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Proceedings of 2013 Eye Tracking South Africa 2013-08-29

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2013 Conference on Eye Tracking South Africa
Editors:Pieter Blignaut
Location:Cape Town, South Africa
Dates:2013-Aug-29 to 2013-Aug-31
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-2110-5; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: ETSA13
Links:Conference Website
  1. Full Papers
  2. Short Papers

Full Papers

Shedding light on retail environments BIBAFull-Text 2-7
  Tracy Harwood; Martin Jones; Ashley Carreras
Visual perception of international traffic signs: influence of e-learning and culture on eye movements BIBAFull-Text 8-16
  Gergely Rakoczi; Andrew Duchowski; Helena Casas-Tost; Margit Pohl
Appearance-based gaze tracking with spectral clustering and semi-supervised Gaussian process regression BIBAFull-Text 17-23
  Ke Liang; Youssef Chahir; Michèle Molina; Charles Tijus; François Jouen
Reading on-screen text with gaze-based auto-scrolling BIBAFull-Text 24-31
  Selina Sharmin; Oleg Špakov; Kari-Jouko Räihä
A regression-based method for the prediction of the indecisiveness degree through eye movement patterns BIBAFull-Text 32-38
  Yannick Lufimpu-Luviya; Djamel Merad; Sebastien Paris; Véronique Drai-Zerbib; Thierry Baccino; Bernard Fertil
The effect of mapping function on the accuracy of a video-based eye tracker BIBAFull-Text 39-46
  Pieter Blignaut; Daniël Wium
Saccade deviation indicators for automated eye tracking analysis BIBAFull-Text 47-54
  J. A. de Bruin; K. M. Malan; J. H. P. Eloff

Short Papers

Dealing with head-mounted eye-tracking data: comparison of a frame-by-frame and a fixation-based analysis BIBAFull-Text 55-57
  Pieter Vansteenkiste; Greet Cardon; Matthieu Lenoir
Circular heat map transition diagram BIBAFull-Text 58-61
  Tanja Blascheck; Michael Raschke; Thomas Ertl
Measuring the impact of subtitles on cognitive load: eye tracking and dynamic audiovisual texts BIBAFull-Text 62-66
  Jan-Louis Kruger; Esté Hefer; Gordon Matthew
A new interaction technique involving eye gaze tracker and scanning system BIBAFull-Text 67-70
  Pradipta Biswas; Pat Langdon
EyeSketch: a drawing application for gaze control BIBAFull-Text 71-74
  Henna Heikkilä
Real-time 3D gaze analysis in mobile applications BIBAFull-Text 75-78
  Jan Hendrik Hammer; Michael Maurus; Jürgen Beyerer
Cycling around bends: the effect of cycling speed on steering and gaze behavior BIBAFull-Text 79
  Pieter Vansteenkiste; David Van Hamme; Greet Cardon; Matthieu Lenoir
A hazard perception test for cycling children: an exploratory study BIBAFull-Text 80
  Pieter Vansteenkiste; Linus Zeuwts; Greet Cardon; Matthieu Lenoir
Is there a difference in visual search patterns between watching video clips of fencers on a computer screen and reacting on them on a life-sized screen? BIBAFull-Text 81
  Linus Zeuwts; Gijs Debuyck; Pieter Vansteenkiste; Matthieu Lenoir
When the screen is not enough: differences of art exploration in the museum and in the lab BIBAFull-Text 82
  Carlos Pedreira; Joaquin Navajas; Rodrigo Quian Quiroga