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First Moscow International HCI'91 Workshop Proceedings

Fullname:First Moscow International HCI'91 Workshop Proceedings
Editors:Larry Press; Juri Gornostaev
Location:Moscow, Russia
Dates:1991-Aug-05 to 1991-Aug-09
Publisher:International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) 125252, 21-B Kuusinen Str. Moscow, RUSSIA
Standard No:hcibib: EWHCI91
  1. I. General Principles, Metacomments
  2. II. User Interfaces
  3. III. Visualization
  4. IV. Design Tools
  5. V. Knowledge-Based Systems, Hypertext, Hypermedia
  6. VI. Human Factors
  7. VII. Tutoring Systems, Computer Learning
  8. VIII. Applications

I. General Principles, Metacomments

Open User-Interfaces, Open Applications: The Views System BIB 2-12
  Steven Pemberton
Implications of Mass-Market Equipment for HCI Research BIBA 12-17
  Larry Press
Utility and Usability: Research Issues and Development Contexts BIBA 18-22
  Jonathan Grudin
Interactive Navigation through the HCI Information Sea BIBA 23-32
  Juri Gornostaev; Alexander Baturin
CIAO: Viewing Application Structure as the Driving Force of Human Computer Interaction BIBAK 32-39
  Pericles Papageorgiou
A New Interaction Style: Flexible Scenario Interface BIBA 39-48
  I. V. Burmistrov; A. G. Shmeliov
The Modelling of Human-Computer Interaction by the Wiener-Volterra Series BIBA 48-50
  S. N. Muzykin; J. M. Rodionova; M. D. Shtykin

II. User Interfaces

Some Problems of Human-Computer Interface Formalization BIBA 52-64
  B. Enikeev; Y. Kaganov
ViDE User Interface Management System BIBA 64-74
  Boris Stokalski; Andrzej M. Wierzba; Agnieszka Wojciechowska
User Interface for Research Worker on Forth-Type Interpreter BIBA 75-80
  A. Stepanov
Concept and Design of End-User Interfaces for Active Management Information Systems BIBA 80-86
  A. Kotov; A. Kozlov; A. Okonishnikov
On the Requirements to the Tablet Menus Creation and Estimation BIBA 86-93
  V. O. Andreev; G. Ja. Uzilevsky

III. Visualization

Visualization of Scientific Abstractions as a Technique for New Knowledge Generation BIBA 96-101
  A. A. Zenkin
Postprocessors for Visualization of Thermal and Strain State Calculations for Two- and Three-Dimensional Objects of Strained Solid Mechanics BIBA 102-103
  V. B. Boiko; P. P. Voroshko; A. J. Medinez
Graphical Algorythms Representation by π-Schemes and PITHAGORAS Software Complex BIBA 104-106
  V. V. Prokhorov
Model Visualization BIBA 106-115
  V. L. Averbukh; L. A. Igumnov; L. A. Solov'eva
An Object Oriented Graphical User Interface for Spatial Data Management BIBA 116-119
  Ian Douglas
Elements of Realspace Imaging: A Proposed Taxonomy BIBA 120-127
  Michael Naimark
The Automatic Animation of Concurrent Programs BIBA 128-137
  Blaine A. Price; Ronald M. Baecker

IV. Design Tools

Prolog Tracers and Information Access BIBA 140-145
  Mukesh J. Patel; Benedict du Boulay; Chris Taylor
VIZOR 2.02 -- A Tool for Quick Development of Interactive Systems for Scientific Modelling and Design Computing on IBM PC/AT or Compatible BIBA 145-151
  D. A. Kulik
Customizing Application Programs BIBAK 152-157
  Allen Cypher
Rapid Prototyping and a User Based System Design Methodology Based Upon a Work System Definition (A Practitioner's Experience) BIBA 158-168
  Eric Wagner
Tool Complex for Development of Multi-Media Information System "MULTIMAGE" BIBA 169-175
  V. Pekar; V. Tkachenko; V. Rijuke
The Technology for the Interactive Software Development with the Dialogue Constructor DiaCon BIBA 176-182
  Yu. B. Salkinder
Modelling Interaction Tools in the Views Architecture BIBA 183
  Eddy Boeve
The Fractal Approach to Programming: The Interactive Processor for Modern Data and Knowledge Bases as an Example BIBA 183-194
  I. Abramow; A. Kostenko
An Approach to Modularity in Programming and VCLI Design BIBA 195-200
  D. S. Skorodumov
Design Space Analysis: Representing the Design Rationale for User Interfaces BIBA 200-206
  Allan MacLean
Automated Description of Subject Region and Consistency Checking for the Tasks of Experiment Automation BIBA 207-216
  Ludmila M. Dolmatova

V. Knowledge-Based Systems, Hypertext, Hypermedia

An Explanation Capability for a Structured Knowledge-Based System BIBA 218-227
  Patrick J. Brezillon
Natural Interface Building within a Knowledge Base BIBA 228-241
  A. V. Sviridenko
Scrolling or Leafing Through: Book Window BIBA 242-248
  Ken-Ichi Okada; Kaoru Kinoshita; Yutaka Matsushita
Intellectual System of Knowledge-Based Design for High Pressure Experimental Mounting BIBA 249-259
  Ludmila M. Dolmatova
Use of Hypertext for a Tutor System Design BIBA 260-266
  I. Gouliaeva
Three Models of the Interactive Hypertext BIBA 266-268
  S. Egorov
Interface of Hypermedia System to Understand Software Being Utilized BIBA 268-276
  N. Sidorov; A. Sherepa; W. Kopach
Hypertext: Tensor Approach BIBA 276-278
  A. V. Nesterov

VI. Human Factors

Skill Automation and User Interface Transparency BIBA 280-283
  V. Kaptelinin
Paradoxes of Psychology of the Beginner-User and Some Errors of the Beginner-Instructor BIBA 284-288
  M. B. Plaks
Development of Creative Abilities of Students on the Basis of Computer Technology BIBA 289
  A. N. Burov
Effects of Type A/B and Field Independence/Dependence in Performance of a Simulated Life Critical Computer Task BIBA 290-298
  Marilyn T. Welles
The Influence of Human Factors on the Effectiveness of Soft- and Hardware Systems BIBA 299-304
  R. D. Khabibullin; L. A. Khabibullina; F. M. Mutygullin
Psychosemantic Metrics of the VDT Screen BIBA 304-307
  Victor N. Andreef; Tatjana P. Zinchenko

VII. Tutoring Systems, Computer Learning

The Automated Training System "Physics" BIBA 310-313
  I. Yu. Petrova; A. Chakushin
Software Complex for Teaching Japanese BIBA 313-317
  A. Kotova; L. Prjakhina; L. Reznikova
The Computer Mathematics Course for the 7-10th Grades with the Use of "Yamaha MSX-2" PC BIBA 318-322
  N. E. Kalendaryova; Yu. V. Mikheev; S. V. Trepakov
ANALYSER Test and Perfection System for Programming Languages Study BIBA 322-331
  I. Dvojeglazov; A. Donchenko
Window-Based User Interface for the Computer Learning Environment BIBA 331-334
  V. G. Brusilovskaya; P. L. Brusilovsky
MERLIN: An Intelligent Tutoring Shell BIBA 334-338
  Carlo Tarantola

VIII. Applications

Direct Computer Modeling vs. Traditional Methods of Mathematical Modelling of Physical Processes BIBAK 340-352
  A. Soyghin
Interactive System for Objects Recognition Based on Graphic Interface BIBA 353-357
  E. Butakov; S. Lelekov
Information Processing Model in the Sight Systems of Robotechnical Complexes BIBA 357-359
  B. Odejanko