeev; Yuriy Kaganov; Dmitriy Zhuk
Visual User Interfaces: A Psychophysiologist's Perspective BIBA 159-163
  Vladimir M. Krol
Hierarchical Components of Human-Computer Systems: Issues BIBA 163-179
  Mark Sh. Levin
Iconic Signs and Languages in User Interface Design BIBA 180-190
  Vladimir Andreev; Gennady Uzilevsky
Impediments to the Process of Group Work BIBAK 191-207
  Beth Adelson
Computer-Aided Support of Cooperative Group Design BIB 207-218
  I. V. Kotenko; O. E. Ryabov
Interacting with Proprietary Software Users: An Application for Activity Theory? BIBA 219-226
  Insiah Bourke; Irina Verenikina; Edward Gould

Empirical Studies

Query Composition: Why Does It Have to be So Hard? BIBA 226-241
  Lucy Terry Nowell; Deborah Hix; Eric D. Labow
Interface Semantics and Procedural Knowledge: A Study of Novice Understanding of MacDraw BIBA 241-256
  M. V. Springett; A. S. Grant; A. G. Sutcliffe

EWHCI 1993-08-03 Volume 2

Information Visualization/Navigation

Language Expressiveness in Software Visualization Systems BIBA 5-8
  V. L. Averbukh; I. V. Tarskikh
E{cubed}: Towards the Metrication of Graphical Presentation Techniques for Large Data Sets BIBA 9-26
  Ying K. Leung; Mark D. Apperley
Navigating in a Process Landscape BIBA 26-38
  Haakon Tolsby
Visualisation of Complex Information BIBA 38-50
  Matthew Chalmers
Three-Dimensional Visualisation of Knowledge Structures: Prototyping for Design Evaluation BIBA 50-70
  U. K. Patel; A. G. Sutcliffe
Visual Programming in R-Technology: Concepts, Systems and Perspectives BIBA 71-88
  Igor Ushakov; Igor Velbitskiy

Interface Design: Techniques, Tools and Paradigms

Coupling Interaction Specification with Functionality Description BIBA 88-97
  A. Kameas; S. Papadimitriou; G. Pavlides
WYSIWYG Editors: And What Now? BIBAK 98-115
  Eddy Boeve; Lon Barfield; Steven Pemberton
An Extension to the Human-Computer Interaction Paradigm BIBA 115-123
  R. C. MacGregor
Designing Multimedia Interfaces BIBA 123-133
  Alistair Sutcliffe; Peter Faraday
Synthesis-Oriented Situational Analysis in User Interface Design BIBAK 134-150
  Kevin A. Mayo; H. Rex Hartson
Architecture Elements for Highly-Interactive Business-Oriented Applications BIBA 151-173
  Francois Bodart; Anne-Marie Hennebert; Jean-Marie Leheureux; Benoit Sacre; Isabelle Provot; Jean Vanderdonckt
Three Interface Levels BIB 174-176
  M. V. Donskoy

Customizing Interfaces

Personal Counselor: A Hybrid Adaptive User Interface BIBA 177-193
  Max M. North; Sarah M. North
Generating Self-Adaptive Human-Computer Interfaces BIBA 193-202
  Aline Montoy-Berthome
The Practical Use of Macro Recording: A Case Study BIBAK 203-210
  Allen Cypher
Addressing Usability by Customising Interfaces for Organisations BIBAK 210-220
  Colin Tattersall; Peter Plantfeber


The MSM Framework: A Design Space for Multi-Sensori-Motor Systems BIBA 220-232
  Joelle Coutaz; Laurence Nigay; Daniel Salber
Radiological Reporting Based on Voice Recognition BIBA 233-246
  G. Antoniol; R. Fiutem; R. Flor; G. Lazzari
Task Interference with a Discrete Word Recognizer BIBA 246-252
  Caryn Hubbard; James H. Bradford
Model of Utterance and Its Use in Cooperative Response Generation BIBA 252-264
  Koichi Yamada; Riichiro Mizoguchi; Naoki Harada; Akira Nukuzuma; Keiichi Ishimaru; Hiroshi Furukawa
Special Computer Interfaces for the Visually Handicapped: F.O.B. the Manufacturer BIBA 265-273
  Arthur I. Karshmer; Richard L. Oliver

EWHCI 1993-08-03 Volume 3

Empirical Studies

Experts' Assessments of Robustness, Stability, and Sources of Expertise in the Programming Process BIBA 5-17
  Brad Blumenthal
Structuring the Field of HCI: An Empirical Study of Expert Representations BIBA 18-28
  Peter Brusilovsky; Ivan Burmistrov; Victor Kaptelinin
Testing ADAT -- An Automated Debugger for Ada Tasks BIBA 29-44
  Arthur V. Lopes; Thomas J. Nagy
Positive Test Bias in Software Testing among Professionals: A Review BIBA 45-54
  Laura Marie Leventhal; Barbee M. Teasley; Diane S. Rohlman; Keith Instone
Applying the Wizard of Oz Technique to the Study of Multimodal Systems BIBA 55-67
  Daniel Salber; Joelle Coutaz
A Sociological and Psychological Portrait of a Computer Network User BIBA 68-75
  Olga Arestova; Leonid Babanin; Alexander Voiskounsky


A System to Model, Assist and Control the Human Observation of Microscopic Specimen BIBA 75-85
  A. Derder; C. Garbay
On Applications of the Statistical Software System "CLAVDIA" to Some Problems of Medical Diagnostics BIBA 85-100
  Vladimir S. Stepanov; Eduard A. Gukasian; Boris N. Filatov; Svetlana P. Grabovskaja
Task-Oriented Robot Control BIBA 100-104
  A. S. Jushenko; I. V. Maslov
Software Advertising in the Press BIBA 105-108
  Alexander E. Voiskounsky; Anna V. Kuznetsova
Problems in Elaborating Computing Technology in the Agricultural Business BIB 109-112
  B. S. Kasaev
The "Document-Driven Activity" Approach to Modelling and Designing Office Automation Systems BIBA 112-120
  Alexander Chernin
Development of an Instrument for Human Organism Complex Diagnostic BIB 120-123
  Igor Scorodumov

Expert Systems/Knowledge Engineering

Computer-Aided Knowledge Engineering: An Interface-Centred Approach BIBA 123-129
  Tatjana Gavrilova; Andrey Zolotarev; Sergey Yeremenko
DI*GEN: The Shell for Building of Diagnostic Expert Systems BIBA 129-132
  Serge Greenberg; Tatyana Yakhno
The Efficient Implementation of Declarative Knowledge Representation in a Problem-Oriented Expert System Shell BIBAK 132-136
  Serge Greenberg; Tatyana Yakhno
An Expert System for Tutoring in Information Networks BIB 136-138
  Andrew Dziengelewski; Victor Rumyancev; Aleksew Zarovny
An Interactive Computer Simulation of Catastrophic Earthquake Cycles BIBA 138-140
  Grigoriy Kazakevich; Leopold Lobkovsky; Vladimir Tochitsky