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East-West International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Proceedings of the EWHCI'92

Fullname:East-West International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Editors:Juri Gornostaev
Location:St.-Petersburg, Russia
Dates:1992-Aug-04 to 1992-Aug-08
Publisher:International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) 125252, 21-B Kuusinen Str. Moscow, RUSSIA
Standard No:hcibib: EWHCI92
Activity Theory: Retrospect and Prospect BIBA 1-5
  Vladimir P. Zinchenko
Concepts of Activity Theory for the Cultural-Historical Study of Cooperative Work BIBA 6
  Arne Raeithel
Human Computer Interaction in Context: The Activity Theory Perspective BIBA 7-13
  Victor Kaptelinin
HCI Research Debate and Activity Theory Position BIBA 13-22
  Kari Kuutti
A Reference Model for Interactive System Construction BIBA 23-30
  Len Bass; Joelle Coutaz; Claus Unger
Gravitas: An Object-Oriented Discovery Learning Environment for Newtonian Gravitation BIBA 31-41
  Royston Sellman
Development of the Japanese Language CAI Courseware "Japanese Writing" BIB 41-45
  L. Reznikova; Yu. Golovchenko; B. Shevelyuk
Adaptive Visualization in an Intelligent Programming Environment BIBA 46-50
  Peter Brusilovsky
Learning Scientific Inquiry Skills through Real-Life Problem-Solving BIBK 50-56
  Beth Adelson
Cognitology Didactic Tutorial HCI (A Synergetic Approach) BIBA 57-67
  B. N. Enikeev; Y. T. Kaganov
Teaching Application Design BIBAK 67-75
  George F. Coulouris; Peter Johnson; Hilary Buxton; Jean Dollimore
LECAT ("LEarning-CAlculating-Testing") -- An Interactive System for Training in General Engineering Subjects BIBA 75-78
  V. Kuzlyakina
Facing Information Technologies: Teenagers' Experience BIBA 78-82
  Alexandre Giglavyi
A Cognitive Graphical Interface for Intelligent System Development BIBA 82-84
  T. Gavrilova; S. Eremenko; A. Zolotarev
What Do I Want? And How Do I Get There?: Performance and Navigation in Information Retrieval Tasks with Hypertext Documents BIBA 85-95
  Keith Instone; Laura Marie Leventhal; Barbee Mynatt Teasley; John Farhat; Diane S. Rohlman
Representing and Understanding in Hypertext Systems BIBA 95-99
  S. F. Dobrinevski
Key Design Issues in Integrated Hypertext Software BIBA 100-102
  S. F. Dobrinevski; D. V. Kazberuk; B. L. Kontsevoy; S. V. Melnichuk
Practical Experiences of Using a Hypertext Design Tool BIBA 103-114
  Lyn Pemberton; James S. Goodlet
The Hypermedia Effect: More Than Just the Sum of Its Parts BIBA 115-127
  Diane McKerlie; Jenny Preece
Hypertext Structural Analysis BIBA 127-130
  A. S. Lakayev; M. M. Subbotin; D. M. Subbotin
DRUIDE -- Document Retrieval Using Information from Document Elements BIBA 130-137
  Miriam Mulders; Stephan Raaijmakers; Leon Verschuur
Application of a Graph Model to Hypertext Querying BIBA 138-148
  Bernd Amann; Michel Scholl
Perspectives on CSCW: From HCI and CMC to CSCW BIBA 148-158
  Liam J. Bannon
Real-Time Issues in Multi-Agent Computer Systems BIBA 158-166
  Philip J. A. Scown
Participation in CSCW Systems BIBA 167-177
  Larry Press
STEPS -- A Methodological Framework for Cooperative Software Development with Users BIBA 178-189
  Christiane Floyd; Guido Gryczan
Towards a Framework for Modelling Human-Computer Interactions BIBA 189-196
  Philip J. Barnard; Michael D. Harrison
Models and Standards for Human-Computer Interfaces BIBA 197-209
  Igor Ushakov
Modelling Perspectives in User Interface Design BIBA 210-217
  Stephanie Wilson; Panos Markopoulos; James Pycock; P. Johnson
Why Computer Interfaces are Not Like Paintings: The User as a Deliberate Reader BIBA 217-224
  Marian Petre; Blaine Price
Analysis of Visual Programming Graphical Representations BIBA 225-228
  V. L. Averbukh; D. V. Pivovarov
Multimedia and Multimodal User Interfaces: A Taxonomy for Software Engineering Research Issues BIBA 229-240
  Joelle Coutaz
Speech in Computer Mediated Communication BIB 240-243
  A. Eu. Voiskounsky
The Development of Music Compositional Software Tailored to the Young Learner BIB 244-255
  Robert C. MacGregor
Principles and Guidelines for Computer Systems to Support Collaborative Writing: A Sociological Perspective BIBA 262-270
  Rhona Louisa Newman
The Video Viewer Interface Design: A Prototype for Sharing Video Across a Network BIBA 271-276
  Amanda Ropa; Bengt Ahlstrom
An Experimental Study of Encounters and Interactions in a Virtual Environment BIBA 276-286
  Norihiko Matsuura; Go Fujino; Ken-ichi Okada; Yutaka Matsushita
SpreadWin: An Object Oriented User Interface for Psychological Assessment BIBA 286-296
  I. V. Burmistrov
Design of a User Agent for Multi-Service Integration BIBA 297-302
  Julian Newman
User Interface Research: An Ergosemiotical Approach BIBA 303-313
  G. Ja. Uzilevsky; V. P. Zinchenko
Human Factors in the "ELOIS" System Functioning BIBA 313-314
  Nadezda Chemeris; Tamara Koval
Gender Differences and Cognitive Style in Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 315-324
  Konrad Morgan; Robert L. Morris; Hamish MacLeod; Shirley Gibbs
Sensitivity of Preadolescents to Complex Activity in the Computer Mediated Telecommunication Environment BIB 324-327
  A. Belyaeva; I. Verenikina
An Experimental Comparison of Three Natural Language Colour Naming Models BIBA 328-339
  Damian Conway
Rational Design of Domain Models: A Dialogue with Experts BIBA 340-343
  Ludmila Dolmatova
Computer-Mediated Communication: The Importance of Group Salience and Individual Identifiability BIBA 343-351
  Jacqui Taylor; John MacDonald
Studying Context: A Comparison of Activity Theory, Situated Action Models, and Distributed Cognition BIBA 352-359
  Bonnie A. Nardi
Capturing Visual Design Expertise Interactively by Example BIBAK 360-366
  Henry Lieberman
ASKER: A Knowledge Structuring Environment BIBA 366-373
  Andrew Sviridenko
A Multi-Modal Interface for Man Machine Interaction with Knowledge Based Systems-MMI BIBA 373-377
  Evert Kuijpers; Michael Wilson
Building Explanation during Expert-Computer Interaction BIBAK 378-385
  Patrick Brezillon
Dynamic Query Refinement: An Alternative to Expert Systems in Interactive Information Retrieval BIB 386-388
  S. V. Popov; N. V. Maksimov; M. Y. Epstein
A System Ergonomics Design Methodology for HCI Development BIB 388-407
  Eric Wagner
Rapid Prototyping, Structured Methods and Incorporation of Human Factors into System Development BIBA 407-417
  Kee Yong Lim; John Long
User Interfaces in Direct Computer Modeling BIBA 418-420
  Alexander M. Soyghin
Top-Down Object-Based User Interface Definition and Design Paradigms BIBA 421-428
  Andy Holyer
Specifying Functional and HCI Requirements with Electronic Multimedia BIBA 429-436
  Scott P. Overmyer
Designing Requirements for the Educational Component of Human-Computer Interface BIB 436-440
  V. A. Daibov; D. S. Scorodumov
Intelligent Interfaces for Parallel Programs: A Fractal Approach BIBA 440-445
  D. Skorodumov
Integrating Theory Development with Design Evaluation BIB 446-452
  John M. Carroll; Mark Kevin Singley; Mary Beth Rosson
Enhancing the HCI of Relational Databases by the Use of Temporal Concepts BIBA 453-462
  Yuan Sun; A. G. Stockman; M. C. Woodward
Design of Object-Oriented Data Visualization System BIBA 463-470
  Vitaly A. Kalmychkov; Alexander V. Smolyaninov
A User Interface Design Environment BIBA 470-471
  Andy Holyer
Movie Interfaces BIBA 471
  S. Joy Mountford
Object Oriented Graphic Editing BIBA 472-475
  M. V. Donskoy